Lexus LFA | A Proper Goodbye
We review and celebrate the long gone Lexus LFA, a car briefly made from 2011-2012. With only 500 manufactured, this extremely rare and largely misunderstood car, has mystique. We attempt to break down and tell the story of what made it special. The LFA despite the badge speaks a universal language. Whether you are a Ferrari, Porsche, Chevy or Ford fan there is something in this video you will appreciate. If you are big fan of the Toyota Supra, 86, LC500, F Products you may wonder if this Lexus is the next $1,000,000 car?

Soundtrack By: Yi Nantiro

00:00 - 1:24 Intro
1:24 - 5:47 The Story of the LFA Owner
5:47 - 8:40 Interior Impressions
8:40 - 11:08 The Lexus Dealer and Service Options
11:08 - 15:26 The Development Story and Toyota F1
15:26 - 18:47 Switching to Carbon Fiber and Parts Costs
18:47 - 23:52 Suspension, Brakes and Oil System
23:52 - 28:21 Rear Suspension, Cooling, Drivetrain, Transmission
28:21 - 38:33 Engine Design, Sound Design, Oiling System and Dry Sump
38:33 - 44:49 Driving Impressions at Autobahn Country Club
44:49 Final Thoughts and Saying Goodbye

  • Jim T
    Jim T

    I'm surprised how Paris Hilton learn how to drive my dream car

  • Orangeballs

    hot take. i think the LFA doesnt sound as good as it should. maybe a more open exhaust or maybe 500 or 1000 more rpms it would be perfect.

  • wongchai807

    Achievable dream car used lc500. Kind of Achievable super car used 2nd generation nsx. Unachievable super car LFA lol🤣

  • Tony Almeida
    Tony Almeida

    I actually like the front and side profile of the LC better, not to mention the interior, a more refined LFA... Back profile and obviously performance the LFA takes the cake. But is that worth 4 times the price? Not unless your a multi millionaire it's not.

  • Dany Cesc
    Dany Cesc

    Too bad these Japanese manufacturers halo cars are always a financial failure, which is probably the reason why they won't be competing in this sector for decades to come, or undertake the cost of making a gem like the LFA, or 1st NSX, in the case of the LAF and newer NSX their performance numbers we're just not up to part with similar vehicles but what people forgot is the reliability that Japanese makers tend to have and again the marketing failures to showcase their really good supercars, No you're not gonna smoke a Mclaren but I can promise that yours will work lol and the warranty will be honored.

  • Eric x
    Eric x

    1 million views let’s go!


    Aye congrats for the 1m views!

  • Clint Nieves
    Clint Nieves

    Why did the discussion in the track turn out the same as the defuct F1 project.? Technologically advanced but no trophies to show for it. It’s just sad to hear that for this engineering marvel

  • Kibbles

    Beautiful car, definitely one of my dream cars!

  • Endoe ONE
    Endoe ONE

    The real "next Supra"

  • Dillon Doucette
    Dillon Doucette

    One day 🙏

  • ShotsFired andMissed
    ShotsFired andMissed

    Beautiful! Such a beautiful sound! Music to my ears

  • Francois Brice
    Francois Brice

    What a review, what a knowledge! Thanks SG!

  • Sensae

    A very well done review guys!! 👏🏾 👏🏾 👏🏾!!


    so for whatever random reason I thought about LFA the other day and went on FIbill to see some videos about it. Of course, first search results are the usual vultures, old and new, and their spastic, cringe inducing videos on this subject. So I kept scrolling and saw this thumbnail, the name of the channel raised a brow but I gave it a click and 2 minutes later I gave it a sub because I think I know exactly what these people had in mind when they made this video. Beautiful. Thank you for not succumbing to the lowest common denominator. I hope I can make content like that one day. Great video, great presentation, and yeah, what a car.

  • Ben Daulton
    Ben Daulton

    How are you going to get parts?

    • savagegeese

      Toyota has a deal with suppliers to make parts indefinately, even one off if needed.

  • Coconut Waffle
    Coconut Waffle

    IMO the reason why the LFA isn't universally recognized or loved as an engineering marvel is due to the front mid-engine layoutlf and subdued styling. It just doesn't looks like a $375K (then MSRP) exotic.

  • Robert Walton-Sharp
    Robert Walton-Sharp

    Fantastic video of a fantastic piece of engineering.

  • Stev A
    Stev A

    Sorry "porkchop" but people DO care about the "dated" infotainment center. How can you engineer a car to such specs, and then fall short in such an important area???? If it's not the fastest, quickest nor the best interior, what the hell are we expected to pay half a mil for????? Lexus needs to stick to building mom and pop cars...

  • Dudeman9339

    This was the real new Supra.

  • cameron cardella
    cameron cardella

    The best informational car journalism on FIbill. Period. Easy to watch and very witty keep it up

  • krolsky84

    SG research and knowledge presented, are always of the highest quality. Something I can't say about Unbox Therapy and other overrated channels that produce very disposable content. SG videos will be timeless.

  • As Malik Dieng
    As Malik Dieng

    Best automobile channel

  • Lawrence Wiles
    Lawrence Wiles

    Awesome video

  • AdventuresWithAlan-MTB POV
    AdventuresWithAlan-MTB POV

    If Lexus was able to release this in 2010 idk why Honda couldn't continue the v10 NSX(HSV-010)

    • Will B. Smooth
      Will B. Smooth

      Honda lost a lot of money during the 2007-08 recession, so they cancelled plans to make the NSX a V10.

  • Kyle899

    This is car porn. Literally

  • Scott Sullivan
    Scott Sullivan

    I saw one on the freeway once. I was on my GSX-R1000 coming up behind it and wondering what lovely car that was with it's massive vents and triplex exhaust. Then they hit the brakes and surprised me with how quickly it could scrub speed for a sudden exit maneuver. I've never seen one since, until now. So here is this wonderful love song to the LFA. I tried fast-forwarding through the video at first. Forty-eight minutes is a lot of time. But every jump I discovered I missed something and had to roll back. Eventually, I just settled in for the duration, even pausing to read the detailed documentation graphics that didn't always match the commentary. This is dense. So much detail on how the LFA came to be. So much I never knew. I remember hearing that Yamaha piped audio into the cabin to make the LFA exhaust note more magnificent. I assumed that meant stereo amplification assistance like too many cars do these days. Was I ever wrong. What they've done with this car is magical. Now I need to find one to drive. Thank you so much for this documentary. I really enjoyed watching.

  • Ryan Raymond
    Ryan Raymond

    If doctor Phil was a car dealer

  • Olay bsaysol
    Olay bsaysol

    I’ll take this over an Enzo any day. Interior of an Enzo is cheap with toggle switches and takes 2 people to open the hood/trunk….

  • Silver

    39:40 the passengers reaction… calm down Bobby

  • Anthony B
    Anthony B

    Lost me completely at $500k seems like a good value. This is the same guy that was giving financial hit warnings to GT350R drivers because they come with Cup 2s

    • savagegeese

      Considering since the release of this video prices were around 500k and now pushing 700k Id say that was a good value.

  • Gorilla Jones
    Gorilla Jones

    I keep coming back to this video, the opening, damn goose that was beautiful.

  • Benoit Blanc
    Benoit Blanc

    One of the true legends. Loved this tribute. The LC & LFA will definitely be looked back on as classics.

  • raboox9

    Forget the engine or the chassis, that robotic carbon loom is a thing of beauty.

  • LushHush

    a engine that was better harmony than any other singer , that should attend the grammy and take the trophy but ,toyota puts a bmw.

  • Martin Prehjan
    Martin Prehjan

    No-one in their right minds can afford this car! five grand for an emblem? get the Fu56 out of here! This is what I would do, get this car, track the shit out of it, the second the motor breaks dump it and do an LS conversion, find a way to mate it to the transaxle, if not change transaxles! Then have some real fun! ...because no-one is going to get anywhere with this super expensive foo foo technology! All of this super complicated expensive tech, and you can literally get a junkyard LS motor, mate it to a 200 dollar transmission, dump it in a 500 dollar Camaro chassis and kick the living daylights out of this car all day long! To me this car is worth next to nothing, sure it looks trick, but look at the Japanese tech and then compare it to the availability and cost of American horsepower versus performance, practically nothing can beat an LS swap!

  • DaysOf Grace
    DaysOf Grace

    In the UK everyone knew this car was top draw, it was just expensive, not like an R8 expensive but as you say it's a very special car...

  • DaysOf Grace
    DaysOf Grace

    Only Lexus worth buying, only Lexus for a driver, only Lexus with a heart, only Lexus with a soul...

  • cp361

    Yi Nantiro “The Dice is Cast” with the + B-roll just outstanding. I don’t have the words.. thanks for your hard work

  • Ken Chen
    Ken Chen

    You can never please everyone lol, some people like shifters on the wheel, some people like shifters on the column.

  • Zeeman518


  • Alex Schwartz
    Alex Schwartz

    This is, without a doubt, my favorite video on FIbill

  • Superdimensional

    All that beautiful engineering, gets gapped by GTR lol

  • Joseph Andreuccetti
    Joseph Andreuccetti

    This is what the Supra should have been The LC500 should be the Supra chassis

  • Joseph Andreuccetti
    Joseph Andreuccetti

    I wish you guys got away from the poop jokes and were more serious The music and editing is fantastic

  • Phill M156
    Phill M156

    This has to be the best engineering documentary’s I’ve ever seen on a super car! Thank you!

  • jd

    I rarely endured pure talking points in car reviews... this one was easy. But that moment when they finally started the engine..

  • Jordan S.
    Jordan S.

    Lmfao the owner of a automobile company which gets 75% of its business from new car leasing isn’t a fan of leasing. Lol

  • Matthew De Marinis
    Matthew De Marinis

    Any chance of maybe being able to buy one of these at some point just disappeared because of this incredible video! I admire the respect demonstrated here.

  • Gerry Ortiz
    Gerry Ortiz

    Your work and effort you put into these videos is second to none.

  • d1zguy

    If Lexus would have hired you guys to sell this car it would have done wayyyy better

  • Donaldo Dominique
    Donaldo Dominique

    The way they build this car it never get old true art

  • Jeff A
    Jeff A

    At 44:39 you scared me to death with that abrupt sound (snare drum hit but more mechanical sounding to me) - I thought the engine had come apart!!! :-) :-) Incredible review for an incredible car. Keep it up you guys!

  • DepressingFrequencies

    It doesn't get any better... At least to my knowledge it doesn't. Talk about an engineering marvel. This is why I drive Lexus vehicles. Particularly, the LS models... I will be purchasing an LC F next year though. And of course, the videography of your videos is next level. Geese, you need your own TV network lol.

  • 2damaxmr2

    it is crazy that a bumper cover cost more than used 86

  • Peekaboo

    One of the greatest cars ever made. The greatest Japanese car since the NSX.

  • Keyboard Dancers
    Keyboard Dancers

    Toyota's "first" LFA.

  • Conan Dombroski
    Conan Dombroski

    Awesome coverage of an under appreciated automotive icon. However, I'm going to #suggest-carreraGT if you want to hear the best engine sound ever.

  • Alan Walkman
    Alan Walkman

    To think Han in F&F gets to own one of the coolest cars in the franchise.


    2024 I buy this car amazing 👏😍

  • Johnathan Trentwell
    Johnathan Trentwell

    Honesty/Integrity Car Dealership You may choose one.


    The LC500 has introduced me its dad the LFA❣️

  • tobias schmelzer
    tobias schmelzer

    in the years there is no car that is so special. a good investment.

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    Kelvin Lee

    This video will reach 1 million views soon

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    Sikai Xiao

    It's funny how nowadays, Lexus is the one of the few left who still puts a big NA engine into their performance car. Hopefully one day I will own one

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    Glenn Nichols

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  • Glenn Nichols
    Glenn Nichols

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  • Glenn Nichols
    Glenn Nichols

    Thank you for the most in depth review of this car. Thank you Smart Motors Madison

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    Fun Fact: *_Toyota actually hired musicians to help tune the exhaust note to sound as pleasurable as possible to the human ear._* The best sounding car ever made.

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    Fred Howland

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  • Nick Morizio
    Nick Morizio

    I’m sorry, but why put so much engineering work into a car that is nothing more than a collectible. In the numbers they made, these cars were doomed to never actually be driven. Which is sad for those of us that love cars. Toyota proving a point? Was that point that they can design something too expensive to put into mass production? Okay golf clap

  • Vasily Bondarenko
    Vasily Bondarenko

    LOL. Taking credit for lexus.... no influence in reality....

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    Skipper Scott

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  • Saeed Rahimi
    Saeed Rahimi

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  • Tim Winchester
    Tim Winchester

    The best review of a automobile ever! The LFA is a very special vehicle. Just heard today that Lexus is reviving the LFA! But will be using a TT V8 on a whole new platform, same platform as the new IS with a few tweaks. The reveal is going to be around 6 months from now. And the release in 2023. This should be interesting.

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    Ian Edmonds

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    Ryan vtec

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    Ciego Sanchez

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    Anubis Nick

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    Cyclic Corner Cyril

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    Just Juw

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    Lawrence O'Mara

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  • Auto DIY
    Auto DIY

    Amazing story telling. Thank you for sharing the magnificent LFA with us. I find it sad that there are LFAs out there with almost no miles. If you can afford this machine you owe to the heroes that made it happen to drive it and let it sing.

  • F1hotrod

    Cool car. And I do think it is very special. But a standard C8 is probably not that much slower on the track, Z06 will waste it. And the destroked LS7 in the detroit speed Camaro sounds better. 1 billion dollars is kind of ridiculous to produce 500 cars.

  • Jid Ofole
    Jid Ofole

    Chow down on reality and chill with the silly hyperbole