a steak pun is a rare medium well done | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Kitchen Nightmares
    Kitchen Nightmares

    your dislikes only make me stronger :)

    • Shooby Shooby
      Shooby Shooby

      i love you

    • UltimateAHP

      I don't know who you are, but you amaze and scare me

    • LastAvailableAlias

      He feeds off of evil!

    • stampyfan8970

      I liked

    • Brendan Welch
      Brendan Welch

      Don’t worry, people who dislike really mean “dis I Like” 😃

  • Mir Afzal Khan
    Mir Afzal Khan

    Also check salt bae's steak 😉.

  • Amelia Rawcliffe
    Amelia Rawcliffe

    whoever does these titles specifically, you are an auteur, keep it up bossman :)

  • Chazz_US Marine
    Chazz_US Marine

    8:27 Wow, that's F'ing disgusting lol

  • Eduardo Cantu
    Eduardo Cantu

    Veal more like vile

  • misirloupowerslide

    I experience physical pain when I see that lady spray Pam on that steak

  • misirloupowerslide

    Gordon , what’s your favorite animal ? “Oh dear “

  • Luis D Toores
    Luis D Toores

    Gordan vs bobby

  • Poppa Wheelies
    Poppa Wheelies

    This title wins the internet.

  • Mariyah Alicea
    Mariyah Alicea

    Gordon says the couch is dirty filled with crumbs yet he’s not bothered by touching the crumbs 😭

  • Tyrone Yoder
    Tyrone Yoder

    "A steak pun is a medium rarely well done" greatest pun

  • Chair

    Damn which episode is that? I mean the one with the meat thermometer

    • Rand

      thats frightening

  • Rand


  • Eli Wise
    Eli Wise

    I feel for sam

  • Eli Wise
    Eli Wise

    "Strange, very very strange"

  • austin / evade
    austin / evade

    sam fine aab bruh who got her IG

  • Andrewbeans


  • Niko

    5:32 Everyone, when the pandemic hits.

  • JumboJetPilot

    “I know my food is good”. Yeah, that’s why you contacted Gordon Ramsay for help…

  • Tanseef Hossain
    Tanseef Hossain

    Someday Gordon Ramsay will take out his Pokeball and bring GASTLY out :3

  • ben mitchell
    ben mitchell

    These titles are getting out of control

  • UltimateAHP

    Meanwhile i'm still wondering what the hell was the point of that roof tile

  • Steve Tawney
    Steve Tawney

    So stupid- he always hates everything- I wouldn't let him in my restaurant

    • C4MPER

      Your food is shit of course you wouldn't let him in

    • Sharmarke Ismail
      Sharmarke Ismail

      Because the food is shit

  • Jill Greene
    Jill Greene

    shoutout to whoevers on sound design adding in all the gushy sound effects whenever gordon ramsey touches the food

  • Thunder Pie
    Thunder Pie

    you should try a meal at one of the south african spur franchise restaurants!!! just bring a bucket with ;-)

  • LastAvailableAlias

    Gordon, stop playing with your food! I love the random hole in the wall storage technique and the Lemon Pledge nonstick spray. I'm always amazed at what Gordon is willing to pick up and stick his fingers into. He'd make a good nurse.

  • Treble Walker
    Treble Walker

    Gordon is a great critic. He should join americas got talent

  • Gap tooth bitch Urielle
    Gap tooth bitch Urielle

    The big bath predictably wreck because target undeniably scold onto a super wilderness. watery, dysfunctional november

  • Andres

    Sam has been waiting for gordon her entire life at that restaurant

  • Meddios XIV
    Meddios XIV

    A stake is rare medium well done congratulations

  • yueshijoorya

    That waitress at the end better be older than 18, cos I just exploded all over myself for her.

  • yueshijoorya

    Wait what? Gordon found plastic in the crab cake and the chef says "fuck him"?

  • yueshijoorya

    LMAO once you see a cook that doesn't even care to remove his earstud, don't bother.

  • H Holland
    H Holland

    If anyone wanted to know how children might run a restaurant… this video is it

  • Kendra T
    Kendra T

    The title is amazing. Good job, mysterious FIbill channel wizard

  • Rylee G
    Rylee G

    I can tell just by looking at those ravioli that chef boyardee can do better than that

  • Kuso

    Gordon is so savage… “Came in a dream. He didn’t realize it was a nightmare.”

  • Mohammed Imaad Iqbal
    Mohammed Imaad Iqbal

    Yikes, i have eaten better steaks for cheaper prices than that

  • NUMBER 23
    NUMBER 23

    if everybody’s liking food and you are not problem is in you sure some serve raw but some look so good

  • The Afghan Perspective
    The Afghan Perspective

    Me as a 7 year old was a pro chef compared to this guy who baked a raw meat steak. 🤔

  • Danielle King
    Danielle King

    I'll be honest, I was amused the first time I saw them bringing out the roof tile to finish the steak in front of you. Granted, as long as that's a CLEAN tile and I would think it should be more presentable if cooked on a cooking rock of some sort, but I think it's kind of funny and would definitely entertain me if I ordered that. 😆

  • Kale Kale
    Kale Kale

    "He's toying with me I'm missing shit"

  • ‌

    I swear my grandma cooks better than those restaurant gordon went since She actually goes out and buys it fresh and cook it fresh and not freaking freezes it and microwaves it

  • Samuel Kellly
    Samuel Kellly

    Restaurant: let's apply to kitchen nightmares, our Restaurant is failing Gordon: it looks like someone has thrown up on my plate Owner: I know my food is good

  • Rkela Hufgap
    Rkela Hufgap

    The coherent map objectively squeal because south korea specially mess up given a snotty argentina. imminent, naughty steel

  • average joe
    average joe

    If I may make a suggestion for an improved title " a steak pun is a medium rarely well done".

  • john appleseed
    john appleseed

    I wouldnt have the balls that gordon has to eat all that shit food that he encounters 😂

  • H2O BLUE
    H2O BLUE

    It looks so messy

  • Cirno ⑨
    Cirno ⑨

    H-How does Gordon know how a donkey's pp taste like?

  • RNG-Bananaツ


  • Aabra Ka Daabra
    Aabra Ka Daabra

    Why is it that the people in the back are enjoying the shit that is served to him. Either he is mad or everyone else is.

  • Hatte!

    I vibe with Sam

  • Maji C
    Maji C

    The server, Sam, in 11:10 looked so done with everyone there🤣 I woud be too

  • Kizybur

    “I don’t think i’m a hoarder, it’s just hard for me to throw things away.” *Definition of hoarder: A persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them.* LMFAO 💀💀

  • Heiliges Kanonenrohr
    Heiliges Kanonenrohr

    Renata (.Y.)

    • Ek25


  • Les Grossman
    Les Grossman

    Meanwhile in Africa...

  • MLG21 boss
    MLG21 boss

    What episode is Sam in

  • INvIsIBLE boi
    INvIsIBLE boi

    ThIs iS A nIgHtMaRe

  • UWOLF994

    Biggest pile of shit ever to be served in Queens? Clearly Gordon hasn’t seen the Mets play.

    • SportsFan JW
      SportsFan JW


  • Ggg

    The food looks so disgusting ..."looks like I've given birth" lol

  • Arpita Adhikary
    Arpita Adhikary

    Excuse me but that roof tile filet mignon made me vom when the sauce was falling yall, it looked like sewer water pouring in the meat

  • Julian Gonzales
    Julian Gonzales

    Am I the only that’s pretty sure this show is fake.

  • Markus Andrew
    Markus Andrew

    0:10 This reminds me of that scene from Alien where Ash is examining the dead Face Hugger.

  • Stacy Mamb
    Stacy Mamb


  • bruce creamer
    bruce creamer

    I like how she wipes around her lips with her hand, and then starts pushing the plates around the plating line. 🤢

  • Slim Jim
    Slim Jim

    I swear Gordon’s daughter is the one naming these videos and I’m loving every single one of them 😂😂😂

  • X-OR

    These shows are so fake !!!

  • gary Last
    gary Last

    Sam ❤❤❤

  • sleeo

    yeah, sam cool people

  • Axolotl Milk
    Axolotl Milk

    i threw up on the first thing gordon was served at the pure look of it, does not look apaitizing

  • Kristine E
    Kristine E

    Where does Gordon go to get something to eat after a disaster like this?

  • Alaoui Jaafar
    Alaoui Jaafar

    I love you admin

  • Quran Mcclure
    Quran Mcclure

    I swear y'all white people still put up the argument that raw steak is medium rare just cuz outside is brown don't mean nothing

  • hanimeisgreat

    I wonder want would happen if my mom made him food

  • Jaay

    Ngl Idk where he going probably one star restaurants Cs these ppl have trash food go to new York stake houses they good

    • sleeo

      The kitchens apply to be there, so idk if good restaurants apply or not

  • Sloth

    The first owner sounds like the most depressed man on the planet I swear "This is... the biggest mistake of my life..."

  • SnD Nextzy
    SnD Nextzy

    Gordon: not cooked Chef: make the next one cooked properly Gordon: overcooked disgusting

  • Mother Honey
    Mother Honey

    That first one looked gross like wtf 😩🤢

  • Sealboi isbell
    Sealboi isbell

    Gordon : “ That’s Ghastly, Its dreadful “.

  • Meemeleem

    that steak in the beginning actually made me gag bro how could anyone confidently serve that

  • e11k

    Yo Sam is kinda bad tho

  • Jerry Darby
    Jerry Darby


  • Fayie Xie
    Fayie Xie

    “My food is good” -Worst owner/chef

  • 7t2z28

    Jigsaw, AKA "Randy" has all the crap back there because it's waiting to become a future death machine puzzle.

  • wickedawesomehede

    Pretty good...

  • Jonka Olofsson
    Jonka Olofsson

    Sam is so hot

  • nikakaru chan
    nikakaru chan

    11:25 please this is my entire life

  • Dave Delaney
    Dave Delaney

    the canned spray has to be one of the nastiest things i’ve ever seen

    • Capadocia ash
      Capadocia ash

      Why not just use butter or grease or ANYTHING OTHER THAN COOKING SPRAY

  • jester lobers
    jester lobers

    After watching 1 episode of kitchen nightmares. I be judging my mcdonalds food like Gordon ramsey

  • Kermit Sweet Tea
    Kermit Sweet Tea

    Seeing Gordon eat that first dish made me so uncomfortable. He looked like he was eating an animal's afterbirth.

  • Nasos Vasileiou
    Nasos Vasileiou

    It's videos like these that help me remember that my cooking isn't so bad after all.

  • Soorya Bala
    Soorya Bala

    Back in the day when I thought Gordon was running this channel-

  • Kamahao

    Sams a cutie

  • Karen Reese
    Karen Reese

    Disgusting how could anyone serve those meals.

  • Al-Jamil Agress
    Al-Jamil Agress

    I can't tell you how much I need a compilation of 10:56 moments, just the disappointment the anguish in the "it's raw"😔 and the 11:22 Sam is so hecking sassy

  • Digi

    As a big steak lover, that first steak almpst made me cry. Good beef shouldnt be wasted like that

  • Danny Gwirtz
    Danny Gwirtz


  • pandastylearmy

    13:21 ...then the guys face. "that was insulting!" yet everyone else is laughing

  • WayNe WynNx
    WayNe WynNx

    6:18-6:56 The very only time I ever saw Gordon gets that surprised, speechless and full of question marks. That face expression was priceless and hilarious 😂😂

  • Packit Boi
    Packit Boi

    Me when my mom says my full name 8:28