Gabbie Hanna will never stop.
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  • JessiSmiles

    I will absolutely, under no circumstances, be addressing Gabbie any longer. I don’t care if she continues to post 2881966 videos about me, I don’t care what people think I SHOULD do in response. I made this video with a very clear intention and made sure to say and show my truth for the parts of this situation that truly hurt and mattered to me. If I dedicated any more of my time to combating every lie Gabbie has and continues to tell about our friendship, I’d never be free of this situation. The back and forth would never end. There are always more screenshots either one of us could show, there’s always more context. It has to end somewhere. My only solution here is to do what most people are waiting for either Gabbie or myself to do right now - and that’s end this. This is a situation that hurts and triggers many people beyond just me. I refuse to prolong it any further. Gabbie can have the last word - I’m going to enjoy my life and spend time with people I love and, very soon, welcome my beautiful daughter into this world. Thank you to those of you who have taken the time to listen.

    • lulu f u lemon
      lulu f u lemon

      Trying to understand the hate. There is so much energy and hate going towards the person who didn't touch you. What about the actual rapist who violated you? ! ..... Stop petty shit and get actual justice if that is what is eating you, or move on.

    • The Swiss Guy
      The Swiss Guy

      Take care.

    • Angie Ma-La
      Angie Ma-La


    • monoplyhereandnow

    • liv Hayes
      liv Hayes


  • Jj Sam
    Jj Sam

    I’m so so sorry that you are in this situation and feeling the pain and hurt that you are. Try to focus on your pregnancy, family, friends and happy moments. You are a beautifully strong woman and I hope you continue to be! I hope some comfort comes from knowing your followers love and support you and only wish happiness! We’re with you Jessi! 💜

  • sim.saurus

    I heard about this on a drama chanel and am literally just watching this because I want you to get all the views, likes, money, alogrithm stuff, whatever that you can get, she's insane. I hope you and your new baby are doing good 🥰

  • þiccnesse

    I'm so sorry that happened to you. I'm here for you.

  • Sydney Rivera
    Sydney Rivera

    It looks like she took her video down.... Then proceeded to add more fake news on the situation. Then Alex shut her down with even more swift embarrassment! Let the truth shine girl! You deserve to relax before your lil babe comes without an egotistical girl being an energy vampire! Be well!!

  • ThatGirl1

    Girl! No apologies from you needed! You’re so strong, and to deal with this while being pregnant is terrible! You do not deserve this, that woman is a menace, and literally satan! Please try to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy to the most of your ability, because momma, you DESERVE that! We all love you and you’re a fighter, and a strong woman! ♥️

  • ballie smak
    ballie smak

    She sees emotional responses as fake or for attention because that's how SHE uses her emotions

  • Tony Pendragon
    Tony Pendragon

    Sorry you had to deal with her, Jessi. Hope you are doing well.

  • Liberty Larpenter
    Liberty Larpenter

    “Thanks to a year of therapy” get a refund bitch

  • Angela Lejzerowicz
    Angela Lejzerowicz

    Oh ok she doesn’t want her shit put out there but it’s ok to talk about EVERYONE else’s trauma

  • A C R
    A C R

    Her nose honestly irritates me.

  • Jaime Warren
    Jaime Warren

    I’m so incredibly sorry for this. She is a horrible person. It actually disgusts me. She will absolutely get hers with karma.

  • punisher 77657
    punisher 77657

    My mom was raped but she don't talk about it

  • Savannah Rae Sisk
    Savannah Rae Sisk

    This is crazy!


    Please come back. We miss you 💔 I hope you and baby are doing well I keep going back to your old content when you moved back to LA cause I just left Cali for the first time with my husband I know it's for the best and WA is beautiful but I'm so anxious Also your drunk grwm with Kathleen cause that always helps lol I hope you and your family are doing well and you are happy, healthy, and living your best life

  • Ann cruz
    Ann cruz

    At first I was like this is so messed up but then I realized that every second that u guys are going bk and fourth there is someone dying, someone not able to plead for anything on social media sight. This will continue cause there is so much anger. Sorry for what u are going through but all that anger and emotional stress ur baby feels it not good.

    • Elisa Castro.
      Elisa Castro.

      "Everytime you defend yourself against a terrible person, there are all these other people with things going on in life that have nothing to do with you or your situation. How dare you not consider them when you're trying to put an end to this almost decade long beef?" I swear, you're the type of person to shut a person down for feeling sad because "there are kids starving in other countries."

  • Krista Couch
    Krista Couch

    This situation is shit, but my respect for you has skyrocketed. I don’t think I could handle this with that much grace

  • Petar K
    Petar K

    The fact that they still have beef 🤣 gurl move on

    • AFVfan1

      Jessi uploaded this video two months ago. Get a clue.

  • Ńia Baĺĺard
    Ńia Baĺĺard

    Im so sorry for defending her.

  • Dionysia R
    Dionysia R

    Not me treating this video like asmr, listening to it every night because her voice soothes me.

  • Genevieve Crawford
    Genevieve Crawford

    I love how people are still making comments about how Jessi needs to stop talking about this… but like… *she already did*.

    • C. S.
      C. S.

      It’s mostly young children who don’t understand the severity of the situation.

  • Shelbi DeBold
    Shelbi DeBold

    She did all of this … hanging with Curtis.. being friends with Jessie.. just to become and stay relevant.

  • Shaina W.
    Shaina W.

    You're right she doesn't stop

  • violina Lsh
    violina Lsh

    From my Point of view this whole situation is verry disappointing. „Reality“ is subjectivly perceived by each person; for exampel a bee and a elefant would describe a Daisy verry much differently. Obviously Jessi has been traumatized and has been done wrong along the way - yet That doesn‘t rule out the possibility of Gabbi also being traumatized and being hurt. In certain points you have both been the aggresor and the victim. This shitshow is spinning in circles and it doesn‘t benefit anybody it makes you both Look stupid. The only reason why Jessie sounds More reasonable is that she is staying calm and collected while Gabbi comes of as unstable ( regarding it is being stated time and time again That she is mentally ill this is not suprising). I cant understand how two fully grown women are willing to continue this feud - just stop - at least one of you should be the bigger Person and just leave it be or take it to Court. Assuming Gabbi actually is a Narc and might have other issues from type Cluster B is only further proving my point that this discussion is going no where. A mentally ill Person shouldn‘t be dragged; everthing is said there is nothing productive to Add. I wish you both the Best and hope you will both get your mental peace back…

  • JustBriiTv

    I use to loveee your channel until I realized you only post when there’s drama …. You disappear for months at a time and only show back up to post about gabbi smh I don’t respect it

    • Yellowy Color
      Yellowy Color

      this channel isn't her main means of income anymore--she's explained that as the reason she doesn't post as often. also, she's a mother with other shit to worry about. maybe if you watched the whole video you'd understand why she made and posted this when she did. also, "drama"? you're calling gabbi's constant harrassment and slander of jessi surrounding her rape/rapist "drama." that's not drama. it's emotional abuse. have some empathy for fucks sake

  • Serendipity

    I'm a new sub. I don't know the whole story. I'm a survivor of a extremely violent SA. No one has the right to comment on someone's SA situation. NO ONE!!! Karma will visit people with dark intentions. Hugs enjoy your family your children and your life. Being happy is the best revenge. I look forward to more content. 🖤🖤🖤

  • tschick

    How arrogant is it for someone who keeps using "i have memory issues" as an excuse for their behavior to release 3 hours of a call without listening back to it?

  • nikki lishuz
    nikki lishuz

    she had NO RIGHT to hear "his side of the story"-you have no idea how detailed, graphic, or descriptive a person will be when they tell a story, and as a friend, why would anybody want to know all those details about what exactly he saw, felt, heard, smelled, tasted, thought, WHATEVER, about his victim. ugh and it is infuriating to learn that she felt entitled to that information from his perspective on your behalf, as if you had asked her to get that data yourself. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING.

  • [ Echo ]
    [ Echo ]

    She's just eww

  • flower_ girl
    flower_ girl

    Her huge ego and terrible personality are an explosive combination

  • flower_ girl
    flower_ girl

    Isn't curtis in jail for rape? He makes videos all the time?

    • Fadalerab Rasool
      Fadalerab Rasool

      he took a plea deal where even though he confessed and was charged he wont face jail time for his crimes.

  • romy

    im so proud of you jessi for making this video, and her regard for your trauma is disgusting. i hope your doing well jessi

  • Lauren Shay
    Lauren Shay

    Both of you need to be stopped. Both of you need to stop talking about one another. This breaks my heart. Work this out privately - in whatever way you need to. Keep it off the internet. The internet is a scary and dangerous place - not either of you.

    • Emma

      Jessi tried to.

  • Valerie Choron
    Valerie Choron

    Gabbi needs to go to jail.

  • Gina Ascencao
    Gina Ascencao

    If she just would have stuck with repeating trends ,maybe , just maybe could have been something other then crued oil!🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Gina Ascencao
    Gina Ascencao

    @jessie smiles!! that lunatic!🤯😂🙀🤭🤦🏽‍♀️ immediately atleast for myself i knew she was breaking down for everyone her own behaviors, how SHE moves , the way she thinks (which is terrifyingly sick) for her it seems to be a party 🎉 and sadly this Character wasnt created to apease an audience ! The vine videos were copycat material bc their is NO WAY at all would she have caught the percent of viewers had she been authentic back then , well unless their was a portion for the ( Monsters in thy soul group) 🤦🏽‍♀️🤫 Look , the material she introduced herself with were trending & she hopped on like a person hops off a train u need to eventually gtf off , just like eventually someone would click her vid!! 🙀 . Ive saw her on some other channel which i believe constantly would play the shit out of her but her character acting wasnt luring !! Now i know chic deserved it (sadly but true) ! Either way !! She is deeply disturbed & once she released her true self BLAMING &Twisting is all she had left ( She be a great add on for the simpsons!! prayers & blessings for your heart ,mind & family !!💜

  • Schyenne Clark
    Schyenne Clark

    32:54 I’m literally doing laundry right now I only ever watch FIbill when I’m reading and want background noise or am doing laundry

  • Lisabeth Gump
    Lisabeth Gump

    She obviously it’s just a miserable person. You need to let this go and let her keep being her it showing in her videos she’s not a very nice person she’s a narcissist

  • Mike And Jen Gauthier
    Mike And Jen Gauthier

    Sounds like you got a pretty huge lawsuit

  • Mike And Jen Gauthier
    Mike And Jen Gauthier

    She's a narcissist honey

  • Mike And Jen Gauthier
    Mike And Jen Gauthier


    • Maia Rustad
      Maia Rustad

      We’ve been in the “last days” for over two decades now, at least. Either Jesus overslept his alarm or y’all are speaking out of an @ss that you painted a cross on and called the holy word. For your sake, I hope you wake up eventually and realize that your fear isn’t real, and live the rest of your life to the fullest.

    • Rayne Tukuiaien LoveIsLost513
      Rayne Tukuiaien LoveIsLost513

      Wow. You are disgusting. You think spreading hate and blaming a literal survivor of rape is Christian behavior? No ma'am. Disgraceful. Shame on you. This is not how you spread the word of God.

    • Wendigo Whispers
      Wendigo Whispers

      @serensitii ッ Truth.

    • serensitii ッ
      serensitii ッ

      People like you are the reason people turn AWAY from God

    • Wendigo Whispers
      Wendigo Whispers

      Blessed be from a southern pagan witch 💜 Let people choose their own religion and stop trying to indoctrinate people on a video with a strong woman standing up for herself in such a mature manner. It's extremely rude. I know you believe you mean well, but it's just not the time or place. Give support. End of story.

  • Janay Harper
    Janay Harper

    I like how she said. “ he tried to take a snap chat” …. “ so I made him delete it” girl I thought you said he trieeeeed. Lol… and the talking while showing pictures that prove the exact opposite of what she’s saying… makes me not like her even more…

  • Jason Newman
    Jason Newman

    So sorry that you have to deal with this girl and what you went through.

  • its kristtaahh
    its kristtaahh

    Gurl if my bestie EVER told me someone sexual abused her I’d be in jail 💯💯💯 like absolutely not completely unacceptable.

  • Fadalerab Rasool
    Fadalerab Rasool

    30:34 30:40 34:11 34:14 1:10:15

  • The Megan Experience
    The Megan Experience

    I think it’s super telling that she intentionally turned off comments and like/dislike ratio on the videos about you.

    • Lucas Kardashian
      Lucas Kardashian

      EXACTLY, she knows no one believes her lies, her “career” is literally over, I really don’t know how she’s gonna come back from this one, I mean sis literally profited over someone else’s trauma and harass the victim constantly, if that doesn’t scream disgusting horrible person then idk what does

  • Alex Thee
    Alex Thee

    She's got no confidence and is screaming "pick me" vibes. Talking about Guppie btw yes "Guppie"

  • Jessinabottle

    You dont have to answer this but do you as a survivor believe a person can change after they have assaulted a person? And I'm not trying to upset your or bring it up again. I am.also not siding with him I think it's awful that he did that to you. When I first found out I was mad at myself for ever watching his vines. I also think you're incredibly strong for addressing all this and do it with such composure and eloquence.

    • KarnageKarnival

      There's a Ted talk out there about this, called something like "Why I befriended my rapist" People are complicated

    • Wendigo Whispers
      Wendigo Whispers

      Considering comments he has made even recently in regards to this situation, sadly no in his case at least.

  • Charli Anderson
    Charli Anderson

    Jessi, the internet loves you and supports you x

  • Lady Savageee
    Lady Savageee

    We miss you 💙 take care of yourself first and foremost. I’m happy you posted this and I hope you can mode on and enjoy your pregnancy now without the constant drama. Gabbi has proven over and over she has problems and isn’t someone who deserves a platform. You are better off without her and the stress she tries to cause you. She doesn’t deserve your time anymore after this 💞

  • abigail c
    abigail c

    keemstar: i hate cases of rape well yeah so do the victims of it. that's just such a stupid thing for him to say smh

  • Megan Montgomery
    Megan Montgomery

    Sounds like extortion to me 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m so terribly sorry for everything this horrible person did over the years

  • Megan Montgomery
    Megan Montgomery

    Tbh u could have a whole case u got evidence n everything

  • louie23fly

    I'm so sorry you have had to go through all of this. No body deserves to go through something like this.

  • Plastique heart
    Plastique heart

    The obsessive lying THAT girl does is crazy

  • Chronic Pain Guy
    Chronic Pain Guy

    "If you always tell the don't have to have a very good memory!"- Judge Judy

    • T J
      T J


  • Kelsey Robertson
    Kelsey Robertson

    Be free, momma, we support you.

  • Angela

    If you are her abuser, why is she having sex w your ex?

    • bobaebee

      What do you mean?

  • Pink Star
    Pink Star

    I was going to ask why yall don't just stop addressing things and cutting the person off? But I see it states you wont be addressing her any longer. Which is good. You can't control people, and there's only so much you can do. Especially people with mental issues. It doesn't accomplish much of anything if its constant back and forth and drilling in the same thing over and over and over again.

  • Erin Kaileen
    Erin Kaileen

    It’s the “i was quoting lil Wayne” for me 🤧 miss girl what

    • Erin Kaileen
      Erin Kaileen

      Side note gabbi looks BOTCHED asf now what happened.

  • Pandababy2013

    She's really going to hate when someone will money takes her to court girl save everything even her videos.

  • Crystal Tears
    Crystal Tears

    All of you you tubers, GET A REAL LIFE.

    • Anna Vaughan
      Anna Vaughan

      How do they not already have real lives? Jessi has a family, that’s not a real life?

    • Wendigo Whispers
      Wendigo Whispers

      Sounds like you could use a little Wizard of Oz treatment, and get a heart.

  • Danielle Carmell
    Danielle Carmell

    I adore you jessi... watching your videos over the years and seeing you interact with people shows that you are a cool Down to earth type person.. not on FIbill seeking drama or clout... so don’t worry.. anyone with a brain can see the truth in this situation. 💯🥰

  • Adriane Beck
    Adriane Beck

    Omg I swear a lot of these internet celebrities are sociopaths. I’m so sorry you’re trauma has been broadcasted and discussed by people who have absolutely no reason to be speaking on it.

  • Battle B
    Battle B

    Is she on amphetamines or something...

  • Nataliia Nezhynska
    Nataliia Nezhynska

    I'm very sorry you've been through all of this. And THAT. You look like a super strong woman.

  • Nataliia Nezhynska
    Nataliia Nezhynska

    Oh man, Gabbi keeps acting like an adult toddler throwing a tantrum non stop through her entire life. Yikes.

  • Gigi Gonzalez
    Gigi Gonzalez

    I just feel bad that shes taking ur story and running it through the mud. Why does she think she has any right. Ive heard about ur rape because of her

  • T

    I mean its easy to say that she should never talk about you but by publicly calling her a rape apologist, you have branded her as one forever. So she will have to defend herself rather than decline to answer because the latter would make it worse for her.

    • KarnageKarnival

      Nah, people do worst shit and when they stop talking about it, it mostly goes away. Just look at Shane or Jeff Star. Also no one branded her anything, she did a thing and we all saw. If Jessi didn't say it we all would anyway. Because it's true.

    • Wendigo Whispers
      Wendigo Whispers

      You, T...are a legit clown. And that's the true tea.

    • Analigia Batres
      Analigia Batres

      All she had to do was not associate with a rapist. Even if we ignore her history with jessi, associating with someone who has done that is questionable at best and your character should absolutely be questioned if you do that.

  • waitukubuli girl
    waitukubuli girl

    Sis needs to go to jail

  • Lily

    You are so strong💜💜💜

  • Lu Cooper
    Lu Cooper

    You are a warrior and so strong. I went through similar trauma and ex friendship just not publicly. Its so traumatic and you are so brave. Keep doing you queen. Sending love and support ❤ xxxx

  • BabyangelMUSIC

    Damn I’m 30mins in and I thought it was about to be over but Moo anyways back to listen to Jessie cuz she deserves to be heard by me

  • Rafael

    You should be a lawyer. 😂👍

  • Savannah H
    Savannah H

    Wishing you nothing but beautiful, loving, and peaceful days. ❤️

  • GeminiLand 1996
    GeminiLand 1996

    Love you jessi stay strong

  • McKinley

    She's like the Female Version of Onision at this point

  • Sigita Ventyte
    Sigita Ventyte

    I wish she would just leave internet for life

  • Marinu Davis
    Marinu Davis

    You went through the hardest and most painful experience in the world. You are so strong to be able to speak your mind with such grace and strength. You have my full support. ❤️

  • Jessica D
    Jessica D

    She is the pure definition of a narcissist. I can’t believe she said you were one in that interview 😂

  • Madison Haler
    Madison Haler

    jessi i’m seriously so proud of you. for so many years you tried to be the better person and stay silent, i’m very proud that you are finally standing up for yourself. go off queen, you deserve to use the voice you’ve been given. ❤️

  • Princess Sindy
    Princess Sindy


    • Wendigo Whispers
      Wendigo Whispers

      You are a legitimate clown. This was never drama. It was trauma. Jessi handled herself with more maturity than you could even muster in one comment.

    • Princess Sindy
      Princess Sindy

      @Analigia Batres too bad. Jessie's feelings got hurt YEARS AGO move tf on 🙄🤷‍♀️

    • Analigia Batres
      Analigia Batres

      This isn't cancel culture, this is a repugnant "woman" who needs to have her platform removed.

  • Larin Nathalie
    Larin Nathalie

    You shouldn’t have to deal with any of this, you should never have had to deal with this shit. I’m so sorry Jessi. Trust me you have support and love from the FIbill. Thank you for being open and strong enough to share these things and put an end to the confusion. ❤️ Love from one survivor to another.

  • Nmoetoe

    I know what it's like to get betrayed by your best friend, it sucks :( Wish u all the best

  • Jidas Duchess
    Jidas Duchess

    Gabie Hannah behavior is pathetic. Doing all that drama while you are pregnant is beyond disgusting 🤢🤮. I hope you are doing well and don't listen her😡

  • ceres cresendo
    ceres cresendo

    I wasn't raped, but I was molested by my ex (bf at that time). And I still can't get over the trauma of being molested. I don't want to share it to public bc I know it would be a 'he said she said case'. And most of the time, people WOULDN'T believe that sexual assault can happen between lovers or even spouses. And I know people will label me stuffs too if I tell em. Sometimes I still cry a lot when the memory resurfacing. I can't imagine how broken you'd feel because of this. You're strong, Jessi. Please stay healthy, you and the baby. 😊

    • ceres cresendo
      ceres cresendo

      @Hannah Smith thank you for your support, Hannah. Means a lot to me. Yeah, true.. I don't understand why some people think if we agreed to become lovers is equals to always consenting doing sexual stuffs. How could they force it to a girl/boy they loved? Disgusting, man.

    • Hannah Smith
      Hannah Smith

      I hate that there's people who think that because someone is romantically involved with their r*pist, it wasn't r*pe. Those people need to have some sense slapped into them I'm so sorry for what you went through ❤️

    • ceres cresendo
      ceres cresendo

      @MARI V Thank you for your kind and comforting words. Hope you're doing well too! =)

    • MARI V
      MARI V

      I’m so sorry. I hope ur doing well now

  • yep

    Jessi, be careful with her. She scares me.

  • Sceptical Panda
    Sceptical Panda

    All of this is pretty shitty.. Hope you're doing well.

  • kateland cates
    kateland cates

    Don’t give her the power to ruin your life and happiness. Keep your head up and know your truth and know you’ve done what you could to fix the situation. She’s the one who continues to attack you and tell lies about your story and things that should never be lied about. You e owed up to what you’ve done wrong and admitted to it and apologized so live your life and let her drowned in her own shit. Everyone knows she lying about this and we know you’ve been through so much.

  • Marko Chulevski
    Marko Chulevski

    this is what happens when you aren't talented enough for hollywood but you still hang around it with others like you kids!

  • Brittany Harrell
    Brittany Harrell

    Anyone with a brain could figure out who is in the wrong. Jessi, keep it classy. She isn’t worth it. 💕

  • Dominique St
    Dominique St

    Where is her family?! She genuinely needs help!

  • Zalkon33


  • Allison Landesco
    Allison Landesco

    I won’t even watch anything with Gabbi’s face on it. Never giving her the time of day and a paycheck in her pocket.

  • HippyDippyJenShroom

    From one victim to another, I think you're fucking brave for talking about this at all. I'm sorry that you can't be in peace and have to hear your story over and over. I'm hoping that this can end for you, so you can move on and be happy with your beautiful family ❤️

  • L.D. 604;-
    L.D. 604;-

    How could she even talk and spread lies about topics that aren’t even her business?

  • Anastasia Vasilisa
    Anastasia Vasilisa

    Made ur self look worse TBH

  • Anastasia Vasilisa
    Anastasia Vasilisa

    Your Gross

    • S.O.

      Your grammar sucks.

    • Sven TheKilljoy
      Sven TheKilljoy

      no u

  • robyn mccready
    robyn mccready

    She looks like a five cent street Walker. Enjoy your life beautiful 😗

  • Silvia C
    Silvia C

    Im so glad you’re reclaiming your story away from a person who has used it against you for publicity and to re traumatize you. All the support your way for you and your baby ❤️