I eat turtle? Day trip to Kaifeng, China
A day trip to a nearby city. Enjoy!

P.S I'm still in the process of improving my camera and audio setup. Testing new setup every time to see what works best. Had no idea making videos would be so difficult!

  • Taiwai Ng
    Taiwai Ng


  • wg xt
    wg xt

    Hong shao turtle is better

  • zupermaus

    Kaifeng was multiple times the world's largest city, and has been destroyed by floods about 40x in its 3,000 year history. Thanks to being sited next to the Yellow River (aka 'China's Sorrow), including the 1642 disaster that took out 300,000 lives (out of a population census of 378,000) and left the city abandoned for the next 20 years. The earth is said to be so packed with sediment and artefacts, which is why Kaifeng is the only city in China without highrises and skyscrapers. The foundations for such buildings would require digging deep into the history.

  • Thiam Poh Lim
    Thiam Poh Lim

    Eat turtle…..brave.

  • Achilles' TV
    Achilles' TV

    When you submitted your PU letter in your Embassy, how many days before they gave you an appointment to process for your Z visa?

  • coughargh

    Great food :D

  • Nicola L
    Nicola L

    I don' t like cicadas. More birds there should fix the problems. lol

  • Achilles' TV
    Achilles' TV

    Hi!😊 how long did you process your Z visa? I already have my PU letter and work permit. Will I be granted with a visa here in the Philippines? Thanks Andre.

  • Yung Ng
    Yung Ng

    It’s very annoying when you have your hand on the screen.

  • uss888999

    KaiFeng was the Capital of the Northern Song Dynasty 960 - 1127 AD. Paper Money was invented then.

  • Rao Rao
    Rao Rao

    Omg that turtle omg they should cut it off

  • Rao Rao
    Rao Rao

    I ate turtle b4 and I didn’t like it lol

  • Jin

    Fiona your mandarin teacher?if she is your gf I'm really sorry,cauce I see NO chemistries between you two.🤷‍♀️🤦‍♂️😜

  • DrZyZyX

    As a Chinese person, I'd recommend against eating turtle. One could argue whether this is any different from eating a kangaroo, but a turtle has a long life and it is not good to end that long life. 🙏

  • Taboo Bunny
    Taboo Bunny

    Lol..everything tastes like chicken..

  • Sun Stanley
    Sun Stanley

    Hey great to see you safe and sound.

  • Jeremy Z
    Jeremy Z

    How's the flood?

  • Then Wai Ho
    Then Wai Ho

    Do not eat turtle.😭😭

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