Emu War - OverSimplified (Mini-Wars #4)

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    • Stephanie Drage
      Stephanie Drage

      We actually make them out old of leather you idiot

    • Liam Ratliff
      Liam Ratliff

      @Tiên yea Vietnam war was scary and bloody, but interesting history-wise

    • dudsirrtateing

      It's the burning bush

    • Aksel Playsz
      Aksel Playsz

      Do Vietnam war

    • Seth Tyrrell
      Seth Tyrrell

      i a man aussi

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    Neel Dhuru

    u absolutly suck jk u are awesome

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    Alicia Adams

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  • WenchFister

    Wow towing the guy off the cliff was genius.

  • Crimson Warrior
    Crimson Warrior


  • dastrongestapple

    If they can militarize the emus, WWIII will be a breeze

  • falsehashtags

    Nobody tried a grenade on them or any explosive?

  • Michael Doyle
    Michael Doyle

    Discount ostriches he says

  • Viod Films
    Viod Films

    eum = the only thing that the au coden not bet

  • Luke Blackley
    Luke Blackley

    The indeginous people of Australia discovered Australia.....

  • Brayden5120

    2:57 uhhh Florida lookin sus

  • Yashita Verma
    Yashita Verma

    its peacock by the way, just saying....and i love youe videos

  • mini Mike Tyson 2.0
    mini Mike Tyson 2.0

    No the British did discover Australia and I'm also british

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    Pizza_ delivery

    More economic downturn

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  • kusha gupta
    kusha gupta

    I havent laughed so much in a while. An operation sounding so stupid turned out to be stupid 🤣

  • Raven Dawn
    Raven Dawn

    Running away is ingenious

  • crazysafari

    Bro australia is more safer than america

  • TigerG

    Goddamit, I’m Australian and I’ve never seen a snake in my life. *STOP MAKING FUN OF US IMPERIALIST!*

  • Who am I
    Who am I

    Ah yes the oversimplified manager manager is oversimplified

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    Ryuichi Lawliet


  • vιтoυ тнornιnтн
    vιтoυ тнornιnтн

    This guy really need a driver license 7:28

  • Magnus Percy
    Magnus Percy

    i enjoyed this as an australian

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    Yoga Journey Channel

    it’s Let me Go home by Bobby Cole

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    Ronte' Nelson

    Discount Ostriches 😭

  • EbayUserGreen

    I thought at one point "How the fuck do you possibly loose to fucking birds?!" Then I remembered something, it's fucking Australia.

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    Lilia Loretta

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  • Logan Bagley
    Logan Bagley

    Everyone talks about the Emu War, but what about the Sino-Passerine War of 1958??

  • Zelegendary

    We run away the best plan ever lol

  • Crazy Hercules
    Crazy Hercules

    Nice try Oversimplified. But everyone knows that the Emus wanted revenge for the humans wiping out the Dodo bird species.

  • Jackson Wilder
    Jackson Wilder

    This war very well changed the course of human history. During this war, the population so one of the greatest drops in history. Lived changed forever. Many countries collapsed and remnants of this war are still around today as a reminder of the terrors of this war. Australia still has never fully recovered.

  • The ballistic Tree
    The ballistic Tree

    Can we have a moment of silence for the fallen emus

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    Felix Jr. Potestas

    Sponspor is Bad😡😡😡😡

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    • Derpy Possum
      Derpy Possum

      Are you trying to sound like a 6-year-old?

  • Halima Nafiu
    Halima Nafiu

    this is stupid idea

  • perfectsplit

    Maybe the plot of “Aliens” with Sigourney Weaver was modeled after the Emu War - use the military as exterminators.

  • perfectsplit

    I’d say this Emu War was a slightly better idea than “Defund the Police”.

  • Kunal Kherajani
    Kunal Kherajani

    Hello, I'm a really big fan of yours from India, can you please do some videos on Indian History, anything you like, indus valley, golden age of India, Chandragupta or maratha empires, Mughal rulers or India's revolt against the British, anything you like, just please do some video on India, big fan of your work

  • Luis Granillo
    Luis Granillo

    They should've chosen the cassowary as their national bird. Thing is a literal dinosaur

  • Phan Lucy
    Phan Lucy

    *POV: You are the camera man that follow the group of army men being failed many times and being said cut every time they fail*

  • Neh Desai ·
    Neh Desai ·


  • BlitzTD

    “Target spotted” BANG BANG “Well, was it an emu?” “No sir, it’s an emo” “Dammit Jones, learn your vowels!” “I’m surry.”

  • Kino Navul
    Kino Navul

    arthur phillip looks like hes either freaked out by what he supposedly saw or very high and actually thought this was a good thing

  • Wandame Niangti
    Wandame Niangti

    This channel really made my day.. if i weren't so broke i would've so joined this channel by now

  • Maria Gee
    Maria Gee

    Love the vids

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    Yeniçeri Ağası

    There is history content on my own youtube channel, don't forget to check it out

  • SagA Houdini
    SagA Houdini

    As an Australian I can confirm emus taste good and kangaroo is also pretty good btw we kill them because they are over populated and we use them to make dog and cat food and some food for us

  • ꧁EMME꧂

    As an Australian this is painfully accurate 😂

  • AKuM se-12
    AKuM se-12

    Emu - emo? More like over joke - fied.

  • Joe H.
    Joe H.

    Please do an oversimplified of the depression in Canada. Swarms of locust ravaged crop land around the same time, to the point there are some stories of the bugs literally shadowing the land

  • ChosenOne OnlyOne
    ChosenOne OnlyOne

    Decisive Emu victory

  • Gaming Champ
    Gaming Champ

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    Lilia Loretta

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  • Eandvwigle Games
    Eandvwigle Games

    5:56 Me to my brother when our parents begin coming up the stairs:

  • Nightwing.

    England is like those damn Nazi. Australia is like those damn Emu's.

  • Bright Error
    Bright Error

    Man these austrailians got destroyed

  • Jebus Bhrist
    Jebus Bhrist

    Basically Australia is a joke for not being able to win an emu war.

  • Yunis Alhakim
    Yunis Alhakim

    *Australia loses war against Emus* USA: Hey yo Australia, were going to war against Nazi Germany, we need ur help fam. Be careful, they do have a very large military arsenal Australia: Sure thing! Im fine with that. USA: and i think there's. flightless bird native to germany...What? Australia: *Intense sweating*

  • Frizzle

    When I become a history teacher this is how I shall teach my kids just oversimplified videos

  • Ashley Fwambo
    Ashley Fwambo

    I love history I'm a nerd

  • Joseph H
    Joseph H

    Protect our emu war veterans

  • Ethan Needham
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  • Skelemander

    S A M O N E L L A

  • Kirill Kupov
    Kirill Kupov

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  • Jackson

    This was velvety good to bright side (I live in a Australia and know all of this stuff is still tho) 9:23 was just funny

  • Jerrilyn Klock
    Jerrilyn Klock

    The miscreant danger emphatically entertain because comic genomically bat throughout a jumbled hat. wary, luxuriant account

  • Kara Jacoby
    Kara Jacoby

    And people say Australia never lost a war

  • rmi_op


  • Otavio Xavier
    Otavio Xavier

    That emu boi!!!!!!!!

  • Hyper Sonic Rush
    Hyper Sonic Rush

    9:38 who is that man who interrupted the Montage of the Australian Military failing to win a war against a species of birds?

  • Hyper Sonic Rush
    Hyper Sonic Rush

    "Fences are the key to not losing 10k Ammunitions and 1k Emus"

  • Breno Basso Cenci
    Breno Basso Cenci

    world upside down: the emus strikes back best movie in the entire world of australia CHANGE MY MIND

  • Mik Hail
    Mik Hail

    Who's here because team Australia beat team USA in basketball?

  • Dom Humber
    Dom Humber

    Appreciate the video but goddamn, these bad attempts at injecting humour get tedious reeeal quick. I've noticed it's a recurring theme and i don't wanna throw shade, I just think the videos would be better by cutting some of the jokes as the vids are entertaining enough anyway but if everyone else enjoys them then it's all good, I like the channel anyway!

  • Allan playz gamez pc
    Allan playz gamez pc

    All national birds their contryes were Conley's of GB

  • Sarah King
    Sarah King

    To this day the emus are suffering from shell shock.🥚

  • Joel Joseph
    Joel Joseph

    Vikings actually discoverd australia because of danish empire

  • RicardoJenson

    This episode is comedic gold

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  • jared glinka
    jared glinka

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  • Drummer Boy
    Drummer Boy

    We just gonna ignore the fact farmer Bruce is wearing a toilet hat?

  • Hygherflyer

    Well thats a change, its usually the Emo doing the shooting

  • Baboon Momma
    Baboon Momma

    You're telling they only sent 3 people, screw that i say the emus lost

  • Louis W
    Louis W

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  • Sharp Xenon
    Sharp Xenon

    I dont see enough people liking the credits

  • Sharp Xenon
    Sharp Xenon

    Oversimplified narrates everything like he's in a library. and it works soo well

  • steven jackson
    steven jackson

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    Hi People

    Oh look it’s a oversimplified video more economic downturn

  • Braedon Cooke
    Braedon Cooke

    Ww2 looks like some holiday compared to this brutal event.

  • Todd -
    Todd -

    That was an insane idea.

  • The Boss
    The Boss

    Oversimplified actually make history fun.

    • Tempulus

      Hey well if you like history please consider checking out my timeline of the 150+ most important people in history :)

  • Jarrett Owens
    Jarrett Owens

    2:27-2:31 For some reason, this made me laugh.

  • Insane Lover
    Insane Lover

    when you have a pet emu: AWWWWW :3 emu is a spy:

  • Jarno Datema
    Jarno Datema

    Don’t forget that the farmers just put up some fences and that pretty much solved the problem



  • Cassie N
    Cassie N


  • Omni-Enhanced Fork
    Omni-Enhanced Fork

    I mean sure the Americans lost to the Vietnamese rice Farmers but at least we didn't lose to birds I think

  • MrCrownedClown

    We run away. I see the emus studied the Russian defense.

  • Ashley Lightfoot
    Ashley Lightfoot

    Mini-wars #5: The Cod Wars And I don't mean playstation Vs Xbox I mean the Icelandic cod wars when Iceland took on Britain