Jordan Schlansky’s Final CONAN Appearance - CONAN on TBS
Conan won’t leave the Largo until he gets an answer to the question that has bedeviled him for years: what the f*ck does Jordan do?

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  • family first
    family first


  • Samantha B
    Samantha B

    I’m gona cry! 😿😿😿😿

  • rational conservative
    rational conservative

    You get the long of fakenews, CNN, to do your interruption? Sad

    • ̊

      Your name is "rational conservative" yet your comment would seem to undermine it. By the way, Warner owns both TBS and CNN.

  • Sonny Black
    Sonny Black

    Why is it final appearance? I dont get it, hes gone from the show or what?

    • JohnJRenns

      no, the show is ending

  • stephanos mendonis
    stephanos mendonis

    Where is Jordan? I hope he is brought back and that Conan is nicer to him :)

  • L CT
    L CT

    He knows where the bodies are

  • Gary Wilson
    Gary Wilson

    Now I would like Jordan Schlansky to explain Critical Race Theory to me.

  • Savan Rajput
    Savan Rajput

    9:40 the height difference is hilarious in itself

  • Jennifer Thompson
    Jennifer Thompson

    Me: Comes here to laugh and relax after a work week at Google. Jordan's t-shirt: Think again.

  • shayan saidy
    shayan saidy

    wtf does he do?

  • Amarpreet

    Is he no longer with team coco anymore?

    • Richard Traviz Celones
      Richard Traviz Celones

      conan is over now

  • John Shen
    John Shen

    Awwwww... He's a bit sad towards the end

  • constance p
    constance p

    I wonder what he said for the audience, tho....anyone there?

  • Sulayman Adham
    Sulayman Adham

    What a wat to end the everlasting meme

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    "Then I prepared my body in various ways" No human has ever before assembled words of the English language into that sequence 😆

  • hellcat 9SM
    hellcat 9SM

    i have various tasks

  • K P.
    K P.

    2:36 the coffee machine is now in his office lol wtf

  • Fabio Melim
    Fabio Melim

    After 26 years conan had enough of Jordan's unknown duties .... right before leaving the network 😄

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      Im so glad the squirrel survived

  • Domenico D'Ambrosio
    Domenico D'Ambrosio

    First mistake of Jordan in italian. Latte is uncountable :D But he got the italian citizenship however!

  • Nikie Nu
    Nikie Nu

    This is sad he's gone

  • Anthony Esquibel
    Anthony Esquibel

    Of course he rides a douchebag moped...

  • Timmy The Raccoon
    Timmy The Raccoon

    was anybody there? what did Jordan say?

  • Yama

    I know this was all shits and giggles but ...seriously. Talk about a cushy job. That can’t be his REAL OFFICE. It’s a storage closet surly! 😆

  • Mr. Steve
    Mr. Steve

    "a woman sent you these?" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Gerry Endersen
    Gerry Endersen

    I now have the perfect answer when anyone asks me why I’m late to something: “I was preparing my body in various ways”

  • Fated SMB
    Fated SMB

    I heard a guy make a theory that aliens live among us they just look exactly like us, and Jordan is the perfect reason why I believe that theory.

  • Big Ben's Outdoor Channel
    Big Ben's Outdoor Channel

    He should have had told Pierre Bernard goodbye on air as well. That dude was comedy gold!

  • Red Force Productions
    Red Force Productions

    Conan and Jordan

  • sakuracoy 1990
    sakuracoy 1990

    this brings back memories of youtube binge watching in 2013-2014 hahahaha

  • Gigi D
    Gigi D

    while you are sitting and waiting, why dont you clean up that filthy messy desk? I can't believe it

  • The Walk
    The Walk

    Jordan Slansky See you AGAIN soon

  • Salty Dawg
    Salty Dawg

    RIP Jordan Schlansky. One of the few funny people on the show.

  • Apoc

    Im so glad the squirrel survived

  • Umang Shah
    Umang Shah

    Wtf Jordan do, please give me an answer

    • GOKU

      well if he's a muslim maybe a prayer

  • Vasto

    NOO, NOOOOOOOOOO let him talk to the end!!!

  • Paton MacDonald
    Paton MacDonald

    sunglasses on but leave the shirt off. LOFL

  • Roo

    There needs to be a Jordan Schlansky show.

  • Graham Willis
    Graham Willis

    Thank God that squirrel was unharmed! 🐿

  • LostCause

    Forget what that guy does at work. Thank God the squirrel is alright, that must've been very traumatic for him. My prayers goes out for his recovery.

  • wuhoo life
    wuhoo life


  • whyilee

    Weird audience

  • frank chambers
    frank chambers

    America love JOrdan!

  • Master Oogway
    Master Oogway

    yooo i aont ever hear conan drop the f bomb live lol

  • Sirisaac Newton
    Sirisaac Newton

    Jordan Schlansky but no Norm Macdonald? I guess that once Conan/Andy cancel someone, they stay canceled.

  • Ihatejacobmerritt

    Bigger troll than the Rick roll

  • Flying Fez
    Flying Fez

    Anybody else notice at 9:20? on the 205 sign: Jordan Schlansky One Cranky Fake Italian lol

  • Bodenlose Dosenhose
    Bodenlose Dosenhose

    Schlansky to me doesn't sound like a real name, more like a slang term for a specific male body part. Maybe because English isn't my first language.

  • Jeff Newman
    Jeff Newman

    I have been researching what he does on this show and i still have no idea

  • Lane Boy
    Lane Boy

    It looked like at the end Jordan was struggling to hold back the tears. I imagine they really love each other after so many years. Conan even looked a tad bit choked up

  • Keith Stark JR
    Keith Stark JR

    “How do I know you have to use the center? Because I’ve worked for a living.” Burnnnnnn

  • Celery Head
    Celery Head

    Is this channel going to stay on FIbill? Please say yes………

  • britking

    At last a story from CNN that has value and that I believe.

  • Ronny Zechariah 12:10
    Ronny Zechariah 12:10

    I don't know what's more tragic: the end of the last, actually funny late night television show or Jordan Schlansky having to apply for a real job.

    • Ronny Zechariah 12:10
      Ronny Zechariah 12:10

      @J29 1000%

    • J29

      Amen brother. From here on out it's all politics all the time, an emasculated woke-off where humor & entertainment take a permanent backseat to leftist indoctrination

  • The Tower - Fantasy Music
    The Tower - Fantasy Music

    He has various roles and tasks that he does

  • Joe Mixon
    Joe Mixon

    You should have had Norm on 1 last time

  • McDonald's

    I'm Not Lovin' It!

  • Ts Billing
    Ts Billing

    Typical CNN crap News

  • Ali Tiamo
    Ali Tiamo

    Jordan is awesome 🤣

  • Denny Roling
    Denny Roling

    I love the CNN commercial that's exactly how they are

  • Gayle Payne
    Gayle Payne

    The observant baboon jointly suspend because spaghetti climatologically tremble past a natural twist. fat faulty, orange address

  • terr frayn
    terr frayn

    Why didn't they show us what Jordan really do?!

  • Tanner Poker
    Tanner Poker

    Why is it his last appearance and what’s going on fr. some fill me in. Pre lost

  • Lou

    26years.....Deep inside Conan loves Jordan.

  • Ron C
    Ron C

    We still don't know what he does for a living.

  • Slay3r👾

    I hope they remember you *thanos voice*

  • brasco96 wired
    brasco96 wired

    Nice to see CNN show the world that they really aren't a news station.

  • Spencer Ng
    Spencer Ng

    Legend, it's been a hell of a ride

  • Inggy IDontKnow?
    Inggy IDontKnow?

    Hope we get to see him more once Conan travels. The trip to Italy was by far the best with his wine glass scratching the table. It will remain unforgettable😮‍💨

  • ɾհօ ตմԵմต
    ɾհօ ตմԵմต

    WHAT DOES AN ASSOCIATE PRODUCER DO? Writing, editing, organizing scripts for TV, running the teleprompter in newscasts, or assisting the editor by making shot selections

  • Ed Chez
    Ed Chez

    Sucks that the breaking news had to come in when it did though. Glad the squirrel is ok.

  • Delirious Mysterium
    Delirious Mysterium

    Jordan is why I started watching Conan

  • John Michael
    John Michael

    Interrupted by jake tapper the booty clapper

  • Z George
    Z George


  • The Beast
    The Beast

    Ur jokinggggggg

  • Hugh Fraser
    Hugh Fraser

    20 years from now and jordan will still be preparing his body in various ways

  • Alluttaja

    Oh no I really hope we'll see him again. Jordan was one of my favorite ppl that appeared on the show 🥺 I remember bench watching Conan and Jordan doing things and going to different places for the show and it was fun to watch. We'll miss you.

  • Josie Q
    Josie Q

    It's offensive to make an autistic the butt of your jokes, even if that autistic consents.

  • RAEMAN ➊
    RAEMAN ➊

    stop playing with my feelings 😢

  • Cristian Perez
    Cristian Perez

    Noooo why!!!!!

  • Prateek 0401
    Prateek 0401

    *Finally now Jordan Schlansky is Free* to go back to his planet/dimension/parallel universe..wherever he came from 🖖😐

  • Mark Rondson
    Mark Rondson

    I'd bet the bank Conan will have a show on Netflix

  • Daniel

    The CNN Fake News Alert was awesome

  • Digitalhunny

    Okay WTF _why_ wasn't Mr. Schlansky featured as a guest ON the show at least once a year?? He's fantastic & funny af in his demeanor. Such a loss of possible hilarities'. Bestest of luck in your new endeavors Jordan. Thanks for the great times.🤗🍁

  • Thomas E
    Thomas E

    At least we finally saw CNN tell a true story.

  • Leny1777

    Conan best show ever!

  • David Nasr
    David Nasr

    imagine his job was to do what conan tells him to, but Conan never tell him to do anything and so he just got a ton of money for free basically, and some vacations as well

  • Andrew Sindler
    Andrew Sindler

    Yo sonnn yooo

  • Jordan Minkoff Geraldo
    Jordan Minkoff Geraldo

    Beginning of the next era!

  • s staners
    s staners

    Conan: “Jordan, what is it that you do here?” Jordan: “I prepare my body in various ways.” Conan: “Oh, for the love of God.”🤦‍♂️


    I'll miss Andy❤️

  • TechCrazy

    Jordan could easily do a travel and food show. A lot of talent locked up doing various things and completing the tasks assigned to him.

  • Ch Umer
    Ch Umer

    Lol I like Jordan, I think he's funny

  • Andrew Yang
    Andrew Yang

    Oh no!!!!

  • Zach Kubish
    Zach Kubish

    Damn you, Jake Tapper!

  • sedpepo

    CNN y must u hurt us this way

  • Jomar Abordo
    Jomar Abordo

    I want a Clueless Gamer with Jordan. Possibly Skyrim with mods where Jordan dumps a long exposition and Conan mountain hopping.

  • Fadi Asso
    Fadi Asso

    The optimal experience pertinently attract because meeting consistently head via a thoughtful output. thoughtless, capable worm

  • Mars Rover
    Mars Rover

    Mean = funny?

  • Jeff Hair
    Jeff Hair

    They really played a old one for the LAST appearance

  • Alexander Troestrup
    Alexander Troestrup

    11:50 wow, did Conan just swear on air? And did I just make up that rhyme? Damn!