Man Digs a Hole in a Mountain and Turns it Into an Amazing Apartment
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Big cities have many amenities and attractions, but it doesn't compare to the calm of the countryside. This man grew tired of living in the big city and returned to his hometown, where he now uses all his knowledge and resourcefulness to dig a house in the mountains. Could you build something like this? Leave your answer in the comments

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  • DaЯKeN

    Him: I will use this mountain to create a house. Me: Valheim.

  • 미소가득

    Wow, could you make a cave house? Whose'That mountin?

  • Graham Chan
    Graham Chan

    Might look for a sandstone mountain myself forced jabberwocki for me...

  • Anjan Chowdhury
    Anjan Chowdhury

    Ajaira kam.

  • Fábio

    Mais difícil do que construir vai ser convencer a mulher a morar nessa casa.

  • Jafell Me
    Jafell Me

    He isnt worried about a cave in?

  • Artmv

    Жить под землёй опасно для здоровья. Из земли просачивается радиоактивный газ радон. Недаром люди живут в домах

  • nazfan01

    One might ask if he lives under a rock........

  • C S
    C S

    Minecraft irl?

  • Victor Badan
    Victor Badan

    Nice music have to say and great work

  • E M
    E M

    My whole body hurts looking at this.

  • Adriana Pereira
    Adriana Pereira


  • B Rocco
    B Rocco

    I love how FIbill has enabled us to show each other our passions and amazing skills. It is mind blowing to think about it really... How far we've come, and how much we can learn with the internet.

  • radix stardm
    radix stardm

    вот так и строят китайцы секонды

  • Mihuu

    Is this even safe to built a house inside the mountain? You cannot avoid landslide,you know-sincerely concern and advice.

  • حمودي حيدر
    حمودي حيدر

    شقه حلوووه او رهيبا صعب تفكيره

  • Typical Bagel
    Typical Bagel

    me in minecraft when im too lazy

  • Kushagra Karira
    Kushagra Karira

    Return of the caveman

  • Advanced Tech
    Advanced Tech

    Just Amazing...!

  • ryan horow
    ryan horow

    Mr tiger you are very good bless you and new home my your God go with amazing

  • วินซิ่ง พาเที่ยว
    วินซิ่ง พาเที่ยว


  • 한대성

    이거 신고 해야하는데 중국에서 국가와 정부 허락없이 자연을 파괴하면 사형인데

  • Hindu sthani
    Hindu sthani

    Why Distroy the mountain.? Can't we leave mother nature.

  • SM0K3YB01

    Me in the first 5 minutes into my Minecraft survival world

  • Roy Tambunan
    Roy Tambunan

    It inspires me to build a house without buying a land

  • Иван Петрович
    Иван Петрович

    Осталось посадить дерево и родить сына

  • Lee Stevens ASMR
    Lee Stevens ASMR

    This is amazing and the guy is skilled, and I wish I had the skills and means to be able to do stuff like this, but I feel like it could have been kitted out better. I guess he didn't have a big budget.

  • Aakarsh Srivastav
    Aakarsh Srivastav

    ayo send this to grian

  • Кука Мару
    Кука Мару

    Золотые руки.Дело мастера боится .

  • My Quixotic Diary
    My Quixotic Diary

    33k people did not like this? Everything ok at home?

  • Goga Rivas
    Goga Rivas

    Отличное место, что бы сбежать от всех и жить в глуши...ниче так

  • Светлана Куликова
    Светлана Куликова

    По тому как крошится, это застывшая глина, часть снаружи камень...интересненько))

  • [Rokaaholic]

    May I have some of that dedication?

  • 구독하면로또됨

    산사태 나는순간


    He so rich he would no sleep there🤣

  • monkey lift
    monkey lift

    suprised i didnt see any minecraft jokes

  • GR

    O cara é marceneiro, eletricista, pedreiro, engenheiro, mestre de obra, caralho o cara o verdadeiro faz tudo slcccc

  • SKid

    Good luck digging him out after a minor earthquake

  • Being Irfan
    Being Irfan

    He is the real minecraft player !

  • ぽんちゃん

    Be careful not to blow up to the creeper! 英訳あってんのかなww日本人いねぇw

  • 张三

    限你在三个月内拆除,不然逮捕你😂 违章建筑 私搭乱建 后果很严重

  • Ирина Горячева
    Ирина Горячева


  • william sharp
    william sharp

    unfortunately, not for me, the wife wouldn't like it too many spiders

  • turkish piyasa's
    turkish piyasa's

    Vizyonsuzluk abidesi

  • Jeet Nagarmote
    Jeet Nagarmote

    We ware bears ka ghar bana raha he ye 😂😂😂

  • Jax

    Hmmm Flintstones comes to mind.

  • 안녕하세요

    지금 한국 몇몇아파트들도 대부분 산을깍고 그위에 아파트를 만든거라 뭐라 말할게 없긴한데... 저기 살것도아니면서 훼손시키지말자..

  • Martiddy - Sama
    Martiddy - Sama

    Is very impressive that he managed to do this all by himself, what's even more impressive is that people thousands of years ago used to sculpt giant monuments and palaces inside of rocky mountains without any modern tools.

  • The Wabbit Hunt
    The Wabbit Hunt

    My guy really built that "one night mountain cave house" from mc

  • aekae lbbb12b
    aekae lbbb12b


  • Dexter Smith
    Dexter Smith

    А доски то из русского леса.

  • Fabio

    Very unique and beautiful but I wouldn’t risk living inside of a dry clay house too risky and dangerous how the material just poops easy !!!

  • Chris&Ana's Journey
    Chris&Ana's Journey

    Wow amazing great work good job guys

  • Atallah Almatrafi
    Atallah Almatrafi

    اذكروا الله يذكركم 🌹 سبحان الله الحمد لله لا اله الا الله الله اكبر

  • Sid

    And this is where the new corona virus lab will be🥲

  • Jonathan Ford
    Jonathan Ford

    I have a new appreciation for Hobbits.

  • Ewerton Lima Macedo
    Ewerton Lima Macedo

    Sensacional! Fantástico! Inimaginável!

  • ilkin nik
    ilkin nik

    Waste of time

  • Christine

    Il a du mettre des années pour creuser tout ça

  • slime divertido
    slime divertido


  • SC Records
    SC Records

    Tremendo crack

  • Claudia Campani
    Claudia Campani

    which wife would live in this strange house ..? maybe the gentleman is single

  • Nur Atikah
    Nur Atikah

    persoalanya , takde ular ke kat situ doooo dalam gua pulak tu 😭

  • sausatak

    Mann! I got tired watching this!

  • Luggi83

    11:06 This is Hallstadt in Austria, not far from where I live. It's known for its salt mines and rock cellars, so it might be part of what inspired this guy.

  • khaby00 khaby00
    khaby00 khaby00


  • Олжас Аршабеков
    Олжас Аршабеков

    is that legal ?

  • 세종대왕

    돌깍은거 마감도 제대로 안하고 거기서 살건 아니지..?

  • Alejandro Civitanovae
    Alejandro Civitanovae

    La tercera guerra mundial ya puede empezar,el chino esta preparado.En España pronto tomaremos este camino teniendo en cuenta el precio de la vivienda.Muy motivador video,me gusto mucho!

  • 328 Gaming
    328 Gaming

    What's the point of that computer there when you probably not even gonna have an internet connection

  • Business City
    Business City

    В какой минеральной породе он это сделал?

  • Business City
    Business City


  • 까망

    대박 👍

  • Varun Rawat
    Varun Rawat

    Great job!Requires true Grit and perseverance.Hats off!

  • iloops

    So he is basically construction guy, electrician, plumber, gardner, carpenter, architecture, IT guy all at same time. Jonny Sins, is that you?

  • **********

    У нас такое невозможно.. стоит только что то сделать сразу же придут менты, и прочие твари, и скажут что это незаконно, и дай деньги. тут только один человек живет. Бессмертный кащей Путлер

  • Vitor

    Muito feio cê Loko

  • Nikita

    Перфоратором оказывается надо копать...

  • Юрий Гагарин
    Юрий Гагарин

    Теперь это мой сосед

  • y teami
    y teami

    비오면 집에 물세겠다 그거만 아님 좋은데

  • Brian

    This is freakin amazing!

  • Bebsy

    Wow this is another level of a minecraft gameplay

  • H. P.
    H. P.

    Wow! Pretty impressive!

  • 박주연

    I can't believe, because maker is Chinese. Although that's real, but that's still fake. Because? he is Chinese

  • Киши Жуз
    Киши Жуз

    Зато без кредита

  • Игорь

    Вроде бы рукастый и дело делается, но как-то получается не ахти. Я бы там вряд ли хотел жить.

  • Dana Jane
    Dana Jane

    I want this home so badly. This man is amazing. No heavy equipment...?!! All by hand tools and his intelligence, talent and strength. Holy HELL 🤯🤯😱❤️

  • Amit Kohir
    Amit Kohir

    Are there no rules of land usage? Any one can build house any where?

  • Anhedonic Nihilist
    Anhedonic Nihilist

    Results 1) free apartment 2) $70000 electricity bill

  • ChrisWojoDotCom

    So when does his government come and inform him he can't live there?

  • Rolf Steiner
    Rolf Steiner


  • Василий


  • w washington
    w washington

    Where is he getting the electricity

  • Hoàng Hưng
    Hoàng Hưng

    The life was so intersting and happy in that house until the disaster....

  • Nono Yorbusness
    Nono Yorbusness

    Well done, now pay 10 million yuan property taxes! Your loving government.

  • Matteo Nys
    Matteo Nys

    I wonder if his name is Steve

  • Mихаил 5464262
    Mихаил 5464262

    Где найти канал этого типа?

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