History Buffs: Waterloo
For those of you want realism in their historical movies. To watch a film that cares as much about about authenticity as you do. Look no further. Over the course of this video you will hopefully understand why this film means so much to me. This is Waterloo

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Waterloo (Russian: Ватерлоо) is a 1970 Soviet-Italian film directed by Sergei Bondarchuk and produced by Dino De Laurentiis. It depicts the story of the preliminary events and the Battle of Waterloo, and is famous for its lavish battle scenes.

It stars Rod Steiger as Napoleon Bonaparte and Christopher Plummer as the Duke of Wellington with a cameo by Orson Welles as Louis XVIII of France. Other stars include Jack Hawkins as General Thomas Picton, Virginia McKenna as the Duchess of Richmond and Dan O'Herlihy as Marshal Ney.

The film includes some 15,000 Soviet foot soldiers and 2,000 cavalrymen as extras-it was said that, during its making, director Sergei Bondarchuk was in command of the seventh largest army in the world. Fifty circus stunt riders were used to perform the dangerous horse falls. These numbers brought an epic quality to the battle scenes.

  • 3rdworldgwaming

    The Bill & Ted bit killed me...Lol. Cudos to u man....I can't believe I just found this channel. Im subbin.

  • Grandmastergav86

    The very same director was also responsible for the definitive version of War & Peace too - it was made just a few years earlier.

  • Brian Comiskey
    Brian Comiskey

    I love this...and the appearance of Bill and Ted makes me love it more! Of course, it was in the back of my mind the whole time. Bravo!

  • Ammazer 122
    Ammazer 122

    I wish someone would do this for the Franco Prussian War.

  • Eddison Foncette
    Eddison Foncette

    When I was 7 my mother took me to see this in the cinema here in London when it was rereleased for doing well in school. I have the video, DVD and widescreen version of the film and literally know all the dialogue verbatim. After all these years it still blows my mind when ever I watch it.

  • Pornegon

    "No shit, how badass you have to be to have an entire continent declare war against you" You know, this has happened since.

  • ondrej kosik
    ondrej kosik

    23:06 equivalent to the american commander encircled in the Ardennes sending back a message with one word: *NUTS*

  • Rob Newman
    Rob Newman

    Belovet King Louis of France. If the King was restored to the Throne of France that would mean a end to the Wars. Nobody likes wars.

  • Rob Newman
    Rob Newman

    The British Army Foot Guards in London wear the bearskin caps beacuse of the Battle of Waterloo back in 1815. Victory against the French Napoleonic Imperial Guards.

  • goldenage1978

    Napoleon was a big dreamer and a strategy genius, men like Napoleon that had the courage to follow their dreams will always be remembered.


    16:35 bastard lol

  • Joblin

    The continent declared war on napoleon. Shame they didn't do it against Hitler

  • James Derbyshire
    James Derbyshire

    The Scots Greys bearskins looked better than those leather covers in the artwork too!

  • Gergo Brezina
    Gergo Brezina

    Actually it was not the old guard that were sent forward but the imperial guard(composed of the old guard, middle guard and young guard) But the old guard itself was kept in reserve to protect Napoelon. As the disciple broke down they were the only one to execute an organised retreat.

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    Conrail Fan


    • Conrail Fan
      Conrail Fan

      I tried to type something funny but fried my brain doing it

  • TM Rezzek
    TM Rezzek

    Extraordinary battle scenes with not a scrap of CGI in sight. And Rod Steiger is my favorite Napoleon, hands down. Looks nothing like the man but he's got the bombast, charisma, and theatrical presence that suits the part.

  • Al_xz

    I like how the Waterloo movie thumbnail is 2 British colours but most of the movie is about Napoléon

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    online Person

    OK, ya got me, I know what movie I'm watching tonight :-)

    • online Person
      online Person

      @Logan That's exactly where I found it - and it was awesome!

    • Logan

      Have you watched it yet? If you cant find it on google its completely free on here, and ad free.

  • Jack Remington
    Jack Remington

    I will make this quick: Napoleon was worth 40,000 troops on the field and that qoute was from one of his Haters. Napoleon managed to be competitive at Waterloo despite being outnumbered 3.5 to 1, with SEVEN Nation Coalition out to eradicate him. The Traitors in his camps gave critical intel to Blucher AND your buddy Wellington. Long live Napoleon Bonaparte!!!

  • Jocelynn Dotson
    Jocelynn Dotson

    16:35 I actually believed that 😂

  • JamesTR

    Surely the biggest criticism should be that it’s not in it’s accurate languages, French speaking French, English in English etc

  • Elvis nagash
    Elvis nagash

    Europe: fails to defeat France The Royal Navy: look what happens when you don't drink tea

  • Michael Alvarado
    Michael Alvarado


  • TimStamper

    One of my favourite films

  • Ashley Pavlige
    Ashley Pavlige

    You should do kagemusha, it’s got some very waterlooish battle scenes and the cinematography is incredible for the time and more than holds up to this day, I actually think it looks a lot better then most battle scenes today, I just sit in awe at the strategy and planning that must’ve been involved, just absolutely stunning visuals, I really think you’d love it

  • HelghastMerc

    It was because of this video, that I was able to watch this masterpiece. I had trouble finding the film, so I watched the version uploaded on FIbill. The movie encouraged me to watch documentaries and read up on Napoléon's career. My high school history teacher admired Napoléon alot, and I never knew why. After taking history alot more seriously now, and doing research on Napoleon, I can understand why my history teacher took alot of interest in him. Napoléon was such a bad-ass! I hear the movie is available on Netflix, but I do not have a Netflix subscription.

  • Emperor Napoleon
    Emperor Napoleon

    I love this movie

  • Stuart Paul
    Stuart Paul

    15,000 extras very impressive for Waterloo I checked with the filming of Spartacus 50,000 extras

    • Athul Sharon
      Athul Sharon

      Song name at 25:40

  • YouTube Sucks
    YouTube Sucks

    70k killed on each side. Imagine what that battlefield looked like afterwards.

  • John Lamond
    John Lamond

    The battlefield was much flatter than the ground used in the film. A minor negative comment on a great film.

    • Athul Sharon
      Athul Sharon

      What's the song name at 25:40

  • Lamar Smith
    Lamar Smith

    I know it was true at one point, does anyone know, however, if it remains true? I’ve heard it asserted that at one point there were more books about Napoleon than days since his death. He is, without a doubt a popular subject but that seems a big ask to me. A book/day? Doesn’t seem the sort of statistic that can go on indefinitely. I’m guessing, though not sure, that that includes any language but I couldn’t say if the whole book had to be about Napoleon, he was just mentioned in the book, no idea if it’s solely nom-fiction or would fictional stories suffice.

  • Athul Sharon
    Athul Sharon

    Song name at 25:40

  • Miller Peshek
    Miller Peshek

    This movie is far from accurate. The soldiers even sing about Napoleon's life that was written well after these events. Yes they put a lot of effort into it, but extremely accurate, no.

  • louis debacco
    louis debacco

    they should have shown how nathan rothschild benefited and almost bankrupted the british stock market just by having a fast rider get to him before the news got to the market

  • Newbie637

    Damn it, the bill and ted bit killed me

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    Antoine .FONTANILLE

    Aaaah! 6:02 some words about Campagne des 6 jours could be mentioned!!!

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    Daren Warpath

    Do a video of dowofull

  • Seth Perez
    Seth Perez

    As i do wanna b a big time director in the future, i do hope to be able to direct a historical movie as big as waterloo so i can make a historically accurate movie with all practical effects n just amaze Nick With a modern historically accurate film

    • Seth Perez
      Seth Perez

      @Logan thank you so much for the support🙏🏼 once i get my hands on a project as big as this film i will most definitely get in touch!!

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      If you ever need an extra, you can count on me to give you my time to help you achieve your dream.

  • Lloyd Anderson
    Lloyd Anderson

    Wellington: take off your pack sir! Soldier: me sir?;Wellington: you sir!

  • Emperor Napoleon
    Emperor Napoleon

    Delightful film!! Masterpiece! I just watched it again about a month ago!

  • Rekaert

    You've probably done something right if your once-enemies in the future consider you a legendary figure. To this day he's considered a military genius in the UK.

  • Killa Watt
    Killa Watt

    The fact the allies chose war with an individual rather than against France itself for territorial gains just shows how hated Nepoleon was by the European monarchies.

  • Rob Newman
    Rob Newman

    The British 1st Foot Guards successfully defeated the French Napoleonic Imperial Guards. And as they murdered them in fight, they actually then stole the bearskin caps and brought them back to England.

  • Rob Newman
    Rob Newman

    The Battle of Waterloo is why to British Royal Palaces Foot Guards of the Army here been wearing the bearskin caps. Maybe since King George the 3rd. Young Victoria came to the Throne and became Queen in 1837.

  • Abraham Morrison
    Abraham Morrison

    Review, Uprising. It is about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

  • Jason Groves
    Jason Groves

    I only found your Chanel when your first Midway video come up in my feed. So far Waterloo is my favorite video and the Bill and Ted joke was spot on. Keep up the great work.

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    Enrique Perez Sebak

    Video: Part two, a enemy of humanity Hitler: am I a joke to you?

  • Viktor Dickinson
    Viktor Dickinson

    Why is your cartoon cleopatra so dark? She was not black

  • LockDownLarks

    Organised slaughter, carried out by the Aristotelian elite of the time. End of

  • Teri Bradshaw-Milling
    Teri Bradshaw-Milling

    He genuinely wanted peace at this point ! But he was a realist, and he knew the Allies were out for blood-his blood.

  • Nick Talbot
    Nick Talbot

    Napoleon was not a bad ass. He was petty, often cowardly and always selfish, but HE WAS a brilliant weasel whose total lack of honor or morals, allowed his massive ambition to flourish. He is the only man who might have been more evil than Hitler or Stalin. Due to speed and weapons tech, he couldn’t wrack up as many total bodies. However, his per capita body count, especially if u count his troops who he often wasted for the pettiest, most cowardly or evil of reasons, he may be the Emperor King of Evil.

    • Nick Talbot
      Nick Talbot

      @3 Vin i’m sold.

    • 3 Vin
      3 Vin

      He was a badass

  • Weebish username
    Weebish username

    Some plebian: The French are lame they always surrender lol The French:

  • Morgan Truncer
    Morgan Truncer

    Wow, I would love to hear about how they managed to get this movie produced! A movie by a Soviet director shot in Ukraine with the participation of the Red Army at the height of the Cold War was shot IN ENGLISH using English actors. How on Earth did they manage that XD

  • Belle Hogel
    Belle Hogel

    After watching this for the 3rd ish time I realized part of the reason we don't get movies like this anymore is the amount of horses required. As well as the safety issues for horses and riders during filming.

  • Boingi

    “Now that’s soldiering”

  • DocC atFace
    DocC atFace

    how do you manage to introduce revisionism before youve even got out of your intro?

  • Teri Bradshaw-Milling
    Teri Bradshaw-Milling

    Napoleon left his carriage

  • ShockAthlete

    What a nerd

  • james faster
    james faster

    Im surprised they had a carriage Sturdy enough to transport King Louie

  • Eames Bookwalter
    Eames Bookwalter

    I'll never drink Waterloo seltzer water the same again

  • Tanz

    I saw this film for the first time last week and thought it was a really great film. It's become one of my favorite military films.

  • James Hickman
    James Hickman

    Rotten tomatoes hates this film for so reason lol.

  • Darth Plato
    Darth Plato

    Ney's cavalry attack didn't happen like that. Battles are chaotic, fluid events. French eyewitnesses have testified to this. Confusion on the French side festered, and somehow a rush of activity resulted in numerous men lunging forward. More men saw this, and joined in. \When Ney himself saw what was happening, he either welcomed it or felt that it was too late to stop it, and he tried to focus the attack as best as he was able. Years later, Napoleon blamed Ney for leading the unsupported attack. Since Napoleon himself did not understand how this episode unfolded, it follows that historians and the movie makers did not either.

  • Darth Plato
    Darth Plato

    Napoleon's decision to march east in 1805 was precipitated by the Austrian Russian alliance and the news that an Austrian army was moving toward France. This was before the outcome at Trafalgar.

  • Slayer Of Light
    Slayer Of Light

    Great video, and i know this is nit-picking on a 5 year old video but the map you used on 2:08 shows a large strip of land labeled as Croatia when as far as i know that strip of land was called the Illyrian provinces under Napoleon.

  • Charles Larrivee
    Charles Larrivee

    It wasn’t the Old Guard; they stayed in reserve throughout the battle. It was the Middle Guard (still part of the Imperial Guard) who attacked the Allied center. Throughout the movie, the impression is that only British redcoats fought under Wellington; there are no Dutch, Belgians, Hanoverians, Hessians, 95th Rifles, or KGL forces. There were many more allied cavalry units than just the Scots Greys, they just suffered the heaviest casualties. Also the Prussian arrival was somehow both more and less dramatic than in the movie; it started as a small trickle on the allied right, which swelled to a flood by the time of the Guard’s repulse. But you’re right. This is still a very good movie, with a technical aspect and epic scale that will never be replicated, and it’s a great place to start one’s education about this battle.

    • Darth Plato
      Darth Plato

      True--the Allied army only had 22,000 British regulars. Half were new conscripts, the rest were Spanish campaign vets.

  • LessCommonKnowledge

    Napoleon: “I am inevitable.” “And I am the Duke of Wellington.”

  • Estefferson Torres
    Estefferson Torres

    A bit of curiosity, in 1817 a revolution exploded in the province of Pernambuco, northeast of Brazil, against the Portuguese Crown. Among the rebels there were ex-officers of Napoleon, and they hatched a plan to send someone to rescue Napoleon of his prison in Saint Helen and bring him to Brazil to lead the revolution against the portuguese crown. Of course that didn't happen and the revolution was supressed.

  • Corey Gordon
    Corey Gordon

    I am Scottish and I am 16 so I would have been in the front of the English cuz they don't care about Scottish

    • monsieur poisson
      monsieur poisson

      No. Scottish units were often experienced and trained. Therefore they were valuable and we're not often just sent to die

    • Delogros

      Not even slightly true, but continue thinking you're a victim if you like... The biggest proportion of the army was still English, then Irish, then Scottish then Welsh and the respective casualties generally reflected that, except at New Orleans as a Highlander Regiment refused to withdraw and so suffered disproportionate casualties but you can hardly blame the English for what the Scottish commander decided to do. Similarly Scottish Gernerals often lead armies including but not limited to John Moore, Sir David Baird and Sir Thomas Graham who at Barossa only had 3 companies of Scottish troops (Though they where the Scots Guard) the vast majority being English and Irish.

  • SAGON Nicolas
    SAGON Nicolas

    Hi, i just discovered your video today and enjoyed it a lot (as the two about Midway). Your analysys are really interesting and your english is fluent enough to be understood by french guys like me ! So thanks for the job and i'm going to enjoy some others !

  • Robert Richardson
    Robert Richardson

    A fantastic movie.. simply breath taking! Historical.. actually I don't give a damned! I do know about the economical end result of the Napoleonic wars.... two brothers left England from Liverpool shortly after this for Boston, USA.... one of those brothers is my ancestor. Historically, Napoleon could have won the fight, I actually did against a Brit opponent.

  • Gooner 72
    Gooner 72

    Having the ability to bring in about 16,000 extras from your Army is another plus side of being a Communist state...... "today, you're going to dress up as a soldier from the Napoleonic wars....... any questions?" "Errrrrmmmmm........ No....I guess".

  • 100+1_Channel

    This is my favourite History Buff Video

  • Elvan Ren
    Elvan Ren

    12:50 theres a nerf bullet

    • Elvan Ren
      Elvan Ren

      actually 12:45

  • John Morris
    John Morris

    Excellent review, couldn’t agree more.

  • haikioen

    Belgium let's gooooo

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    Edison Yang

    10:19 Haha you flinched

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    marsom films

    Do 55 days at peking

  • uum6

    Is that John C. Reilly?! 11:55 😂

  • Robert Martin
    Robert Martin

    The most interesting thing I've learned about the Napoleonic wars was the fact that Napolean was not wanting war most of the time. He took the throne in France, and almost immediately, European monarchs targeted him due to their fear of revolutions in their own countries. Napolean didn't necessarily want to rule Europe. However, when other monarchs attacked him, he kicked their asses and took their land as a punishment in order to stop it from happening again. He was an amazing leader. But all the great war heroes in history all have their own major blunder. For General Lee, it was Gettysburg. For Hitler and Napolean, it was Russia. I find it so interesting that many laws Napolean created still stand today. He treated his citizens well. The French were more free under him than they ever had been. If it wasn't for Austria and Britain, Napolean may have just peacefully ruled over France.

  • Cracked Fascist
    Cracked Fascist

    Bruh bill and ted 😂😂😂😂😂 IM DEAD

  • Ajax Kun
    Ajax Kun

    Why is Cleopatra so black?

  • Bruce Forte
    Bruce Forte

    A man so beloved that entire armies sent to stop him join him without much fuss...

  • halalsnackpack

    why don't people make accurate historical films anymore? online comments ask for nothing but faithful, interesting strategy but hollywood delivers nothing but smooth brain explosions. There's literally money on the table, free for the taking. All it requires is some effort.

  • Merlin

    Waterloo and Spartacus (Kubrick) are the 2 best war movies. Ever.

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader

    Napoleons speech to his guard may be the most remembered speech ever in history LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR 🇫🇷

  • Monty Boon
    Monty Boon

    Hes definately Average Height for the time.

  • Bart

    The continent was a bunch royal incestous dumbass parasites living off European people. Napoleon was the good guy.

  • Little Trolling
    Little Trolling

    This is like a cycle from Germany in the 1940's

  • Adam Danberg
    Adam Danberg

    Not Field Marshal Ney, Marshal Ney

  • Nick Montalbano
    Nick Montalbano

    “Do you agree this isn’t the best channel on FIbill?” ..Merde..

  • Jim Campbell
    Jim Campbell

    I so agree with your review it is a timeless masterpiece

  • sai

    What a giga chad

  • Ninguém liga para ASMR
    Ninguém liga para ASMR

    only sad part is that this movie killed Kubrick's chances at filming his Napoleon movie :(

  • George Hollingsworth
    George Hollingsworth

    There were two GLARING inaccuracies in Waterloo that should have been pointed out: 1: 65 percent of the British Forces were KGL, and did not wear Red Uniforms. 2: The Bearskin Guard did NOT lead the final charge at Waterloo. It was he lower level guard.The Bearskins covered the retreat.

  • FaboVonDestory

    Napoleon: if you shot your emperor youre gay

  • Gaming Forever
    Gaming Forever

    Some men live in the shade of olive trees and some men change the world even in defeat.

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    Plastic Army

    I know you don't do non-worldwide movies but here's a recommendation from my country: "Heneral Luna" I don't care what you say about me. I think this is a great movie and you should do a review about it

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    Ant the Gord

    16:30 unexpected and made me bust up laughing

  • Evgeniy Shmukler
    Evgeniy Shmukler

    Thank you very much, Nick. I am watching you withe great interest and gratitude.