ABBA - Don't Shut Me Down (Lyric Video)

ABBA ARE BACK with Voyage!
A brand new album out November 5 and revolutionary concert coming to London Spring 2022. Listen to two brand new songs and pre-order the album.

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Director: Mike Anderson
Producer: Nick Barratt
Production Company: Able

Music video by ABBA performing Don't Shut Me Down (Lyric Video). A Universal Music Group Company; © 2021 1221 AB, under exclusive license to Polar Music International AB

  • Jeremiah Lyles : Editor
    Jeremiah Lyles : Editor

    Great Song

  • Frieda Reichmann
    Frieda Reichmann

    So let me get this straight, ABBA comes back after 40 years and not only is it as if they never left, they're even BETTER than before. What on earth is going on?

  • Dyn Jarren
    Dyn Jarren

    Abba the new song is poo 💩 poo. Not a good song. Stinky and draws flies like a pile of poo poo💩!

  • FotoVideoBenka

    Music genres: Pop Rock Heavy Metal Italo Dance . . . . ABBA 😁

  • FotoVideoBenka

    Uuhh... Two days and night I listen all Your's albums... Entire my life runs before my eyes. I'm so glad and honor to participate time and place with Your music.

  • supottoraito kiddo
    supottoraito kiddo

    Love you Agnetha!!💖💖💖✨

  • Aaron Donaldson
    Aaron Donaldson

    Thank you for the music!

  • Petersson Ivan Mathias
    Petersson Ivan Mathias

    Listen how Agnetha varies the pitch of her voice. When she is ”the younger self” in the text’s story, she sings with a more high-pitced, girlish voice (”once these rooms were witness to our love”, for example). The older Agnetha sitting in the park in the intro has an older woman’s voice. It’s masterful beyond belief!

  • Jay Buckley
    Jay Buckley

    Great audio. I hope they are successful with their electronic images. Maybe another movie?

  • CorrTechIT


  • Marilyn Aguirre
    Marilyn Aguirre

    Desde San Luis, ARGENTINA. ☆☆☆☆☆

  • Stephan Siegel
    Stephan Siegel

    who is him at the beginning?

  • Sunwave Music Factory
    Sunwave Music Factory

    Amazing - beautiful and my pop heart Just melts @ 1:26 ❤️❤️❤️ 😋😄☀️ ABBA Thank´s a lot for this new music 🙏

  • Tine Dibble
    Tine Dibble

    I’ve been watching them throughout the years doing things individually, love them all! Agnetha forever cute:


      Thanks for the link, c'est magnifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiique 👌

  • Roberto Beberrão
    Roberto Beberrão


  • kulnokaiklem

    Vanilla Ninja - 2021 song Reason is You in FIbill is also very good and bit remembers Abba accent.

  • Thomas DeWitt
    Thomas DeWitt

    Wow, Unbelievable ABBA is back, I wish you were still here with me Brian to hear this, I hope you are listening In heaven

  • Bobany

    Good bye Ericsson!

  • man78249

    Thanks for finally getting together! Thank you!!!

  • OperationPhantom

    I keep wanting to like this again. Guess I still can't quite believe it.

  • Mirja Wahlberg
    Mirja Wahlberg


  • Maria Cruz
    Maria Cruz

    Is wonderfull

  • Chris Hoffmann
    Chris Hoffmann

    stinky music

  • Sigrid                                            Lenninger
    Sigrid Lenninger

    Einfach ABBA. Großartig.

  • Kerry Thomas
    Kerry Thomas


  • Nazan El Zaim
    Nazan El Zaim

    Schade, dass man nur Avatare zu sehen bekommt. Für die Generation Abba wären ABBA Live authentischer gewesen. Tja wieder ein Beispiel dafür, dass Alter wohl nicht zugemutet werden kann.

    • Cidermate A
      Cidermate A

      Omg stop moaning,!

  • Paul Cooper
    Paul Cooper

    I didn't know this was possible but ABBA sound better than ever

  • Decock Eric
    Decock Eric

    Fantastisch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Betzalel Hymon
    Betzalel Hymon

    This is my new All day. 🍭❤🧁🍬🍎🍯😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊🙌🙌

  • arvarow

    What the f... THANKS!!!!! Ps. Some "felicità", from Al Bano and Romina there. Better though, if possible! ;)

    • Дмитрий Лифинцев
      Дмитрий Лифинцев

      Hi, arvarow. I think "Felicita" is absolutly not an orginal tune but a kind of italian pop-standard. Compare "Felicita", for example, with Ciao Italy - Ricchi e Poveri There are huge amount of italian songs with that pattern. In the 1980s, half of Italian music was based on this tune. Here's Toto Cutugno 1979 - More examples: 1977 - Umberto Tozzi Ti Amo ; 1980 - Toto Cutugno . If you mean the chord progression C-Am-Dm-G then it is not a melody. This got used in half of the pop of 80s and 90s and later(ex. Boyz 2 Men If so we could state that all Elvis hits have the one tune.

  • Cassy time
    Cassy time

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love you for ever 😍😍😍

  • Danny Zurita
    Danny Zurita

    Someone listen this and going stard to cry? This is so magic, i traveling in a perfect dream, my wish and the others fans come true, after 40 years!

  • Maria Pluta
    Maria Pluta

    Thank you for the music. Your music was the first i heard when i was born in January 1978 😀🎹🙏💜🎵 great song

  • ArnoldVeeman

    what a welcome sound within the current music culture! Congratulations 🎇👏

  • s t * r
    s t * r

    what a good time to be 17

  • mikhail kryzhanovsky
    mikhail kryzhanovsky


  • Måns Barklund
    Måns Barklund

    Tretow sounds at 0:38 !! Amazing!

    • Blue Amy
      Blue Amy

      It's Bernard Löhr as sound engineer on the _Voyage_ album. Tretow suffered a stroke in 2001, so sadly he got retired... 🙁

  • Da Ch
    Da Ch

    Damn this song gets better and better at every listen. A new ABBA classic for sure. I love it when great songwriters still have the passion in them in their 70's to create something that's crafted this well with an interesting chord structure and a great melody. This sounds so timeless. They're not just repeating the same 4 chords in both verse and chorus like so many boring loop style pop songs.

  • MrZeitgenosse

    Das ich das noch erleben durfte 🥲 Ein wunderschöner Song, ABBA Ihr seid und bleibt die Allergrößten 😍

  • Cassy time
    Cassy time

    Hey, I love all of you 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Nicholas Tedder
    Nicholas Tedder

    Well what can I say that others haven't already said...other than welcome back ABBA and oh how we've missed you...

  • Bo Jörgensen
    Bo Jörgensen

    Descendants of Mozart?

  • Lara Selander
    Lara Selander

    Wonder if the "trolls" feel a need to give a thumb down.. ?! It would be easier not to listen at all. Over 4000 thumbs down. Remarkable. By the way - Great comeback and I really loved it !!!

    • Paul Lehmor
      Paul Lehmor

      They seem at least have been stopped from spamming the comment fields by now.

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow

    Abba is pathetic stupid music for people who know nothing in music. There is only one thing I like about Abba, it`s good dance music.

    • Arthur Herring
      Arthur Herring

      Bro, I listen to many genres of music, and Abba is genius level, containing classical, folk, rock, pop influencies. I know a thing or two about music, and there is nothing pathetic here as you pointed out, it is good dance music.. but even much more than that.

    • Emmanuel GG
      Emmanuel GG

      So, what is the good music ? Abba never pretended to make the best music in the world. They are a pop group and they make pop music of the best level . Good music is the one each person likes in particular. For the one it will jazz, for another one it will be classical music ! Now if you consider "the winner takes it all" as shit, you must have problems to find somethi’g good now!

  • Baguette et Chouquette
    Baguette et Chouquette

    with my friend we really like ABBA, even if nearly everybody of our generation say that this music il for old peoples but that's not true...the songs in these years are not as good as ABBA's songs! Welcome back ABBA, you're as good as always!

  • Etu Boy
    Etu Boy

    I'm cry 😢 ❤❤❤ What a time machine of a song

  • Thomas Schott
    Thomas Schott

    LOL to the people (4K) with a thumbs down. Get the hell outta here. This song rocks. Love you ABBA.

  • História em Tudo
    História em Tudo


  • Ricardo

    It's better than any other recent song out now

  • Brand New Rock
    Brand New Rock

    ABBA embarrasses all of the music industry from 1982-2021, they are 71-76 yrs old today.. and sweeps all of the field …40 years later after they broke up !!! What does that say?

  • Ricardo

    ¿Llegamos a los 10M hoy? Tenemos tiempo, VAMOS!!!

  • Catwissel

    Abba the best Band the World

  • Румен Лозанов
    Румен Лозанов


  • Michael Snyir
    Michael Snyir

    I can’t stop watching this over n over. I’m still crying!

    • Janett Grady
      Janett Grady

      Michael...Me, too.

  • Janett Grady
    Janett Grady

    Unbelievably ABBA. No info here on composers or writers, but ABBA is written all over this video, Benny-Bjorn, composers and writers, and I must say the lyrics here are absolutely brilliant, a love song written in the same vain as the ones they wrote way back when. Also, Frida and Agnetha sound as good as they ever did. They must have found a Fountain of Youth, or discovered a cure for old age, because these ladies, now in their seventies, sound like they did in their twenties, thirties, forties, or ever. This video rivals ABBA's other new video. I Still Have Faith In You. I love both videos, both songs, all four of these beautiful people, and I am as amazed as I am grateful to ABBA for coming into my life and staying in my life for all these years.

  • Spencer Chestnutt
    Spencer Chestnutt

    Agnetha has one of the most beautiful voices in the history of the world. This song is about like 8 things at the same time, and is truly a work of art.

  • jan wandelaar
    jan wandelaar

    supper bring back the eighties

  • Kristýna Beranová
    Kristýna Beranová

    I am not crying, you are crying.

  • SourishBanjo

    Just as good as the originals. Honestly surprised.

  • Larry CJ
    Larry CJ

    Hey US fans, we need to make this a hit here!! If you stream music, please stream this & "I Still Have Faith In You"! ❤️❤️

  • Lauren P
    Lauren P


  • Carlos Soto
    Carlos Soto

    Mi grupo favorito hasta la muerte, nunca me canso de escucharlos y realmente me enorgullece escucharlos y que como grupo se hayan reencontrado después de 40 años, increíble, ABBA es magia, una banda legendaria...

  • michael avison
    michael avison

    welcome back abba love your music

  • Mamu Mamu
    Mamu Mamu

    Abba's music composition creates a new world in my mind (beautiful, happy and also unknown) each time I Listen to a song of ABBA whether it is old or new like this! Sweden gave us the precious gift called ABBA, nowhere else in the world was found though music is everywhere! Welcoming ABBA again from thousands of miles away!

  • Marleen Paas
    Marleen Paas

    I never stopped listening to their music, but this..after all these years.. made me cry!

  • senza sinn
    senza sinn

    Don't lock me down!

  • ali dujaily
    ali dujaily


  • Mandylon Official
    Mandylon Official

    Great song! :)

  • Ron Garcia
    Ron Garcia

    I am happy there is a new message of hope and love out there from these guys

  • Stephen Wood
    Stephen Wood

    ABBA the world needs your amazing music in these uncertain times, thank you for rescuing 2021 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Golan Trevize
    Golan Trevize

  • Manfred Fleßner
    Manfred Fleßner

    Bitte nicht mit Florian Silberschmalz oder Helene Fisch singen. Die machen das Super-Super Lied nur kaputt. Wie viele andere Lieder (Kerstin Ott)vorher auch.

    • Jörg Bauer
      Jörg Bauer

      Die haben kein ehrliches Gefühl dabei. ABBA singt mit Herz. Von ihrem Leben. Was die auch erlebt haben.

  • Tomas Karlsson
    Tomas Karlsson

    10 million views before the end of the week, 🤩

  • Mike

    What a great song! I can't get enough of it. 4,000 thumbs down, seriously??? What's wrong with people 😂

    • Brand New Rock
      Brand New Rock

      They dont know how the real music sounds like… they are computeraged ones 😂👍

    • Karoly Szasz
      Karoly Szasz

      Probably all Drake and Ed Sheeran fans.

    • K&K Piano
      K&K Piano

      Helloooo. How do you like my version?

  • Anja vdmeer
    Anja vdmeer

    This oso bood en beautyfull I lis ten Evert dat so beautyfull I wish o meezat you somme day Mabel somme day

    • K&K Piano
      K&K Piano

      Helloooo. How do you like my version?

  • Margarita Gicart
    Margarita Gicart

    Superbe retour de Abba avec cette chanson j'adore ..

  • Margarita Gicart
    Margarita Gicart

    Superbe chanson j'adore retour réussi je l'écoute en boucle ..

  • MehrshadNP

    I love how they've stayed loyal to the '70s Disco genre and haven't tried to change their lovely style. It's just a beautiful combination of then and now, just like what the lyrics say.

  • Denise Corzette
    Denise Corzette

    NICE, always loved their music and this is an beautiful song. Can't wait to hear the rest.

    • K&K Piano
      K&K Piano

      Helloooo. How do you like my version?

  • Ronald Julen
    Ronald Julen

    I love ABBA

    • K&K Piano
      K&K Piano

      Helloooo. How do you like my version?

  • Nur Syazana
    Nur Syazana

    Amazing lyrics. Why? Very relatable and inspiring.

  • Der Coole Leonard
    Der Coole Leonard

    Your Music is just more words to say...😇

    • K&K Piano
      K&K Piano

      Helloooo. How do you like my version?

  • Nur Syazana
    Nur Syazana

    Amazing lyrics!!!! Why? Very relatable.

  • solracer66

    I'm sure at least a million of those nearly 10 million views are mine! This song simply doesn't get old no matter how many times I listen to it!

  • AA

    You know what will be equally collosal? A sequel to ABBA the movie

  • Mi62Ni

    Please let us remember to Ola Brunkert (drums). He would have had his 75th birthday yesterday. Unfortunately, he died in an accident in his house on Mallorca in march 2008 at the age of only 61. And to Rutger Gunnarsson (bass). He would have had 75 years too in February. His death in Stockholm at the age of 69 was announced in May 2015. Thank you guys. You both have your share in the success of ABBA too ! R.I.P

    • Paul Lehmor
      Paul Lehmor

      @Mi62Ni No not personally.

    • Lou Nolastname
      Lou Nolastname

      @Andrey Shunkov I miss Micke’s input so much, he was always such an innovative genius and he was also such a big part of the ABBA sound.

    • Andrey Shunkov
      Andrey Shunkov

      Don't forget Michael B. Tretow. He's alive, but he had a stroke and he can't do his magic behind the mixing desk anymore.

    • Mi62Ni

      @Paul Lehmor Thx for this interesting Information ! Do you know Lasse personally ? Warm greetings to him from bavaria/germany Regards Michael

    • Paul Lehmor
      Paul Lehmor

      Thanks, that's a warming reminder. It feels good to know that Lasse Wellander and Per Lindvall from the old days are playing on Voyage. I got this from Lasse two days ago.

  • LJJR

    Just the lyrics in the intro paints such a picture!

  • Kurt Boehm
    Kurt Boehm

    Amazing Magic Masterpice 🙏

  • Hrayr Dallakyan
    Hrayr Dallakyan

    I don't know how I'm going to do it, but I'm going to London to see the show. It'll be a cold day in hell before I miss this chance!


    Como maneja Benny el teclado, es increible......

  • Prostě Luky
    Prostě Luky

    Nádherná písnička

  • Alexei Pushkarev
    Alexei Pushkarev

    That's really GREAT! I was 10 when I heard "I don't wanna talk, about things we've gone through." I was crying whole the night is thinking that I would never hear and see all of them on the same stage. That was ABBA end for me. It is great that for 40 years they have done it!!!! Looking forward to hearing from ABBA soon!

  • Dirk Gebauer
    Dirk Gebauer

    Einfach wunderschön. Danke.

    • K&K Piano
      K&K Piano

      Helloooo. How do you like my version?

  • Nurul Hidayati
    Nurul Hidayati

    Who's the lead singer in this song, Agnethe or Frida?

    • Charly


  • alliballiskalli

  • Lieblings Klausi
    Lieblings Klausi

    Großartig 🌹🌹🌹🌹 Memory of my childhood

  • Hasitha De Alwis
    Hasitha De Alwis

    What a song. Superb and unmatched.. Still lucky to live to listen and enjoy this type of great songs.

  • Elpis42

    My 20-yr-old son came home to find me dancing to this with my eyes closed! These songs fill a void in my soul that has been lost for too long

  • Joha López
    Joha López

    They come baaaaaaaaackkkk