Civil War Historian Reacts - OVERSIMPLIFIED's Civil War - Part 1
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  • Vlogging Through History
    Vlogging Through History

    Hello everyone! As you will note from the subscriber count when I did this video, this was one of my very first reaction videos. I've since refined my reactions quite a bit (I pause instead of talking over things) so please don't let that turn you off if you don't like the way I reacted in this video...check out some of the newer content and see if you like it better. Thanks for stopping by!

    • John James
      John James

      Akron born and bred. Subbed, I enjoyed your commentary. I love history as well.

    • Crysis Revelation
      Crysis Revelation

      We love you man. Do what you love.

    • Nathanael Sallhag Eriksson
      Nathanael Sallhag Eriksson

      @wcdeich4 Personally IDK much about this, but I do know that at least some cared about their slaves. But even then they needed to use many rather cruel methods to be able to actaully have them as slaves. Because otherwise slavery wouldn't function. So even the kind owners weren't actually all that kind.

    • wcdeich4

      What is your source for "the majority of slave owners were probably kind to their slaves"? Today I Just Found Out had a video where they said it is a myth that slave owners cared about their slaves because they were valuable & said most families that owned slaves beat them regularly & felt they were rich enough to just buy new slaves if they died in the beatings.

    • LunaDejay Fox
      LunaDejay Fox

      15:29 bad face cam placement

  • HoshinoOtaku98

    2:31 - Oh I can see. 😀

  • DebsStuff ❶
    DebsStuff ❶

    Hello Mr.History Guy. Why is the video unlisted?

  • ARedJay C
    ARedJay C

    2:15 It's a damn weird connection that both Lincoln and Trump are in Wrestling hall of fame lol

  • Vioar

    I think the old one is better personally.

  • James LaMotte
    James LaMotte

    I disagree that Perot cost Bush 41 reelection 1992. Ditto TR costing Taft reelection in 1912. Sure, if you simply assume that every vote that went for Perot and Roosevelt would've gone to Bush and Taft then yes, they win. But you have to factor in how many of those voters would not have voted at all were it not for a viable 3rd option as well as the fact that each of those candidates syphoned votes from both candidates. TR was a progressive like Wilson and a republican like Taft. So many of his voters were to the left of Taft but also to the right of Wilson. Perot, similarly was to the left of Bush 41 in some areas but to the right of him as well and also likely persuaded a number of potential Clinton voters to vote for him as well. Plus, when you break down the electoral map, the only way Perot steals that election from Bush is if you designate 4/5 of Perot's votes as would've gone to Bush and the rest to Clinton AFTER you dismiss at least 1/4 - 1/2 of Perot's vote total entirely for those are people who wouldn't have voted at all that election were Perot not on the ballot. Apart from that, the only other thing I'd add is that the first person to die in John Brown's attempted uprising in Harper's Ferry was a free black man who worked for the town.

  • Jaiden Stowers
    Jaiden Stowers

    Another way for me to re watch oversimplified

  • Uncle Creepy
    Uncle Creepy

    Points out the hypocrisy of founding fathers wanting freedom while denying freedom. Doesn’t point out the hypocrisy of a federal government that fought for its independence opposing states that want their independence.

  • 1smallstep

    A point on slave owners treating their slaves with kindness; I do agree that this does not take away from the fundamental problem of these people being owned. However... When it is pointed out that it is unfair to single out America for slavery, that slavery was quite common throughout the world, that slavery was quite common in Africa, that it was indeed Africans who sold the slaves to fill the slave ships... it is at that point that someone will argue that African slavery does not count because African slave owners treated their slaves with kindness... See? Can't have it both ways. If American slave owners treating slaves with kindness does not excuse them neither does African slave owners being kind excuse them. How does one honestly look at slavery while holding one group of owners culpable while excusing others? And if we look openly at that, can we ask if all forms of slavery are bad? Many European settlers arrived in the New World as indentured servants - that is to say, slaves. To pay for passage and materials some people agreed to work for a term of years. Others had criminal convictions (often for debt) and were sent to the New World as indentured servants. But finish your term and you were free. In 1619 a ship arrived at Jamestown carrying slaves and wanted to trade them for repairs and supplies - so the Jamestown settlers took them on as indentured servants, same as white indentures. And even today, a person might go to a company and seek an indenture. Take me on for a year. Don't pay me in money, just give me training, experience, and a good reference letter at the end of my employment. So, how many of these are bad? And of the ones that are bad, are they equally as bad. It is a thing that merits some serious thought, no?

  • games and space
    games and space


  • Daniel Bruns
    Daniel Bruns

    Love it! And your rapid growth proves I have great taste! You'll never see this note, as busy as you are, so I am safe from rebuttal, maybe. The Anaconda Plan. Winfield Scott proved to be the second most prophetic person during this whole thing, because that is exactly what happened. Just by pure nature of the conflict. All the attempts in the East proved futile or years while the West slowly strangled under the coils of the North. And where did it all start? While the first Bull Run took place on July 21, 1861, and gummed up the idea of a quick victory. There was a thriving little town in Missouri, Athens, on the moderately high bluffs above the Des Moines River. Occupied by Northern Militia, on August 5th, 1861, Athens pro-North forces faced a force of pro-South Militia three times their size. And they sent the rebs running! Most historians I've spoken with don't even know about this "skirmish", nor do I believe it even enjoys a place in the National Archives as the only true commissioned troops were a small band of mounted soldiers (dragoons or cavalry, not sure) from nearby Ft. Madison, Iowa, that showed up, saw the size of the pro-Confederate force, and turned around and rode away to warn Mississippi River towns in Iowa that the South was invading. So here is my point. The South lost acre by acre, county by county, state by state, in the West. And that started in Athens, Missouri! And few have even heard about it! Call me nuts, and I will enjoy the company of THE most prophetic person person during this whole thing. General W.T. Sherman.

  • Ivin Burton
    Ivin Burton

    No Africans were stolen from their homeland, they were stolen and sold by their own people

  • Ben Burns
    Ben Burns

    Just another riding the coat tails video. Make your own shit and stop plagiarizing

  • TheAnimeist

    "Denied liberty to others." Why is what the framers did a stain, while what Lincoln did pure? Lincoln denied life to others. The framers are people. They are not the principles they laid down. If you're alcoholic parent told you not to drink, or not to speed on the road, would you claim their rules are invalid? Further the Constitution was written as a compromise. Their hands were forced if they wanted a union. Not hypocrites. Thanks for reading.

    • TheAnimeist

      *your - can't believe I made that mistake.

  • K Jvmes
    K Jvmes

    History truly does repeat itself.

  • Christopher

    This makes me want to play Victoria II: Divided House.

  • Dylan Lamielle
    Dylan Lamielle

    Wow just came across this video and it was such a great watch! Love the content and excited to see what else you bring to FIbill! History has always been very interesting to me as I am studying history for my minor! I currently am a student at Ohio State University and my buddy lives in the Kappa Sig house and I got the chance to see part of the underground tunnels

  • Ethan Pintar
    Ethan Pintar

    2:05 Reminds me about how Plato was actually also a successful wrestler before he became a philosopher. The name "Plato" is actually an epithet meaning "broad", owing to his broad shoulders.

  • xXanthonyXx54

    On Lincoln's poem it should be "HASTE" and not "HAST"

  • Adam Ross
    Adam Ross

    I just noticed he flipped the political parties at 10:30.

  • T G
    T G

    Addressing the idea of being kind to slaves as a defense Reminds me of the why the Disney movie Song of the South is so insidious because it depicts slaves basically as happy to be serving white families and basically serves as propaganda to make it appear that slavery wasn’t so bad

  • Jim Humphries
    Jim Humphries

    I think they are forgetting a lot of Lincoln speeches where he wouldn't go as far as to condemn slavery in the early days of his career.

  • Ksxx

    a thousand subs heheh 5 months later

  • Colby Fuson
    Colby Fuson

    Holding on to slavery is like holding a wolf by the ears, you dont like it but you dare let it go.

  • Lemmy Mann
    Lemmy Mann

    Dis dude musta read the cliffnote cause he's hitting every beat early!

  • KzrDtl

    A john brown-beard farm... 😆

  • William Do
    William Do

    *Hol’on, Lincoln was a wrestler ??*

  • jonathan cunningham
    jonathan cunningham

    That little girl has a statue of her and Abraham Lincoln depicting when she said that you look ugly you should grow a beard.

  • Cyrus 1Clutch1 Samuel
    Cyrus 1Clutch1 Samuel

    About the part with owners being kind to their slave’s, I think it’s also important to recognize that many slave owners had 1 to 2 slaves, where’s a a couple mega plantations had hundreds (possibly thousands). The larger plantations were notorious for being brutal and vile.

  • Josh Metheney
    Josh Metheney

    I'll add one last thing: They could've, should've, introduced Fredrick Douglass when they introduced John Brown. While he was organizing and building his "army", John Brown lived in Douglass' attic, and pretty much refused to come downstairs. We have a letter from Douglass to Brown asking simply, "Come down for dinner.*" Brown also asked Douglass to join him on his raid. *I don't remember if that's an exact quote, but that was the gist of the letter.

  • Dengo's World
    Dengo's World

    Love your videos!!!!

  • Josh Metheney
    Josh Metheney

    I wish they would've brought up that the "Texas Revolution", which led to the annexation of Texas and eventually the Mexican-American War. The Americans in Texas in the 1830s were pro-slavery and upset with Mexico for abolishing slavery in 1829. As much as we say Bloody Kansas was a prelude to the Civil War, the period between the start of the Texas Revolution and the end of the Mexican-American War was just as much a warning of how the South would react.

  • Josh Metheney
    Josh Metheney

    Quick fact about Lincoln's time as a lawyer: he and Edwin Stanton, who was born in Steubenville and eventually became Lincoln's War Secretary, were both on the same legal team on the McCormick Reaper case. Lincoln was hired because he was inexpensive and Stanton all but dismissed Lincoln from the case. Lincoln was only allowed to stay because of how well prepared he was.

  • VonJost

    Host: “Can you imagine this happening today?” Me: “Mmmmhmmmmmmmm”

  • Anthony Minimum
    Anthony Minimum

    I was born 141 years after Texas seceded from the Union ( February 1, 1861)

  • 420

    Not too long ago, a hidden room used for the Underground Railroad was found in a house close to where I live.

  • Skipper

    5 months later he gaind 145k subs

  • Debbie Turner
    Debbie Turner

    Hell yea ohio represented and sent arguably more soldiers into combat than most other states granted whole battalions were made up of confused and starving irish but they still got it done

  • OneGrungAbove

    I love this

  • Nate Petersen
    Nate Petersen

    Growing up I was told we had relatives that were close to Lincoln and so that history has always fascinated me. I’m curious if you heard anything in Lincoln’s past about a printing press/newspaper operator Issac Burner who I’m told used to house Lincoln earlier in his life and if you have any understanding as to influence of Hannibal Hamlin on Lincoln’s first term?

  • Bright Appiah
    Bright Appiah

    You have the best reaction to oversimplified videos

  • Partha Sharma
    Partha Sharma

    I particularly like his reaction cause he's actually helping me gaining knowledge thru his videos....

  • Christopher DeLoach
    Christopher DeLoach

    You and Mr. Terry should collab. You guys are both great reaction channels 😍

  • Deadeye313

    Don't forget: Lincoln also battled vampires in his spare time!.....Unless Hollywood is lying to me again....🧐

  • marek941XD


  • Leslie Harvey
    Leslie Harvey

    25:37 Ouch...

  • Andy B
    Andy B

    I can't really complain since "oversimplified" is in the title, but I still would have liked a mention of how Andrew Jackson handled the nullification crisis and prevented South Carolina from seceding in 1833. Although it was definitely not thought at the time, the additional decades of industrial revolution really benefited the north ahead of the Civil War. (Side note, wasn't the last time the USA was debt free was in 1835 when Andrew Jackson cancelled the national debt during his bank war?) Still, Andrew Jackson owned slaves and forcibly removed Native Americans from their homes so there's that....

  • The Final Bell
    The Final Bell

    Wow. 5 months ago you were ecstatic about hitting 1k subscribers and here you are, 5 months later, closing in on 150k!!!

  • Alex C
    Alex C

    But the Civil War wasn't about slaves! It was about states rights! *Joke warning*

  • Anis le Monarchiste
    Anis le Monarchiste

    Port of South Louisiana is still the largest port in the USA.

  • AhmNee

    "Stolen from their homeland." You mean purchased from the slavers that conquered their homelands & sold them to the Muslims in massive numbers. And some to Europe & America.

  • Jason Pachuau
    Jason Pachuau

    You said "i want a thousand subscribers" look where you are now

  • Dark angel : Returns
    Dark angel : Returns

    You sound like pancho lol

  • Jaricho Wren
    Jaricho Wren

    I'd rather you pause video when you speak so as not to drown out important narrative. And equalize the volume please. You're like 4 times louder than the video. In order to hear video well, your voice is like an air horn.

  • Maria Rodriguez
    Maria Rodriguez

    The sour step-uncle gradually trap because zipper affectively hang towards a soggy carpenter. annoyed, pushy mass

  • MsFluffybum

    1000 subscribers? On December 27? Well look at you now! June 13 and on a spiffing 142 000 subscribers!!!

  • The one and only Charlie Chill
    The one and only Charlie Chill

    Democrats were pro slavery back then.

  • Wave z
    Wave z

    15:29 ayo??

  • cjpreach

    John Brown referred to Harriet Tubman "General Tubman."

  • Zeek

    Fun fact that's completely unrelated to this video. I'm related to General Custer through marriage. My dad married my Step mother who is a Custer. I've no interest in saying her first name for privacy of course. My Step uncle actually looks like the General which I found funny and usually tease him about when we're chilling and drinking. He takes pride in it though. XD

  • Major Hawker
    Major Hawker

    Do you, or could you do a video on how the U.S.A. did not have Slaves for 400 years? One of the dumbest things to hear, during a great speech etc, is then to hear 400 Years of Slavery in the U.S. We are not even 400 years old yet, plus the U.S. only had Slaves for 90 years (actually less than). I did enjoy you video, the other one needs a lot of work even if OVER-simplified or as it should be titled Dumb downed for the Woke People.

  • A Word About...
    A Word About...

    Can't quit believe you've got to this point, I remember you trying to manage the Potomac Fort battle in Legendary mode!

  • Cynics Truhseekr
    Cynics Truhseekr

    The colors should be changed. The Republicans in the North should be Red.

  • Andy Howard
    Andy Howard

    2:00 the poem is done to "That's My Name" by Sly Boogie

  • undsom som
    undsom som

    1000 subscribers? a bit low of a goal

  • Red

    You know demarcates and republicans kinda did a switcharoo

  • Jian Guan
    Jian Guan

    The deserted night untypically admit because garage peroperativly bomb next a evasive beam. useful, pale thistle

  • Sparky Sparky
    Sparky Sparky

    I live just north of Saint Joseph, MO where the civil war unofficially started. Bushwhackers v. Jayhawkers.

  • Peyton Manthing
    Peyton Manthing

    Maybe you’ve studied my 4th greatgrandfather who was in New Orleans during the civil war, Jose Agustin Quintero

  • Patrick Donovan
    Patrick Donovan

    the sea saw is SUS look

  • NinjaOnANinja

    I don't like how you just talk over some of the jokes. Like, this is the issue with history buffs and people getting informed of history, you gotta lighten the lessons a bit and let comedy have a moment. Not everyone is as deep into just the fundamentals as you and people lose interest. That's what makes oversimplified so good. It brings humor with the facts. It balances it. You are always interested. And if you wanna dive, that's fine, but pause the video man. The very beginning like 3 funny things just flew by. Again, have your fun too.

  • first last
    first last

    if Lincoln is represented in the North as a republican and the democratic plantation owners southshouldnt the north be red and South be blue? if the yankees where Republicans and from the south what was their relationships with the plant democratics?? mybad Thank you

  • Hillyan

    So, this of course political since, well, a Civil War and slavery tends to be but modern Republicans like to act like they were the anti-slavery and Lincoln party, ignoring of course that the two parties flipped with the Southern strategy. Aka, Civil War era Republicans are the Democrates today and vice versa. So I just had a thought to debunk that falsehood. When someone claims that the Republicans are the anti-slavery party, ask them where generally most Republicans live. The answer being the south. And then poise the question of what is more likely; A party flipping it's morals and name around or millions upon millions of people deciding to swap houses.

    • George Labe-Assimo
      George Labe-Assimo

      I’d just ask why party is more likely to wave the Stars and Bars these days honestly. There were Southerners who fought for the Union during the war as well so I wouldn’t just divide it along sectional lines.

  • schaeffer Rees
    schaeffer Rees

    1000 subs 6 months ago, now you're sitting pretty at 159k let's keep up that growth!

  • MadLadMudkip

    I love oversimplified and I'm glad to have a professional view on it

  • Paul Mullins
    Paul Mullins

    Don't care much for the oversimplification. It's a victor writes history to the extreme that excludes things that can't be discounted. I enjoyed the reaction video but the video you are reacting to is atrociously done. Anyone saying slavery wasn't an issue is blind, but those who think slavery was the only major issue is blind. Someone watching this let's say who knows nothing of our countries history would get a really skewed view of events which is why I don't like the over simplified stuff. Anyhow I will definitely be checking our more of your videos I enjoyed the reactions and interjections.

  • EmporerAaron

    22:14 I always thought that due to how very little the South was industrialized with fewer railroads then the North that areas closer to the river had the river boats shipping their cargo to New Orleans but also bringing whatever they needed back along the river to very small and very few "developed" ports that shipped these supplies to the areas around the river. Nice to find out more about that appreciate it.

  • Ahmad Shahin
    Ahmad Shahin

    Why do all leaders sons always die like whyyyy

  • Alban

    Congrats on 1M views

  • Canadian Rocketman
    Canadian Rocketman

    in less than 6 months he gained 137k subs good on ya

    • Canadian Rocketman
      Canadian Rocketman

      7 minutes heart on a video 6 months old has to be some ind of a record

  • History Dood
    History Dood

    1million views!

  • Viktor Gabriel
    Viktor Gabriel

    i am kinda sad that you did not challenge one thing in this video there where hundreds of Black Slave owners so no not all Africans where against slavery

    • TheThoughtAssassin

      Most of those ‘Africans’ were mixed-race Creoles from Louisiana who saw themselves as distinct (and above) full-blooded Blacks. And I wouldn’t say that a few hundred meaningfully counters the millions of slaves in bondage. It’s statistically and politically insignificant in the grand scheme of the institution.

  • TheThoughtAssassin

    20:34 Oversimplified neglects to mention that four states hadn’t joined the Confederacy until Lincoln’s call for 75,000 volunteers to the suppress the rebellion. Technically he should’ve shown the 7 state Confederacy with Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina as “neutral” until Lincoln’s call to arms pushed them over.

  • L. J.
    L. J.

    The most racist argument is "the owners were kind". I will be kind to you. Let me own you. I will work you hard. Not pay you. Will you do it? Of course not. Then why think it is ok? It is because you think a different race feels differently than you. They are not equal to you. You are a racist.

  • Jim Talbott
    Jim Talbott

    My Grandfather was sent to Ft Beauregard in 1940, after he joined the army. He and my Grandmother grew up in Wisconsin, and lived near a civil war veteran named Balthazar Regli - when told where he’d be stationed, he yelled at my Grandfather “Louisiana?? You kill every GODDAMN REBEL YOU SEE!!” Some of those guys just never stopped fighting.

  • EnviableAce

    Wow you only had 1000 subs 5 months ago? You grew sooo fast

  • Bryon Ensminger
    Bryon Ensminger

    Yeah but at that point in history a huge amount of people and especially children died that shouldn't have from things like getting a paper cut that got infected and other crazy things

  • Bryon Ensminger
    Bryon Ensminger

    If they say it happens it probably did they screw around a lot but 5heyer pretty good about hitting the historical points

  • Kevin Franco
    Kevin Franco

    Quite fun how the americans just sweep landgrabs and imperialism under the rug very nonchalantly when it comes to them, but when it comes to any other country, they represent it as evil expansionism (which it is).

  • moses McLellan
    moses McLellan

    Cool little fact, there are two McClellan families, one of them split off from the general’s because they were drug runners and didn’t want to ruin his career. Man my ancestors were dumb.

    • moses McLellan
      moses McLellan

      Little bit of clarification, they literally just dropped one L. Because that makes them different somehow.

  • Jimmy Johnson
    Jimmy Johnson

    this channel got smacked by youtube recommended damn

  • Cuzbo

    i am a cival war reonacter and i have visted gettysberg and alot of others as of harpers fairy i was in the 155 gettysberg reonatment behind reynolds battery 1 light artiliry

  • Rob Micensky
    Rob Micensky

    His reaction to everything: “Yep!” Seriously, let me save you some time. This guy agrees with everything that Oversimplified presents. Why even have a react video if you’re just going to nod your head the entire time?

    • PokeMario2401

      To present more about certain topics discussed in the video

  • Max Marenghi
    Max Marenghi


  • the cellulon triptometer
    the cellulon triptometer

    I disagree on one point: Your point that McClellen would have been able to take Richmond if he had attacked right away. Tactically speaking the position McClellen would have been in attacking into Richmond would have been at best extremely hard, and at worse a fatal loss to his Army. Why: 1. Throughout the Civil War, Armies attacking over open ground against entrenched forces took extremely heavy losses because of the nature of the weaponry. By mid-1862 the British Enfield was used in large numbers by both sides, and it's accuracy compared to smoothbores proved decisive on the defense. A good example of this was the defense of Fredericksburg in DEC 1862. It is important to note that even the Union's major victory at Gettysburg was while on defense with the Confederates attacking slightly uphill into established positions. 2. The South had a number of advantages. Richmond is in the foothills of the Appalachians, and the elevation steadily rises from east to west with high ridges across the James river. Add to this the familiarity of terrain the southern soldiers had, and the advantages of being in buildings making rest easier, being close to supplies and the motivation of defending their capital. 3. Southern battle plans if the Union started to be successful were to lure the forces into the James river valley, and create a strong defense on the opposing bank with heavy cannon fire from the promontories around spring hill. Given the Army of the Potomac's track record to that point, it is very possible this would have been successful. It is important to remember that a large enough loss could have ended the war in the South's favor if they could not defend Washington. All in all, playing the long game when in a numerically superior position is generally a wise approach. After studying this campaign as well as Antietam and Gettysburg at War College it is my opinion that militarily it would have been an enormous risk to attack at the point yoour comments suggest. Of course it is easy to back seat general. But attacking uphill in enemy territory against an entrenched enemy with rifled weapons and artillery support higher up is not anywhere near the given victory suggested by your comments.

  • Colin G
    Colin G

    6:55 yoo america packin

  • Farizzaky Imam
    Farizzaky Imam

    Welp, i guess I’m your fan now

  • O5-1

    walmart discount Jason Gideon

  • CarnageDestructo

    The colonel sanders joke you said was actually a throwback to django unchained when they went to the big white house owned by the antagonist. Edit: sorry nit the main antagonist but the first big slave owner.

  • John Meany
    John Meany

    Watching in 2021 30:40 funny 😄

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