Miley Cyrus and Metallica “Nothing Else Matters” Live on the Stern Show
Miley Cyrus and Metallica rock the SiriusXM Garage in L.A. with a LIVE performance of “Nothing Else Matters during their interview with Howard Stern.

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  • Florian

    hey, i miss the drum solo! oh, wait....?!

  • Rumi Pezo
    Rumi Pezo

    wow great !!

  • Jonny1one

    🤢🤮 !!

  • Tomi Figueroa
    Tomi Figueroa

    Damn I think even I can play the intro better than Kirk

  • Rob I.S.
    Rob I.S.

    What's next, Selena Gomez & Anthrax singing Bring the Noise? or One Direction and Judas Priest doing a collab on 'You've Got Another Thing Coming' ?

  • Lilly Elizabeth
    Lilly Elizabeth

    This touches my heart deep. Absolutely amazing!

  • sstrick500

    She taking karaoke to level 99 with this one.

  • Tylr Vncnt
    Tylr Vncnt

    Damn she sung that hella well

  • Luciano Goyenechea
    Luciano Goyenechea

    i didnt expect nothing, but miley nailes it

  • BadMotorFinger

    Miley singing reminds me of a chain smoking woman with a hole in her neck. Hard no on this performance.

  • haley smoak
    haley smoak

    how LUCKY she is to be singing with METALLICA oh my godddd

  • Bob bigfrost
    Bob bigfrost

    Miley surprised me, she is perfect for that magic eternal beautiful song

  • Andre Sain
    Andre Sain

    Muito legal 💪👏👏👍👍

  • Rodrigo Guerra
    Rodrigo Guerra


  • Arnoldus Feka
    Arnoldus Feka

    Wow... a great colaboration between Metalica and Miley Cyrus.. The rockstars..

  • Dan Fisher
    Dan Fisher

    Love Miley throwing out Tina Turner vibes

  • Trader Market
    Trader Market

    she has a man's voice.

  • Adam Brass
    Adam Brass

    This feels so wrong.

  • Márcio Saconato
    Márcio Saconato

    Credo em cruz!

  • Catfish Killa
    Catfish Killa

    U wernt even a kid wen this song came out.

  • Sharara Ibrahim
    Sharara Ibrahim

    Miley just leveled up 10 times more as an artist after singing with Metallica!

  • Antonio Victor
    Antonio Victor

    o metallica deveria ter feito um álbum com essa mulher ao invés do lou reed hahahah

  • J S
    J S

    Kirk just casually scratching up a 2 million$ + guitar. Miley was good too.

  • George Geo
    George Geo

    DUnno.. but this is just too weird

  • Harz77

    How underrated is Mileys vocal range!

  • Chris Whent
    Chris Whent



    she RUINS ths song, go back to twerking on your wreckingball

  • Wildchild_inc

    Hannah Montana!

  • Douglas Dicks
    Douglas Dicks

    l liked her better when she was swinging on that ball

  • M Majudaem
    M Majudaem

    Milley turning into Dolly and stevie nicks! Wow she nailed it though!

  • Misha Sutherland
    Misha Sutherland

    Miley is really brilliant 🤩 wow 🤩

  • Rich S
    Rich S

    Great song great band 😀😀😀😀😀😀🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎤🎤🎤🎤🤘

  • Zoilo Ruaya
    Zoilo Ruaya

    I really loved this new miley cyrus after the wrecking ball miley. 👏👏👏

  • Antonin Tessier
    Antonin Tessier

    tu t'es cassé les côtes en skateboard donc t'es pas prêt pour le pineau et le cognac frère!!! c'est un métier d'homme d'être charentais!! :P

  • Martin Rosti
    Martin Rosti

    Love her deep male cowboy voice.

  • Agustin Gonzalez
    Agustin Gonzalez


  • Roko.Design

    james is back!

  • Anibal Avelar
    Anibal Avelar

    Sounds good …. So good

  • Zoilo Ruaya
    Zoilo Ruaya

    Im 80's and 90's Kid here... 🤗

  • Laura Ken
    Laura Ken

    When Myley became Bonnie Tyler?

  • RagequitDouche

    Miley up there reminding me of Stevie Nicks. Holy shit!

    • honest opinion
      honest opinion

      They have a collab together

  • Laura Ken
    Laura Ken

    When Myley became Bonnie Tyler?

  • rahul halder
    rahul halder

    Vogus Miley Cyrus

  • rahul halder
    rahul halder

    Have to be experienced a long myle...

  • Mr G
    Mr G

    I wanna se Miley sing ‘Turn the page’

  • Nette bo
    Nette bo

    It sounds awesome,i love it.❤

  • George Escaped
    George Escaped

    sorry this version with her singing to me ruins a great song

  • Lucas Vergara
    Lucas Vergara

    miley es una verdadera rockstar, deberia de verdad dedicarse al menos una parte a tocar este tipo de musica porque le pega genial, tiene la voz perfecta para tocar rock

  • dusty2good

    Why would Metallica allow her to ruin this song? FFS

  • Rober Strada
    Rober Strada


  • Marcin Kowalski
    Marcin Kowalski


  • Neves Claro
    Neves Claro

    I think she is smoking too much derby.

  • Vladislav Boishin
    Vladislav Boishin


  • Norma Livella
    Norma Livella

    Miley has some nerve performing this song with Metallica. I'm proud of you girl!!

  • Sea Shift
    Sea Shift

    Miley is turning into Stevie Nicks

  • hipidydipidy

    think shes hittin that, she did a great job

  • Виктор Любенов
    Виктор Любенов

    Nice but wtf happened with her voice lolll

  • Bruno666 Sousa
    Bruno666 Sousa

    Officially Metallica is dead. 😭

  • ParadigmShiftz

    Miley and Lady Gaga both show that they should be rock singers, after watching their performances with Metallica.

  • Gonzalo Nieto
    Gonzalo Nieto

    I don't speak inglis well, but this cut, is a Him for The Band, N' more Cult.. for the fans.! ! ! ! 🇬🇶 ☠️ 💥🔥 ⭐🌎✝️🆘🇦🇫🌍💀✝️🆘🇦🇫🌍??

  • freedom isn't free 20
    freedom isn't free 20

    Well im sure Slayer fans got a kick out of this. Lol

  • The guyon utube
    The guyon utube

    Wtf did she do to her face?

  • Track Factory
    Track Factory

    Nah, I'm good.

  • Paulína Mučková
    Paulína Mučková


  • KingOfBlades27

    Way better than what I was expecting! Bravo!

  • Luigi Noto
    Luigi Noto

    That was so close no matter how far

  • J McC
    J McC

    Loved that. I definitely want to see another collaborated song between Miley and Metallica

  • Notyet Skeletal
    Notyet Skeletal

    Miley went from 16 to 55 in matter of drinks.

  • JK

    Time for Miley to do metal, she did this justice.

  • Niyant Shukla
    Niyant Shukla

    Chillls literal chills....... 🥵

  • Brock Palmbos
    Brock Palmbos

    Metallica sounds great!!! As good as ever.

  • Fidel Castillo
    Fidel Castillo

    I can't believe this ... Hannah Montana singing in Metallica. I thought I saw everything.

  • Ed Posey
    Ed Posey

    This is just beautiful!

  • Ciprian Visovan
    Ciprian Visovan

    Scoală morții din morminte!

  • Sandra Weaver
    Sandra Weaver

    They were great together. Miley can sing many ranges and belt them out.

  • Richard Bergstrom Jr
    Richard Bergstrom Jr

    One of the first songs I learned to play on guitar, back when I had time to play guitar.

  • juliano santos
    juliano santos

    Próximo show, com todos vestidos de bonecos de pelúcia e Hannah Montana. Que fofura...

  • Sebastián Gómez
    Sebastián Gómez

    Superó mis expectativas y por mucho, buenos graves de Miley Cyrus, potente y rasgado cuando la canción lo necesito. Encantado de presenciar esto.

  • Mikey Ramone
    Mikey Ramone

    Amazing performance! Gave me chills. 👍🏼👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Al Swanson
    Al Swanson


  • Bojan Kunstelj
    Bojan Kunstelj


    Lmfao this is fucked

  • Twigyy Twix
    Twigyy Twix

    Yes miley 😍❤♥ Queen of rock!!!

  • m okta
    m okta

    this is soooo great! super loooveee 😍😍😍

  • random muffin
    random muffin

    i love you Miley

  • Crystal Cannady
    Crystal Cannady

    I love them all❣️❣️

  • Ariana Martins
    Ariana Martins

    Gente, pelo amor de Deus! eu tô arrepiadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Rena Brownlee
    Rena Brownlee

    Love this song

  • VaFangul

    Kirk is getting worse and worse at guitar

  • VaFangul

    Lost a lifelong fan over this... Hannah Montana singing with metallica.. gtfoh

    • sonni monni
      sonni monni

      You made it thru lady gaga singing with metallica tho lol

  • Asal Soori
    Asal Soori

    i just can say this.. 'OH MY GOD'

  • Teki Biti
    Teki Biti


  • Ozzy

    That Les Paul should not be in kirks hands.

  • Becks Armour
    Becks Armour

    Amazing x

  • Eliana Cimino
    Eliana Cimino

    Hermoso cantas mayli

  • james potts
    james potts

    That was amazing. And nothing else matters.

  • Ely Daniels
    Ely Daniels

    De donde salió esta chica, otro, producto salido, de la mercadotecnia musical. Canta muy maaaaallllll... Q pasa con Metallica, por q no impulsa, gente con ganas y con verdadero talento,. Muy mal por ellos... 👎👎👎👎

  • Zoremi Kullai
    Zoremi Kullai

    Lalmiley aw han bon zia em2 hii😍😍😍😍

  • djabyfarid

    i have to admit it: her voice is great !!

  • Dan Aranda
    Dan Aranda

    Now Metallica has to play "We Can't Stop" while twerking.