A Historian Reacts - The Napoleonic Wars - Oversimplified (Part 1)
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  • Vlogging Through History
    Vlogging Through History

    A couple corrections to what I said here - 1) Brienne (Napoleon's first school) was indeed a preparatory school for the military academy, so it would be fair to call it a military school as well. 2) Napoleon was actually the 3rd son and 4th child of his parents, though only his older brother Joseph survived childhood.

    • Sylveor

      Was he really average height for the time tho

    • Deja Voodoo
      Deja Voodoo

      And that first Military School that he went to was known for its instructors preying on its students.

    • MMMaster TW
      MMMaster TW

      You also know that Napoleon was average height for the time cuz British measurements made him ten cm. shorter, right?

    • BAB5 Y0DA
      BAB5 Y0DA

      Do battle of tours

    • William Esping
      William Esping

      Also you said Britain ruled Hanover, but he had shown Napoleon had taken Hanover and at that point was going to return it to the British as a peace offering.

  • Trash Panda
    Trash Panda

    France held out for 6 weeks against the wehrmacht compared to say Denmark that fell within a day if I remember correctly

  • Joshuabb2

    Yess, napolion liked turtles

  • Foxy Dean
    Foxy Dean

    I've played too much EUIV to ever give France crap about military matters.

  • Paul Thomas
    Paul Thomas

    I have a feeling that "The Little Corporal" was Napoleon's own nickname for something else.

  • Apollonia Pythia
    Apollonia Pythia

    A lieutenant-colonel told his regiments-commander in the Ancient regime: "Monsieur, your rank costed your father 25.000 loisedor and mine me 25 years of service."

  • Emperor Napoleon
    Emperor Napoleon

    Yo I love the insights man!

  • Philip

    So was the guy who prevented napoleon from becoming an author the same guy who rejected hitler from art school?

  • The Last Chance
    The Last Chance

    Please react to iced earth Gettysburg please

  • mrkrizziable

    If he lived world war 1 boom france showed won

  • Patrick Gassner
    Patrick Gassner

    Interesting fact napoleon also invented the numeration on houses.

  • G.G. Hochstetler
    G.G. Hochstetler

    2:22 wow, you read into that a lot 😂🤦🏼‍♂️ I can’t watch the rest of the video

  • Cynical Citizen
    Cynical Citizen

    I always draw upon the lesson of Napoleon's failure to take Russia for Risk.

  • Moon Riser
    Moon Riser

    its called oversimplified stop desimplifying CD

  • Hugo16071

    Nice video pal!

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    Pargat Singh

    I hate reaction videos.. Cheap way to earn views and money on someone else's hardwork...!

  • Cool Rabbit
    Cool Rabbit

    Alternative title unoversimplifiyng oversimplified

  • rati avaliani
    rati avaliani

    He actually met one Georgian Mamluk that he took as his guard in Egypt.

  • Richard Richardson
    Richard Richardson

    He was a see you see Kay 😂😂 good stuff

  • Antoine .FONTANILLE
    Antoine .FONTANILLE


  • Tyler James
    Tyler James

    crazy that basically all of this was in the 1800s

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    Georgia Mendez

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    Neekon Saadat

    If you let the nordvpn ad play as a video within a video, do you get any rights to those benefits?

    • Vlogging Through History
      Vlogging Through History

      No. I also don’t get the ad revenue from this reaction. It goes to Oversimplified.

  • q

    wait napolean wrote books too? Mustache man is a fucking thief

  • CruizinMax

    A lot of Polish soldiers fought for Napoleon

  • Jason Samuel
    Jason Samuel

    The Israelis did the same thing to the arabs. In 1967 arab-israeli war

  • Shreshth Rastogi
    Shreshth Rastogi


  • fabien

    you american know much much better my own country history than me, congrats from France !

  • ItsssAvoid

    He can be a god he can be the Pope

  • Yangster Supreme
    Yangster Supreme

    Kinda weird how 2 conquers both initially wanted to pursue a career in the arts before either being rejected or giving up on it. Maybe we should stop rejecting people from art school or writing school

  • noControl

    "Elections like this that are similar" gonna get yourself kicked off youtube might want to censor yourself.

  • Kody Eldridge
    Kody Eldridge

    "he adored his mother...was bullied..." I'm noticing a pattern with European dictators.

  • SupremeDreams 2.0
    SupremeDreams 2.0

    I hate how ppl are complaining that he's making it unoversimplified but cmon guys, it's better than most reactions you see on oversimplified, at least he knows what's going on and telling you some other interesting stuff about them

  • Deja Voodoo
    Deja Voodoo

    Just read ‘Fighting for Napoleon’. Napoleon losses a lot of points now that I know how he treated the population of Spain, and how he treated his wounded, and made his soldiers pay for their own food and beg for money from home.

  • Richey Baumann
    Richey Baumann

    Fun fact: Francis II dissolved the HRE in large part to avoid Napoleon acquiring the Imperial title. If Napoleon had conquered the Empire, he could've re-subjugated all of the states within and seized full contential control.

  • Skankhunt42

    I like this, it's layering, adding specificity........what they should do is a reaction to this video!=

  • AdurianJ

    The Corps system has been devolving ever since Napoleon introduce it. In the armies of WW2 the Division was the smallest unit with all arms represented and today it's the Brigade. The modern battlefield is so spread out that smaller units need to be able to fight on their own. Division and Corps levels today are more designed to support the front-line brigades and thus can provide extra support in different areas like artillery or engineers.

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    Tracy Reynolds

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    Edwin Rodriguez

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    MAXWHIZ gaming

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    Phyliss Beebe

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  • Josh Nohl
    Josh Nohl

    Actually Julius Caesar had the wealth for 10 years of his life because his father chose the wrong side of a Civil War

  • ranjan reddy
    ranjan reddy

    I loved his explanation but the oversimplified explanation Is always op

  • Jon Forrest
    Jon Forrest

    Can you please, at some point, react to Extra Credit's video series on the Battle of Vienna?

  • You're not my supervisor
    You're not my supervisor

    Not only was Napoleon "average height for the time", but his bodyguards were also usually very tall, well-built soldiers. So you have an average height guy surrounded by very tall men and it of course made him look short by comparison.

  • Spindy B
    Spindy B

    Could Napoleon have beaten Hitler?

    • Xavier Pitter
      Xavier Pitter

      If Napoleon had the same amount of men and resources and had a grasp of modern warfare then he would obliterate Hitler. It's not a fair fight because Hitler wasn't a military man and he has no real understanding of how to effectively command an army. Hitler's top general was Erwin Rommel so I think the question you're trying to ask is could Napoleon beat Erwin Rommel and the answer is yes. Napoleon fought 60 battles and only lost 7 that's nearly double the man with the 2nd most victories in history. Napoleon was the god of war in his prime.

  • bootleg reaction
    bootleg reaction

    You seem like a certified og

    • bootleg reaction
      bootleg reaction

      Cuz the boys love history

  • Omar Gado
    Omar Gado

    He actually mentioned that the french queen was austrian but in a fainting sound so many probably didn't hear him in the first time it was in 11:25

  • Nick Craig
    Nick Craig

    Who do you think was the better military commander, Wellington or Napoleon? And keep in mind, I'm not asking who was the better politician. The fact Wellington was called the "Iron Duke" because he put iron bars in his windows shows just how popular he was outside the army.

    • Vlogging Through History
      Vlogging Through History

      I think Napoleon was the best of his generation and probably of most others.

  • Giang Do
    Giang Do

    Plot twist watch both videos so you support Oversimplified 2X

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    Eduard Petrescu


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    Carlos Meza

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    sdfs sds

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  • Juancholol gamex
    Juancholol gamex

    Napoleon: rejected author Hitler: rejected painter what comes next? rejected janitor?

  • Fiqz

    How history should be taught in school. I seriously could stay awake throughout the class..

  • Mike Petrow
    Mike Petrow

    11:30 its cool he how he calls out what ends up being in the video right before it happens

  • Amortal Demon
    Amortal Demon

    Respect to you. Your knowledge on Napoleon and history in general is through the roof. You got a new subscriber.

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    Stephen Triferg

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  • moloko5

    Evangelicals love them some war.

  • DogKama

    If you want to learn more, you should consider watching the movie Waterloo, which can be found on youtube. The director wanted to make it as accurate as possible, he even with the battle field and terraformed it so it could match the descriptions from that time. He even got a Russian cavalry brigade play the soldiers by making them train in Victorian march for two weeks. Great film!

  • Susan Warren
    Susan Warren

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  • Elias Romero
    Elias Romero

    His face when napeolean was saying he 30 minutes is 2 seconds 😂😅😅

  • Ciel Udbjørg
    Ciel Udbjørg

    You have much knowledge, but remember, this is "OverSimplified". And made to be fun, as well. History can be a bit drab, sometimes… :)

  • Andrei Tache
    Andrei Tache

    20:31 Those eyebrows don't lie! That's the look of someone looking at their bedsheets and thinking "ehh, they're fine for another week" haha

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez

    why did he put the german anthem in the emperors crowning ceremony?

  • leafpool2014 gaming
    leafpool2014 gaming

    after mr terry i choose you for my history reactions :)

  • AnvilMAn603

    fun fact about the louisiana purchase: the credit napoleon got for the purchase was from british banks to a british bank was essentially financing the invasion of the home island

  • Alex alex alex
    Alex alex alex

    And he had a corp coming in aid of the right flank, Davout corps maybe? Cant remember and im too lazy to search it, so his flank will be reinforced at any time "free" without using his own reserve, is just a genious move.

  • Jeffy14

    That was excellent. Thank you very much

  • Brent Wilkens
    Brent Wilkens

    What happened to Napoleon’s pro Corsican independence/anti French views?

  • Der Herr Graf
    Der Herr Graf

    Napoleon: destroys europe This enraged Prussia and Russia, who punished Napoleon severely

  • Ali Challab
    Ali Challab

    Napoleon Lost because he didn't get the financial backing of James Bisonette

  • Skipper

    Hitler had a bad child hood that’s all I’m gonna say

  • Naru


  • Earl Sawyers
    Earl Sawyers

    i love how we all have to watch some videos to jogg our memories and pepole like you that take the time to do things like this

  • ShizuNarberal

    Welp, might as well declare war on my brothers

  • Joshua

    Napoleon was actually widely admired during his time as First Consul even in the countries that fought against France during the coalition wars. Beethoven (a German)'s no. 3 Symphony the Eroica (Heroic Symphony) was even originally dedicated to him. He seemed to be considered a true hero of the Enlightenment, a fulfilment of all the ideas of human potential and equality. And then he ruined it all by crowning himself Emperor and thereby endorsing the monarchical establishment that the ideals of the Enlightenment opposed. Beethoven crossed out his dedication to Napoleon.

  • Tobie Roesner
    Tobie Roesner

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  • Kayzen L7
    Kayzen L7

    Actually France military history is among the greatest that ever been in earth. They got the surrender legacy because of WW2 and Busch propaganda for Irak. When you see how hard they fought during ww1, the amount of loses they suffered, we can only watch these numbers and pay our respect to this country, to this people. Their mistakes however, is they fought WW2 like ww1. Just like any others nations at the time except Germany. Great video sir

  • Kei McPartlan
    Kei McPartlan

    That quality is good

  • EliteNormie

    11:25 "Holy crap! Your QUEEN is AUSTRIAN" just moments after the historian mentioned that France's queen was Austrian. Oversimplified just goes ham with the easter eggs and details, goddamn.

  • soldierinworldwar6

    i like how in the merch part his just so dead inside lol

  • BigGay InTraining
    BigGay InTraining

    will you adopt me I want a cool dad that's into history darn it!

  • pop5678eye

    Famous leaders of countries who were not born of that country's people: Napoleon, France, born in Corsica (at the time disputed territory) Hitler, Germany, born in Austria Stalin, Russia, born in Georgia Cleopatra, Egypt, Greek (she was born in Egypt but to a Greek dynasty) Alexander, Greece, born Macedonian Catherine, Russia, born in Prussia Those are just a few examples around Europe. I am sure there are countless more on other continents as well.

  • Jack Messick
    Jack Messick

    New things about Napoleon I never knew. Could it be that with the close relationship of American television and the BBC has poisoned American thinking of Napoleon?

  • Jack Messick
    Jack Messick

    By the mid-nineteenth century, the French Army was emulated by everyone, especially the Union and Confederate armies in North America. From tactics to the hunting horn on the headgear for the infantry units. The non-rifled artillery pieces, usually made of bronze, were actually called "Napoleons."

  • Gabriel Albert
    Gabriel Albert

    Imagine oversimplified commenting to this video

  • giafone ozu
    giafone ozu

    the same chance for rich and normal people i feel like was more for when he dies, france can find new insane military masterminds!

  • Sora Rouge
    Sora Rouge

    Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte i: "MAKE. FRANCE. GREAT. Again."

  • TheModer8ter

    Jesus is the Messiah, which means God with us.. He died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to save you, then you have everlasting life. John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus.

  • Ishan Pednekar
    Ishan Pednekar

    JuLiUs CaEsAr came from a life of privilege? You got your facts wrong

    • Vlogging Through History
      Vlogging Through History

      He came from a patrician family and his father was governor of Asia. Yes, I'd say compared to the average Roman, he came from a life of privilege.

  • Jonathan Pettigrew
    Jonathan Pettigrew

    Damn, Napoleon really is gettin lucky in this war strategy game lmao He's gettin all the five star generals

  • kawadec

    One detail I'd like to learn more about: after the Seven Years' War, Britain (at least based on what I know from American high school history classes and also stated by Oversimplified) was so low on cash they felt the need to tax the crap out of their American colonies (an idea which as we know backfired). But not that many years later they could apparently make it rain on Europe's other monarchies in an attempt to stop France. How did they do that?

  • Jonny Oliveira
    Jonny Oliveira

    Ah the British, hiding in their iland.

  • Odoacer

    Amazing vid, you should react to crash course European history!

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    I am the comment 1000

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