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  • MBT _ MIAH2
    MBT _ MIAH2

    every time henry has a wife: off with her head and i want a divorce

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    Ksp Guy

    26:13 Lets Play Find All The Characters That Were In The Video

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    total history prodyctions

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    total history prodyctions

    i hate love

  • Nata Lee
    Nata Lee

    I dont know whether im just being stupid but wasn't Henry's 5th with called Katherine Howard with a K?

  • chaotixninja5

    I can already picture Oversimplified Bloody Mary now. Henry VIII: "Mary, this is Ann. She will be the new queen and you are to address her as your mother from now on. Also, we’re getting rid of the church you love so much." Princess Mary: "No! "F" you dad!" Oversimplified: "This greatly angered Henry VIII, who punished her severely."

  • Lelo Stimulous
    Lelo Stimulous

    You think Oasis is cool... Lol.

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    Paulie Thompson

    Oversimplified do elizabeth the 1st

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    Annie Rogers

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    Eggs and bacon

    Sigmun was it the wife killings

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    Wesley Mark Hardwick


  • Wesley Mark Hardwick
    Wesley Mark Hardwick


  • Wesley Mark Hardwick
    Wesley Mark Hardwick


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    Wilber the random person and the commenter

    Uncharted: I will take that history

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    nyan sanic

    Why 9:46

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    I’ll just leave a bookmark/watchmark whatever here since I don’t have my FIbill history on: 17:41

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    Henry VIII shows that you either die a chad or live long enough to see yourself become a neckbeard

  • Nl World
    Nl World

    Can you make a video about Mary? (Blood mary?)

  • gapl44

    Henry: We're ALL inbred! ✨sweet home alabama✨

  • chaotixninja5

    Henry VIII: "Cus of the wife killings?" Sigmund: "Well that and you traumatizing your daughter."

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    lydia joshua

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    China Monkee

    i want to visit Snodsbury.....how do I get there from London?But also I really want to see that laser mutant pig too.

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    Gap :D

    nd after that he never went to the vaticancity

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    Gelila Dereje

    the best way to survive the killings of the king: be the camera man

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    Denisse Espinal Reyes

    The deranged book understandably scare because question statistically sparkle a a piquant option. long-term, dapper storm

  • Vanessa Perez
    Vanessa Perez

    E.E. 281-1200

  • DeadMemes21

    Henry: Goes on crusade of France twice. Charles: I’ll come next time . Henry: well now i am not doing it.

  • Des Pet
    Des Pet

    "I'm the supreme head of the church SCREW THE POPE" That got me lol 🤣 I haven't even watched tye video to tye end thats how much i liked this part

  • TheDolphinQueen


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    John Dodge

    This is the most entertaining episode

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    Mr Circle

    can you do dutch history oversimplified once?

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    2:32 Look closely, I can't believe I missed that so many times It shows dolls of women with their heads off

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    Biraja Prasad

    Love it.... 😂😂😂😂

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    Just some guy Without a mustache

    Man, history

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    Amara Caroline

    Fun Fact: Even after Henry divorced Anne of Cleeves, they reminded good friends.

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    Henry: HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR CHIN?!?! Allince with spain: ITS A STONG CHIN FOR STRONG BOY!!

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    Tim Van Driel

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    Minh Hieu Nguyen

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    Serena Grisdale

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    the king of clubs

    You missed lady jane grey at the end there

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    Xiaoran wang

    That poem must have took a day to write

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    Ben Tromiczak

    His upload schedule lasts longer in months than the amount of wives he’s had Edit: King Henry’s wives

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    Vanessa Perez

    2:47 hahahahaha

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    Lindsay Caprio

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    Kunal Kherajani

    Hello, I'm a really big fan of yours from India, can you please do some videos on Indian History, anything you like, indus valley, golden age of India, Chandragupta or maratha empires, Mughal rulers or India's revolt against the British, anything you like, just please do some video on India, big fan of your work

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    Depthstrider #274

    18:19 The boss when you fight him 6:00 The boss when you unlock him as a playable character

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    I just realized that at one 1:50 oversimplified says that 5 years later Arthur was born. And 10 seconds later we see a conversation saying that prince Arthur isn’t even three. So who was the kid that came behind Arthur’s dad?

  • NecilijuS TDS-44
    NecilijuS TDS-44

    Hey why henry the VII looked liked henry the VIII

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    - Enemy Soldier YT -

    12:48 bitcoin necklace⁉️⁉️

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    Brutus Tan the III

    Spoilers: Why does young man King Henry VIII look like Canadian PM Justin Trudeau (I’m Canadian and unfortunately he’s my PM)

  • Ohlala Levi
    Ohlala Levi

    Ok no, it's more like Henry tested her, by approaching her, and Anne seeing a fat old guy was like eeww wtf and Henry got offended. And then magically she's now ugly? Mhmm. Anyways she got the best deal out of all six

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    Shante Ahern

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    Biker Bytes

    Upton Snodsbury is a real place near my home town in England 🤪👍

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    Sausthab Bir Singh Tuladhar

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    Chinaball Slasher

    Henry never wanted a divorce for Catherine of Aragon, he wanted an annulment(according to History Matters.) What the fuck is the difference? well, an annulment is a divorce except the marriage was never legitimate since Catherine was her Brother’s widow.

  • Maria Ochenas
    Maria Ochenas

    13:26-13:34 is the absolute best thing ive seen in a while

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    Julchen Beilschmidt

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