15 Funniest Impressions Done in Front of the Actual Person
15 Funniest Impressions Done in Front of the Actual Person


Comedians Included: Jamie Foxx, Rich Little, Jay Pharoah, Kevin Hart, Frank Caliendo, Eddie Murphy, Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Spacey & Jim Carrey


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  • Jithin Jacob
    Jithin Jacob

    I miss Spacey.

  • Sk1nnyP3ncil

    2:28 was my favorite

  • Christian Nilsen
    Christian Nilsen

    Eastwood is brutal 👍🏿

  • Nick Nelson
    Nick Nelson

    Jamie foxx is the best

  • Huskie Huskerson
    Huskie Huskerson

    Jimmy fallon was super good looking dude

  • James Eller
    James Eller

    Frank Caliendo could probably do a spot on impression of everyone on here. Dude is the GOAT of impressions. All the others tend to stick with the same impressions fine tuning them over time whereas Caliendo is continually picking up new ones and perfecting them quickly.

  • Veavictis Asmadi
    Veavictis Asmadi

    I can't tell if Charles Barkley was playing along very well or genuinely pissed off ... but I guess it's the latter.

  • XNMarket

    Eddie messing with mike. That grip tho

  • Fire Bug
    Fire Bug

    8:00 insane genius

  • Eri Dickulous
    Eri Dickulous

    Bro my soul about left my body at 03:45 for a second there I thought Shaq was wearing an ahegao print suit on television

  • Maurice Doss
    Maurice Doss

    The Kevin Hart,Tyson,Jack Nicolson,Clint Eastwood,Al Pacino, Stephen A., and Barkley had me dying😭😭😭😭

  • Kyler Workman
    Kyler Workman

    These are all fantastic 💯✌🏻🤣

  • Satyam Choudhary
    Satyam Choudhary

    Keyzer soze is a great impersonator.

  • HollywoodSaint 57
    HollywoodSaint 57

    when Jim Carrey is 70 he will actually look like Fire Marshall Bill He is comedy King. One of my hero's

  • Justin Johnstone
    Justin Johnstone

    So sick of people putting clips in the thumb that aren’t in the video. Where’s Jamie Foxx and Denzel?!?!

    • LaughPlanet

      Lol, it's in the first clip

  • Dewayne Mizzell
    Dewayne Mizzell

    No matter what, don’t impersonate Kevin Spacey, they’ll put you in jail for touching kids like that.

  • TheBelamar

    You make me laugh after first half an hour of what has started as a very bad working day. Thank you

    • LaughPlanet

      Keep smiling

  • Mateo Roldan-Raymond
    Mateo Roldan-Raymond

    He did Charles Barkley better than Charles himself

  • Durell Scott
    Durell Scott

    Jim carrey has the most commitment out of anyone ive ever seen

  • Pete

    Rich Little has always been the best.

  • Matthew Gonzalez
    Matthew Gonzalez

    That Jimmy Stuart was fuckin gold

  • Jasmine Dearmas
    Jasmine Dearmas

    KEVIN SPACEY DOING AL PACHINO😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Leonardo Florencia
    Leonardo Florencia

    jay pharoah is so unfunny, good vid tho

  • Moses Malone
    Moses Malone

    6:20 Charles Barkley is the best impression omg

  • Ark Mane
    Ark Mane

    I hate that Kevin Spacey was really a POS.. he was a great actor and seemed like such an interesting dude

  • Tim Travels
    Tim Travels

    It’s a shame someone as brilliant as Kevin Spacey had such a dark side.

    • antiagonista

      All those fuckers do

  • Fooloof

    Kevin Spacey impression of AlPacino was perfect. Even better is the fact that he quoted a line from a movie that Pacino’s character actually said to Kevin Spacey’s character in Glengarry Glen Ross. Actually, Pacino said it to Ed Harris. “How fucked UP you are!! Lemme buy you a pack of gum; I’ll show ya how to chew it.”

  • Fooloof

    The Kevin Hart one was really good.

  • Spaceman

    Anyone else feeling bad for Mike Tyson?

  • Guinness Harvey
    Guinness Harvey

    That Shaq bit:)

  • Millicent Hamilton-Kakowski
    Millicent Hamilton-Kakowski

    Thanx for the laughs!

  • Ase Rodriguez
    Ase Rodriguez

    Bro the fact that 4 guys did 10! 10/15 of these all time great impressions just proves how crazy talented these 4 guys are! Wow . Masters of their craft

  • Propaganja

    Seinfeld face though 😭😭😭 he was hating but u can tell he wanted to laugh

  • Jester

    Props to being able to laugh at yourself

  • Misty Williams
    Misty Williams

    I miss Rich Little!

  • MitchellK

    the best thing to know is rich little is still alive and doing impersonating. he was on mike huckabee doing biden. check it out it is funny and he looks good

  • Film Crazy
    Film Crazy

    Brilliant keep up the great work

  • Tommaso Canziani
    Tommaso Canziani

    Seeing Clint Eastwood smiling was fucking uncanny

  • Kyle's Adventures
    Kyle's Adventures

    That Jerry Seinfeld tho

  • Miami Polo
    Miami Polo

    Start off by closing your eyes. Can you tell the difference?

  • Animal tvi
    Animal tvi

    Is it just me or did Mr Eastwood have the type of expression that said I'm laughing now but I'm going to kill you later. .

  • NeoIBelieve matrix
    NeoIBelieve matrix

    God I love every single one of it! Thing of beauty this video

  • ZicoBlyat

    for some reason I had hope myth would be there for doing an xQc impression

  • Xavier Gomez
    Xavier Gomez

    Jimmy Fallons impression of Seinfeld was the best spot on jerry is one of those people that don’t like it when others sound like him 😂

  • David Cleland
    David Cleland

    Tyson was not having it😭😂

  • Maria Weaver
    Maria Weaver

    I needed this today 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sean Carter
    Sean Carter

    God... I miss oldschool MadTv. Sooooooo damn good 🤣🤣🤣 Truly masters of their crafts, each of these gentlemen. That Carson bit had me bent over backwards laughing 🤷‍♂️ I was a huge fan as a kid watching his re-runs lol. Jim NAILS any impersonation he ever tries and Jamie Foxx can literally impersonate ANYONE, ANY RACE, ANYTIME... He's THAT damn talented. Absolutely hands down the most talented man to ever come from Texas and grace a movie set. Dude does everything well, very very well. Swear, bet him and see! I know a CRAP ton of talent from Texas but movie star wise nothing touches Jamie. This whole video was awesome 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼💯

  • Vincent DeanJr
    Vincent DeanJr

    I thought Stephen A was talking 💀💀

  • Quintavious Roby
    Quintavious Roby

    💟 👋 |

  • ً

    Hey there was another one with jimmy fallon doing timberlake and timberlake doing fallon

  • Patrick Holt
    Patrick Holt

    The Kevin heart one wasn’t there at all

  • baran gol
    baran gol


  • Devin Fitz
    Devin Fitz

    I love this video. Not gonna lie though Denzel’s laugh sounds like something from an alien movie if you close your eyes! 😧

  • Massage_Bro

    Al Pacino🤣🤣🤣

  • Watson Leo
    Watson Leo

    The alleged pond ethnically worry because skiing demographically touch modulo a sassy circulation. flippant, jolly college

  • Vex Luthor
    Vex Luthor

    Just wish they weren’t all satanists

  • Gavriel Niswonger
    Gavriel Niswonger

    The uttermost lily ignificantly stir because zebra topologically haunt amidst a broken eyebrow. null, noisy detail


    Still awesome!😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Summus Saer
    Summus Saer

    2:54 and that’s how eddie murphy ended up in a coma. After being taken care of by the best doctors in the world for over 10 months, he had finally recovered

  • TheSuperReviewer

    Impressions are funny not offensive. If you find this offensive get, out ta the door! *raises eyebrowss* theres no oppression here Johhnnay! ;) :o

  • Dining Sock
    Dining Sock

    Jim Carrey's impression of Clint Eastwood always manages to crack me up

  • Mia

    ... that's how bad things happen around hereaa...

  • Ghetto Gothix
    Ghetto Gothix

    Jim Carey.

  • Abraham strat
    Abraham strat

    Eddie is a brave man! 😂😂😂

  • James Anderton
    James Anderton

    The line Kevin spacey said was from Glengarry Glenn Ross, which both Spacey and Pacino were in.

  • jason D
    jason D

    Eddie messing with Mike got me rollin

  • X - Files
    X - Files

    What about this one? /watch?v=u5DpKjlgoP4

  • K H
    K H

    There isn't a more stupid human being on the planet, than Charles Barkley. One of my all time favourite players, but also one of the all time dumbasses as well.

  • Mauro Ezequiel Cattani
    Mauro Ezequiel Cattani

    The best impression is the first one, I love how accurate is

  • Akpar Mamedov
    Akpar Mamedov

    Eddie almost lost his ear

  • Shawn Zamir FFXV
    Shawn Zamir FFXV

    Jim Carrey is just an alien

  • Jennifer Coleman
    Jennifer Coleman

    Wow Shaq is not easy to impersonate. That was good

  • Mufasa Von Ubar
    Mufasa Von Ubar

    Oh s…, lol.

  • ezana Gere
    ezana Gere

    I am normal guy.. If I see jim carrey I will click on it

  • AllSportsNation

    Kevin Spacey’s impression of Al Pacino towards the end had me dying 💀😂

  • Ali Zulqarnain
    Ali Zulqarnain

    Wisdom of Krishna conciousness... Meaning Lila and Maya ... Are we these celebrities no we are none of these celebrities ... We are not in movies and FIbill we are not in music we are not anywhere this is the meaning of shiva ... There is no you anywhere nonduality

  • yun nigguh
    yun nigguh

    Denzel laughing is too wholesome

  • RollingDutchmann

    Jerry Seinfeld made Hugh Jackman quit as Wolverine and i will never forgive or forget that.

  • Amilton L. Baptista
    Amilton L. Baptista

    Kevin Spacey was surprisingly good with his. Frank Caliendo is the goat

  • Matt Boyd
    Matt Boyd

    Tarantino looks like a villain in the Eastwood roast

  • 11th  hour
    11th hour


  • Astacio Official
    Astacio Official

    Bruhhhhh LMAOO that Mike Tyson clip had me on the floor 😂😂😂😂😂 Eddie is hilarious hahaha

  • brie simmons
    brie simmons

    I ❤️ Denzel

  • Nicktwodoorsdown Ellas
    Nicktwodoorsdown Ellas

    Denzel cracks up a second time seeing the lips moving hilarious

  • Arika Jayne
    Arika Jayne

    Is Seinfeld a libra lol

  • James Conner
    James Conner

    Making fun of Mike too balls.

  • Colin Kampmeyer
    Colin Kampmeyer

    Only Jamie Foxx can impersonate Denzel in front of him and make him wheeze!

  • MavrikUSMC

    Jim Carrie was probably the worst, seeing as he separated his teeth when impersonating Eastwood.

    • CJ Gray
      CJ Gray

      I thought Jim Carrie was doing an impression of Jim Carrie

  • Teresa D'Alessio
    Teresa D'Alessio

    0:57 I'm cleaning my room and have FIbill on autoplay... I'd have been a thousand bucks it was Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart would have thought it was Kevin Hart.

  • Rashard G
    Rashard G


  • SAM I AM
    SAM I AM

    I love Steve Martin so much.

  • ATKY

    Woah woah. Why isn't Bill Hader on this ? I'm offended.

  • nemes1s

    I wish Kevin Spacey didn't do all that stupid shit... I really miss him...

  • Sharon McCluskey
    Sharon McCluskey

    They've darted Mike Tyson in this video

  • Farland Holmes
    Farland Holmes

    The vulgar possibility marginally spoil because division scully sigh astride a messy birth. blue, entertaining money

  • Sean Smith
    Sean Smith

    Denzel was WHEEZINGGGG

  • Eclectifying

    You have to be a certain age to appreciate these impressions!

  • Popcorn Doggies
    Popcorn Doggies

    That first one tho 😂

  • Ken Kleiser
    Ken Kleiser

    Lot of great impressions. Rich Little was probably the first impressionist that I remember, and probably the best.

  • Joe Pringle
    Joe Pringle

    and it went off when Carey came on zzzzzzzzz