Dallas Cowboys vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Week 1 2021 Game Highlights

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  • Caleb from Blood
    Caleb from Blood

    I’m pretty damn sure these 2 will be in the playoffs later on

  • eric demby
    eric demby

    Can't stand Dallas but they got cheated cuz it's Tom Bradys team they playing against. There should've been an offensive past interference call towards the end

  • chilldaonly 1
    chilldaonly 1

    The damn kicker cost us 7 points 🤦🏾‍♂️🙄

  • Ismael Gumiel
    Ismael Gumiel

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  • Michael Cha
    Michael Cha

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  • Renee Melton
    Renee Melton

    I had no doubt #BRADYTHEGOAT

  • Sean Doody
    Sean Doody

    I am a die hard Dallas fan but the Brady to Antonio Brown combo is just deadlyyyy. I’m actually excited to see the year both these teams have. Tampa is stacked that’s for sure.

  • Joe Friesen
    Joe Friesen

    Brady out there throwing DIMES man

  • Kaden nelms
    Kaden nelms

    He may actually play until 50

  • Real Deal
    Real Deal

    Brady is the 🐐

  • Monk8090

    5:25 not even a cowboys fan and that piss me off. If he made that field goal they would’ve won

  • Ishmael Graham
    Ishmael Graham

    Tom Brady has a force to be reckoned with!

  • Ishmael Graham
    Ishmael Graham

    I told you that Mike Evans is the man!

  • Netty Nordwall
    Netty Nordwall

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  • Kensane12

    They playing like it's the 90s again. I LOVE IT!!!

  • Audio Video Media Services
    Audio Video Media Services

    Again, Boys lose to corrupt referee. (Clear push off) SMH. Good job Brady. Great job Prescott.

  • nigel julian
    nigel julian

    The Brady bunch.

  • HopHop

    Gallup got OPI called for less vs Ramsey last year...

  • quinnjim


  • Hiram Abiff
    Hiram Abiff

    Brady "Fear the Old Man in the profession where men die young"

  • ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed
    ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed

    Brady needs offensive players that remember to catch and hold on to the ball 101.

  • Wigs 251
    Wigs 251

    That was offensive pass interference tho😂

  • natasha luchy
    natasha luchy

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  • PGK 1
    PGK 1

    Come on Cowboys..... We could do it💪💪💪💪

  • Nes Marley
    Nes Marley


  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy

    first like, then to watch video :D?

  • Jason Martineau
    Jason Martineau

    Man, this was a heck of a game, right to the end. What a great way to start the 2021 season!

  • RisingStar

    To be fair, I was a Patriots fan, and followed Brady. He left the Patriots with nothing, but to come to Tampa bay to start with nothing. He really is the goat, made the best of everything.

  • joeanthehoegottago

    Bro brady to gronk all year an Brady to brown all year. They make it look easy

    • joeanthehoegottago

      @bowen voowy that's very true bradys got soooooo many weapons though who's covering them all? Someone's getting single coverage between Evan's gronk Godwin an brown it's insane the weapons he has. They look solid defense needs to.tighten up

    • bowen voowy
      bowen voowy

      Gronk should lay low for now and rest his body. Make everyone forget him. Then surprises again everyone in the playoff and collect another ring.

  • Scott M
    Scott M

    Never mess with Green 18

  • ques equipment
    ques equipment

    Good game let's go cowboy

  • Corek BleedingHollow
    Corek BleedingHollow

    Should've drafted Antonio Brown too

  • GS Warriors
    GS Warriors

    It's crazy that angry Joe's first franchise game was cowboys bucs too with the bucs winning as well.

  • Pabby MC
    Pabby MC

    As a Niners fan …. I can’t say anything nice about the Cowboys hahahahhahahahahahahhahaaahhhahaha

  • Lino Leos
    Lino Leos

    6-10 team took to them.. they could have easily won.. push off.. yes.. oh well.. go Eagles!

  • Mi Comunidad Vegana
    Mi Comunidad Vegana

    A black football. wow. Oh. Some of these footballs are black and some are brown.


    derek carr > brady one of these dudes can win games without deflated balls the other one can't

  • Adam

    Patriot fans #1 Most insufferable clotbrains

  • Friend of the Lowly
    Friend of the Lowly

    All the power rankings have Tampa at #1 and Dallas at #19. Is that a joke? Dallas came inches to beating Tampa in their 1st game after winning a SB in their own stadium, and yet power rankings got Dallas in the bottom half of the league. What is the logic behind that exactly?

  • LakerGold24

    I've never missed Dan Bailey more... Tons of respect for TB. They fought for and earned this W.

  • LakerGold24

    Man, I was proud of Dak for coming out playing hard and making good decisions. CeeDee is so nasty too. Crazy proud of the boys even with the L.

  • jpogi gtxcr1
    jpogi gtxcr1

    Gronk should lay low for now and rest his body. Make everyone forget him. Then surprises again everyone in the playoff and collect another ring.

  • Ernest Rush
    Ernest Rush

    Smh refs bet the 🤠

  • Josh McDowell
    Josh McDowell

    bro that push at the end didnt get flagged 16:35

  • Daisy Ramon
    Daisy Ramon

    #4dak 💙

  • Giovanni Genovese
    Giovanni Genovese

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  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom

    What a GREAT game of football!!!

  • Alexander Rodriguez
    Alexander Rodriguez

    16:28 this face says it all. Your up with 30 seconds to go, but the GOAT is on the other team and you know what’s about to happen....

  • Lil Sharkes
    Lil Sharkes

    I think the NFL intensity is back boys 😈

  • poonui46

    Brady and Antonios still looking springy...i say they're JUICING! lol

    • Ptao Tom
      Ptao Tom

      Deestroying would have made those field goals

  • QuestionEverythingEvenGod

    Sheesh!!! TB might retain the title.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    The refs are on Tom Brady's payroll.

  • Dante floyd
    Dante floyd


  • Rogent X
    Rogent X

    Lot of Brady fanboys in here lol (no bitterness here, I have nothing against him) but the Bucs had to work for this win and credit needs to be given to the cowboys for their effort.

  • Jani girl
    Jani girl

    Brady throwing darts

  • Oliver Crosby
    Oliver Crosby

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  • Rory King
    Rory King

    Dal got robbed on that no-call offensive pass interference on Godwin, even all the analysts call it a shameful no call. It would have kept TB out of field goal range. Granted Brady could still sling a TD, but it would have given Dal a chance to seal the win, but the refs had other plans.

  • Tim Lee
    Tim Lee

    Push off by Godwin was some str8 bullshit!

  • Tim Lee
    Tim Lee

    Nice edit

  • Joswag 0425
    Joswag 0425

    This one of 2 games where Brady was pretty much flawless

  • Magnetpunch

    Now, this is the way to watch football. Also, the Gronk CANNOT be stopped.

  • Matt James
    Matt James

    I just came on here to push for NFL boycott. They have turned it into a joke. College football much more entertaining anyways

  • Josh

    Deestroying would have made those field goals

  • Einstein Ray
    Einstein Ray

    What a game🥶🥶🥶

  • Nest Paul
    Nest Paul

    Cowboys fans after the moral victory: WE ARE GOING TO SUPERBOWL, WE ARE GOING TO SUPERBOWL hahahahah how bout them cowboysssss.



  • johnosandra

    Brady closing in on the greatest sportsperson of all time title!

  • W C
    W C

    we all study baseball and bball but love football.

  • Carlos Delapuente
    Carlos Delapuente

    No zeke ?

  • Al Metalicano
    Al Metalicano

    Is Tom Bradys a$$ lucky or what? He's gonna win it again

  • Dshew89 D
    Dshew89 D

    That was offensive pi. Could have determined the game

  • Dshew89 D
    Dshew89 D

    Elliot kinda sucks now. No speed. No vision. I hope he picks it up next game

  • Dshew89 D
    Dshew89 D

    Cowboys showed a lot of heart. This was a win for them. The kicker really cost them the game. Their o line needs so much work, Brady has all day to throw and Prescott is constantly running for his life. The Cowboys would be unstoppable with a better line. Elliot wtf if up with him. They need to take money away from him they already paid him he is so bad. There is a lot of potential this season with the Cowboys. They will be 2-1 by the time they play the eagles and then 3-1. I’d bet a million bucks they win that game and are first in their division solidly.

  • Good Bye
    Good Bye

    9:26 “Cmon Tom! Don’t scare me like that bro. The play is over don’t lay me out! Damn man!!..”

  • Jimmy Catalina
    Jimmy Catalina

    Can't win without a good kicker. Greg the Leg cost his team the win.

  • Rjaylor

    Gronk is a beast

  • Christopher Eickleberry
    Christopher Eickleberry

    Congrats tb refs. Helped ya steal 1 cheating b.u.m.s.

  • Christopher Eickleberry
    Christopher Eickleberry

    And yet once again a good games turns ugly in the end when refs. Help bitchass Brady win again.

  • V Mark
    V Mark

    Damn Brady how is your old a$$ still sooo good?!

  • Tee Maccin
    Tee Maccin

    Figure out wtf you doing with the line backers bc 3 potential All pro Lbs didn't show up

  • Christopher Rogan
    Christopher Rogan

    Whats with all the Ad’s NFL? Y’all don’t make enough money as it is? 🤦🏼‍♂️

    • Jimmy Catalina
      Jimmy Catalina

      NFL is non-profit.


    Well that kicker needs to put in some work he missed 3 Field goals

  • Archer

    I'm not a Cowboys fan but I'm glad Dak Prescott is doing well. After last seasons horrific foot injury. I'm glad hes back in the game and playing at full speed. I have nothing against the man.

  • rusosure7

    Brady. The Bird of football.

  • Juan Gringo
    Juan Gringo

    Bucs still won with twice as many penalties , 3 more turnovers, allowing 400 passing yards and 10mins less time possessing the ball. Special teams probably won this game they tried to gift to the girls but now just imagine what the Bucs can do once they clean up their game. I dont see the girls doing much better this year tbh. My guess is they win 8 or 9 games spliting with their division and outside of their division. The Bucs im guessing will have a 13 or 14 win season. I think they will improve a cpl games from last year but we'll see I think it will depend on how the playoff scenerio looks 3 or 4 games out from the post-season. Great game.

  • Renaldy Calixte
    Renaldy Calixte

    I'm a simple man when Brady haters complain because their favorite team chokes I laugh.

  • ThePurplWolfy

    As a Falcons fan, we’re screwed

  • Cordero Merritt
    Cordero Merritt

    They cheated them cowboys

  • Cordero Merritt
    Cordero Merritt

    That was an offense pass interference

  • Kirby Awesome
    Kirby Awesome

    That one drive where the Cowboys got a penalty on their go ahead touchdown killed their chances of winning

  • cynthia binder
    cynthia binder

    Great game🛎🛎 😏let's go all the way, a g a i n🏈

  • T Morrison
    T Morrison


  • Charlie B
    Charlie B

    Might as well be like last year for Dallas cause even if they get to the playoffs they won't get past Brady . That's why Aaron Rodgers doesn't have any hope either

  • cforte0423

    I really think the NFL orchestrated a lot of the penalties to make the game close. Look at 14:28. That was clearly not a neutral zone infraction.

  • Tony Ringo
    Tony Ringo

    Some DE just needs to break his knees & end his reign, what's the worse that could happen, a penalty? A fine?