Minecraft But There are Natural Disasters...
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SSundee - EVIL Ai IMPOSTER in Among Us

Kwebbelkop - NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER SUPERCARS in GTA 5 RP!


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  • PrestonPlayz

    How can I get back and Brianna?! Subscribe and comment to let me know! 🌪️

    • Liam Roksvåg
      Liam Roksvåg

      Heck her minecraft and destroy she's favorite world

    • eric benzschawel
      eric benzschawel

      Hi Preston I'm your biggest fan!

    • The Creeperman Gamez
      The Creeperman Gamez

      you could make her do a toll death run?

    • Aliska Robinson
      Aliska Robinson


    • Alex Lewin
      Alex Lewin

      I was on the same plane as you

  • Fantasticfidgetz

    Brianna has so much power and when she Spond the item rain and the tornadoes that was awesome

  • Guruprasad VK
    Guruprasad VK

    Steal all her makeups and throw all in the dustbin


    It’s a tie

  • Debbie Burridge
    Debbie Burridge

    Preston wins

  • Wendy Marga
    Wendy Marga

    You won preston I can see it with my own eyes 😀

  • John Myth Jimenez
    John Myth Jimenez

    Preston you died both to the ender dragon LOL

  • Ma.antonette Lojares
    Ma.antonette Lojares

    i only here Babawa Xd

  • Ma.antonette Lojares
    Ma.antonette Lojares

    so i saw itsfunneh and the krew sponsoring genshin impact now PRESTON?! OWNQKWAHDSHWU

  • Creative Olivia
    Creative Olivia

    Preston you won I saw the bar of the ender dragon have no purple a few seconds before you died

  • KC WY
    KC WY

    Steal everything and destroy the house

  • Stephanie Bouvier
    Stephanie Bouvier

    Preston won

  • B.E. Perkins
    B.E. Perkins

    You won

  • Mg God My Lord
    Mg God My Lord

    You win i see

  • Amin Rehman
    Amin Rehman

    Preston won

  • Andres Munoz
    Andres Munoz

    Do the same thing she did to you!!$

  • tigergaming

    you win preston

  • Pres SlashDon
    Pres SlashDon


  • gaming pichu
    gaming pichu

    You win of de enderdragon

  • Sonicmon

    Preston 1

  • SubZero Stuff
    SubZero Stuff

    You won

  • Aman Duggal
    Aman Duggal

    if you want to do this you just take the chance to do tornado

  • Aman Duggal
    Aman Duggal

    preston won

  • ruv i guess
    ruv i guess

    3:39 ae seizure preston


    I think you win

  • jakeem blading
    jakeem blading

    No Bri

  • Dragon Boy
    Dragon Boy

    You won

  • MelGFlores28


  • IPvp

    Prest lost cuz he didn’t go threw the portal to get to overworks XDDDD

  • Meenakshi Dhadwal
    Meenakshi Dhadwal

    U won preston

  • Jaco Fourie
    Jaco Fourie

    Trap brianna in an prison

  • tiana kelsey
    tiana kelsey

    This payback Preston hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • James Nicolas
    James Nicolas

    make brianna do the item rain thing till you get enaugh obidian then if your in the nether make a nother portal

  • OG LOC
    OG LOC

    You won

  • Jose Soto
    Jose Soto


  • Jeremy Stalma
    Jeremy Stalma

    You won preston

  • Dareen Clark Escobio
    Dareen Clark Escobio

    Prestin wins i put it in slow mo

  • Itz•Mira•

    Me: *sees meteors* Also me: "I WILL HAVE ORDER" (Only genshin players understand xD)

  • PandaGamer

    PRESTON WOM BY 0.80 seconds


    You died 1 second after

  • Coby Chapman
    Coby Chapman

    Preston win

  • Fanboy Gaming YT
    Fanboy Gaming YT

    im afraid but u lost preson remember this person preson

  • Zaidi Ahmad
    Zaidi Ahmad

    could u post a vid playing genshin???? i have zhongli im f2p btw

  • Stephen Moree
    Stephen Moree


  • Allsopp Twins
    Allsopp Twins

    You win

  • Allsopp Twins
    Allsopp Twins

    Prank her

  • Otis Singer
    Otis Singer

    Do a rematch

  • Zhaoliang Zhang
    Zhaoliang Zhang


  • Dylan Bernard
    Dylan Bernard

    You won prestonplayz

  • my iptv
    my iptv

    Yay u are sponsoring genshin impact I play genshin impact it's super fun and I've completed the dodo king and dodoco everything

  • Matthew Lee
    Matthew Lee

    You won

  • Sphia Z
    Sphia Z


  • James Berezowsky
    James Berezowsky

    prank her bigtime with fire and magma

  • Norlie Mangampo
    Norlie Mangampo

    First time esponsorod by genshin hahahahahahaha my two brothers are play genshin

  • Tracie Merkel
    Tracie Merkel

    Do not subscribe Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ha ha

  • Crazy Koby
    Crazy Koby

    get her back and preston won

  • Roy Chand
    Roy Chand

    Preston won because u had 3 lives and when u lost your 2nd life u died and beat the enderdragon

  • omar Waleed
    omar Waleed

    ender dragon and bri won

  • My tube celebs
    My tube celebs

    atack her house

  • Janet Nemeth
    Janet Nemeth

    Preston Playz was my birthday I was thinking of going thinking of thinking about thinking you were thinking of thinking about thinking you we Preston

  • Janet Nemeth
    Janet Nemeth

    Preston Playz was my birthday I was thinking of thinking about thinking of you guys today I love to

  • Banana yt !
    Banana yt !

    A block is 3 feet preston

  • Ross Ung
    Ross Ung

    I think prestonplayz won

  • Bertwell Iyalla
    Bertwell Iyalla

    Please can i have free fire merch im in Nigeria and has been supporting you from when you started your channel please can i have free fire merch Adress: Manny Avenue number 11. State: River state, Nigeria. Accessory: Colour burst hoodie. Youth extra small.

  • Random funny vids
    Random funny vids

    "Is that a tornado?!" -Preston Editors: No it's soup This literally made my day TAHNK YOU PRESTON AND PRODUCTION CREW

    • Random funny vids
      Random funny vids

      And btw always respect your production crew

  • Ynigo Golimlim
    Ynigo Golimlim

    You win


    You won

  • Santos Sanchez
    Santos Sanchez

    I feel like Preston one

  • Ronald Cortez
    Ronald Cortez

    Genshin announcement:the 2.0 skip method has started and its a cool game,preston,thanks for sponsoring my favorite game

  • Afeisha Robinson
    Afeisha Robinson

    Stole bianna's diamond

  • Kendall Pedersen
    Kendall Pedersen

    Preston won I played it back and you hit the ender dragon one more time and then you died. A way you can get brinna back is mabye try doing the 1 hundred button challenge but in MINECRAFT

  • Finn Keehan
    Finn Keehan

    The ended dragon died before u died.

  • Fredrik Nordin
    Fredrik Nordin


  • Ada Okonkwo
    Ada Okonkwo

    Destroy Brian

  • Esther Manu
    Esther Manu

    Who is your 5 top favorite FIbillr mine is dream mrbeast and PewDiePie and of course you and Brianna🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈🐈🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮

  • Marion Berry
    Marion Berry


  • bacon man
    bacon man

    i bet genshin impact is just for online daters

  • MBT gamer
    MBT gamer

    I have been playing Genshin Impact for 5 years it is very fun on my ps 4 download it NOW.

  • Jacob Ferry
    Jacob Ferry


  • Jacob Dersell
    Jacob Dersell

    A tihnk he win for he killed the enderdragon

  • Dominic Borda
    Dominic Borda

    Preston won

  • Justice Carrington
    Justice Carrington

    you won

  • Ra Ares
    Ra Ares

    It was a tie

  • Erin Forsyth
    Erin Forsyth

    You win


    You know how to get back Brianna you might want to use natural disasters to her sever and prank her lol

  • Indira Hegde
    Indira Hegde

    I agree with Preston. Genshin impact is AMAZING.

  • ton28 De leon
    ton28 De leon

    You win Preston

  • Christian Rader
    Christian Rader

    You won by one decasecond

  • Chayse Kenney
    Chayse Kenney

    Is one of those natural disasters you violation

  • Naveed Malik
    Naveed Malik

    when preston died, so did the ender dragon, i feel like preston won ;)

  • Mai Tran Ngoc
    Mai Tran Ngoc

    The questionable pink sicily prevent because lamb nutritionally prepare including a chubby box. false familiar famous, materialistic snake

  • Joeri De Smet
    Joeri De Smet

    You won

  • Uran Begaj
    Uran Begaj

    You killed the dragon then ju die

  • rechal nibiya
    rechal nibiya


  • Alli

    Try to hide in her house and steal what she puts in her chests

  • tina foster
    tina foster

    hi prestonplayz

  • Panda girl
    Panda girl

    The first one to comment The other comments have to say the same exact thing

  • Gloria Ludolph
    Gloria Ludolph

    The dragon lost first

  • Norma Vivi
    Norma Vivi

    You win

  • Christopher Sanchez
    Christopher Sanchez

    Preston won

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