Battle of Savo Island 1942: America's Worst Naval Defeat
(Animated Battle Map)
This is a remake of one of my oldest videos. It needed much improvement on the animations and audio, and as you can see a lot more information was added as well.
If you came just for the battle, it starts at the 36 minute mark.

If you are feeling nostalgic and want to see the old video, here it is unlisted. However beware of the Audio!! it's quite bad.

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Map terrain data obtained by Maptiler. "© MapTiler © OpenStreetMap contributors"

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  • Paolo Rathjen
    Paolo Rathjen

    Until the very last second you have interesting things to add. I'm simply amazed and surprised by your analysis and overall clarity. I wish more teachers had this skills but thank you for creating this content.

  • Cappuccino Goodfinger
    Cappuccino Goodfinger

    Mikawa : Should I withdraw or push ? Me : Duh, the carrier will rip you in daylight ! Montenayor : Aaaand the carrier left the previous evening. Mikawa & me : X(

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    Manni Mannfred

    so much advertising :/

  • Manni Mannfred
    Manni Mannfred

    annoying video...

  • Sammy

    I feel bad for uss jarvis

  • Leo Parman
    Leo Parman

    well if mikawa attacked maybe we're all in japanese greater co-prosperity sphere :D :D :D

  • gequitz

    Another amazing video! I wonder if Mikawa could have attacked the transports at Tulagi and made a fast enough escape?

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf

    The Battle for Savo Island was a microcosm of the whole Pacific Campaign, which was a comedy of errors from the very beginning with Pearl Harbor. One of the biggest questions I have had was why the Japanese never utilized their submarine fleet in an effective manner. At the start of the war, the Japanese had better subs and better torpedoes. But they used their submarines mainly for supply and transport operations. If instead, they had used their carriers mainly as reconnaissance centers for spotting Allied craft with submarine groups deployed in forward positions, they would have prevented any allied naval operations in the whole south Pacific, period. The Japanese strategy was short-sighted and antiquated, tactics more apropo to WW1, with aircraft carriers instead of battleships being the center of forward units. The Battle for Midway, aside from being a trap set by the Americans, was a horrific strategic blunder; even a victory would only have given the Japanese a logistical nightmare and no real strategic advantage. The battle for the Solomons was similar- the island group was too far away from supply chains and had too few resources to sustain itself. Quite frankly, if the Japanese would have forsook the attack on Pearl Harbor and instead attacked Siberia and Outer Mongolia at the exact same moment Germany was at the gates of Moscow, they could have gained access to the petrol of the Caucasus and been able to snub their metaphorical noses at Roosevelt's oil embargo, went on to defeat China, and then turned their full attention on the Phillipppines and Indonesia. Instead, the Japanese opted for Pearl Harbor, succeeding in sinking only antiquated battleships and cruisers while the modern warships of the US Fleet weighed anchor and sailed to safety days before the attack. Many have demonstrated amply that the US knew the attack was coming. The question is why the Japanese intelligence never seemed to figure out that the US clearly knew the attack was coming... The final chapter of the travesty that was WW2 has yet to be written. One day it will be, and mankind will finally learn the sobering truths that real drove that conflict, whose only winners were the bankers and arms manufactures and whose losers were the general populations of all the warring nations, both Allied and Axis alike. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us. You are our only hope!

  • Russell Barker
    Russell Barker

    He probably realized he had had great luck (supported by not getting spotted earlier) and If he had pressed his luck it could have been painful, so with drawing was the best choice.

  • A B
    A B

    Nice well-researched video.

  • Andrew Charles
    Andrew Charles

    When you're damaged, sailing alone, and in such danger of sinking that throwing away your lifeboats to lighten the ship seems like a good plan, I think it's probably time to get in them first. Seriously, they couldn't at least tow them?

  • Andrew Charles
    Andrew Charles

    You have a genuine gift for bringing clarity to complex operations.

  • epc

    The remake is excellent!

  • Mo AlZaben
    Mo AlZaben

    We are literally weeks away from the battle of Savo island

  • iDeath MaximuM II
    iDeath MaximuM II

    Basically the Japanese after Midway when Savo Island happens Japan: *We may have been cut down & beaten, but now it is your turn*

  • Ronnie Campbell
    Ronnie Campbell

    ALL of my History teachers could have learned from you. NEVER was one of them able to keep my undivided attention for an hour. Your ability to narrate and captivate an audience is spectacular! I always look forward to new releases of the King of Battles!!!! You could actually sell your videos to schools....

  • CreedOfHeresy

    If I were in Mikawa's shoes, I would've gone for the transports. Mikawa, like all IJN officers, was too convinced of the importance of the IJN. He forgot the entire reason why naval superiority is important: To prevent the ground forces from invading you. Fat lot of good naval superiority does if you obtain it and then leave the ground forces to invade you anyway. He was afraid of Allied air superiority, yet somehow the intel gathered by that air superiority had still allowed him to sneak right up to the USN in the dead of night and catch them with their balls exposed. I think honestly that fear had nothing to do with his decision at all. I think instead it was the endless amount of political backbiting between the IJN and the IJA that was in play. He wanted to say he had achieved his victory; why couldn't the IJA achieve theirs? Alas, it backfired on him and his career was ended.

  • brian murphy
    brian murphy

    very bad management of U.S. navy leading to huge loss of U.S lives; I hope the U.S admirals etc were sacked after this unnecessary litany of self inflicted disasters. There was no cohesion in the operation of U.S navy and the blame for this litany of disasters must rest with the management heads of U.S navy

  • Lewis Vettel
    Lewis Vettel

    "As a channel with 12 videos, I've decided to repost a video of America's Worst Naval Defeat after a year of inactivity. No agenda to been seen here folks!"

    • Aiden Rudwell
      Aiden Rudwell

      What agenda? What the hell are you on about?

  • Chun Kit Leung
    Chun Kit Leung

    If I were Mikawa, I would continue the attack to transport ships and the reasons are as follows. First of all, the ultimate goal of this mission is to stop the invasion of those islands, but not just destroying the fleets. If he didn't destroy the transport ships, even those sunk ships can finish the objective of protecting the marines. Moreover, if Mikawa thought there was a trap set by the allies, he should have realized that this was not a trap right after he destroyed the fleets at midnight, especially when their admiral asked you to turn your lights off. It was definitely a consequence of how poor the intelligence and communication capability of the Allies were. Also, if there were any air support or attack from CV, it could have been done before the engagement in Savo but not after it. Finally and the most important thing is, don't try to minimize your loss when you risk or ambush others. If you are afraid, don't risk. If you risk, don't be afraid.

  • traeng

    Mikawa made a good decision. He did not know the strength nor the position of the allied carrier force. Should he had continued attack, while the transports would have been sunk, His force was likely doomed. Even if the entire sacrifice of his force would have been worth it, The allies would just have to make another force, and come back once more. We need to keep in mind this battle was not decisive in the pacific. it was a large one for sure, but the allies already had midway, and were on the road to victory even if Guadalcanal was a huge loss. In fact, should the allies had even more losses, this might as well meant a change of tactics of their part. They would likely put an even better emphasis on scout and recon planes, as well as their efficiency. Which would have proven useful later in the war.

  • I Love Trump
    I Love Trump

    The Coward ran like a striped azz yellow dog that they are. Go Figure

  • jason1656

    I love your videos this is incredibly fascinating

  • Hans Liu
    Hans Liu

    Another great video, as expected! I gave a like before I even started the video because I knew it would be excellent! I find it interesting that many times the Japanese Navy launched bold, frontal attacks in a gamble to overwhelm the enemy in a decisive battle (Kantai Kessen), only to miss the opportunities for strategic victories at the last minute in favor of conserving ships and resources. However, at times when they SHOULD retreat to cut their losses, they went on a suicidal charge! Happened at Coral Sea, Midway, Savo Island, Eastern Solomons, Leyte Gulf.

  • bajabret60

    I can see the logic of Mikawa's decision, given all the factors he weighed. But, I wonder if withdrawing was still the safest choice. Would his cruiser force not have still been vulnerable to attack from USA carrier planes regardless? If so, then staying to destroy the transports would not have added much more risk to his own force.

  • yuracils

    love your videos, do you have any plans to do one on the Russo-Japanese wars and the battle of Tsushima in particular?

  • cloob1

    Love your videos!

  • AmarReviews

    Well i have to admit i have watched a lot of war/battle analysis videos, but none of them have been made with such clarity and precision. Most of the other stuff is rushed and unnecessarily condensed, so much so that it's hard to make sense of what's going on and why people are acting in a certain manner. This video manages to give a superb birds eye view of the whole thing and at the same time preserves the granular detail. It really makes you appreciate that the generals were fighting the fog of war as much as the enemy. Bravo!!

  • praguepride

    OMG I haven't even watched it yet but I am so excited to see another hour long video from this guy. It makes me wish I was a history teacher so I could show these videos to more people for a living.

  • Allen Earnest
    Allen Earnest

    Fantastic analysis

  • Pete Ip
    Pete Ip

    The Japanese should of attacked the transports, split it's forces in to 2, one force taking out the north transports and the other force taking the south transports. Then the two forces will make a run back home in a separate routes, this will give a higher chance that one of the forces heading back will not be detected and attacked.

  • Gandy dancer
    Gandy dancer

    The best treatment by far of many videos I've seen on this battle (Operations Room, Drach, etc.). But FIbill is really getting obnoxious in its attempts to monetize its videos. And Google/FIbill is anyway Evil. If you can afford to, please put yours up on the other available platforms.

  • yurikahn

    Mikawa already locked himself into a withdrawal by turning northwest after defeating the northern group. If he wanted the transports, he would've had to plan an alternate western course in the event of victory before the battle.

  • Joseph Fawn
    Joseph Fawn

    More drugs... I mean history please 😆

  • Canned Bread
    Canned Bread

    Mikawa made the right decision. With the information he has at hand it was best to withdraw from then fight

  • Alfiandi Hestiono
    Alfiandi Hestiono

    Montemayor >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> documentaries channels & history teachers

  • Anthony Toby Ellenor
    Anthony Toby Ellenor

    I would have sent the lone Japanese Destroyer in to make a Torpedo attack on the Transports and tell the Float planes to drop more Flares in the area to increase the chance of making hits, the Destroyer being faster would still have the possibility to withdraw before the anticipated air attack started.

  • luke yznaga
    luke yznaga

    seems like the ship Chicago was ordered to run away by its captain. t hey didn't participate in the defense.

  • Talmage Haines
    Talmage Haines

    Excellent work as usual! Thanks montemayor

  • Blue Phoenix
    Blue Phoenix

    The Jarvis is a separate and sad story in itself.......

  • Mexicano

    Oh my lord, the USS Jarvis was fated to be sunk. Imagine surviving the initial air raid and night attack only to be just overkilled with a bomber group

  • Skaitan

    Mikawa did make the right call, assuming the US carriers were still in the area: Throwing away so many heavy cruisers to delay one invasion would not have been worth it. The US would very quickly be able to mount another invasion after rebuilding the fleet of transports given their industrial capabilities, while Japan would unlikely be able to rebuild those vital heavy cruisers after they had been lost to air attack. Mikawa had no reason to assume the US command was in such a state of disorder that they had no realistic means to defeat him. He thought he got lucky at Savo (since he had already been spotted much earlier), and had to expect a quick response in daylight.

  • Blank Blank
    Blank Blank

    I also want to know what was so compelling that Fletcher had to withdraw.

    • Warspite

      Fuel and aircraft attrition. If the Japanese launched a counter attack with their carriers Fletcher needed his carrier task forces fully topped up with fuel and an air group as intact as possible. Additionally Fletcher had been told not to risk his carriers, and he was uncomfortable with his carriers exposed to potential submarine and land-based bomber attacks.

  • Jeff Bourke
    Jeff Bourke

    What an amazing navy Japan had!!! The world will need another powerful Japanese navy for the next war!!!

  • Jeff Bourke
    Jeff Bourke

    These nations are all now strong allies!!!

  • Rappers57

    I stayed in Honiara. You could see Savo and Florida from our hotel. Iron Bottom Sound. Fish in a barrel comes to mind.

  • Mark Jerold Berina
    Mark Jerold Berina

    Especially when the American Carriers withdrawed allready and another air base for japan had been completed and had more chance of winning, and when the Japan Empire won, the president will die and and the Japan Empire will die too sooooo..... Its GG

  • Mark Jerold Berina
    Mark Jerold Berina

    If Mikawa destroyed the transports, Japan would've won

    • Mark Jerold Berina
      Mark Jerold Berina

      @Korosuke but when the Japanease Empire won theor presedent will die and Japanese Empire will be gone too

    • Korosuke

      Nah. But they would have ruined the North-american economy, preventing them from being what they became.

  • Engliang

    I love all of your videos, but if you are going to include Fletcher's decision to leave the area, won't it be better to go into more detail about why he calculated he needed to leave? And why Turner's force took as long to unload as they did. As it is, I thought the video implied that Fletcher made a wrong decision to leave when he did, when the circumstances is more of the USN being on the horns of a dilemma.

  • 밀리터리 스토리 노트: military story note
    밀리터리 스토리 노트: military story note

    Thank you for the video. I'm planning a similar video. I have a question. Where can I get the map in the video?

  • Blank Blank
    Blank Blank

    I find it impossible to believe that Turner didn't know the IJN excelled at night surface engagements.

    • Korosuke

      Even today, many westerners look down on the eastern nations. It's no surprise ignorance made them pay a heavy price.

    • Noshur Viverse
      Noshur Viverse

      In mid-1942 that wouldn't have been as widely known as is today.

  • Stig Andersen
    Stig Andersen

    This is the first of your videos that I watch, but it definetly won't be the last. Great job!

  • Spooder

    I can just image a guy on a ship during battle counting how many shells were hitting it

  • William Baker
    William Baker

    Thank you Montemayor, thrilling to watch.

  • Coment Nine
    Coment Nine

    Would it have been possible to just send the destroyers? They had the most torpedoes and weren’t as expensive as the heavy cruisers, so even if the US forces did mange to destroy them it wouldn’t be as such a loss.

    • Coment Nine
      Coment Nine

      @Warspite oh I see then if there was only one I guess that shuts down my idea.

    • Warspite

      @Coment Nine Additionally, Mikawa had all of 1 destroyer on hand. I don't know if Yunagi had already fired her torpedoes, but if she did then the destroyer would've been left on its own, with only 4 4.7in guns to engage the transports. Additionally by leaving his only destroyer on its own, Mikawa's task force would've had no escorts for anti-submarine protection on their return journey.

    • Coment Nine
      Coment Nine

      @Korosuke No comment.

    • Korosuke

      Would you go on an unnecessary suicide mission? What makes you think they would?

  • Julius Ehmil Axalan
    Julius Ehmil Axalan

    thanks god. the only documentaries i watched that features u.s. defeat

  • Roel Pacio
    Roel Pacio


  • MaxWasp

    I am confused beetwen the battle of savo island and operation watchtower.

    • Warspite

      @MaxWasp Right. The overall campaign was a success, but Savo Island was a tactical defeat for the allies.

    • MaxWasp

      @Warspite The Americans took over Guadalcanal and succeeded, but lost in the Battle of Savo island right?

    • MaxWasp

      @Warspite Thanks bro

    • Warspite

      Watchtower is the American codename for the landing on, and taking of, Guadalcanal. Savo Island is a single engagement of the operation.

  • Men Name
    Men Name

    The Savo Island sounds so Serbian because there is a Saint called St. Sava. You can almost see the resemblance.

  • Lewis Vettel
    Lewis Vettel

    Please do a video on the Nanking Massacre. "The Nanjing Massacre or the r*** of Nanjing (formerly written as Nanking Massacre or The R*** of Nanking ) was an episode of mass murder and mass r*** committed by Imperial Japanese troops against the residents of Nanjing (Nanking), at that time the capital of China, during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945).

  • Tromedlov Drolmai
    Tromedlov Drolmai

    One of the most important factors of the whole Guadalcanal Campaign was in fact the airfield on Guadalcanal, which the Japanese never managed to retake.

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    I've been polite so far - but one more fake name comment aimed at me and I'm gonna blast every film on here AND feature this shit channel on my own streams in the Out of Steam category.

    • Atomic Bomb
      Atomic Bomb

      What are you talking about??


    Excellent analysis indeed

  • Robin Phillips
    Robin Phillips

    An illustration of the true meaning of a "Cluster Fuck"!

  • Robin Phillips
    Robin Phillips

    I would have left the two ships with the most torpedo's to attack the transports, one each and evacuated the rest of the Imperial ships.

    • Korosuke

      And if I had been on the commander of that CV, I'd have followed those two ships and destroyed the entire fleet.

  • Glen Turner
    Glen Turner

    "Much to Adm Ghormley's dismay his original deadline for an invasion in the Fall was moved up to August". Autumn in this part of the southern hemisphere starts in March, so the timeline makes little sense. I'm guessing you are using North American seasons. This is about 10,000Km from the operation. Little help in setting expectations for the weather for an operation in tropical southern hemisphere waters.

  • Nasarif Kongsin
    Nasarif Kongsin

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  • lumanson21

    What caused the japanese pilots to claim that they had sunk so many ships when it was such a devastating lose?

    • Fabian Zimmermann
      Fabian Zimmermann

      All pilots from all factions claimed to have caused more damage to the enemy ships, than they actually did. The Americans did it, the Germans did it and so on. The Japanese were easily the best at this. Their claims always were ridiculous. They did it for propaganda reasons, maybe because they actually thought, that they had caused this much damage and because after suffering such heavy losses, they didn‘t want to admit, that they didn‘t manage to hurt the enemy in return. „We lost so many aircraft? Well, ehrm, the enemy is totally way worse off than we are. Of course they are, after all, we are the superior Japanese.“ That was the way they were thinking and quite often it would bite them in the ass.

    • Destrodevil

      Expect themselves as the German Playing like the Italian Boasting like the Chinese

  • FreeMan4096

    Axis showing heavily supplied allies how to fight : True story of WW2.

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    Abdi Farah

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    Everything Network

    Great Video

  • Agamemnon

    Inchon, Korea, 1950. I was the best cook Uncle Sam ever saw, slinging hash for the Fighting 103rd. As we marched north, our supply lines were getting thin. One day a couple of GI's found a crate, inside were 600 lbs of prime Texas steer. At least it once was prime. The use date was 3 weeks past, but I was arrogant, I was brash, I thought if I used just the right spices, cooked it long enough...I went too far. I over seasoned it. Men were keeling over all around me. I can still hear the retching, the screaming. I sent 16 of my own men to the latrines that night. They were just boys. Bobby Colby, all that kid wanted to do was go home. Well he went home alright, with a crater in his colon the size of a cutlet. Had to sit him on a cork the 18 hour flight home! Anyway....we delivered the bomb and I never touched a spatula again.

  • Antoine Autran
    Antoine Autran

    To be honest in the foot print of Mikawa, I will had taken the same decision. Taking gamble on your fleet is not the way to make war.

  • Thomas Never
    Thomas Never

    You have to act based on knowledge and not on assumptions, even if the knowledge is later exposed as incomplete or false. Anything else is an irresponsible gamble.

  • Fabiolean


  • ervinmiracle

    Another excellent video. I know you specialize in naval battles but, as a US Marine, I would be fascinated by similar high level productions on the amphibious actions of the South Pacific War.

  • takasan1964

    Japan was led to attack Pearl Harbor. Do you think the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were morally justifiable?

    • takasan1964

      @WarspiteAnd, as for the comfort women issue, the Japanese were the most among them. And also, some Japanese Prime Ministers apologized many times and Japan paid money to them and the Korean government, and many of them received it. Moreover, both The Japanese and South Korean government has finally agreed on the Comfort Women issue. Besides, South Koreans themselves used Comfort Women in the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

    • takasan1964

      @Warspite Okay. The Japanese emperor system was abused by the military authorities and militarists. But, wasn't the life of Koreans so bad? Koreans had no job in Korea and they wanted to come to Japan. And, South Korea put the photos of thin Japanese coal miners in textbooks as Korean coal miners. For example, Iris Chang killed herself, being criticized for deliberate false quotations in her book "Rape of Nanking" . And also, the Nanking Massacre Memorial Museum was built after more than 45 years, though the Nanking incident had been ignored until then. Don't you think it was unnatural and almost politically enforced ?

    • Warspite

      @takasan1964 Under Japan nearly 2 million Koreans were forcibly deported to Japan for slave labour, while women were forced to work in prostitution for Japanese soldiers. This romanticism that a colony was somehow “better off” under colonial rule is bollocks that people used to justify their empires. Japan didn’t want to end colonialism, it wasn’t some noble high-end goal. It wanted to end western colonialism and replace it with Japanese colonialism instead.

    • takasan1964

      @Warspite When Japan had great presence, Korea was united, shielded against China, Russia (Soviet) and the United States by the Japanese Enpire and the Manchu Enpire, and the country was the safest area in East Asia. Though China fought against Japan, Korea was part of Japan then, Koreans fought together with Japanese and only Korea was safe. However, when Japan lost World War II, Korea was divided by the US, Russia and China, and went through (the Korean War). And also, China has been divided into China and Taiwan. One of the reasons why the colonies by Westerners became independent is because of the Japan's fight.

    • Warspite

      @takasan1964 What occured in 1919 is hardly relevent for 1945. Their actions during the period speak louder than any of their words. Japan also wanted a greater east Asia co-prosperity sphere; that sounds good. Except the first nations invaded by Japan were not those colonised by western powers, but Asian nations already independent. Personally, I don't believe Japan's war crimes have been covered enough. No other nation deployed biological weapons on its enemies except Japan. Nowhere else was the mass killing, treatment and overall brutality towards PoW's so prevelent. And while I will decry the amnesy given to Unit 731 by the US, it was Japan and the Japanese government that launched such a program on their own, who deployed bioweapons not only against soldiers but civillians also. But hey, there were a lot of documents about such Japanese programs which I'm sure could've exonerated them. Except Unit 731 destroyed them. So maybe they weren't so innocent. Myself, I find the "history is written by the winners/ victors" statement absolute bollocks. Histroy is written by historians using whatever sources they are able to obtain. If history is written by the winners why then in the post war period was it such a prevelent belief that the Soviets had simply thrown wave after wave of men at the Germans who were only defeated when they ran out of ammo? Because the historians at the time had access to German eyewitnesses and documents, but not to very many Soviet ones. Could it be that maybe, just maybe, Japan is written badly because Japan acted badly? Finally; could you please just write your response in a single comment? FIbill doesn't like handling multiple responses.

  • Father of Pie
    Father of Pie

    at time stamp 29:15 - you said it wasnt until midnight (2400) but the graphic says 2153- that's about ten pm. Which is it? 10pm or midnight?

    • Simix9810

      @Father of Pie 2 Hours is not a very long time and is still around midnight time

    • Father of Pie
      Father of Pie

      @Simix9810 TWO HOURS is not around midnight. he fucked up. Either he doesn't understand military time or his script doesn't agree with his graphics.

    • Simix9810

      He said about midnight so around midnigt not at midnight

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    Narrator I can tell you don't like America start that war but we damn damn sure ended it, also I take your mom out for steak dinner the other night and didn't even call her back

  • Doritoss、ドリトス

    57:14. IJN's Rising Sun Flag Moments!!

  • Hawk EXO
    Hawk EXO

    Falklands next! :)

    • Simix9810

      HA nope

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    Lazy Daze

    Another great video. Odd I've barely ever heard of this battle

  • 4. Edwardo Pramudia
    4. Edwardo Pramudia

    Omg i thought you quit youtube lol

  • Rockin Rollo
    Rockin Rollo

    I would have charged in, the American had terrible communication and responce time- i knew it lol right when I typed the sentence I learned I was right.

    • Simix9810

      But with the inteligence that Mikawa had he thought there was an American carrier in the area so charging in would all but guarante that you wont get out of strike range before dawn

  • Aaa Bbb
    Aaa Bbb

    the Betty was a real zippo even if the badly wounded dd Jarvis was able to shot down some....

  • Tyler

    Fantastic analysis! thank you.

  • HMS_Taco

    Wow❗️ I am a nothing civilian and this story kept me galvanized until the end. Totally unknown, unexpected naval battle history. Well done❗️

  • Jose Montemayor
    Jose Montemayor

    Any chance of doing a video about the Russo-Japanese war and Battle of Tsushima Strait ?

  • blitzblutz

    Can you imagine learning years later that you had a clear chance to destroy every single transport? And still you could leisurely go home the next day.

    • Gotterdammerung05

      Yeah but with hindsight he would know that making more widows would not have won the war. After the war was over and all this came to light it would have been obvious that Japanese defeat was inevitable and sinking those transports would have done nothing but delay it.

  • SirSnufflelots

    I would have considered ordering a ship or two to remain to take care of the transports and then they withdraw after one pass and make their withdrawal as best they can, but as you highlight, Japan cannot easily afford ships, and my 'plan' is the purely calculated best way to damage the transport flotillas while ensuring the highest odds of saving the fleet overall. The Japanese navy were ironically seemingly notorious for quick surprise attacks then running, whereas the Japanese army seemed intent on attack and stubborn refusal to withdraw to the point of self-defeat. Shame the Japanese couldn't bring along some smaller but more 'expendable' warships to exploit the opening to the transports by the ships of the line, but shikata ga nai.

    • Simix9810

      Sending in a ship or two to take care of the transports would have cost the Japanese heavy as the transports were still guarded by Allied warships

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