Conan Takes A Hit Of Seth Rogen’s Joint - CONAN on TBS

  • Zachary Hayes
    Zachary Hayes

    Didn’t inhale

  • sunlightimplosoin

    Now everyone is just gonna Wana smoke with Andy

  • Tad B.
    Tad B.

    He so didn't inhale Booo


    Seths laupi

  • Omertà

    Conans the best talk show host.

  • Krish Na
    Krish Na

    Next episode, Conan recovers from hv2

  • EAustin

    This was a cool segment.

  • slaw

    I'm just here for rogans laugh

  • Jerry Muncey
    Jerry Muncey

    Conan is cool finally

  • Blacklizt

    I would love to get high with Seth, sure would be exciting or atleast I can sit down and just laugh cuz of his goofy laugh haha! 😍🤤

  • radcow

    This is how desperate tv is now

  • Jarl Balgruuf the Greater
    Jarl Balgruuf the Greater

    Damn didnt expect the other dude to take a normal hit

  • muziekjeroentje88

    Is it just me or does Seth look reaaaallllyyyyy uncomfortable?

  • Aa Aa
    Aa Aa

    Conan just took Elon's whole flow bar for bar.

  • DcnWlf

    I Could watch that all day!

  • Abel V12
    Abel V12

    Conan smoked the paper before it even got to the weed 😂

  • Rachel cat
    Rachel cat

    I make cannabutter made with Ghee also coconut oil Rachel's ninja butter I make many different flavors 😋 to go with any sweet or savory food's you love

  • G Ramos
    G Ramos

    “One hit of that weed” love this type of comedy from Seth 🤣

  • Come feast With me
    Come feast With me

    Seth’s laugh is one of the great mysteries of life

  • geo pwr50
    geo pwr50

    Awesome, fun and funny. Enjoy Life Everyone, it really is short.

  • Nicholas Baldwin
    Nicholas Baldwin

    I wonder if this is the first time weed has been passed on television

  • Robert Salas
    Robert Salas

    This guys is such a bad influence on youth.

  • Matthew Heinrichs
    Matthew Heinrichs

    Goes to show what fame and fortune does Seth Rogan is a creepy dude and off his rocker

  • RedM39
    RedM39 Hey, why not make this a main topic, and we can see how FIbill and other users appreciate your style.

  • Utav Takt
    Utav Takt

    *eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh*


    CONAN did NOT INHALE!!!!👎 ANDY DID👍🇺🇸❤🇺🇸


    ANDY INHALED 👏👏👏👏👏✌👍

  • geeman 408
    geeman 408

    Conan didn’t inhale.

  • WiiSportsMX5

    Seth’s laugh 🤣

  • Lance Waddel
    Lance Waddel

    Most Excellent

  • Wujek Z wanny
    Wujek Z wanny

    I bet Andy rolled that dope

  • Bigcmcg

    “I’m so happy with what just happened” Seth is awesome!

  • 7

    Seth's got such a stoner laugh i cant 😂

  • Pronoia

    Funny shi', would help if he inhaled though. 😆

  • Khalil Mahaba
    Khalil Mahaba

    Seth rogen's laught sounds like old school motor cycle engine

  • Sayra Rivera
    Sayra Rivera

    Waiting for a tiktok girl to make an Andy edit

  • Walker Join
    Walker Join

    2:24 that laugh XD

  • Moffat

    Damn Andy took a good draw and held it in there.....what a man 😁

  • YouTube Undso
    YouTube Undso

    Tried to be elon musk so bad

  • Guiller Brady
    Guiller Brady

    You have to love SETH but Damm that laugh is stuff of nightmares. Close your eyes and imagine a dark room and that laugh OMG 😱🤣🤣

  • Russelle Wannell
    Russelle Wannell

    OH that laugh, he didn't take a toke he puffed it, not good.

  • Derek Wilson
    Derek Wilson

    Seth in the toilet because of his woke mutterings ..complete douche.

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    Mechanic : what's wrong with your car? Seth: starts laughing

  • Nothing rhymes with Silver.
    Nothing rhymes with Silver.

    he smokes, this was just an ad for seths weed but still cool to see that's the most impressive part

  • xd ae
    xd ae

    Lmao if conan really inhaled he’d be coughing a lung out. Andy on the other hand tho 😶‍🌫️👀

  • Disobey Silver
    Disobey Silver

    When you realize he didn’t cough

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone

      that. but don't want to spend a single minute for scripted things.

  • Akash Agarwal
    Akash Agarwal

    Now I know the reason behind that half ass effort laugh Eheh ehhhh hehehehe

  • Conner Bass
    Conner Bass

    Bro I need this on a freaking poster in my room

  • Jkb Jkb
    Jkb Jkb

    “You ever get wet conan?” XD classic freaking killed me

  • Mohammed wajahat ali
    Mohammed wajahat ali

    Maneeee his laugh 😭🤣🤣😭😭😭😭

  • John Paul Goffredo
    John Paul Goffredo

    Andy really said bet let me get hit

  • Ultimate Crystal
    Ultimate Crystal

    “What would you want me smoking?” *pulls out joint* 😏

  • Jerico Hernandez
    Jerico Hernandez

    Conan took that hit like a champ

  • Slim Dood Dood
    Slim Dood Dood

    Mane he’s super awesome very down to earth

  • Caedon Blough
    Caedon Blough

    God look at Seth, he’s aged so much compared to Conan

  • Rayshawn Ageda
    Rayshawn Ageda

    That feeling when u get someone new to smoke 🥲🤌🏽

  • K.D. Transport
    K.D. Transport


  • Prismas

    I’ll leave a like for Andy’s monster hit not conans non inhaled baby hit lmao

  • Ike Dre
    Ike Dre

    He didnt even inhale no wonder it does nothing to him lol

  • twinpistols11

    I would love to smoke with seth rogen !

  • Nimesh Nim
    Nimesh Nim

    frankly first few seconds ( i was typing minutes) it told me that its scripted, unnecessary talks with praises. don't want to watch such fake thing i don't know how funny it is after that. but don't want to spend a single minute for scripted things.

  • just a fucking crackhead
    just a fucking crackhead

    Smoke meth next

  • CrashBrocksta

    if conan's smoking weed the world has got to be ending LOL

  • Shashank Dhariyal
    Shashank Dhariyal

    Andy was on TARGET! Stole it!

  • Her_She

    He didn’t inhale🤣🤣

  • Mark McLaughlin
    Mark McLaughlin

    Bro Seth do just be a seal doe

  • Gabriel Sanchez
    Gabriel Sanchez

    nobody: seth rogan: HYT HYT HYT HYT HYT HYT HYT HYT

  • Mongloid

    the way he shrugged before he hit and passed it hahahha

  • Akar Kasim Ankh
    Akar Kasim Ankh

    Seth was fried and having an awesome time 😂😂💪💯

  • 0scJohnson0

    First time I ever heard Seth Rohan laugh. Kill it.

  • Swaggy Bean
    Swaggy Bean

    The best episode ever

  • Universal_Wisdom

    Letting the smoke escape your mouth without inhaling is equivalent to putting water in your mouth then letting it through your lips and saying you drank it. It does nothing, that’s why he never feels anything lmaoo

  • michael minner
    michael minner

    Oh conan. Get some edibles bud lol

  • Zazel Sanchez
    Zazel Sanchez

    It's what we American's want for all States not just the special privilege when Texas coming a holes

  • ay3x clapz
    ay3x clapz

    CONAN says bad joke Seth rogan he he he he he he he

  • Raimo Elvis
    Raimo Elvis

    Seth is so high😂😂😂

  • Knarf Trakiul
    Knarf Trakiul

    Pot heads all have that same laugh LOL regardless of what part of the country u live in

  • C Man
    C Man

    3 rich men smoking a drug freely on live TV a drug that has ordinary men locked up for life in that country

  • Jerry Pizzini
    Jerry Pizzini

    This is history!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jerry Pizzini
    Jerry Pizzini

    Conan: “I thought it was a birthday candle” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones

    Even did the same face as Elon after he ‘hit’ it

  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia

    He channeled his inner Musk.

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama

    Seth Rogan is the exact same in real life as he is in movies same reactions same personality 😂😂

  • Moxham Wyley
    Moxham Wyley

    But puff

  • DR. EBAH
    DR. EBAH

    This was awesome

  • Kobra

    seth rogen seems like hes already hit a gravity bong before going live

  • Jeff Nort
    Jeff Nort


  • mindlessly scrolling
    mindlessly scrolling

    I love that he referenced training day there 🤘

  • Ghost Fire
    Ghost Fire

    He didn't inhale.

  • Kieran Kozyra
    Kieran Kozyra

    WTF is Seth Rogans laugh

  • Isaac Yang
    Isaac Yang

    Bruh smoking with Seth Rohan and snoop dog would be the chillest thing .

  • Made To Overcome
    Made To Overcome

    Smoking on some Lava Cake . RIP Don Rickles

  • Hamza k
    Hamza k

    I love you conannnn

  • David Howells
    David Howells

    This is the most amazing video I have ever seen in my life.😂😂

  • jason Hernandez
    jason Hernandez

    Joe Rogan wants attention sorry dog you ain't my bitch and I also don't roll that way .

  • Jay Saint
    Jay Saint

    Classic seth rogen .