The relaunch of Kylie Cosmetics is finally here, and I could not be more excited! Check out the finale of Inside Kylie Cosmetics to see an exclusive look behind the scenes and learn about all of my totally revamped products - complete with brand new clean and vegan formulas. Thank you all for being a part of my journey over the last six years, and welcome to Kylie 2.0! The new site and new products are live at 9am pst only on

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Kylie Jenner
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  • Anjula Loove
    Anjula Loove

    Me getting one view instagram : YESSS YEAHHH , WOOO HOOOO , DINNER ON ME , OH YEAH Kylie getting a view from every human on earth for a picture f her breakfast : oh ok

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    Shamaila Ghafoor

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    Amelia Laird

    Aww she was pregnant here and must Collab with the new baby 🥺💕

  • haylee rose
    haylee rose

    tbh shes so inspirtional and watching this series makes me wanna make a make-up brand

  • are you afraid of the dark
    are you afraid of the dark

    Stormi is so cute and Kylie is such a great mom especially for her age

  • Aditya Thakur
    Aditya Thakur

    So plastic surgery has ruined her face especially her lips

  • shivangi verma
    shivangi verma

    This isn't just yet another video series, this is how you connect with the people on deeper level and makes then believe what a great brand they are.

  • COyG

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  • Me Me
    Me Me

    This is propaganda on another level holy shit.

  • Sofia Lynn
    Sofia Lynn

    Kris with the pants suit & Travis sneakers... I definitely didn’t expect that lol

  • Angelic Gemini
    Angelic Gemini

    She seems so down to earth and humbled 💖

  • leon l
    leon l

    You don't have the same measurements as her head you might have a bigger head or she does sorry but I don't think your her

  • grace anne
    grace anne

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    Sabina Sabina

    Kylie i loveeeee youuuu❤️🌍🥰🌞✨🌸

  • Gerson Orellana
    Gerson Orellana

    We need a Kylie store nation wide full brand with sections for everyone

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      Emmanuella Ruth

      Yea We really need it

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    Kylie clips

    Hey guys! Do subscribe my channel for more videos of Kylie😍

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    Djina Petithomme

    Sorry Kylie Jenner to say this but I think starving it's better than you and I think I know I think I can get ugly actually sorry no offense but we'll see how it goes tell me we'll see I know about you and your family stop copying people because I'm going to go live on video and you're going to see I'm bringing you damn so you best listen to me because I'm star Man fan and I'm in the zampam because I am the champion from you and I'm in the game master spies and I'm Rebecca best friend I'm warning you Kylie Jenner stay away no offense just stay away and stop copying people are you a deal with me and I'm actually done my friend and I'm actually dorman friend so you don't want to mess with diamond so

  • Djina Petithomme
    Djina Petithomme

    You jealous Rihanna better than you

  • Djina Petithomme
    Djina Petithomme

    Stop copying Rihanna

  • Djina Petithomme
    Djina Petithomme

    Stop copying ride Rock

  • Djina Petithomme
    Djina Petithomme

    Stop copying people

  • Djina Petithomme
    Djina Petithomme

    I hate her

  • Djina Petithomme
    Djina Petithomme

    Ok loser

  • 🌿Daniel🌿

    fantastic I love you Kylie you are my idol and you are super beautiful like your daughter greetings 😁👋🏻

  • ᴀʟᴇx. ᴅᴇᴍᴏɴ
    ᴀʟᴇx. ᴅᴇᴍᴏɴ

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  • Rakes Molla
    Rakes Molla

    Just makeup

  • lauren vega-cruz
    lauren vega-cruz

    Whatever you come up with you can just make it I debate bankruptcy..must be nice..I love kylie so no shade.i love her products too...just envy her...kylie, gimme a job girl...I would love to work for u.

  • Yōurán AMVs
    Yōurán AMVs

    Bruh I expected a tour not an emotional motherly speech though it’s still wholesome

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    • bill Endicott
      bill Endicott

      mrs josephine tech is really helpful for my situation thanks for contacting me to her

    • bill Endicott
      bill Endicott

      Anyone who she handles he's or her trade for I believe is so lucky

    • 𝒑𝒊𝒏𝒏𝒆𝒅 by ELIZABETH
      𝒑𝒊𝒏𝒏𝒆𝒅 by ELIZABETH

      she's the plug 👆

    • April  Idris
      April Idris

      Can I start with $3000

  • Wealthiest Millions
    Wealthiest Millions the items I have all those worth together the bag of glitz and glam I'd say worth I'm giving a value of 48 million dollars all of them if sold all together

  • Wealthiest Millions
    Wealthiest Millions

  • Alba Cuavas
    Alba Cuavas

  • Jackline Mollel
    Jackline Mollel

    Congrats for the second baby😚

  • lola perez
    lola perez

    Que fea se ve kylie sin sus ediciones

  • Soapy

    I’ve always wanted to try Kylie skin, is it good?

    • Beauty With Lyhia
      Beauty With Lyhia

      I only tried makeup it’s good

  • Lenny Vitaro
    Lenny Vitaro

    Can u sell Kylie cosmetics at Sephora, please🥺

    • Beauty With Lyhia
      Beauty With Lyhia

      Hello Hey would you please like to support my channel Im starting my makeup journey 🥺❤️❤️

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    Kylie needs her own show

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    Stefany Rodriguez

    We do love stormi~

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    Abigail Ayala

    Hi is stormi so cute

  • Zy Sor
    Zy Sor

    So i think kylie already pregnant here. She wears loose look. 🤭❤️

  • Yorielis Domally
    Yorielis Domally

    Kylie is pregnent 🤰

  • Cheikhouna Dieye
    Cheikhouna Dieye

    maman kris jenner god bless you g FBI cd @z@

  • Cheikhouna Dieye
    Cheikhouna Dieye

    only love angel brousse docter g FBI cd @z@

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    josephina awene

    i am a big fan if you see my comment liz reply bake

  • Malaya A. VAUGHAN
    Malaya A. VAUGHAN

    I Love you so much and i know sometimes people send in hate comments and other things like that and im so inspired by you because i know it can be hard to try and make it look like you never got hurt by those comments but you make it look easy. when i get asked what do you wanna do for a living you pop up in my mind. your business, your style, your anything. your such an amazing women and i love what you are doing now for your makeup brand and how you are trying to take things that you care about and what others care about and you take in that feedback and make your company better than it already was. You're such a inspiration to me and millions of other people. ILYSM. keep enjoying life and keep on doing what you're doing. good luck

  • I love

  • senorita jen
    senorita jen

    Hello gud pm Kylie Can u help me my daughter I'm single mom and no work can help me pls.

  • Rechandia Ohlson
    Rechandia Ohlson

    kylie jenner work so hard and shes so creative and I support her for everything


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  • Guillermo Diaz
    Guillermo Diaz

    Hello kylie i m a big fan of yours i m from méxico could you say hello to me in une of your videos please are beautiful

  • Safa Qazizada
    Safa Qazizada

    Your amazing 🤩

  • hope love
    hope love

    her face is getting rounder and rounder that is all because of the fillers she has injected. fillers never go away completely, but they spread over the face, which is why they all look puffy after a while.

  • Amisha singh
    Amisha singh

    Stormi the cutest baby girl ever 😍🥰😘😇

  • Amisha singh
    Amisha singh

    Kylie is the best 😍🥰😘😇

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    Amel lia

    Stormie you're so cute

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    Do you ever feel like a plastic bag

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    Good afternoon kylie ❤🦋

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    Dane Gardner

    Hi Kylie Jenner I am new hear and you look nice too 👍🙂🙂🙂😊😊

  • Glowgirl

    The commercial that preceded this ---A video of a poor, starving, crying child and we're told how our dollars can help .Cut to a few weeks later ,same child, slightly healthier looking, and smiling. So $$$ helps. Then this. Really, someone should check the lead in ads.

  • Alma Espinoza
    Alma Espinoza

    Where divan I get that pink shirt

  • Safa Qazizada
    Safa Qazizada

    Kylie your so beautiful and caring love you so much 💗

  • Disha

    This video is all about kylie's paid employees praising Kylie.

  • Safa Qazizada
    Safa Qazizada

    Kylie your so kind❤️

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    Ashley Tippit

    This is part of her new project this is all about money trying to suck ppl in

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    Geetha Geetha

    If possible please show us closet tour i don't see 👀

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    I love this Kylie stuff 😍

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    Vitória de Piante

    Kylie Cosmetics is like Apple, but at the beauty world.

  • Cheikhouna Dieye
    Cheikhouna Dieye

    kriss god bless your good familly g FBI cd @z@

  • Cheikhouna Dieye
    Cheikhouna Dieye

    how are you jenner ? love you my angel and baby kardashian g FBI cd @z@

  • Sunita Arvind
    Sunita Arvind

    Idk but Kylie's face changes after every short intervals of years She is really queen of beauty

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    Priya Singh

    Kylie mam I'm your Big fan I'm from India I'm 20 years old girl I have just one dream I want to meet you mam please it's wish

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    Dustin D

    Haha Come on she does nothing

  • Дильбар Азимова
    Дильбар Азимова

    Lol. Everything is plastic

  • Ghada Thabet
    Ghada Thabet

    looooool i think kylie went too extreme with her crazy ideas what on earth is that brand yikes

  • Kalina

    God bless everyone and have a safe and amazing day!

  • Andrea Sánchez López
    Andrea Sánchez López

    Eres mi inspiración quiero ser como tú cuando sea grande eres hermosa que Dios los bendiga a ti y a tu familia

  • نعيمة شو   naima chow
    نعيمة شو naima chow


    all this brown-nosing --- man how cingey

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    Fin n Win .ghj


  • Jessica McDonald
    Jessica McDonald

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  • Tonja Mollan
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  • Noe Florez
    Noe Florez

    Thank yo u k ylie Lo ve ur videos. Keep makin g videos. Cool seeing you. G row up

  • Yassin Sdk
    Yassin Sdk

    Stormi gonna be the next queen of makeup

  • CJ W
    CJ W

    Bring to the UK!! 😍❤️

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    Noe Florez

    LoV e yo u k ylie j enner Lo ve you r video keep them ccming 💚💜💖❤🌹🌷😍😘 Love you k ylie jenner

  • Teena Hernandez
    Teena Hernandez

    Ok she pregnant after watching this and seeing her out fit


    I'm gonna take her tittle of youngest billionaire for sure!

  • Vrudhi Doshi
    Vrudhi Doshi

    Kylie 2.0 is really so good......

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    Sui Chuai Suite

    I want to visit your house please come and take me with your flyte please kylie😭😭😭

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    Sui Chuai Suite

    Kylie i love you please come and take me i am in india mizoram please i love you kylie 😫😫😫

  • RS

    The baggy jacket and how Kylie covered her stomach in part two, gave some serious hints she’s preggo! Then yesterday it was announced she is preggo! Congrats Kylie, Travis, and Stormi! You created an empire Kylie! Keep going!

  • Cheikhouna Dieye
    Cheikhouna Dieye

    love you jenner g FBI cd @z@

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    wendy valera 12

    Amo la marca tengo sus pinturas de

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