How 2b2t's "Immortality Machine" was Made
Today we uncover how immortality was accidentally discovered on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, and why achieving it came at a cost.
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    • R K
      R K

      If you take a portal block into the end and travel back through it into the over world, you will be invisible and immortal. Until you save & quit.

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      Hey 2b! Start working on a Minecraft Death Star

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    ThE olDesT anArChy SeRvER iN miNeCrAfT

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    "But for some, the price was too steep"

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    Everybody gangsta until someone hacks the server and gets world edit and converts the machine into air

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    The way he explains it makes me feel I am watching the same movie for the fifth time and is still fascinating

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    Bald Steve.

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    The secret to immortality in Minecraft is creative mode

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    Tactical Warblox Gaming ... sorta

    totem of undying

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    ♰ HappyMaster ♰

    This is the reactor 4 exploding experience of chernobyl,tho its in mc

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    Shiny HunterX420

    I love these, they're like history lessons in Minecraft. Tales of griefing, revenge, war and strange video game phenomena.

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    You made a dark matter reactor and it exploded and spitt out dark matter. You get powers from dark matter

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    1:33 bruh you get dashlane to sponsor a video basically about immortality but you don't use them to sponsor the video which is LITERALLY ABOUT HOW HACKERS STOLE BASE COORDS (actually no internet security related sponsors on that one?!?)

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    OverFire Minecraft

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    Evgen Konyshock

    im sorry. Is this an OLDEST ANARCHY SERVER?

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    The real question is: What is the machine originally built to be as? A quarry? A mob farm? Idk...

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    Razors Occam

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    friccman chapel

    7:53 i regconize this tune, it the final fantasy x boss theme

  • Some b0t
    Some b0t

    2b2t Redstone masters: *creating complex and time consuming machines to become immortal* Me turning on creative mode: Get a load of these guys

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    Lauren Adams

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  • Lauren Adams
    Lauren Adams

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  • Exotic_cupcake • 30 years ago
    Exotic_cupcake • 30 years ago

    The secret to immortality- Me automatically as a Fnaf fan: REMNANT! REMNANTM AAH HA! REMANT BRO! I GOT UR BACK! I FOUND 6 KIDS! JUST FOR YOU! I know, I know, I’m overreacting.

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    The secret to immortality is being a tardigrade.

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  • a bizzare day
    a bizzare day

    how is the elytra players gonna die if they have totems?

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  • Kelly Moses
    Kelly Moses

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    Jack H

    Here's a fun fact for you FitMC fans that you may not know: 2b2t is actually the oldest anarchy Minecraft server

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    Super Lorenzo

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    Darryl the anime fan

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    2b2t has its own CIA and nuclear programs: Up Next

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    Overdrive Countdown

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    Just Seff Stuff

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