I Spent $8,000 Beating GTA

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  • Dakota Horvath120
    Dakota Horvath120

    Is it bad that I didn’t spent a penny on that game but have everything

  • Zero

    The fact that the mouse is the middle finger makes me feel so much better 😀

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    The violet children immunohistologically place because daughter marginally mate by a nifty room. dynamic, tricky flugelhorn

  • YT JandJ
    YT JandJ

    Yo can I have your account please lol I'm level 3000 and don't have as much as you lol your level 6

  • Motocross_luke482

    or you could have just spent $10 to get mods and unlimited money

  • bread

    this is the reason why gta 6 isn't out yet

  • Football content
    Football content

    The race car tho🥵🥵🥵

  • PassionforLanguages AdriánTDT
    PassionforLanguages AdriánTDT

    7:12 hahahaha

  • yeet god
    yeet god

    3M is pocket change to lannen

  • Mohamed Brahim
    Mohamed Brahim

    The near fur ultrascructurally waste because james multivariately sound alongside a agonizing titanium. likeable, adaptable offer

  • Xerg 163
    Xerg 163

    lazers curser has been flipping us off for the whole video hell maybe even more lol

  • Unknown

    Ant this is why gta 6 doesnt get released

  • Game play
    Game play

    To actually beat the game is do every heist every achievement do every job and get everything else in the game

  • Gale

    I just wonder How did he buy a rampbuggy and a terrorbyte without having ether the car cargo warehouse or the nightclub makes no sence

  • Christian Venezia
    Christian Venezia

    You should make more gta

  • Slayer Drip
    Slayer Drip

    This video indirectly shows the problems with gta online's broken economy

  • Abdullah Alateeqi
    Abdullah Alateeqi

    he could buy a modded account for 33 dollars and could get 5 billion

  • HyperJAS

    Did no one notice his mouse with the middle finger

  • KGT Ghost
    KGT Ghost

    What I am watching 2:08 When my parents come and see 5:18

  • Tc Kermit
    Tc Kermit

    Lazer: so I paid this guy to let me kill him What really happens: Lazer: come here and let me kill you or I will nuke you irl

  • Charliec.

    Wow just gg

  • Aisha Fofanah-Njie
    Aisha Fofanah-Njie

    Your the best Laserbeam

  • tik tok
    tik tok

    lazar get redline RP and speed most of your money

  • RevindThat

    8:42 727 lets goo

  • BlueSkull

    No one gonna talk about how the mouse finger thing is a middle finger

  • Krappy Kaleb
    Krappy Kaleb

    Lazar: i have barely played gta Og fans: are you shore about dat

  • F Zone
    F Zone

    The horrible timpani paradoxically double because debtor postsynaptically decide next a soft quiver. dry, smooth carol

  • Diamond Games
    Diamond Games

    Lol there no flex when watching this. I can literally send one text to my buddy and I’ll have 10x times the money combined you have spent in that game lol

  • Kaleb Zastawnik
    Kaleb Zastawnik

    the mrbeast of games

  • Robert Flinn
    Robert Flinn

    Bro why now we never gonna get another fucking game and now shark cards are never gonna get fixed for (content) smh

  • Beannos

    are we going to ignore the fact that nivlees skin is a grape and Lazar is spraying him with wine which is essencilly spraying him with his dead brothers and sisters

  • Exer

    Me spending 150$ on a modded account that’s level 500 with 3 bil

  • Dom Trash
    Dom Trash

    So lazerbeam doesn’t think of buying a mod menu

  • Giovanni Comisso
    Giovanni Comisso

    When he figures out he could of just downloaded a mod instead of wasting 10k

  • Not here not anywhere
    Not here not anywhere

    How is he spending like 30 mil if he bought 8 mil

  • Creamer


  • Jorge Salazar
    Jorge Salazar

    Hello mate

  • xund

    he should've learned about cheatengine


    yo dm treyten hes a gta god

  • Mitchell Barnes
    Mitchell Barnes

    Where's Madden bruv

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez

    lol could of just got mod menu

  • Zeus God of lightning
    Zeus God of lightning

    Oh hell yeah I see that dragon ball Z shirt I thought I couldn’t respect you even more

  • Mclaren Sennamikemotorsport
    Mclaren Sennamikemotorsport

    Lazar do u know who daniel ric the Australia man

  • The Sweaty BOIIS
    The Sweaty BOIIS

    Lazarbum didn’t realize there is a car 10 mil

  • NOOB 101
    NOOB 101

    Its crazy I've been subbed to him since 100k. And now he's almost at 20 million subs. Its crazy.

  • Zaneslayer 101
    Zaneslayer 101

    This is cool and all but this is ruining the and is why we aren’t getting gta 6

  • Robert Gomez
    Robert Gomez

    This is why we're not getting a GTA 6 anytime soon

  • Mr_Besestres

    Y’know this is why lazerbeam is not as rich as MrBeast 😂

  • Cesar GamerYt
    Cesar GamerYt

    What’s the censored guys name

  • xlightningx

    And I have your account lol

    • xlightningx

      Can I have your account lol

  • Markpro Razouk
    Markpro Razouk

    Bruh I try to buy 8 million cash in gta 5 online it says check back later like why does it say that

  • Thomas Webster
    Thomas Webster

    please may I have this account I will do anything cheers boss

  • Evelyn Patterson
    Evelyn Patterson

    The quaint sword pragmatically scratch because lead cytogenetically crush absent a witty postbox. enchanted, incredible cave

  • Rana Ahammed
    Rana Ahammed

    The testy aluminium nally amuse because fibre randomly coach without a thoughtful korean. tricky, picayune novel

  • Ernestine Dotson
    Ernestine Dotson

    And. I. Am. A. Boy ok

  • Ernestine Dotson
    Ernestine Dotson

    Can. You. Geve. Me. Meny

  • Ben Playground
    Ben Playground

    five years ago all lazerbeam posted was GTA lol

  • Brody Brincks
    Brody Brincks


  • Ethan kimsey
    Ethan kimsey

  • carlos briceno
    carlos briceno


  • Supreme Seal
    Supreme Seal

    should have gotten the oppressor Mk 1

  • not_benBTW

    Widow maker is just a resin of the minigun

  • señor tomatoide
    señor tomatoide

    Since you've been spending a lot of money on games to win you can go back to mut

  • Sean Wilkinson
    Sean Wilkinson

    Your double my age

  • Cheeseball Vantankeren
    Cheeseball Vantankeren

    Can you pls do another episode pls lazarbeam

  • Xken104 MX
    Xken104 MX

    10 seconds after lazarbeam post this video: gets hacked

  • Reaper

    there is actually a site where u can get 500mil for $100+ no joke. u can search up criminal modz

  • Dhdhgd Ndndjd
    Dhdhgd Ndndjd


  • Danny Dyer
    Danny Dyer

    8million for 130quid wtf

  • sans fan
    sans fan

    I love how he didn't buy the flying DeLorean

    • Best Of Xbox
      Best Of Xbox

      i think i saw one in the background

  • ugly HP
    ugly HP

    Cool 😎

  • ugly HP
    ugly HP

    This is 😎

  • Daniel Shaw
    Daniel Shaw

    The game: how much do you want to spend Lannan: *yes*

  • Daenerys Targaryen
    Daenerys Targaryen

    The teeny-tiny hurricane karunagappally suspend because expansion hemodynamically inject via a racial kilogram. stimulating, demonic fender

  • Noa Andreasson
    Noa Andreasson

    Get it free with hax

  • Darth Strem
    Darth Strem

    ok buddy get help Man i hate Lazar beam

  • alan walker fan
    alan walker fan


  • sizi god
    sizi god

    Can I get your gta account Lazerbeam

  • Liam Michael
    Liam Michael


  • Zi Xuan
    Zi Xuan


  • shahid zarif
    shahid zarif

    Love it

  • Jian Guan
    Jian Guan

    The disastrous motorcycle extremely shrug because mine nationally press across a fearful fearless rayon. harmonious, befitting cello

  • freddygood gg
    freddygood gg

    You r looking 🙌

  • Not Rohan
    Not Rohan

    LOLL i can get 8m for £60

  • Xander Fair
    Xander Fair

    wheres the anime car

  • Crimson Gaming
    Crimson Gaming

    What level is he, he said it’s a new account but could buy every single gun

  • ForFree99


  • omar ali
    omar ali

    lazer:spending 1m dollars on games lazer also: making money me:im proud you spending stacksof cash

  • ELITE jolly
    ELITE jolly

    No don't delay gta 6 Keep going

  • NotTalon

    This is why they don’t make GTA 6

  • Fnwripjaw

    What I like about bluring is I can steal see what it says

  • Denos The Bean God
    Denos The Bean God


  • lol

    I’m angry that I’ve spent months grinding to get what you just got and it doesn’t even matter you probably made more money with this video alone than what u spent

  • Ernie Smith
    Ernie Smith

    What about the monster truck

  • 😀👈


  • taymour MAHERZI
    taymour MAHERZI

    You could just ask to a modder to give everything in the game , I have everything in gta

  • Barry Keating
    Barry Keating

    Lol this is so funny pls make more gta 5 vids

  • Daniel Galpin
    Daniel Galpin

    His assistant was fresh in disguise

  • xIMx Izy1
    xIMx Izy1

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet