Alexander the Great (All Parts)

  • Joshua Mistone
    Joshua Mistone

    This guy was a god 🙌🏾💪🏾

  • prabhat sharma
    prabhat sharma

    The video is very enjoyable yet, a classic case of viewing history through the western lens. For example, there is no mention of "King Porus" in indian history perhaps during the harappan era he might have been a chieftain of some sorts. A cultural shift is inevitable when a foreign power captures a place, Just like the speaker mentioned "Alexander started wearing superior quality persian clothes etc" Well, the fact of the matter is at that point in time India was a major economic and trade superpower exporting clothes, spices, crops, jewels etc. Much of "persian" clothes etc were these very exported items. And it continued to be that till the time Britishers colonised, India's contribution to the world gdp was around 20%. Anyways, "the edge of the world' as he says was known to be the basin of Saraswati river which flowed violently and profusely back around Alexander's period. One can still see the basin of the river after 2000 years on google maps around sindh area. History is blotted and tarnished yo, its always told from the perspective of someone to better suit the narrative, the more you read the more you will learn.

  • prabhat sharma
    prabhat sharma

    Excuse me, indian cavalries?

  • Potatoking Jack
    Potatoking Jack

    why did sparta not join the league?

    • Potatoking Jack
      Potatoking Jack

      @FatBoiBrian coudlent they invade sparta than?

    • FatBoiBrian

      it most likely viewed itself as superior to Macedon and refused to join because of that

  • Wil Gouzelis
    Wil Gouzelis

    Ancient Olympic judges were 'nt fools! Indeed, they were thoroughly familiar w/ both the Argos 'Orestia' (i.e.: Hellenic for 'of-the-mountains') in the backwoods of ancient Macedon-proper (i.e.: where my own parents are from) --- ...named, no less, after the site of their own distinct Doric Hellenic origins (+ irrespective of how some 'self-styled historians' ambitiously misrepresent the matter) --- ...AS WELL (familiarity) w/ the greater Argos of 'yore; wherewith they in-fact DID invite 'any & all' Macedonians (at least those who 'd been privileged w/ financial patrons; of which there were 'nt likely many at-the-time) to boldly participate in 'then-strictly-Hellenic' (i.e.: non-barbarian; pre-Demosthenes) quatrennial 'fellowship' (...entailing athletics); ...hence it 's irresponsible for anyone to employ this misguided argument! ANYONE questioning a Macedonian 's intrinsic 'Hellenicity' in ancient times 'd 've been put-to-death in Macedon-proper, I wager!

  • Lav Tiwari
    Lav Tiwari

    How can be someone who was so cruel and mass murderer who was fond of crushing others independence can be great?

    • FatBoiBrian

      Alexander is known as Alexander the great because he conquered the most powerful nation of the time, being a military genius, and being able to handle the various people he encountered in his invasion

  • Lav Tiwari
    Lav Tiwari

    King Puru(Porus) crushed his army under army of elephants. Alexander never won against him. The hypocrite so called historians tried their best to hide the shame of loss of Alexander. 😂😂😂😂 Alexander was disgraced and was forced to surrender and return back. 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Archives of Fantasy
      Archives of Fantasy

      Greek influence stayed in the area hundreds of years after. Alexander beat porus, but porus was a respectable opponent, and Indian would have been even harder than Porus.

  • Akintunde Wallace
    Akintunde Wallace

    Another world class narration !

  • Eastern Traveller
    Eastern Traveller

    wasn't osprey supose to do backpacks?

  • Αχιλλέας Δέδας
    Αχιλλέας Δέδας

    *Let's* *see* *some* *Funny* *Jokes,* *of* *3* *Brainwashed* *countries...* The Newborn Slavic country ''North Macedonia'' (New name, of, 2019) (Previοus names: ''Vardarska'' & ''FYROM'') (Mix of Bulgarians and Albanians) says... *''''Alexander* *the* *Great* *and* *the* *Ancient* *Macedonians* *were* *not* *Greeks...* *they* *were* *our* *ancestors''''* Albanians say... *''''Alexander* *the* *Great* *and* *the* *Ancient* *Macedonians* *and* *Epirotes* *(Greek* *tribe* *!!* *From* *the* *side* *of* *Alexander's* *mother)* *were* *not* *Greeks...* *they* *were* *Albanians...* *they* *were* *our* *ancestors''''* Indians say... *''''Alexander* *the* *Great* *and* *the* *Greeks* *never* *defeated* *Porus* *in* *''Battle* *of* *Hydaspes''* *(326 BC)...* *of* *course,* *without,* *any* *Historical* *and* *Archaeological* *findings...* Let us show a little compassion to these Brainwashed people... I feel sorry for them !!!!

  • Black Wolf
    Black Wolf

    Excellent video. Nice animations and music and all together

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    Boston deFranco


  • Boston deFranco
    Boston deFranco


    • FatBoiBrian

      Alexander got new recruits from Persia

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    biruk yosef


  • Christos Kougioumoutzis
    Christos Kougioumoutzis

    If all Greeks were united back then who knows what would have happened...

  • Omni One
    Omni One

    The epic

  • Ryan

    If he had ten more years ….he would have invaded North and South America. 😂

    • FatBoiBrian

      doubtful. he would more likely be king of India and emperor of china

  • Voice in the wilderness.
    Voice in the wilderness.

    Turkey 🇹🇷 to this day, bears his symbol on their presidential palace

  • hristijan kocovski
    hristijan kocovski

    MACEDONIA 🇲🇰 🇲🇰

  • prem

    It's sad to see how you guys manipulated history

  • Rok Viher
    Rok Viher

    The fact that he was so young achieving all of it, makes all of this even more astounding.

  • Teklebrhan Tekleab
    Teklebrhan Tekleab

    Many people say his full name is ( Alexander the great idiot).

    • :D

      iranian spotted

  • Dire Wolf
    Dire Wolf

    Alexander the Accursed is a more fitting name

    • FatBoiBrian

      what else would you call the man who is successfully invading your home

  • Thodoris Palaiologos
    Thodoris Palaiologos

    ΣΤΡΑΒΩΝ : "έστιν ουν ΕΛΛΑΣ και η ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑ"-----end of story low self esteem Balkan friends....

  • BonelessÆsir

    2:04 uhhhhh.... This is cool an all.... But the 300 is just speculation it was more like just over a 1000 men it's just 300 men sound better

  • Nancy Rodriguez
    Nancy Rodriguez

    The juvenile manicure accidentally pretend because food moberly murder plus a xenophobic harbor. new, wonderful columnist

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    Joshua Audie Depositario

    Hoping for a Roman conquest content. :D

  • ZT

    King of macedonians killing Greek

  • Father of Peacefull community
    Father of Peacefull community

    *Alexander defeated by Pours*

  • d j
    d j

    So proud to be half Greek!

  • Μέγας Ἀλέξανδρος
    Μέγας Ἀλέξανδρος


  • Ram Rave
    Ram Rave

    gr8 until he lost badly in India and his solders wanna go home on their ponies

    • FatBoiBrian

      wouldn't you want to go home if you haven't seen your family in years

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    H. Jules


  • CZALEO Cienfuegos
    CZALEO Cienfuegos

    Is this before or after the “300” battle ?

    • Αχιλλέας Δέδας
      Αχιλλέας Δέδας

      @CZALEO Cienfuegos Alexander the Great was born 124 years after the battle of ''300'' !!!! Battle of Thermopylae (480 BC) Alexander the Great (356 - 323 BC)

    • CZALEO Cienfuegos
      CZALEO Cienfuegos

      @Grandson_06 thank you !

    • Grandson_06

      After. He covered that in the first sort of introduction of the Greek city states.

  • الفديع آل محمد  القحطاني
    الفديع آل محمد القحطاني

    اشكركم على الترجمه للغه العربيه 🇸🇦🙏🏼

  • Temp

    I think people forget how they must have suffered 8 years of marching,fighting and being outnumbered all the time the Greeks were truly a force to be reckoned with...

    • FatBoiBrian

      @Temp sad to see Istanbul isnt Constantinople

    • Temp

      @Aiden Ornelas yeah true but still love Byzantine empire more they were real Chad's of Greece fought like 5 nations and still kept going

    • Aiden Ornelas
      Aiden Ornelas

      Remember, work smarter, not harder. Alexander figured out how strong his people were, and used them smartly :D. They were so OP

  • Kenzai Landersen
    Kenzai Landersen

    Funny how cassander and antigonus were considered as supporting characters in Alexander's saga LOL. Wonder if they'd ever have a spin-off.

  • Eric Flores
    Eric Flores

    He took over Persia solely based on his good looks 💯😁

  • Aakash Kaushik
    Aakash Kaushik

    He didn't cross the Beas river in India because he know about the power of mighty Maghad kingdom in Ganges valley . And also he didn't defeat the king porus he made a pact with him.

  • Divine Thistledown
    Divine Thistledown

    The four winged Leopard.

  • xanw meres
    xanw meres

    Our king🇬🇷

  • Eagle775

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 KJV, Jesus Christ is the only way......


    Alex era la mera verga.

  • Matthew Chalfant
    Matthew Chalfant

    If only we all had the Spirit of a Lion.

  • N1koLaaa

    Alexander is our Hitler 🇲🇰

    • FatBoiBrian


  • Fred Barker
    Fred Barker

    Returning to Babylon, he was met by embassies from distant peoples, come to recognise his greatness: Aethiopians , Libyans, European Scythians, Lucanians, Etruscans, Gauls and Iberians But, as he planned his next campaign to Arabia and beyond, he developed a sudden fever, and died days later... Age just 32

    • Fred Barker
      Fred Barker

      @FatBoiBrian yeah I see, Arabia is mostly desert isn’t it, was there any great cities there back then

    • FatBoiBrian

      since Arabs didn't send any delegation. is it a reason why he wanted to invade Arabia

  • Sandro Machado
    Sandro Machado

    Unlike, too much pub

  • Ron Josiah
    Ron Josiah

    No wonder Alexander is my favorite commander in Rise of Kingdoms! 💪

    • Don Zibee
      Don Zibee

      He was the greatest and undefeated.

  • Paul Phạm
    Paul Phạm

    Plss put it in Viet lauguage, my friends want to understand

  • Cat Daddy
    Cat Daddy

    All the dislikes are by Persians I guess?

    • Raja Ajaz
      Raja Ajaz

      most likely, still salty more than 2300 years later😒

  • King Kashi
    King Kashi

    When you are so awesome that God himself recognizes your greatness 😎 The book of Daniels 8:21 "The he-goat is the king of the greeks, and the great horn on its forehead is the first king" 👑 "The four that rose in its place when it was shattered are four kingdoms that will issue from his nation, but without his strength."

    • Barrett

      @King Kashi yeah I know not sure what your thinking

    • King Kashi
      King Kashi

      @Barrett Well, damn 😳

    • Barrett

      Alexander is God

    • Barrett

      God is fake

  • robban ericson
    robban ericson

    Alexander vs ghengis?

    • FatBoiBrian


  • madmojo 1999
    madmojo 1999

    A high school teacher said to his class ,by the time Alexander the great was a few years older than you he had conquered the known world, a student then said ,but he had Aristotle as a teacher, we only have you .

  • Woe! Woe! Woe!
    Woe! Woe! Woe!

    Alexandra cause of death has over intoxication... drink too much..

  • khaled Mezag
    khaled Mezag

    For a greek solider wearing a dress, yeah I'm pretty sure that was less feminine

  • Adam Cuneo
    Adam Cuneo

    I'm turning 21 in a couple weeks and I'm amazed that Alexander was my age when he started his campaign, it makes me think about how little my challenges are at the same age compared to his. He's also the same dude who said the very true quote "There is nothing impossible to him who will try."

  • binesh kumar
    binesh kumar

    What a music 🎶

  • Χρήστος Ευαγγελίδης
    Χρήστος Ευαγγελίδης

    i love it when u call alexander and his army GREEK..BEcause it shows that u know history, not like some other idiots..

    • Just a Greek in a Boat 🇬🇷
      Just a Greek in a Boat 🇬🇷

      They had us in the first half not gonna lie

  • Hro Ververi
    Hro Ververi


    • Hro Ververi
      Hro Ververi

      false is the answer to Varum. Ptolemy never said this! Alexander was a Divine creature, spreading greek culture and language all over the world!

  • ElectroChem HV
    ElectroChem HV

    *White people now: Welcome refugees! Can I offer you my wife or daughters?

  • London Anatolia
    London Anatolia

    Alexander earned the respect of people with hard work. I am Anatolian(Kurdish/Turkish) whose land was conquered by him many years ago. However, I Respect and Value him Highly as an Anatolian. I don't see him as an Invader. He deserved and Earned our respect. He was different. He was Fearless. He was the man of Value. Although He was from Hellenic Culture. For me, He was someone that I would die willingly. He did not force his man instead He explains why they should fight for him. I am so sad that we have little knowledge about his daily routine and what drove him. I believe many of his life details were recorded by Ptolemy and documented in the great library of Alexandria/Egypt Which was lost to fire... Where I was born Mezepotiamia has seen many Great Leaders and Kings. But None was like Alexander, Iskender the way we call him. My Hometown has Ancient Castles/Graves Ruins from his Era with Greek Writing. Throughout my life, I sometimes did sit next to those ruins and thought about him. I wish I was with him to go through his glorious journey together. He had many wrongdoings However He was special Regardless. Your Name will stay in Anatolia and Mesopotamia for Thousands of years...

  • Damjan Jakimovski
    Damjan Jakimovski

    Greeks bittin fingers watchin this

  • Иван Йорданов
    Иван Йорданов

    What a apsourd, king of Macedonia, but speaking about ancient greece :D haha, that is german Gustav Droizen, giving name "heleniSAM" to OTO from Bavaria to build "Greece" and rule it. Stop to fake History. 1830 Athin is vilige for the keepers of ships, the end.

    • Greek Metalhead
      Greek Metalhead

      Don't cry Bulgaro-Serbian🇲🇰🤡🇲🇰, the ancient Macedonians were Greeks and the whole world knows it. Stop claiming Greek History, accept your Slavic heritage and move on with your life.

  • RAM K
    RAM K

    Nice video 👌👌. But looks like he was mad about seizing and capturing kingdoms, as far as he could, to show his supremacy. May be grear warrior, but went beyond, what he could manage and rule, which finally undone his unhappy army and died at young age, alas.

  • Lakhan Singh Rajput
    Lakhan Singh Rajput

    Greeks told his army didn't want to go inside India because they were missing homes, Reality - The war of Alexander with King Porus caused him so many casualties he didn't even think of and then told that the Porus is just a small king, Inside this Country, there is an Emipre named Magadha, which has an even bigger army and lands resources and strong men. His army feared this and didn't dare to enter India.

    • Lakhan Singh Rajput
      Lakhan Singh Rajput

      @Raja Ajaz babri masjib ram mandir pe bani thi use jyada kya lega

    • Raja Ajaz
      Raja Ajaz


  • Siddhant Mishra
    Siddhant Mishra

    Can anyone pls tell me why he never invade sparta

    • Siddhant Mishra
      Siddhant Mishra

      @Lyonel K thanks

    • Lyonel K
      Lyonel K

      @Siddhant Mishra osprey publishing could be a good work. If you're into roman history you can also read caesar commentary on gaul. Written by caesar himself

    • Siddhant Mishra
      Siddhant Mishra

      @Lyonel K thanks brother for much useful information can you recommend me the best book on alexander as well as napoleon

    • Lyonel K
      Lyonel K

      @Siddhant Mishra no sparta was kinda a joke at the time . They're days of dominance were over. Kinda like how the uk is no longer the world superpower. Plus alexander mainly invaded persia cause he needed money fast. To stop a rebellions he repealed pretty much all taxes in macedon so he needed to get money super super quick thats why he attacked persia . There were no treasure in sparta

    • Siddhant Mishra
      Siddhant Mishra

      @Lyonel K Isn't he afraid of sparta and the ruthlessness of spartans that he will lost the battle as well as his own life ?

  • Guillaume

    Great video, and very complete ! What's the intro song ?

  • Anubhav chandel
    Anubhav chandel

    Hlo bro.. actually Alexander didn't deafted porus.... he stopped the war..because destoryed his he decided to go back ..

    • Raja Ajaz
      Raja Ajaz


  • Dinga Chawngthu
    Dinga Chawngthu

    I still cant get enough of his stories more than 2000 years later. He ain't like today's leaders. The bravery of being out of range.

  • Leonardo S
    Leonardo S

    The king of kings. The GOAT.

    • Cris Dominic Balangue Ramos
      Cris Dominic Balangue Ramos


  • logan

    13:01 wilhelm scream

  • logan

    great seems like an understatement

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    Liboon Michael


  • Ali Qazilbash
    Ali Qazilbash

    life's purpose

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha

    Imagine if we gave Alexander the great modern day technology and thought him and his troops how to use them at the time when he got sick he would had got heal and conquer the world

    • Fausto Giorno
      Fausto Giorno

      Modern warfare is very different from antiquity tacticts, but I get what you're trying to express

  • Engelbrekt


  • jared glinka
    jared glinka

    The naive scraper formally boast because tongue naively knock until a glistening glorious scorpion. green grey grieving, imminent believe

  • AJP

    Indian king Porus kicked Alexanders ass and sent them back to the wretches of babylon.

    • AJP

      @Lyonel K It was so powerful that they gave alexander their princess to not qttack babylon and sack it.

    • Lyonel K
      Lyonel K

      Speaking as he made it all the way to the beas river we can say nope that didn't happen. And babylon was one of the biggest and most powerful cities of the time

  • You Got Rice ?
    You Got Rice ?

    Albanians,yugos,slavs etc can stfu now. Macedonia was and is Greek

  • RuskiVodka

    God I wish time travel was possible, just to go back and witness one of these battles in person would be insane. The ancient world just seems 1000x better then this gray and dead dystopian world we live in today. I would visit so many great cities, especially Alexandria.

    • Archives of Fantasy
      Archives of Fantasy

      @Aidan Brem Egypt welcomed him as a liberator actually and crowned him pharaoh (Ptolemy dynasty comes from Alexander’s associate) and his biggest and probably most positive influence was the Hellenistic era, but yes he did sack a lot of cities and to many was cruel tyrant.

    • Aidan Brem
      Aidan Brem

      Lol, it isn’t. The ancient world was brutal, nearly the entire population lived in horrific poverty, and power and wealth was even more centralized in the hands of the elite than today. Today you can go to the grocery store and buy goods that would bankrupt a king of this era. You have the entire worth of humanity’s knowledge at your fingertips. If you really want to go back and live in an era of death, barbarity, plague and war, you’re an idiot. You wouldn’t be Alexander. You would most likely be a pathetic farmer, never allowed to do anything more but work your field and maybe die in some megalomaniac’s army. You’d never see Alexandria, and if you did it would be a city of a few hundred rich elites, with thousands of impoverished peasants struggling to make a living. Life is better now than the entirety of human history. If you don’t believe that, go see a therapist lol. Also, don’t idealize war. Why did Alexander even do this? He was no liberator, he wreaked death and havoc over the entire world and for what? His ego? What do you think happened to the peoples of the cities he conquered? They were killed, and the blood is on his hands. He was a great conquerer, but no great conquerer is a hero. Just another crazed megalomaniac, high on the scent of his own piss, throwing away thousands of lives and ending tens of thousands more for his own ego.

  • Dimos

    35:15 Why is Bouboulina painted on an ancient Greek soldier's shield?? xD

  • M4RKO ツ
    M4RKO ツ

    вечна е !

  • 7m88


  • evilasio30

    Alexandre pensava que o mundo era pequeno !

    • Fausto Giorno
      Fausto Giorno


  • Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria
    Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria

    i wonder who will win if they meet...alexander the great or genhis khan?

  • Nauval Fatheen
    Nauval Fatheen

    So Roman Empire Established After Alexander The great isn't it ?

    • Raja Ajaz
      Raja Ajaz

      yeah, the empire was founded around 31 bc, around 292 years after alexander died. However, the republic of rome was around long before alexander

  • Raahul Singh
    Raahul Singh

    He was a mass murderer and should not be worshipped. If the Indians had not stopped him he would have killed more to satisfy his ambitions. Alexander died undefeated in battle is a false statement....his army fought bravely with Porus but was handed the 1st defeat...where Alexander lost is favorite horse, was captured and then pardoned by Porus. His historians mainly Calesthenes always wrote in favor of Alexander even if it was lie, scared to die at his kings hand...which eventually he had to. Alexander army and later his generals like Selecus marry their daughters to Chandra Gupta and move back leaving Chandra Gupta as the king.

  • Luvelle Cummings, III
    Luvelle Cummings, III

    One of the greatest conquerors in the known world

  • uberneanderthal

    If you believe in fate and omens, cutting the Gordian Knot in half is what cut his life and rule in half.

  • Nostalgia king👑
    Nostalgia king👑

    All footage courtesy of epic battle simulator..

  • ORANGE 444
    ORANGE 444

    In fact Alexander was defeated and fled away by Indian king Porus, there are strong reasons behind this, firstly wherever Greek army was victorious it brutely murdered the natives of that place but in case of Porus dynasty it could not do so as the Greek army had a lot of fear of Porus and other Indian kings like Nanda's of Magadh

  • Maksi Lazovski
    Maksi Lazovski

    He was macedonian never greeks

  • DJSouthFlorida

    This is why you have to conduct due diligence and retrieve history from more than just one source. I say this because generally when you listen to historians from the west. They tend not to recount 100% the entire truth (except for France and Greece) of what took place. For instance; why is Alexander call Alexander the Great? That is subjective because they’re many great men who have voyaged and conquered more regions and territories of the world in which Alexander did not know they even existed. Another example this narrator does not give is an account of the real reason why Alexander’s soldiers started a mutiny. I will tell you. When Alexander’s men went out to face King Porus, the soldiers did not want to get involve in that battle. But why? When Alexander had formed an alliance with Taxila, the people there had forewarned Alexander and his men of how great King Porus army is. They went into details about the amount of soldiers that he has and in addition, the amount of elephants that he has at his disposal. The Taxila people saw the fear in Alexander men. They told the soldiers and Alexander that King Porus coalition is nothing compare to what await them in India. As you are aware, Alexander did not take heed of the warning, and most of his men were slaughtered and in fact, Alexander barely made out alive. They retreated while King Porus men was still on there tail. They push Alexander men as far back to the River of Beas before returning back. It’s there where Alexander suggested to his men that they should regroup and strategize a plan to re-attack King Porus and his men. This is the place and time where Alexander’s men had discussed among themselves about killing Alexander and returning back to Macadamia without him. Because of this, Alexander had no other choice but to accept defeat and give up on his dream of crossing into India.

  • Spek &Bonen
    Spek &Bonen

    THE no. 1 CRITICAL event: While Diogenes was relaxing in the morning sunlight, Alexander (the Great), thrilled to meet the famous philosopher, asked if there was any favour he might do for him. Diogenes replied, "Yes, stand out of my sunlight." Alexander then declared, "If I were not Alexander, then I should wish to be Diogenes." "If I were not Diogenes, I would still wish to be Diogenes," Diogenes replied. In another account of the conversation, Alexander found the philosopher looking attentively at a pile of human bones. Diogenes explained, "I am searching for the bones of your father but cannot distinguish them from those of a slave."

  • Md. Sadman Sakib
    Md. Sadman Sakib

    please provide BENGALI SUBTITLE.


    Why do indian nationalists say that porus won agains Alexander? When every historian agrees that didnt happen beside Alexander respected Porus he made him a satrap of a bigger region

  • Benjamin Gal-Or
    Benjamin Gal-Or

    Revolutions are ambiguous things. Their success is generally proportionate to their power of adaptation and to the reabsorption within them of what they rebelled against. A thousand reforms have left the world as corrupt as ever, for each successful reform has founded a new institution, and this institution has bred its new and congenial abuses. *George Santayana* What serious-minded men not engaged in the professional business of philosophy most want to know is what modifications and abandonments of intellectual inheritance are required by the newer industrial, political, and scientific movements. *John Dewey* Do you then be reasonable and do not mind whether the teachers of philosophy are good or bad, but think only of philosophy herself. Try to examine her well and truly; and if she be evil, seek to turn away all men from her, but if she be what I believe she is, then follow her and serve her, and be of good cheer. *Socrates to Crito* //

  • Cammi Sosa
    Cammi Sosa

    My favorite ruler/historical person EVER but goddamn if he didn’t burn down those libraries in Kemet who knows where we’d be technologically

  • @_@

    R.I.P Legend

Alexander the Great
1,9 milj.