Deep Field: The Impossible Magnitude of our Universe
Eric Whitacre's "Deep Field: The Impossible Magnitude of our Universe" is a unique film and musical experience inspired by one of the most important scientific discoveries of all time: the Hubble Telescope's Deep Field image.

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Composer & Artistic Director: Eric Whitacre
Film By: 59 Productions & Space Telescope Science Institute
Executive Producer: Music Productions, Claire Long & Meg Davies

Conductor: Eric Whitacre
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Eric Whitacre Singers
Virtual Choir 5 (more than 8,000 voices from 120 countries across the globe)

Audio Production
Produced by: John Powell
Recorded by: Mike Hatch, Floating Earth
Mixed by: John Traunwieser
Mixed at 5 Cat Studios, Los Angeles CA
Virtual Choir Editing by: John Michael Caldwell

Special Thanks
Dr. John M. Grunsfeld
Dr. Robert Williams
Scott D. Vangen
John Vadino
Kimberly Kowal Arcand
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
The men & women of the Space Program

  • Galaxy Eyes
    Galaxy Eyes

    But what is space expanding into? Nothingness? Why does our universe look so odd is something beyond the barrier?

  • 대한민국

    정말 신비롭다 우주

  • Johnny Ryan
    Johnny Ryan

    nice. but dang 1080p? switching to another device maybe its Safari.

  • Sajeev Kumar Singh
    Sajeev Kumar Singh

    Brilliant 👍

  • Donavan B LoForte RPN, RCRT, LCRT
    Donavan B LoForte RPN, RCRT, LCRT


  • Bilim ve Fazlası
    Bilim ve Fazlası

    Güzel bir çalışma olmuş. Ancak bazıları hayal ürünü.

  • Edsel Duran
    Edsel Duran

    Traveling the speed of light would be great if you're visiting other planets in this solar system, which doesn't take long to get there. But not to go to the nearest star system, that would take years to get there! You have to use warp drive!

  • Musicnut Jim
    Musicnut Jim

    All, just marvel at this video and let your spirit talk, not your human conditioning. IT IS FAR GRANDER than any human construct!!

  • Hsiaoyen Chang
    Hsiaoyen Chang

    愛把含涵無所不在難以測度,一切萬有本性謂愛😘雙手合十🙏一切萬法心中座。 感恩🙏諸佛神 感恩神用祂的形象塑造我們,感恩雙手萬能,讓我們不離不棄的使用衪。

  • A Wol
    A Wol

    Truly humbling.

  • hmimou abderrahim
    hmimou abderrahim

    Nice... thank you🙏

  • Jamie Love
    Jamie Love

    God's Creation! Subhanallah

  • Reggie Bald
    Reggie Bald

    Thank you for posting this. Birth / death / rebirth / breath; repeat. We should be so lucky to repeat. Life is a gift @ every moment. That's what The Hubble Telescope taught us. We will return to the stardust from where we were born ~

  • Juan Umaña Caneo
    Juan Umaña Caneo

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  • Aaron Scott
    Aaron Scott

    imagine were humanity would be now, if all the money spent on useless things like war and weapons, were spent on advancing knowledge and making a sustainable existence. maybe in another time and place

  • You

    I believe our lifespans is limiting our thinkings.

  • Pat Rogalop
    Pat Rogalop

    Et tout ceci, jusqu’au plus loin du cosmos est le fruit du hasard originel du big bang ? Tout est relatif ?

  • PUNI Go
    PUNI Go

    I give thanks, thank you for existing, even and for the problems and difficult situations that have happened. Thank you for the time (at this time and moment) that has been given to me. Thank you for being able to see, feel, hear, love, think, imagine and / or experience (and what awaits us). Whenever I watch videos on these topics, I make the same reflection: "We think that we are so big, and in reality we are so small, like grains of sand, in the middle of time and space, compared to the vastness of the cosmos .. " We have the responsibility and objective, as a species, to try to love and care for everything around us, our world. 🌍🌎🌏🤝 🗺️ The universe is so beautiful and at the same time so imposing, scary even. Fascinates me. Both what we already "know" and what we don't, and I always wonder if there will be a limit, an end. If it really is infinite. We will surely never know. In short, I am grateful to life, which in part remains as mysterious as the universe. 🌌 Good morning or good night. Greetings.

  • Scott Ferris
    Scott Ferris

    What am I ? Who am I?....

  • FrOm mArs
    FrOm mArs

    Idk why suddenly i got that shame?

  • child of God
    child of God

    I've got it we are inside god....

  • Thanz Tangz T
    Thanz Tangz T

    As i watch the awesomeness of the cosmos, i wonder where is God..

    • Maria's_tarot journey_with_me
      Maria's_tarot journey_with_me

      Your not alone with those thoughts my friend

  • Daniel's Diary
    Daniel's Diary

    Be humble before God . Jesus is the KING of this universe and everything in it . If you are reading this I want to tell you that Jesus loves you ❤ Repent of your sin and turn back to Him. He cares for you ❤ He died for you on the cross to redeem you from the sin. He is the son of God. He is risen after 3 days. He is coming back to take away the sin. Take refuge in Him alone.

  • Karlzdrago Ro
    Karlzdrago Ro


  • Ralf Nefohnetla
    Ralf Nefohnetla

    ))))))) C O O L ((((((( ;-)

  • NoviLifeStyle

    nice skill of graphics. nbut nothing really real.. :(

  • Guillermo Carvajal Fernández
    Guillermo Carvajal Fernández

    Una gran lección de humildad para nuestros pequeños egos. Precioso!!

  • Abel Airam Farrais Rodriguez
    Abel Airam Farrais Rodriguez

    A M A Z I N G....just blow my mind...we are nothing...we are star dust...we are the universe.

  • Thuy Truong
    Thuy Truong


  • Jared Richardson
    Jared Richardson


  • Phuong Tran
    Phuong Tran

    this video has been edited by Nasa the original video is not so beautiful

  • Ignacio García
    Ignacio García

    If you got this far and saw this motivating film. Hear the call of uniqueness that attracts you by showing you that everything, and everyone, is one. You are that cosmos, and the cosmos, the representation of an entity greater than ourselves, of which we are part

  • AliKeira

    It's absolutely amazing!!!!



  • Rishikesh Sinha
    Rishikesh Sinha

    Kalpanona ke bahar se suru dusri kalpona

  • imran naqvi
    imran naqvi

    Is anyone notice @ 01:48 , i m looking two shadows with wings. may be its my faddism.

  • Nathan Cruz
    Nathan Cruz

    Had to take a mindful sit after this one in silence. No words can do the universe justice when attempting to describe it. Thank you.

  • Jo Pham
    Jo Pham

    Thank You GOD for making this beautiful universe. Let praise HIM the Most Highest Almighty Jehovah GOD.

  • Ifonlyyou stillskated
    Ifonlyyou stillskated


  • Lester Usher
    Lester Usher

    God the Creator of the Heaven and the Earth.

  • dimmozz

    фу фу фу, не смотрите эту парашу, все нарисовано.думай башкой

  • javier sanchez
    javier sanchez


  • Moises 33
    Moises 33

    Deus é incrível!

  • Ron Stowell
    Ron Stowell

    I have been an armature astronomer since I bought my first telescope when I was 12.......this puts the universe in such a perspective that most human can not even wrap their heads around this.......GREAT video,

  • Reithierion

    Why is this disliked? It's pure beauty

  • Rouge Axis
    Rouge Axis

    This is free mason isaac newton propaganda. Earth is flat, the universe turns around the north star, at the zenith of the the north pole of the earth.

  • Aziza Nekay
    Aziza Nekay

    Ba'al was a Canaanite God

  • Systeem

    Well.... 🧚‍♀️

  • mohammed nezai dz.algerie.
    mohammed nezai dz.algerie.

    Attention vitesses lumières et son accompanent fusion termo nucleaire contrôlées des circuit d alimentation et de position

  • mohammed nezai dz.algerie.
    mohammed nezai dz.algerie.

    Essayer d eviter les nébuleuses et donc d enormes bulles de gaz et gerer les aberrations techniques et spaciale pendant les traversées

  • Debbie Narver
    Debbie Narver

    Wow, absolutely amazing! I have seen some of those images, but this was like flying through them.

  • No Expert
    No Expert

    Simply Beautiful👌🏼

  • No Expert
    No Expert

    NICE INTRO GUYS !!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💥👌🏼

  • muhd akieff
    muhd akieff

    we need to live on other planets as soon as possible! Elon Musk please send me to the Mars!

  • Photographie JoBelle
    Photographie JoBelle

    I have seen exactly the same 3 weeks ago in Montreal. The light suddenly went out one after the other, but under the lit Montreal sky, I could see the 3 objects approached, merged together and disappeared. They looked gray and were shaped like a Tic-Tac.

  • Andrés Pacheco
    Andrés Pacheco

    Startling...overwhelming. Watching this video with the music from the album "Oxigene" by Jean-Michel Jarre... I feel like I can get a glimpse, a tiny perspective of the nature of the cosmos and the meaning of all existence... However this fleeting glimpse is enough to feel an enormous peace and harmony... Everything's gonna be alright...

  • AmazonPawan

    Deep field good job nice shering dear freind like

  • Estevão Borges
    Estevão Borges

    Quantas formas de vida, seloco

  • Estevão Borges
    Estevão Borges

    Abra as portas da percepção, altere-a com alucinógenos e assista esse trabalho sublime!

  • Estevão Borges
    Estevão Borges

    Majestoso, supremo.

  • Bisma Ijaz
    Bisma Ijaz

    Masterpiece 🔥

  • Сергей Федюков
    Сергей Федюков


  • Сергей Федюков
    Сергей Федюков


  • Rob H
    Rob H

    The great Hubble fake

    • Joseph Adriano
      Joseph Adriano


  • ytsubaccount ytsubaccount
    ytsubaccount ytsubaccount

    Wait. Not so fast. Am I seeing Artist's Rendition ? Am I seeing CGI Rendition ?

  • alfredo castellanos
    alfredo castellanos

    Gracias hermosísimo me transporte al universo gracias padre amor que maravillas creaste.

  • Andrew Calvert
    Andrew Calvert

    Wake up, you’re all in dreamland, the heliocentric Big Bang cosmology is dying a slow death, get off that ride sharpish if you want to be of sound mind and have discernible reasoning skills

  • Beautiful Desh
    Beautiful Desh

    ALLAH Created All,❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Akshay K
    Akshay K

    Space is infinite ♾

  • Astrophotonics

    Will we survive long enough to become a Super Civilization and take our place among others out there or will we fail because of petty differences and face extinction, right now its not looking good.

  • Dirk Lammertse
    Dirk Lammertse

    I love sagan. A clever Guy. Stay cool greetings from Holland

  • Bruce Burns
    Bruce Burns

    Are these images computer generated ????

    • ytsubaccount ytsubaccount
      ytsubaccount ytsubaccount

      Exactly the question I have. Artist's Rendition or CGI rendition.

  • Vega Universum
    Vega Universum

    Sehr schöner Sound.

  • Alexander Machado
    Alexander Machado

    Glory to the Lord Jesus

  • 이명곤

    I am sure that theses images are only the result of CG.

  • m0nsta

    That was spectacularly fantastic!

  • Pat M
    Pat M

    Yet when i listen and watch Hauser playing his cello along with full orchestra and children's choir, I believe the universe "steps back" and listens in shock and awe to what we humans are capable of and maybe "wonders" what IS going on.

  • ali sher gilgiti
    ali sher gilgiti

  • mostafa aly
    mostafa aly

    The question is, how did they film that, so they laugh at us?

  • Marcus Keller
    Marcus Keller

    ok this scares me idk why

  • Yasin Yasinn
    Yasin Yasinn

    only the creator directs the are being deceived

  • Сергей Федюков
    Сергей Федюков

    .. Хм.?

  • Сергей Федюков
    Сергей Федюков

    Там я

    • Один Идущий
      Один Идущий


    • Один Идущий
      Один Идущий

      Не тренди, там нет тебя.

  • Сергей Федюков
    Сергей Федюков

    В далеком.. Темном лесу, нету спичик

  • Merch Claf
    Merch Claf

    I'm sorry, Earth on behalf of humans - that we keep hurting you for our own momentary satisfactions. You are one of kind. We should have learned if not should learn - to appreciate what we have. You are one of kind. We are nothing without earth. The only home we know. I hope when we are ready to grow wiser, we will be able to respect each others objectively and wisely.


    I just imagine that Im actually flying over these places in a future spacecraft, This is what I would see being there for real ,

  • davz robaich
    davz robaich

    our vast and awesome universe . thank you for showing us this

  • Eva Maria
    Eva Maria

    Imagens esuberantes

  • Eva Maria
    Eva Maria

    Fantástica imagem o homem desvenda segredos mas não descobre a cura

  • Rory Craig - Composer
    Rory Craig - Composer

    I truly believe that 20:01 is the pinnacle of music. Actually, it transcends music. It gives me an extremely overwhelming feeling of awe. No other piece of music has made me feel this way, ever.

    • Captain Of The Lost Waves
      Captain Of The Lost Waves

      Dear Rory,I hear you,yet it aligns with the composition "Benedictus" by Karl Jenkins for me in its mood and scope of sheer sonic enchantment x


    Al regresar a la tierra te das cuenta de lo diminuto que somos , pero estando afuera se siente tan nuestro tambien , pero a un nivel de conexion con el todo. No cabe duda que somos parte del todo.

  • Jack Bosworth
    Jack Bosworth

    Incredible composition and video. Almost beyond comprehension.

  • Muhammad Gullan
    Muhammad Gullan

    No God but God!!!!!!!!

  • Bon Bon
    Bon Bon


  • marlete medina
    marlete medina

    Wonderful photos, congratulations, great work!

  • caiw

    What a great quality!

  • Paul Harris
    Paul Harris

    Anybody that looks at this knows there has to be a God somewhere In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth! The foolishness of man to think all this evolved from a big bang! Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned I'm so glad that God so..loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believeth on Him shall not perish but shall have everlasting life! For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world. But that the world through Him might be saved!

    • few2rock

      Man created gods, not the other way around.

  • Digiscrap Angelhaze
    Digiscrap Angelhaze

    It’s gigantic and more than wonderful

  • Vi Mak
    Vi Mak

    The best!

  • positivesecret

    You're moving threw photographs ,,you're not moving threw space. Still beautiful though.