How To Sneak Food From Your Child ||
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  • Mia_the.chicken


  • Rylie Barker
    Rylie Barker

    Ok who has time to get a whole glue gun and all that time

  • Andreia Brito
    Andreia Brito


  • Yoongi Min
    Yoongi Min

    Wow that's messed up what is sharing and caring

  • Ruth Elizabeth
    Ruth Elizabeth

    Mala mamá 😡

  • Roman Mironov
    Roman Mironov

    Bruh just give them some why so gready parents gotta give there child’s every thing

  • Tania Andrade
    Tania Andrade

    rico chocolate

  • Shelbie Ximena
    Shelbie Ximena


  • Andrea Londoño
    Andrea Londoño


  • Cody Wright
    Cody Wright

    Child: hey mom what are you doing? Mom: oh nothing *chocolate all over her face: Child: wtf mom

  • TigerBunneh

    Starting rise a kid from lies. Nice nice

  • Charlotte Venema
    Charlotte Venema

    Als ob es so beschissene Mütter gibt wenn das meine während während ich schon Weg gelaufen

  • josip 812 pro Kresonja gaming and reacting
    josip 812 pro Kresonja gaming and reacting


  • wilton

    What a crap my god what a stupid people

  • Horror Animations
    Horror Animations

    I would get a chocolate 🍫 bar for my kid too oh wait the golden ticket 🎟️ I wish they actually made actual Wonka bars with real golden tickets

  • Horror Animations
    Horror Animations

    You should never sneak food from your kids that is being a dishonest parent

  • Edgar Aruquipa
    Edgar Aruquipa


  • Алина Ммм
    Алина Ммм


  • Clair Brown
    Clair Brown

    Like seriously why you saying everything!!!??!!

  • Mert Bicercioglu
    Mert Bicercioglu

    Ricifc arerst pfyfgg fwyfpdvkf

  • Veronika Flower
    Veronika Flower

    So share

  • Veronika Flower
    Veronika Flower

    Listen lady kids have to have sugar in their brain

  • •Ellie•

    They're Grownups , but they pretend bein Children , How disgusting.😣😖

  • Elda Bethancourt
    Elda Bethancourt


    • Elda Bethancourt
      Elda Bethancourt


  • sally leung
    sally leung


  • Octavio Rendon
    Octavio Rendon


  • Octavio Rendon
    Octavio Rendon


  • Shyamali Pal
    Shyamali Pal

    Foreign parents: sneaks candy from child and hides it when the child sees them eating and uses a trick to hide it😏😏 haha intelligent Indian parents: if their child finds them eating candy, parent: " chal ja yaha se jake padhai kar aur mujhe khane de, tujhe pata hona chaiye ki baccho ko candies khani nhi chahiye isse daant kharab ho jate hai aur zyada zid mat kar warna ek thappad padega" 😎😎😎 hehe ultra max pro intelligent😂😂

  • Shyamali Pal
    Shyamali Pal

    She: sharps the strawberry pencil Me: why are u wasting that strawberry pencil by sharping it😂😂😂😂


    The video parents - sneaks food Real parents - take this I don't need I don't eat chocolate

  • Toccara Lybrand
    Toccara Lybrand

    Wait what the heck If your using a pencil sharpener for a strawberry candy, THE SHARPENER IS GONNA HAVE LED IN IT🤦‍♀️

  • Riko

    Who is just gonna have a hot glue gun ready, and can't you smell the sent of the chips ?

  • Teymur Kamal
    Teymur Kamal

    Love childerns❤❤❤❤🧡💛💚

  • PuppyYT

    very good ideas🖒

  • MMK gaming
    MMK gaming

    How to hide food from your child: *don’t have one*

  • Creative Queen
    Creative Queen

    Easy for moms than dads

  • PakFNAF

    share your sweets, that's the solution. Or rather let's change roles, haha,

  • Eri-chan

    Cant you just either give the kid a really small piece and by the time they are finished and want more you would have finished or just say no? Like- tbh I would share I just wouldn’t share like I do for someone my age. Like I’m not gonna break it in half I’ll just break one off and then break that one piece of the Kit Kat bar in half. That should be enough and I still get a lot. Also, THEY ARE AN ADULT- SHES A KID- JUST GET MORE CANDY

  • Wioleta Michalak
    Wioleta Michalak

    Matka słodkie ukrywa a dziecku malemu nie da jak to wygląda

  • Aze. Bako ➊
    Aze. Bako ➊


  • Valentubers ♡
    Valentubers ♡


  • New Vision Labs
    New Vision Labs

    Who will have a heated glue gun next to y6

  • Eleanor Swiftwalker
    Eleanor Swiftwalker

    My parents don't care if I see :/


    BoB is *shocked*

  • Paula Luby
    Paula Luby

    That's just cruel :(

  • Miguel antonio Acosta
    Miguel antonio Acosta

    Yo soy una niña y me gusta la verdura las frutas no se porque esa niña no come verduras ni frutas tanbien me gusta el chocolate pero no demasiado un chiquito nadamas

  • Deswita Alfian
    Deswita Alfian


  • Casey

    Ain't no one does this! Oh wait my glue gun is heating up so I can hide me eating chips. How stupid!!! Smh lol

  • Asya Nk
    Asya Nk

    Девушка, которой ради ролика пришлось съесть шоколадку: 😍😄😌😃😀☺️🤗😍😝😛😋

  • tumbling monkey
    tumbling monkey

    I love all veggies except for lima beans or spicy peppers

  • tumbling monkey
    tumbling monkey

    The lettuce thing would not work on me i love lettuce

  • ellyqas sutrisno
    ellyqas sutrisno

    Idih tembem banget anak nya

  • Loujaine EL YACOUBI
    Loujaine EL YACOUBI

    OMG il me as n to do tout for kids

  • Deasy Mariani
    Deasy Mariani


  • Deasy Mariani
    Deasy Mariani


  • Chantal Ivo
    Chantal Ivo

    Dat misvormde hoofd van dat kind hahahahhaha

  • Bina Kamam
    Bina Kamam

    TBH, I've never seen a parent who hides food from their kids... Which is something kids should do but they are do it

  • Maricel Gatoc
    Maricel Gatoc

    Why did you hide😡

  • I like to read comments.
    I like to read comments.

    Meri maa toh apne hisse ki bhi cheezen de deti hai mujhe . Ek iss ki maa😭

  • wolf_GAMING2021


  • wolf_GAMING2021


  • ali akbar
    ali akbar

    mak nya serakah bet njir 🗿

  • chloeplaysroblox

    The video: you can do a strawberry pencil! Me: wondering how to do it 🤔

  • Infinite Pink 7
    Infinite Pink 7

    my brother: Just one bite plsss Me: Okay, fine. *EATS THE WHOLD THING*

  • Shahjahan Ali
    Shahjahan Ali

    Dude the mom so mean

  • Destiny Aldrich
    Destiny Aldrich

    See it doesn’t matter if a kid sees u eating it the will act like they love the food

  • Zinne

    Imagine raising such a little brat that you can't even eat in peace

  • Юля Макарова
    Юля Макарова

    Юля Макаровай

  • Samiksha badwal
    Samiksha badwal

    How bad of

  • Madison 🤤 Anthony 🤤😘
    Madison 🤤 Anthony 🤤😘


  • Diamond Violet
    Diamond Violet

    easier not to have children.

  • Uijnนดาดสทกาพพ นเสแสําสLojhs
    Uijnนดาดสทกาพพ นเสแสําสLojhs


  • Vivian Espinoza
    Vivian Espinoza

    Her: mom I'm home Mom: oh no Also mom: pulls out a glue gun out from now where

  • Roberto Samuel Marupa
    Roberto Samuel Marupa

    Esta mal que estés comiendo muchos dulces

  • MT-944 H.C.
    MT-944 H.C.

    Who the F*ck eats a Bar of Chocolate like that

  • Freddie Quidlat
    Freddie Quidlat


  • Ares Mena
    Ares Mena

    Engañando a las personas no quiere invitar tema las personas

  • Poonam Singh
    Poonam Singh

    This idea has been 5 min

  • MohdxXx40

    The best real parents in the world who gives there children what they have in there hand (candies and these stuff) so if you are a good mom you would not have searched for this video or done something like this to your kid

  • blink

    this is a bad mum 😑💢

  • Magno Fernandes
    Magno Fernandes

    Deixa de nada 🤏

  • Dzul Qoidah
    Dzul Qoidah

    Pinter. Sekali. Kak. Sembunyi. Ini. Makanan. 😁😀

  • Eve Comtois
    Eve Comtois

    damn moms a baddie

  • IsLifeFood?

    There's 1 child. How many moms does this child have?

  • Jordyn Carpenter
    Jordyn Carpenter

    the mom is un healthy!

  • johnnyingram22

    That’s just animal abuse

  • Itz_meh_kay Castellanos
    Itz_meh_kay Castellanos

    Just because some kids dont like vegetables doesn't mean all- I love vegetables (not tomatoes) and I will still ask for some-


    But aren’t you the mother tell her no and walk away

  • Amanda González
    Amanda González

    Yo cuando sea mamá :

  • Simply_Lillian

    You can literally just tell them no you can not get any snacks you eat them later instead of hiding them like a 7 year old knowing they can’t have candy like ✋🏽😐

  • Josefina Leon
    Josefina Leon


  • Jujitsu Kaisen
    Jujitsu Kaisen

    Are you not aloud to eat in front of your kid

  • Photorin Kaynyne
    Photorin Kaynyne

    Its evil but clever lol

  • simoné chansa
    simoné chansa

    Wait so the child's like mom I'm home and she just happens to have cardboard a glue gun and a huge broccoli on the couch???

  • Faith zaragoza
    Faith zaragoza

    Sneaking food is bad you have been so bad don't do that vid again ever again

  • Ramiro morales
    Ramiro morales


  • Antek Gibki
    Antek Gibki

    This vid made me hungry

  • ⚡ líght 🌟🌈
    ⚡ líght 🌟🌈

    Be good to your kid

  • nelida dominguez
    nelida dominguez

    Eso no se ase mama

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