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God Of War Ragnarok - PlayStation Showcase 2021 Reveal Trailer | PS5

  • Eric Mondragon
    Eric Mondragon


  • Sonrixx PUBG
    Sonrixx PUBG


  • Wahyu Setiawan
    Wahyu Setiawan

    Is that skyrim remake?

  • Sam Since1985
    Sam Since1985

    How people disliked this? Not even Phil

  • usuario3547741

    22:00 .. 30:00 SONG??? 😢😢😥😢

  • Jackarooo oo
    Jackarooo oo

    Is this the final game ?!

  • Mais Mais Games Played
    Mais Mais Games Played

    A Paz de Cristo a todos em especial a Você que leu esse comentário .🙏🏼.

  • Ceegk

    I thought Freya was cursed to not being able to fight anyone by Odin 🤔

  • thor akarbind
    thor akarbind


  • thor akarbind
    thor akarbind

    OP bhai

  • Ang Giroux
    Ang Giroux


  • DarkMatterKev


  • PapaGianTV

    Cannot wait for fenrir vs jormungandr... cannot wait

  • Brayan Flores
    Brayan Flores

    Available for PS4????????


    i just realized GOW has one of the best face expressions, other games just look Bot-ish

  • Rengel Languidey Rayn Jhoel
    Rengel Languidey Rayn Jhoel

    Nd que dree fire esto es juego

  • Santiago Curiel
    Santiago Curiel

    “Coming soon to ps5!” Yet nobody has a ps5

  • Watered Down Watermelons
    Watered Down Watermelons

    @0:21 foreshadowing of Artreus’s Loki helmet?

  • Jack Granat
    Jack Granat

    "Are you a calm and reasonable person" Hold R2

  • tiridi djdjwieidiw
    tiridi djdjwieidiw


  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager


  • Veget4 Evolve
    Veget4 Evolve

    Atreus sounds like Steven Universe LOL

  • MaxyBossYT

    1:57 that no was powerful

  • Lamar Pray
    Lamar Pray

    Is this coming out on ps4

  • AtamskArchadian

    The graphics definitely got improved, also is it just me or does Kratos’ skin look paler this time around? In GoW 4 I thought the ash on his skin wasn’t quite the correct “Ghost of Sparta” tone. Upgraded graphics always have unexpected benefits.

  • Ibrahim Shabbir
    Ibrahim Shabbir

    Game of the year 2021

  • Hack Noob
    Hack Noob

    Mano olha oq esse jogo se tornou,quando eu jogava no PS2 nunca imaginaria q ele ficaria tão foda

  • Unknown

    so what they're just gonna kill off Kratos their cash cow? Seems off.

  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones

    Imagine we get mjolnir as a weapon after beating Thor

  • Lleriedz Cammar
    Lleriedz Cammar

    I have not even beat GOW 4 yet. Now another master piece? Lol! 😅

  • MiD Knight
    MiD Knight

    He has strombreaker now 🔥🔥🔥

  • William McElroy
    William McElroy

    The main mythical figures I want to see Kratos fight at some point are Cthulhu and Sun Wu Kong. Either of those fights would be epic.

    • helo

      I don't think either of those exist in norse mythology

  • B4utyX


  • The Sandwitcher Wild Lunch
    The Sandwitcher Wild Lunch

    Who is that supposed to be at the end?

    • sikm33


  • killerWOLF 15
    killerWOLF 15

    I'm so excited but it would be cool if odin made some kind of appearance im only curious on what he would look like

  • matthew riveria
    matthew riveria

    As a 36 year old father of 2 boys. This brings me joy

  • Eliotx

    Bueno creo que era algo obvio que la bruja hiba a volver XD

  • TheyCallMeVinny

    I like how I can tell which comment are being removed by what I'm not seeing.

  • Re-MaRi0!


  • Misael Toral
    Misael Toral

    Looks exactly like the PS4 game. Also no money shot. This one is cross gen right?

  • Marcus Ferguson
    Marcus Ferguson

    Dude, Atreus finally found the direction of deer


    Porra playstation cade o uncharted 5 crlh kkkkk revive ai porra

  • TheGRAclan

    I have a feeling that Loki will be the villain in the next game based on the way he's going with his thirst for bloodshed.

    • TheGRAclan

      @Night Bot Nah he's way too chill and not really a threat to Kratos since he...doesn't have a body.

    • Night Bot
      Night Bot

      I thought it's Mimir, I mean he has kind of Athena's vibe.

  • LXW arts
    LXW arts

    Arteus and the girl at the end look like miracle boy and girl from polar express movie

  • BlvnkZaco

    Is it only ps5...?

  • Reality smash
    Reality smash

    العشق شريت ps4 عشانه والان بشتري ps5 عشانه 😍😍😍😍

  • bird

    The boy is becoming a Man

  • Awkward Gaming Girl
    Awkward Gaming Girl

    This looks sick! I can’t wait

  • CyMaterial

    I'm not racist but why is there a black girl in norse mythology?i mean....north and south! Does that make any sense?

    • Cal Pol
      Cal Pol

      Shes a shape shifting giant

  • Kyle Jesus
    Kyle Jesus

    I think fenrir is a bit hungry

  • Faddi Vlogs
    Faddi Vlogs

    Dont tell me people are calling the sled pulling wolves, skoll and hati. Come on guys they hold a special place in norse. The chasers of sun and moon they can't be just normal sled pulling wolves, even the official twitter handle wrote their names as svenna and skeppi i dont know the exact spelling i guess..

  • Juan jose Calderon quintero
    Juan jose Calderon quintero

    otiaaaaa comienza el racnarok

  • Faddi Vlogs
    Faddi Vlogs

    I'm getting a feeling that thor didn't ask kratos about calm and reasonable person thing. Maybe he asked someone else and editors made that way for the trailer only for the excitement.. imo

    • sikm33

      @Felipe Zorzi that’s thor saying that lol... the director confirmed it

    • Felipe Zorzi
      Felipe Zorzi

      Why you think is Thor, for me is Tyr talking to Kratos.

  • Faddi Vlogs
    Faddi Vlogs

    I can't wait to see odin, fenrir and kratos crossing the bridge of the damned and really wanna see what is actually in there that mimir strictly said not to go there..

  • Pablo Picassius
    Pablo Picassius

    "are you a calm and reasonable person?" me spamming o in gow 3

  • Guilherme Gadêlha
    Guilherme Gadêlha

    If you ever think you're a loser, remember that 6.000+ people gave a dislike in this trailer

  • Ρixy ɢiяℓ
    Ρixy ɢiяℓ

    🌚🌚😐I think photography is old, but dialogue is new. I look forward to something more powerful.

  • TriforceofMalice

    Aw man, Atreus isn't a B O Y anymore.

  • Hamza Gameing
    Hamza Gameing


  • Gustavo Racing
    Gustavo Racing

    black lives matter...

  • Andy Au
    Andy Au

    You guys should come out with a trilogy remaster and include ascension maybe? Probably a year before the game releases. How sick would that be? Play every game before hitting the end of a saga.

    • thesupermage

      I've wanted this for so long. The only way to play the older games is streaming through PS Now, which isn't the ideal method

  • dberks15

    Freya can “turn into an animal”

  • Sarthak P.
    Sarthak P.

    kratos is usually a very calm and resonable person... sometimes... he has some anger issues... I recommend him the Arkham Asylum to clear his anger issues...

  • Shingar Dhaliwal
    Shingar Dhaliwal

    Just few days ago i saw the patriot act episode of Gaming industry and found out how workers are squeezed dry. Looking at it's graphic and imagining how much hard work they must have put in it, I can't help but feel bad for these workers.

    • thesupermage

      It varies from studio to studio. For example Insomniac doesn't crunch at all and puts out great games. And I haven't heard anything about Sony Santa Monica

  • Doug

    Isn’t Freya not supposed to be able to hurt any living thing but she attacks kratos

    • thesupermage

      You'll find out why in the game

  • Let's Channel
    Let's Channel


  • king kop
    king kop

    "stop thinking like a father and think like a general" ouch....... hit a nerve

  • Tom theBilla
    Tom theBilla

    🔥🔥can't wait

  • Buffed Reynolds
    Buffed Reynolds

    I just have my thoughts that this will be the second of three part series . Maybe there is a cliffhanger in this video

    • sikm33

      @Buffed Reynolds the directors confirmed it... watch the showcase

    • Buffed Reynolds
      Buffed Reynolds

      @Felipe Zorzi what makes you say that

    • Felipe Zorzi
      Felipe Zorzi

      No, this is the last game in this mythology.

  • Patricio Damián Mayorga Medina
    Patricio Damián Mayorga Medina

    Freaking cool!! Hahaha Sta. Mónica left fans name for the new game.... 😁

  • Thyraiblade

    is it a DLC?

    • thesupermage

      No, 40-hour sequel

  • Moha

    veo meme con el ¡NO! de Kratos jaja

  • emiliano sartori
    emiliano sartori

    Now I want a ps5

  • Fastlane Money
    Fastlane Money

    Nobody peeped in the beginning atreus was looking like loki holding that deer?

  • Uncharted Gaming
    Uncharted Gaming

    I hope we get to see Krato’s classic goatee in the game. Maybe if he fights Thor or something?🤔

  • Jorge Pelayo
    Jorge Pelayo

    Me literally only gonna buy a ps5 for this

  • Pempa Thokar
    Pempa Thokar

    Yes I would like to own a PS again just to play this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • S D
    S D

    That dwarven realm looks soo dope

  • Edouard Moreno
    Edouard Moreno

    Is this going to pc?

    • Crunchy Blend
      Crunchy Blend

      No maybe 5 years from now but right now no

  • salwan faqih
    salwan faqih

    man, tyr is so frikkin tall

    • thesupermage

      He's half-Jötun, so...

  • jackidk8282 8
    jackidk8282 8

    Anyone know what tge name of the soundtrack is when tyr stands up

  • francesco fortini
    francesco fortini

    The point is: Nobody can defeat Thor!

  • Josh Tufts
    Josh Tufts

    The best part is the beginning. "This game may have content unsuitable for children". Not this game is definitely not for children. Just may have.

  • Red Devil
    Red Devil

    Really cant frikkking wait for this.

  • Nicolás Cerda
    Nicolás Cerda


  • Hafeez Salam
    Hafeez Salam

    Was Tyr modelled after Bear Mcreary?Their faces look very similar.

  • because

    Mimir is such a likeable…..head

  • Guinnipig 94
    Guinnipig 94

    I'm so excited!!!

  • steivene2hot


  • Matt killah
    Matt killah

    este es el comentario en español que buscabas- me gusto el trailer y el juego

  • محمد الشمري
    محمد الشمري

    فيه حلب بالموضوع اخر شيء لكن يجي 🤩🔥

  • Just a Random guy
    Just a Random guy

    I loved every moment, until the diversity hire at the end

    • Just a Random guy
      Just a Random guy

      @thesupermage 😭

    • thesupermage

      Cry more

  • John Friday
    John Friday

    I'm pretty sure those crows are Huginn Muninn His Messageners in norse mythology

  • Polevaya Izlegoshha
    Polevaya Izlegoshha

    За темнокожую скандинавскую великаншу никогда не куплю эту игру.

  • Reedi

    What if Kratos will turn into a wolf?

  • Sans the Legend
    Sans the Legend

    Freya: “You robbed me of everything.” Kratos: *”I don’t even know who you are.”*

  • Filippo Bertoni
    Filippo Bertoni

    I play on Xbox, but this game seems freaking amazing guys, great job! ♥️

  • Supreme god  Master of Hyperchaos n InfinityPrime
    Supreme god Master of Hyperchaos n InfinityPrime

    I am convinced that Durlin is actually Odin