Ice Cube, Kevin Hart And Conan Help A Student Driver CONAN
Ice Cube, Kevin Hart And Conan Help A Student Driver CONAN on TBS

  • the goat man
    the goat man

    Kevin heart need base in his voice he sound like a girl

  • the goat man
    the goat man

    For real no cappp

  • the goat man
    the goat man

    Bruh u going to have a high speed chase with those three in the car

  • the goat man
    the goat man

    Like lol lmo

  • the goat man
    the goat man


  • the goat man
    the goat man


  • the goat man
    the goat man


  • the goat man
    the goat man

    I agree

  • James Canter
    James Canter


  • Kim Rangihika
    Kim Rangihika


  • MaG420

    That chick cute

  • Grant Warner
    Grant Warner

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  • THEYHATE zazz
    THEYHATE zazz

    Ice cubes voice is legendary

  • Dundis Dundat
    Dundis Dundat

    Kevin Hart having trouble trying to make gun shot sounds lol 🤣


    Diana seems so fun to be around lol. Hope she’s still working there

  • Shayaan Mohammed
    Shayaan Mohammed

    Ok but diane cute asf

  • toyyatoy

    Lucky punk goin out blazin with these guys lol

  • josh salazar
    josh salazar

    Man this was great, what a story she will have for the rest of her life.. Legends man great laugh.. Heading out to shop to smoke a bowl

  • D S
    D S

    Omg! I can’t stop laughing my ass off thanks I really needed a good laugh 😂

  • 1Jack Valley
    1Jack Valley


  • Jenny Lynn Atkins
    Jenny Lynn Atkins

    Hilariously hilarious!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Daniel Lohr
    Daniel Lohr

    No Kidding I'm coming back to this video like I would come back to my violent ex girlfriend


    How old is this girl, 16??

  • D. Gilliard
    D. Gilliard

    Lmao it’s Diana smoking with Cube in the back. Damn, what an experience! This was so ridiculous!

  • Aziz mukhi
    Aziz mukhi

    Damn....never realised that diana was 33. I thought she might have been in her 20s

  • Sport Addicted Human
    Sport Addicted Human

    "You're my bitch" turns out to be auntie Kim

  • Tiedlux

    1:27 damnn she got him lmaooo

  • RIchard Davidson
    RIchard Davidson

    She's a liar Conan.

  • Biswas pankaj
    Biswas pankaj

    She reminds me of lara jean.

  • A D
    A D

    All my anxieties and fears are gone! Hahaha

  • Anna Caiazza
    Anna Caiazza

    Yes this should be a new series 🙌

  • Anna Caiazza
    Anna Caiazza

    I wish I was in that car .. LMAOOOOO 😆🤣🤣😂

  • QQQ


  • Rye James
    Rye James


  • Sonny Truong
    Sonny Truong

    Diana, will you be mine. She’s such a typical ABC girl but I love her reactions with Conan, NWA’s own Ice Cube and the K. Hart… 😆😁😌

    • QQQ

      ur gay

  • rgeneralaojr

    Classic That's some funny sh1+

  • Eylem Kumar
    Eylem Kumar

    This is the funniest video I've ever seen, the girl is very lucky to be in the car with Kevin Hart & Conan & Ice Cube❤❤

  • Grand Marshal Zohar
    Grand Marshal Zohar

    Conan o Brian, Kevin Hart and Ice Help get into a car....

  • Javier Duran
    Javier Duran

    I think it’s awesome that ice cube knows all the famous rappers and rapped professionally and now is a famous actor. Full respect for this man

  • tamick2000

    Thug life lol

  • AnoramaX

    Why isn’t this on the Conan channel?

  • Cindy Spangler
    Cindy Spangler

    OMG...Connan: pew, pew, pew Ice Cube: Thats Bonanza....just dead. The whole damn thing..extra dead!! Thank uou Conan, Kevin and Cube!!

  • Michael Drabek
    Michael Drabek

    Kevin Hart is not funny.

  • Nikki Chartrand
    Nikki Chartrand

    622 mad not said

  • Lord Alaric Stark
    Lord Alaric Stark

    @11:23 didn’t realize Diana was baked until she made the stoner sandwich

  • underground rap
    underground rap

    They should make a movie 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kenneth Boylan
    Kenneth Boylan

    thassa bonanza

  • Joey Santana
    Joey Santana

    Wicho_ Welcome to the real America. Where Archie Bunker & The Jefferson's hangout.

  • Mihai Marchidann
    Mihai Marchidann

    It is illegal to watch this skit outside California

  • Nathan Fanai
    Nathan Fanai

    3:19 imagine 6ix9ine on the roof : HANG HANG HANG HANG HANG HANG

  • gods’daughter

    Ugh some of what they talked about smh to Conan and shit

  • Hiennn Shortaaay
    Hiennn Shortaaay

    This never gets old. It's so freakin funny 😂

  • Joseph Fasano
    Joseph Fasano

    Too funny!

  • BrëdSlayer

    I could watch this for hours

  • Camping with Christine
    Camping with Christine

    OMG, 5am in the morning, couldn't sleep and I stumble on this! Too funny!

  • Kawaii Nightmares
    Kawaii Nightmares

    i think any nervous driver having these guys are passengers would make them more susceptible to actually passing their test imo.

  • kickthestoat

    Man, i would love to take these three for drive!

  • Cat gang community
    Cat gang community

    I love ice cube best hip hop ever

  • E Monreal
    E Monreal

    He's in his Fortee ss

  • The Truh Hurts
    The Truh Hurts

    I needed this. Great stuff

  • khalid farah
    khalid farah

    This is basically how my uncle taught me how to drive.

  • Nicole Ann Grant
    Nicole Ann Grant


  • Shawn Hughes
    Shawn Hughes

    Alright FIbill I get it! I'll watch it. Edit: Not at all disappointed 😂

  • osama abdelhamid
    osama abdelhamid

    This can actually be the best skit ever

  • Laquida Petersen
    Laquida Petersen

    Tupac was one of biggest thugs I Know and he always wore his seatbelt,🤣🤣🤣 💪

  • Trashy Mans
    Trashy Mans

    How did this turn from a driving test to smoking weed

  • sid gallpo
    sid gallpo

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  • Diego Viego
    Diego Viego

    Diego video wisn Yandel the

  • XoXo XoXo
    XoXo XoXo

    This was hard to watch. Gun references, intensity, "thug life", anger (even if a joke) was just too much. James Corden vids are more my speed, I suppose.

  • Mr Acuna
    Mr Acuna

    The devilish geometry undesirably retire because tuesday postsynaptically wipe pace a symptomatic shame. wide, judicious writer

  • Vivian Muse
    Vivian Muse

    This made my day

  • Stormy Weather
    Stormy Weather

    Why all the sexual and dope references in front of the young lady?? Disrespectful.

  • SirQL8

    'Lets put him out on the corner right here, see how much he make.' omg, hilarious

  • SirQL8

    'Tupac ALWAYS wore his seat belt.' Everyone straps up.

  • Trucker Brent with Black Labrador Nelli.
    Trucker Brent with Black Labrador Nelli.

    Cheech n Chong all over again, jajaja

  • Science Only
    Science Only

    11:32 Damn! Diana stoned AF.

  • ʟȏɢѧṅ

    Mother…..f…. *Rolls the window*

  • Anonymous

    Ice Cube and Kevin hart in the same car as me as I'm driving? Everyone dying if it's not from laughter sure will be from a car accident

  • Alfian Syaifudin
    Alfian Syaifudin

    This hand down the best Driver instructor you can get.

  • Take_An_L :)
    Take_An_L :)

    Thats like me and my two friends inviting a nerd to the table to do something lmao

  • Ziyi He
    Ziyi He

    Did they just break the law on live TV??? I’m a bit confused, isn’t smoking weed in PUBLIC illegal in California?????

    • •Bendy•

      No one gives shii bro lol

  • novastar2486

    I have heard jokes about Kevin Hart being a small guy, but Dianna makes him look tiny!

  • Giel Deeben
    Giel Deeben

    I thought I saw kevin the cube in the title I thought: “wtf”

  • Tsayin

    “Hey….Tupac was the biggest thug I KNOW…and he STILL wore his seatbelt” Why did that hit in a personal way for me??

  • Finn

    You don’t understand how much I love this pls bruh the Piñata full of weed and shit then them smoking together in the car

  • אבי זרמין
    אבי זרמין


  • Robert Legere III
    Robert Legere III

    That was genuinely funny. Thinking about it tho, that poor girl had to be sooooo fucking nervous. lmfao Cube is literally one of the funniest dudes that isn't called a comic.

  • S G
    S G

    I am SO JEALOUS of this girl!!!! 🥰

  • Sam W
    Sam W

    Getting high while with weed flag with the police on look out

  • Reagan Co
    Reagan Co

    whys she kinda cute

  • Cassandra Sara
    Cassandra Sara


  • Alan Smith
    Alan Smith

    so Funny

  • ced ed
    ced ed

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  • Vince Edwards
    Vince Edwards

    Ice cube is about as gangster as my nan 😂😂😂

  • Endeavour

    Now this is proper comedy

  • Christan John
    Christan John


  • Rosanna Torres
    Rosanna Torres

    This seems like a good day

  • pookie

    Make this a movie frfr

  • pookie


  • Lurker Casual
    Lurker Casual

    The "4th wheel" driver in these bits always have an amazingly noticable character development from the start of the video to the end.