NÜRBURGRING EPIC CRASH FAIL & WIN Compilation Nordschleife Touristenfahrten
NÜRBURGRING EPIC CRASH FAIL & WIN Compilation Nordschleife Touristenfahrten

  • 171apples171

    I was cheering out loud at thay BMW drifting near the beginning of the video. I do all my crazy driving on the dirt roads in the middle of nowhere, Iowa lol

  • Savas_ Ans
    Savas_ Ans


  • Evacuari Inox
    Evacuari Inox

    cut out exhaust sound fibill.info/nick/videot/05SPnIGpcX-Do6E

  • 徳原



    i have different videos car videos different information fibill.info/nick/videot/y6iGioavdZuTZXc

  • Δημήτριος Παπαδόπουλος
    Δημήτριος Παπαδόπουλος

    Πρώτη φορά είδα τόσους μαλάκες μαζεμένους σε ένα μέρος.......

  • Kilzx47

    6:45 best moment haha idiot

  • evilution

    The race crashes are fast and exciting but nothing compares to watching some over confident bell end run out of limited talent in his pride and joy or daily driver.

  • Anthony J.
    Anthony J.

    I really feel like the Nurburing staff are dumb and lazy: there are CONSTANTLY oil spills on the corners and no one ever fucking cleans them.

  • PopBoomPop

    helpful video

  • Gowtham Gunasekaran
    Gowtham Gunasekaran

    Need that black Ferrari luck in my life

  • 習肉包子

    oil trap ?

  • Augustin Bouvy
    Augustin Bouvy

    At 6:34 it is what we call "karma"

  • 75 ANDREI
    75 ANDREI

    Все могут давить на педаль газа но не все умеют правильно это делать.

  • Ahmet makul
    Ahmet makul

    Vous rouler sur une posted avec des motorcycle et des voture il de la cre sur la posted pour gliser c lideal il faut etre con de pas panser a sa

  • Дми3й КузнецOFF
    Дми3й КузнецOFF

    на финише очередь из перекупов стоит

  • Mario Arroyo
    Mario Arroyo

    niki lauda crash at 1976 in f1

  • achtzehn siebzehn
    achtzehn siebzehn

    1:15 aceleró en curva

  • Golam Muhedi
    Golam Muhedi

    Bmw m3 oleeeeee👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Yi Ba
    Yi Ba

    6:41 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gabriel Herrera
    Gabriel Herrera

    ya o que pex o provocó un kaohs en este mundo

  • love Excavator
    love Excavator


  • stefa 991
    stefa 991

    Dude at 0:44 went 📈📉📈

  • Francesco Nuvoloni
    Francesco Nuvoloni

    Maestri della guida al secondo 39 e al 4:42

  • nebesky

    "ale przyjebał"

  • Sheev the Wireless
    Sheev the Wireless

    Must be fun to live nearby. Some people be fishing. Some people be watching idiot ricers 🤣

  • Sheev the Wireless
    Sheev the Wireless

    1:09 Too soon bruh 🙃

  • Willi Bald
    Willi Bald

    Wie dämlich muss man eigentlich sein.....

  • JOJO

    1:28 mustang driver this, mustang driver that

  • Emi GASO
    Emi GASO

    1:59 esas llantas sufren

  • lluis

    vengaaaa cxhuloooooo

  • Mario Juwani
    Mario Juwani

    Green bmw shows his🖕🏾then fucked up 😂😅

  • Dirk Redmer
    Dirk Redmer

    soviel auto und so wenig hirn

  • Vsf King
    Vsf King

    :53 was a legend

  • Reso 44
    Reso 44

    well i dont feel bad about the guy on 6:33..deserved it

  • phaenomatiker

    EPIC CRASH COMPILATION - first crash too boring so dislike.. haha

  • Terry M
    Terry M

    Amazing, so many people dont know what an apex is.

  • Ajeet Mirwani
    Ajeet Mirwani

    You could also name this "When TCS is off"

  • Mack Bolan
    Mack Bolan

    Purée, le pilote du BM en début de vidéo "m'a tué"😂; parfaite maîtrise, c'était pas vraiment gagné pourtant 🧐 Respects...

  • Nicholas Alexander
    Nicholas Alexander

    this is why professionals should drive here

  • Fyrosaurus

    I knew that e36 would crash

  • Torben Povlsen
    Torben Povlsen


  • Igor Rębiś
    Igor Rębiś

    ale przyjeboł

  • Ergash Ibragimov
    Ergash Ibragimov

    Definitely cursed track

  • Максим Гребенников
    Максим Гребенников

    BMW This is the diagnosis

  • hector herbert
    hector herbert

    Ferrari 458...CUCKHOLDER.

  • Игорь Михайлов
    Игорь Михайлов

    На NSX чувак резко вспомнил что утюг не выключил.

  • Sweet Drahthaar
    Sweet Drahthaar

    I’m hoping that most of these boobs have a new found respect for real race car drivers

  • spookanide

    4:56 just track bro things

  • 표한

    09:56 dog dog dog !!!

  • Shot by Nielsen
    Shot by Nielsen

    Woow, thats crazy :o

  • ThokTrigg

    this turn is so dangerous wtf

  • ThokTrigg

    people : drifting so the journalist take picture of him Crash after the 3rd time people : i dont understand wtf

  • ThokTrigg

    Dont overtake in turn

  • Schmeemsch

    Einfach ein und derselbe Typ steht da zu jeder Zeit des Jahres hhahah

    • lucca hernandez
      lucca hernandez

      Kjjj habla bien pelotudo

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S

    1:30 imagine not wearing a helmet like this guy

  • ExtraGlutenPlz

    anyone know of channels that still post ring crash videos?

  • Cierek

    0:11 "ale przyjebał" xd

  • matt hill
    matt hill

    The e36 thought he was the dk until he ate shit 😂😂

  • matt hill
    matt hill

    Dude in the turbo e30 is an absolute hero, same corner balls out sideways twice 🤟🤟


    4:06 Holy man.... That's a shame to the 2nd Black BMW!

  • Etunimi Sukunimi
    Etunimi Sukunimi

    0:08 he made a mistake when he pressed the brake pedal..

  • Volvo Cars
    Volvo Cars

    5:20 that little brake tap mid corner Is what did him in

  • Mike Maronnat
    Mike Maronnat

    3m38 😅

  • Xarix

    Bmw owners think they have track cars

  • Miki Westh
    Miki Westh

    Haha 😂

  • CasualGamer

    learn how to brake ffs

  • Monty Carlow
    Monty Carlow

    Degrease the track ...people pay good money....and only the best brakes and tyres should be used. All about the grip.

  • GOD is coming soon
    GOD is coming soon

    Differential counterfit

  • Glen Smith
    Glen Smith

    Nurburgring in the snow. Now there’s a great championship. Especially for fannies like Hamilton ‘ooooh, it’s too wet to race’. Millions on tyres and wet weather, perfect tracks and cars with enough ground force to run upside down.

  • JDM Hub™
    JDM Hub™

    9:57 what da dog doin

  • fw fw
    fw fw

    The ruthless appendix inadvertently trick because wood undoubtedly knit minus a bad command. berserk, ludicrous pump

  • Patrick

    0:48 Deja vu!

  • mazibox99

    Stupid laughing idiots...

  • John Eastman
    John Eastman

    Crazy fucking idiots, sheer madness, too much money, spoiled rotten.

  • Krystian K
    Krystian K

    0:17 ale przyjebał. Polacy są wszędzie :D

  • Eugenia Brehm
    Eugenia Brehm

    Der arme Motorad fahrer

  • JD

    @3:41 Why mock the poor girl? Evil

  • Warthog of The Year
    Warthog of The Year

    4:56 poor ED9 :(

  • Slh Kyn
    Slh Kyn

    6:33 hahahah

  • Diether Santos
    Diether Santos

    Jeez that body work from Porsche Cayman GT4's back in the thumbnail 😬

  • หล่อ มาก
    หล่อ มาก

    ปดปล่อย พลังงาน ทั้งหมด ออกมา แล้ว สะใจ กับความตื่นเต้น มันหยดติ่ง กระดิ่งแมว

  • djag playings
    djag playings

    green hell xD

  • arex9213

    Pierwsze auto i głos " Ale przyjebał" XDD

  • That1guy81

    Anyone who takes their family car to go race deserves to wreck

  • Island_420

    What is the name of the first car? The short blue one

  • Al-Jame Institute
    Al-Jame Institute

    the main reasons of crashes were high speed turns

  • Severin Baltid
    Severin Baltid

    Сколько же лохов там ездит... при заносе бьют в тормоз.... лошары

  • Mikush

    Das arme tier da runter holen nix da oben rumstehen, pfeifen und filmen was soll die scheiße -.-

  • Giordano

    Dude, how are these bikers alowed to drive???

  • MindMachine-

    In Romania we say that the pot never goes two times to the river.


    9:18 insane! WOW!

  • Literally Shaking
    Literally Shaking

    Dat Bimmer drift tho 0:46 Dude even had the hand out the window for style.

  • Роман Ярошенко
    Роман Ярошенко

    Лижбы таких водил на дороге общего пользования не встретить

  • Risto Kask
    Risto Kask

    This is just crazy how some people drive 😡 fibill.info/nick/videot/rYarmoOwlJ1pZXc

  • RaceRed5.0Stang

    You know if someone built a junkyard for parts right by this race track they would make a killing.

  • Łukasz Rr
    Łukasz Rr

    0:13 "ale przyjebał" ahhaah

  • fladave99 Mills
    fladave99 Mills

    Honey I wrecked the car. And here's a bill for repairing the guardrail

  • taviik

    Ale przyjebał Nakręciłeś to? Co ty dajesz

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