Juice WRLD ft. Lil Uzi Vert - Lucid Dreams (Remix) (REACTION!!!)

  • Freeman McCall
    Freeman McCall

    more juice

  • Richard Burr
    Richard Burr

    The hoodie string lmao. The love content . Rip juice a true legend

  • innfune

    react to uzi more his flow is unmatched

  • ILMLego

    999 RIP Juice Wrld

  • leutrim topalli
    leutrim topalli

    Why am I watching a guy who wears headphones on top of their hoodie hood lol

  • kyle wallace
    kyle wallace


  • Vishal Murugan
    Vishal Murugan

    3:11 sharingan activation from naruto

  • Arghyadeep Sarkar
    Arghyadeep Sarkar


  • HarveyOMG69

    Listen to loner, its unrealsed on his channel, fucking awesome

  • HarveyOMG69


  • Jdog


  • Million Dollar
    Million Dollar

    I love juice world 2

  • Christian gomez
    Christian gomez

    Love the juice wrld poster🔥999

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    Brandt Strehle


  • LUVamateur

    This man needa listen to wasted the other song with uzi and juice

  • Blake C.Mayo
    Blake C.Mayo


  • Josiah Rodriguez
    Josiah Rodriguez

    Lil uzi vert: I got the juice in this world diamonds and pearls

  • Draven Beast
    Draven Beast

    999 for life ♥️

  • Rebecca Sirmons
    Rebecca Sirmons

    It really does hit harder now that he’s gone. Just sad 😢.

  • Joakim Berge
    Joakim Berge


  • Ryan Russo
    Ryan Russo

    I found juice WRLD off of his song camfire freestyle

  • Rise makhubele
    Rise makhubele

    Hear me calling 😔❤️

  • 1XC

    It’s crazy he wrote this before he blew up

  • Christoper Batres
    Christoper Batres

    Shaq you should react to moonlight by juice

  • Gamer Girl !!
    Gamer Girl !!

    999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999

  • jiaymeta moore
    jiaymeta moore


  • Tyler Mcconnell
    Tyler Mcconnell

    Sometimes when I try to spell juice WRLD'S last name,a red line is under it!

  • Chris Curtis
    Chris Curtis


  • IBee Profin
    IBee Profin

    I was the 30k like yes sirrrrrrrrr

  • xKqrh

    3:55 real shit respect for that Shaq

  • tammy meade
    tammy meade

    999..keep doing what you do

  • Jesus Hernandez
    Jesus Hernandez

    React to juice weld 734 it is fire and I also wanna see ur reaction pls

  • Kwasi Ndzo
    Kwasi Ndzo

    React to juice wrld sometimes please I beg uuu

  • Marquis Roberts
    Marquis Roberts

    I am a juice fan until i die 😔☝🙏✌ rip

  • CH1LL


  • Matthew Dalon
    Matthew Dalon

    in one of this interviews he said juice wrld hates Lucid dreams.

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    Javonte Stout


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    Clans surfer hype


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    Aidan Cabrera


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    Mr WTF??!


  • david schumaker
    david schumaker

    999 forever juice wrld gone but not forgotten 💔💔😢

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    KTT 13

    999 🖤

  • Tati Alizé
    Tati Alizé

    999 💜

  • Lilwhale_25


  • Andrew Botello
    Andrew Botello

    I love this Guy…Not trying to be gay or any thing….But his Guy is the greatest….The greatest reaction guy I ever seen….I’m happy that I watch this guy videos

  • Starboy211

    where's the 734 reaction??

  • Juice WRLD999
    Juice WRLD999

    Love u nigga shaq

  • Ayan Sajjad
    Ayan Sajjad


  • Jhinxx Kutaki
    Jhinxx Kutaki

    The party never ends.

  • Mark Deo Prejan
    Mark Deo Prejan

    It's like Juice is still here, wandering around. Feel me? 999❣️

  • CMS_Resurrection

    They need to stop taking down all of Juices unreleased stuff on spotify! I just wanna still be vibing with the legend🥺😓😥

  • Matthew Burns
    Matthew Burns

    Don't worry Shaq you and me both learned about Juice late. All that matters is we respect the legend. 999 forever


    Listen to Kids Bop Lucid Dreams

  • The Lil Milly
    The Lil Milly

    734 brother.. You cant miss no reaction on tht fam😢😢

  • Charlie Scrivener
    Charlie Scrivener

    The respect you have shown juice since he past is the reason ill never unsubscirbe

  • Bryan van Diepen
    Bryan van Diepen

    am i the only one that regognised that the cars or the car from juice wrld is an easter egg to the goodbye and goodriddanence album

  • Bryan van Diepen
    Bryan van Diepen


  • Jose P90
    Jose P90

    Juice was letting his fans know what was going on in his life through his music. The demons he was facing and the addiction he had. It's sad he had no real friends, just enablers.

  • Itay Babaev
    Itay Babaev

    Do the 734

  • joshyybo WRLD
    joshyybo WRLD


  • MLG Suicide
    MLG Suicide

    react to white lows off designer by tee grizzley ft. Lil durk

  • Luke Wilson
    Luke Wilson

    when uzi said “i’m so in love with that girllll” it just hit different idk

  • Joshua Hamilton
    Joshua Hamilton


  • Klass-A-Kranks

    Shaq can you react to Mac Lethals new album - Winter Heartbreak II

  • Kids Hopkins
    Kids Hopkins

    To think didnt like lucid dreams

  • keigan church
    keigan church


  • crimsoncloud 3
    crimsoncloud 3


  • Ahkeen Hall
    Ahkeen Hall

    Rest up 999 the soul toucher🤘😇🙏

  • LS

    Juice would have been proud of this music video. 😊

  • lil sleepy
    lil sleepy


  • Darron McClain
    Darron McClain

    999❤️ Shaq please react to Juice WRLD - Feelin Free (prod by red limits)

  • S.e. a.n
    S.e. a.n

    React to "Long gone"

  • Noah Smith
    Noah Smith

    Fax bro everytime I hear a juice song even if I’ve heard it a million times. His lyrics hit my heart like a ton of bricks

  • Michael hatcher
    Michael hatcher

    9:09 he had his middle finger up like in goodbye and goodridance TO BRUH IM STILL TRYNA FIGURE OUT WHAT THAT CAR MEANSSSS

  • Michael hatcher
    Michael hatcher

    That blue car juice drives had been in goodbye and goodridance album and other videos with juice...I wonder what that car ment

  • Michael hatcher
    Michael hatcher

    Juice world is doing a remix with Uzi might be saying he's in hell now cause lil Uzi straight up the devil man

  • Corporal A. Winchester
    Corporal A. Winchester


  • Frank Charles III
    Frank Charles III

    Juice did videos with lots of people, one with lil Uzi wouldn't have broken the internet

  • zhang johnny
    zhang johnny

    RIP juicy world dude

  • zhang johnny
    zhang johnny

    cool peoples chllin out here my man Lowlifeshaq dude


    React to smile ft lil uzi

  • Mati on Youtube
    Mati on Youtube

    Best reaction no 🧢

  • Fidel Richards
    Fidel Richards


  • felipe tacos
    felipe tacos

    999 shit praying for juice 🧃

  • Anime_League

    My nigga Juice hit different with his music. He the only rapper in this generation who be rapping about some real shit. Depression, popping pills, heartbreak all that shit. Well.. Besides XXXTENTACION with his music like Sad, Fuck Love, and Changes. Polo G be rapping about real life shit too. Every time I hear this song original and remix it makes me tear up a bit because if you really stop and think about the meanings behind these lyrics here and you completely relate to it. That shit just hits different man. Juice another legend man. Him, XXXTENTACION, DMX, Eminem, and Tupac all legends man. "I still see your shadows in my room" meaning he was so in love with her that he could see her shadows in his room. "Can't take back the love I gave you, it's to the pain where I love and I hate you and I can not change you so I must replace you" meaning he gave all his love to her and now he can't take it back because she took the love he gave to her and now she's so far away from him that he can't take back the love he gave her because he still loved her, and now he loves and he hates her because in his mind he wants her but he knows she's bad for him, and he can't change her so he must replace her because she won't change for him so he can change her himself. "Easier said than done, I thought you were the one listening to my heart instead of my head" meaning it's easier said than done to replace her, and meaning he though she was listening to his heart which means she didn't listen to what he needed which was her love but she didn't give him what he needed in his life, what his heart needed. "You found another one but I am the better one I won't let you forget me." Which means she left him for someone else but he's better person and that he won't let her forget him to let her know that she messed up and she can't change what she did so he wants her to know that and he didn't want her to forgot that she messed up leaving him after all the love he gave her. "You left me falling and landed inside my grave, I know that you want me dead." Meaning she left him to suffer in pain to the point where he wanted to die and he knew that she wanted him dead. "I take prescription to make me feel A ok, I know its all in my head." Meaning he took drugs to make himself feel better in his head but he knew it was bad for him and it only made him worse. "I have these lucid dreams where I can't move a thing" which means what it was said if you know what a lucid dream is then you'd know how it feels and what its like. "Thinking of you in my bed" meaning I had the lucid dreams thinking of his love in his bed. "You were my everything, thoughts of a wedding ring." Meaning she was everything to him and he thought of marrying her but she left him. "Now I'm just better of dead." Meaning now he feels as if he was just better off dead like she wanted him to. "I'd do it over again, I didn't want it to end" meaning he'd go back and do it over again, that he didn't want her love to end. "Now watch it blow in the wind, I should've listened to my friends" meaning now he knows it's over and he'll have to move on and watch as his life turns upside down, and that he should've listened to his friends when they said she was no good for him. "Did that shit in the past, but I want it to last, you were made of plastic, fake." Meaning he did that in the past and he didn't want it to end, and also meaning she was fake and that her love was fake. "I was tangled up in your drastic ways, who knew evil girls have the prettiest face" meaning that he was stuck in her drastic ways, meaning that the prettiest girls are the ugliest ones. "You gave me a heart that was full of mistakes, I gave you my heart and you make heart break." Meaning she gave him her heart that was full of mistakes and he gave her his heart, his love and she made his heart break. The lyrics in this song is stuff many people can relate to because many people including myself has been through at least one of so of this. Rather if it was depression, being cheated on, heartbreak, doing drugs make make one's self feel happy. RIP Juice.

  • Carrie Mii
    Carrie Mii

    734 next

  • DarkenedNinja1

    Harry Mack From Womb To Tomb Omegle Bars 39 You’re Welcome ☺️

  • DarkenedNinja1

    Harry Mack From Womb To Tomb Omegle Bars 39 You’re Welcome ☺️

  • M C
    M C

    🇺🇸🇬🇧 SHAQ you gotta react to MEEKZ MANNY - Respect the come up 💯♥️

  • Dj Prod.
    Dj Prod.

    When he look at juice wrld on the video at the beginning, then looked at the one on his wall!!!

  • trlcc

    Shaq's "MM" never gets old

  • Adam Haasl
    Adam Haasl

    Love his brooo

  • Daiyaan Patterson
    Daiyaan Patterson

    @NoLifeShaq Bro that's Juice Wrlds ex before ally , his ex tried to mess up his relationship with ally

  • as godly as peep at emo
    as godly as peep at emo


  • Lordence

    This song had so many deep lyrics when you actually sit and slow it down like this. Rip the the goat and freestyle king 999.

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    PgTrym91 On Social media


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    Nathan Jackson




2,1 milj.