i completed this impossible infinite sawblade challenge and this happened
i completed this impossible infinite sawblade challenge and this happened
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We're playing GTA 5 online custom races, these are the best stunt races in gta 5, we're doing wallrides, loops, skill tests and more.


    Imagine this board but using an RC-XD where you hit a wall with any force it explodes

  • Adam Hodges
    Adam Hodges

    R.C. Pro Am has nothing on Gray.

  • Tarot After Dark
    Tarot After Dark

    5:58 absolute perfect cutaway lol

  • *{Mxre.Death}*

    “I’m pretty straight” *No shi-*

  • MeGa N00B
    MeGa N00B

    You sound like markiplier 😃

  • Matthew102000

    never made the jump to the end i see. press horn for vehicle jump ya dufus

  • Cameron Slaugh
    Cameron Slaugh

    I am a child and I am addicted to your videos

  • John Mutz
    John Mutz

    Taste the rainbow

  • Ben Peter Meyer
    Ben Peter Meyer

    My motorcycle videos are better than your gta videos, but not by a lot.. I'll subscribe...

  • Ben Peter Meyer
    Ben Peter Meyer

    Ghost Nappa at 4:57 lmfao "LOOK VEGETA. I got a **CHECKPOINT**"

  • gamemasternintendoo

    Gray: I tasted the rainbow today. Me: You did? What did it taste like? Gray: Depression.

  • Dalton c
    Dalton c

    How do you find these?

  • Marvelismylife

    Gray: I'm pretty straight and this should work well Me not paying attention: I'm pretty gay and should go to hell Also me 2 seconds later: because Im a dumb ass bitch 🎉🎉🎉

  • B3astX

    Things gray says in first 3 minutes makes me always laugh

  • Anita Gordon
    Anita Gordon


  • Mikey Newbun!
    Mikey Newbun!

    "This feels like an angry, abusive rainbow." Welcome to FNAF World

  • Mansion Booker Studios
    Mansion Booker Studios

    Great job 👏 go watch yeonmi park to save North Korea that need to be freed gg

  • Sweet Like Honey
    Sweet Like Honey

    The guys inside the truck are the dad and son from the obstacle courses

  • Jenell Veasley
    Jenell Veasley

    (J) was here

  • Leo Mills
    Leo Mills

    “This thing is as aerodynamic as a drug abusing pizza box “ - Graystillplays

  • Z4 Comments
    Z4 Comments

    Gray: " it's like tron but without the budget."

  • waffle

    gray: "this thing handles like a dream" also gray: "this thing handles like a four wheeled condom"

  • DSTajana

    As a crazy person once said “ it drives like a four wheeled condom”


    Sometimes I think every FIbill is in a other countries and not usa

  • Hunter Skye
    Hunter Skye

    Everywhere there is color, there is pain

  • mikipleyer2

    Can someone tell me name pf this map please

  • Nicolai Janssen
    Nicolai Janssen

    That thing corners like a damn housefly

  • Bradley Liu
    Bradley Liu

    Omg the subs went up so much!

  • live for peep
    live for peep

    And we have another winner.

  • Camron Tefertiller
    Camron Tefertiller

    More pain pls

  • Bad Quality
    Bad Quality


  • Next Tiko
    Next Tiko

    a moment of true pain Gray: gooooo goooooo gooooo noooooooooooo

  • Kyle Jacks
    Kyle Jacks

    6:07 This thing has the aerodynamics of a drug-abusing pizza box NANI?!

  • Down Hill Gamer’s
    Down Hill Gamer’s


  • Emily Cress
    Emily Cress

    “What do you want for Christmas grey?” Grey: less pain “Best I can do is give a bit more pain”

  • Riku Hamano
    Riku Hamano

    Btw do you vote democrat or republican?

  • Rick Smith
    Rick Smith

    One of your best videos i watched.

  • Rick Smith
    Rick Smith

    Your screams of almost falling off sound like Jim Carrey in his older movies like Bruce Almighty...

  • Hari's Vlog
    Hari's Vlog

    @gray is like GOOOOOO ouch GOOOOOO ouch NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maria Paschall
    Maria Paschall

    fox news: the popular youtuber known as GrayStillPlays has suddenly gone missing but police and search party's are looking every where for him we will up date you when something happens

  • Rob Moore
    Rob Moore

    "It's just a platform jump. No big-" *immediately has 3 years taken off of his life*

  • Carissa Miller
    Carissa Miller

    Gray will have a son and he’ll say dad I want an rc car and Gray will say sorry son but rc cars are for people with no soul and his son will be like dad having u as a dad means I have no soul so BRING IT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pacolaris

    "Now I'm an R.C. overlord with tetnus" lol love it...

  • Annie Elias
    Annie Elias

    This is the most stable thing I’ve ever parkoured on in this maAaA

  • Astronomically smallbrain
    Astronomically smallbrain

    6:21 O - O

  • Nathaniel Christensen
    Nathaniel Christensen

    "There are no people to slay" 4:24 and on had me dying

  • Michi Keller
    Michi Keller

    All i want for christmas is the pain to stop

  • Jake Franzen
    Jake Franzen

    I bet Gray hears that car when he sleeps

  • A. Singgih
    A. Singgih

    New Toy Story looks depressing

  • goose

    All while Florida man is just chilling with a remote controlling the car

  • Jason Allen
    Jason Allen

    Timmy why aren't U having fun Timmy: because I don't want to Kids named Timmy:And I took that personally

  • Dub Tub
    Dub Tub

    backflip between the planes

  • Spencer Duhl
    Spencer Duhl

    bro the rc car has a jump

  • ShuboShubo gaming
    ShuboShubo gaming


  • Chronos My ass
    Chronos My ass

    Okay I'm pretty straight Somehow gray I don't doubt that

  • BIGgourami


  • Kloud

    Gray: what the holly hell Me: what!😂😂😂😂

  • Demetrius Johnson
    Demetrius Johnson

    Who the he’ll was in the car with u lol

  • Sea Monster
    Sea Monster

    You know some times I question why does gray have weapons

  • Joseph West
    Joseph West

    Whoever told you to play that with singing this in their head Merry Christmas you're on my s*** list I hope your tree burns down I hope you know that I hate you now

  • Jade

    "There are no people to slay" kills me every time

  • Eric Maggart
    Eric Maggart

    “I’m pretty straight, this should work out”

  • El Ghosy
    El Ghosy

    I've been laughing for too long to "haha not today satan"

  • Edheldui

    Gray should play Trackmania RPG courses

  • Max & Nico
    Max & Nico

    If there is a gray there is a way

  • Huncho Vlogs
    Huncho Vlogs

    “I'm ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ”....

  • LiquidSilver 7577
    LiquidSilver 7577

    gray: "this thing has the aerodynamics of a drug abusing pizza box" me: what is a drug abusing pizza box even look like, much less the aerodynamics of one

  • Sebastian Fernandez
    Sebastian Fernandez

    2:56 my guy... ARE YOU JOHNATHAN JOESTAR?!?

  • Jimmy Lang
    Jimmy Lang

    all them jokes get my cracking up


    Graystillplays is like an American gamer Gordon Ramsay

  • Tanner Freeman
    Tanner Freeman

    Drug abusing pizza box?

  • Christian S
    Christian S

    3:19 made me think of the trope "Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today?".

  • Dahjer Canaan
    Dahjer Canaan

    This board reminds me of the taste of the rainbow. By the way, the rainbow tastes like depression.

  • Keith Hargraves
    Keith Hargraves

    An here i was totally hoping there would have been a gap between one of the fruit stands at the end. ! Lol

  • Noctiluca

    9:20 , As someone who lives in new jersey, this bit is true. there are potholes everywhere. when they fix the roads they die 2 weeks later.

  • Akrishjot Singh
    Akrishjot Singh

    "This thing has the aerodinamics of a drug abussing pizza box" cracked me up so much

  • Yeet Feet
    Yeet Feet

    “This RC car has the same aerodynamic as a drug abusing pizza box” Greystillplays 2021

  • Michael Abraham T
    Michael Abraham T

    You see GreyStillPlays, we have much in common. We both used to live in New Jersey?( was born there) we both I’ve in Florida as of now. And we both like destruction. Wow

  • Atlas

    don't stop these

  • sOuL Stag
    sOuL Stag

    3:45 we all thought the same thing.

  • Chris Coultes
    Chris Coultes

    Gray dropping the hard F-bomb at 6:22 is the hardest I've laughed all day.

  • Breaking Shakes
    Breaking Shakes

    After the rainbow ramps, Me: Everything else should be easy AF. P.S., I watched the whole video.

  • Odie Lofton Sr
    Odie Lofton Sr

    Not going to lie, watching him fall off and die every time weirdly brings me so much happiness. Please almighty board creators, keep making more torturous things so that I can watch Gray suffer.

  • Not Emir
    Not Emir


  • Jeremy Bolick
    Jeremy Bolick

    gray: im pretty straight me: im not....

  • BadContent


  • Titan Storm
    Titan Storm

    Gray has the linguistic skills of a Florida man in a bacon tuxedo riding an alligator

  • DL_149

    7:48 actually yellow concrete road, that’s not brick..

  • Beddingfield Coasters
    Beddingfield Coasters

    This board isn’t physically hard. It’s just very annoying (AKA mentally hard.).

  • vash

    You should play ReVolt if you can chase down a copy. It's just RC car races and obstacle courses.

  • Kodz703

    name of the song at 2:03

  • Cool Dudecarson
    Cool Dudecarson

    Leave in to gray to Break the game

  • Cabral Irene
    Cabral Irene

    Can anyone cannot stop laughing 😂

  • Martdimons PT
    Martdimons PT

    5:35 " Ok, I got everything so big in my tinny ass litlle car" Bro, before you sayd the word "car" I tought you were on the nonovids

  • Lite


  • Spyros Karakitsios
    Spyros Karakitsios

    The aerodynamics of a drug abusing pizza box... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Norfolk Southern Railworks
    Norfolk Southern Railworks

    Ok grey!! WHAT THE HELL IS A DRUG ABUSING PIZZA BOX, and how can I acquire one?

  • Opposite Fex Animations 🍬
    Opposite Fex Animations 🍬

    5:53 - 5:58 My Favorite I love how he does this pain for us all

  • Daniel Powley
    Daniel Powley


  • Colter Friesen
    Colter Friesen

    Does anyone know the name of this map?