How One Man In Egypt Is Keeping This 200-Year-Old Tile Tradition Alive | Still Standing
Saied Hussain has been hand making tiles out of cement for over 50 years. He says he’s one of the last still doing this work in Egypt - most other workshops couldn't withstand competition from marble and ceramic tiles. We went to Cairo to see how his business is still standing.

Saied does not have a website. He sells his tiles locally in Cairo.

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How One Man In Egypt Is Keeping This 200-Year-Old Tile Tradition Alive | Still Standing

  • Heil Estate Service, Junk Removal & Hauling
    Heil Estate Service, Junk Removal & Hauling

    So awesome ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Banco Gidones
    Banco Gidones

    Que pinche huevonada estar haciendo cuadro por cuadro.

  • BigNastyreborn

    damn i feel bad for this guy. he can never name his business after his family name because who would buy hussian tiles lol

  • Light For All Nations
    Light For All Nations

    Like 👍

  • Monkey D Luffy
    Monkey D Luffy

    Everybody have a real job here come soldiers and polices🤣🤣

  • Indy Singh klare
    Indy Singh klare

    This man is like the Rolex of tiles vs the bog standard battery watch!..

  • s C
    s C

    a lot of work for something that looks pretty simple and not really precise...

  • freshpootube

    I love that there's an Egyptian hipster who wants to learn his craft too.

  • Itznun Yabizness
    Itznun Yabizness

    Fantastic! To all who gave it a dislike... get over yourselves, jerkwads.

  • Lysa Baelish
    Lysa Baelish

    Hello yes

  • Agnish Chakraborty
    Agnish Chakraborty

    I loved those tiles.... But alas..... It's Egypt and I'm from India

  • I. Munshi
    I. Munshi


  • Abhijith

    Check out Chettinadu tiles from Chettinadu, India. This is exact same to that.

  • Lady Ree Patton
    Lady Ree Patton

    Beautiful ❤️

  • Nowherenate

    I wish you would have shown more than 1 of his finished tiles 😑

  • Anthony Masarie
    Anthony Masarie

    Those hands are so cracked.

  • JimKong Jones
    JimKong Jones

    Usually i love these still standing videos. Idk this one didn't really hit tho. Respect to the craft and artist though.

  • Suhaib Kundattil
    Suhaib Kundattil

    It is the same in India Tamil Nadu Chettinad Athan kudi tiles

  • Christmas Snow
    Christmas Snow

    I live in Jaffa. The old houses, built before the 1948 war mostly have these tiles. I live in one of those houses too. The patterns are truly wonderful. I think those tiles were originally made in Belgium. After so many years, many of the tiles began to sink in some areas of the house. There has been some resurgence of those tiles in my country. They are factory-made and cheap. However, their quality is no match to those we have, and matching the pattern and smooth texture to the ones we have is next to impossible. That is why we are not attempting to lift back the sunken tiles, as taking off the old cement holding them also risks breaking them. The labor cost associated with such restoration is prohibitive as well. Unfortunately, some of my neighbors have taken the easier path of replacing them...

  • mario lujano
    mario lujano

    My father did it like that

  • Allen

    artists survive and thrive

  • Joy華


  • Black Diamond MG
    Black Diamond MG

    Lot of love to this traditional worker of tiles....From Pakistan ❤❤❤

  • ricaldo h
    ricaldo h

    Looks like aquafresh

  • steve T
    steve T

    31 $ per tile is quite expensive !

  • 5V70X1N

    He's achieved Perfect Color Recognition like that of the Third Heightening in Brandon Sanderson's Warbreaker!

  • Tony Real Tesla
    Tony Real Tesla


  • ilg2012


  • Javier

    This makes no sense. Is he rich yet? Whem can he retire? What happens qhen he dies? I hope he is making money with that much work. Hopefully things video plays off to him.

  • Elwy Berge
    Elwy Berge

    Amazing work!:)

  • monique odile
    monique odile

    Men like him should fill the earth…. Not the lot we’ve got…..

  • philomena p
    philomena p

    They didnt use cement ghousands yrs ago he mistaken this art is thousand yr od, they used limestone quicklime and aggreates

  • D Sirud
    D Sirud


  • Larry Nestell
    Larry Nestell

    He needs a website or Amazon page..He does absolutely amazing's simply beautiful..please show his work installed somewhere.

  • Aziz Araz
    Aziz Araz

    Well if you can't adapt to the times you will not succeed in business .. just another person with too much soul not enough thought

  • David

    Re; narration A plea from Europe for American women to STOP VOCAL FRY . It is ugly to listen to and undermines your message.

  • Tired

    Pure soul, respect!

  • german arrowood
    german arrowood

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  • hey hey nowinga
    hey hey nowinga

    i could smoke him in speed

  • starcraftmania

    allah hu akbar


    I reckon he'll be expanding soon.

  • IrishSkyeOMalley

    Beautiful work, sir. ♥

  • Kim Kyul
    Kim Kyul

    Boomers lmao

  • Austin Harding
    Austin Harding

    nice to know the viewership on this vid [would only imagine] did wonders for his business, but lets face it, we should hold to our cultural identities, yes, but traditions that require a skill or trade will fade to progress, as so many other things have throughout mans history, only to foolishly be replicated a couple thousand years later on some stupid future discovery channel show

  • Divine Grace 444
    Divine Grace 444

    My respect for his trade. He has patience.

  • Loving Mayberry
    Loving Mayberry

    Wow, I would love to own a few of these tiles! Too bad he doesn't create a website.

  • Me H
    Me H

    think of history's beauty hidden by the destruction of war the world over... Cement is thousands of years old. in America we've had cities in the past that supported 15 million people and Our castles were bulldozed during the 80s.... the old world was beautiful, artistic and technologically advanced.

  • Hassen Abagibee
    Hassen Abagibee

    Stunning view Masha Allah

  • Johnathan Saegal
    Johnathan Saegal

    Even if it stops becoming a profitable business, I truly hope the tradition of making these tiles - even if only for art design - lives on for centuries to come. We've gotten so trapped in the technological craze that makes true skill no longer important - and this is something that should never happen to humanity.

  • victor lopez
    victor lopez


  • Richard King
    Richard King

    What a Master.

  • SanraS Uzumaki
    SanraS Uzumaki

    What a LEGEND!

  • Uma Maheswari
    Uma Maheswari

    Hai this is same like athangudi tiles in karaikudi making process miracle how the art connected

  • Shankar Shende
    Shankar Shende


  • melodious

    Yea if we indian know something from 200years. They called it mythology 🙏

  • theNeathBoy

    Two things:- 1. Why didn’t you show more of the finished product? Would have been interesting to see how more of those tiles turned out. 2. Sounds like you got Zooey Deschanel to narrate.

  • Edgar Gee
    Edgar Gee

    Good work

  • Nick B
    Nick B

    Such beautiful works of art!!

  • GRWL X
    GRWL X

    Huge respect to this kind of people. The world will be dull without them


    That looks really awesome, they are beautiful tiles, I would love to create a time machine to go back through out history to retreive lost arts, imagine how many beautiful forms & creations & languages, & technologies have have been lost through out the ages because nobody was able to pick up where somebody has finished, Heaven for me would be able to live in a world where every single thing created of knowledge or artistic value right across the board laungage inventions everything still exists & was never forgotten This mans whole lifes works & possesions of his profession have taken a life time of himself & his Fathers to collect & work, I hope that when he cannot do this work any more that he has been able to find somebody interested in this art form with as much passion as Saied himself.

  • Rose Carter
    Rose Carter

    How beautiful 😍 If you get to Egypt & Luxor Just opersit Luxor Temple there is an EGYPTIAN man there. Who makes beautiful silver jewellery & you choose the stones etc his work is fantastic & I have bought so many from him. Gifts for family & myself Truly amazing 👏 🙌 ❤

  • Ananya Mahanta
    Ananya Mahanta

    Practicing such craftsmanship has become literally impractical by today's business standards. However, these were also the kind of occupations that gave people the very work satisfaction which we so greatly miss today.

  • Abelis

    Gorgeous!!! Keep alive!!!🥰

  • MuffinzXD

    Am i the only one who didn't read the title and thought it was toothpaste?

  • Rocket Dingdong
    Rocket Dingdong

    Saied is a true artist!! I wish I could meet him or buy a tile. Thanks for good journalism


    That millennial making tiles is hella funny

  • Altanita Cleveland
    Altanita Cleveland

    I dont see how anyone would dislike the video. This is awesome! I would definitely purchase all the way from here in NJ, USA

  • carmen falcon
    carmen falcon

    بارك الله في يديك سيد. سوف أسافر إلى مصر لمقابلتك. أنا أحترم وأقدر مهارتك الحرفية.

  • Igor Nikolov
    Igor Nikolov

    Moat of human crafts was in the context of their time, they got obsolete or change like everything else

  • Mary Ann Knox
    Mary Ann Knox

    Gorgeous Colors

  • Diego Romero
    Diego Romero

    At the pace this guys working 3 months and youll have enough tiles for your bathroom.

  • Daughter Of GOD
    Daughter Of GOD

    Nice one Sir, keep up the good work.

  • Wolfgang dayo
    Wolfgang dayo

    Mix the things, put colors into different spots, oh big whoop. does not take an artist, just labor and a little bit of decision making. ... People want anything on a tile, even if it is just shapes. ... Slow and inefficient, only kept alive by wealthy patrons.

  • Paige N. S.
    Paige N. S.

    Cheers for Saied!

  • Peeenos

    Poor bloke, not bad looking art. However, those are some thick boy tiles lol. I'd rather lay thin tiles and just stencil over them if you're gonna do something funky.

  • Monica Witherspoon
    Monica Witherspoon


  • khaleesi MV
    khaleesi MV

    I am sorry it looks like candies

  • unrealuknow

    When it comes to Egypt I am not that impressed with a 200 year old process.

  • David Grossman
    David Grossman

    Ahh, pyramids since 12 years, white cement know way it has to be white water

  • chaos 1984
    chaos 1984


  • Ashurean

    "Maybe this craft will last for a hundred more years" Screw that, all because only a handful of people still practice it doesn't mean it's going to die. We live in the age of the internet. If he records his methods, people across the world will take it up. Maybe it'll just be a hobby for some people, but I don't see a future where this craft dies out until we stop using cement to build things.

  • Nikos Kostianis
    Nikos Kostianis

    as a greek im offended, this is culture appropriation....

  • Hind Chay
    Hind Chay

    If this guy manages to sell his tiles here in the UK he’d become rich rich!

  • Chea Veasna
    Chea Veasna

    200 years or 2000 years?

  • Suprabha Thapaliya
    Suprabha Thapaliya

    An artist who respects his art and wishes the art to be continued some more generations

  • Mmmdonuts

    Wow. A lot of work.

  • Shabbeer Farook
    Shabbeer Farook

    how does liquid cement turn hard once in the press.. ???

  • Max Ortega
    Max Ortega

    How does he get his colors?

  • R5NDOM5

    I wish I could buy 1,customed

  • Jane Mosher Page
    Jane Mosher Page

    A beautiful craft. Happy to know he's sharing his knowledge and teaching the younger people.

  • Rudo Ciliak
    Rudo Ciliak

    I've watched this video a few times and I guarantee you if it became industrialized on a bigger scale itd sell like crazy and for alot more money. Unfortunately that's how the world is

  • Sean S
    Sean S

    amazing man, please support this kind of business.


    This is awesome

  • MrsAlways RightForever
    MrsAlways RightForever

    That is beautiful, even though things have gotten easier with machines replacing people things have more value when you know a pair of hands made them ❤️

  • funkystuf23

    I can here the build up of cement powder etc on his lungs,

  • Gamal Eissa
    Gamal Eissa

    Wow! Great work .. Could you guys please give me the address of his shop here in Egypt? 🙏

  • Blacknass

    echt eine Wundervolle Arbeit ! sowas sollte nie vergehen !

  • Baby Wesley Wu
    Baby Wesley Wu


  • KAKA

    After have seen the video I want to fry to Egypt immediately learning this skill from him.