Norm MacDonald's Moth Joke
Team Coco
(Original airdate: 08/31/09) Norm MacDonald talks about taking jokes from his drivers and tells a moth joke.

  • John Boy
    John Boy

    Norm can tell a long clean joke like they did back in the day, nobody can do this today. Everyone is in to much of a hurry.

  • Beauregard Rippey
    Beauregard Rippey

    Because why shouldn't you try to capitalize off of someone's death?

  • Levan Mikadze
    Levan Mikadze

    Good God , what a genuine dude . R.I.P to an absolute legend , will forever be missed. "Swedish-German Andy Richter" will always be my favorite Norm-Conan moment.

  • Sonja Pinkert
    Sonja Pinkert

    I would of been fast if he wasn't interrupted..

  • Sd king
    Sd king


  • Mc Fly
    Mc Fly

    tArUmlüG Programmierer der Master K.I. !

  • Da Badguy
    Da Badguy

    RIP Norm. I'll always remember the days of "crackwhores", "Frank Stallone" and "Germans love David Hasselhoff".

  • falcr

    "the podiatrist's office says"

  • Angel Divine
    Angel Divine

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  • Mak Man
    Mak Man


  • Jorge Padilla
    Jorge Padilla

    My dad tells me jokes this long every time.... And then the punchline comes.. and i'm like "mann that was sttttttttuuupid"

  • Betty White
    Betty White

    Miss you already ❤❤❤

  • Joe Pa
    Joe Pa

    People don't realize , he's telling them about the end of his life , daaum , and made them all laught it off ... a true comedy genius 👏

  • Joe Pa
    Joe Pa

    This made me laugh and cry, rip to a great man , and a comedy ledgend

  • EnsGDT

    this clip reminds me of that tragedy

  • WrestleFestival Ent
    WrestleFestival Ent

    I used to randomly binge Norm clips for years to lift my spirits. Now I'm doing it because he's gone and I'm still in disbelief. RIP to one of my favorites.

  • Turbo Force
    Turbo Force

    Auch Deutschland trauert um dich, Norm... Ruhe in Frieden

  • Sam Cyanide
    Sam Cyanide

    This just sounds like someone rambling is this supposed to be funny

  • Rachael Richardson
    Rachael Richardson

    The cold took her down as it did many of US.... #GODKNOWS & HE is JUDGING... GOD BLESS YOUUUUU ;) WE R #ONE

  • Sam Cyanide
    Sam Cyanide


  • Christopher Miller
    Christopher Miller

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  • janey

    funniest guy ever. he was so unique

  • Si Hopebgood
    Si Hopebgood

    No idea who this bloke is. Where do I apply to get that five minutes of my life back?

    • paul mcintyre
      paul mcintyre

      You never had a life to get back.

  • Mollie Barbi Reynolds
    Mollie Barbi Reynolds

    yok be

  • Life Comedy Action
    Life Comedy Action

    Trending #1. Where it should be

  • くたばれTerraan


  • Marko Garcia
    Marko Garcia

    3:45 to get the answer to the age old question, why didn't the moth go to the psychiatrist

  • Bird Man
    Bird Man

    i loved this man. forever missed.

  • Lil Ty
    Lil Ty

    As a norm fan for many years, I’m very very happy this is number 1 on trending

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    Worker ALAN

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  • Michelle


  • Ralph McBride
    Ralph McBride

    FIbill suggests stupid video whereupon I am subjected to vaccuous laughter from fake people trying to find this "joke" funny for two minutes... until I snapped out of it and turned it off.

  • Sasa Milic
    Sasa Milic

    his driver was doug bell

  • Gameland

    Descanse en paz, uno de los grandes comediantes.

  • the rock
    the rock


  • krrrruptidsoless

    Help his poor widow and orphaned children get through to the next day by buying his merch.

    • Konrad •
      Konrad •

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  • Fly Dreww
    Fly Dreww

    Next up From Baton Rouge? 🔂

  • Daniel Hughes
    Daniel Hughes

    I love how norm was a huge sports guy and would seriously tweet out play by play but somehow in an ironic way making fun of sports casters who would do it to be active on Twitter like it wasnt a job anyone could do

    • Fly Dreww
      Fly Dreww

      Next up From Baton Rouge? 🔂

  • Dylan Albuquerque
    Dylan Albuquerque

    One of the most funny parts of this bit is the way Norm looks at Conan after he says the punchline, almost like a nervous smile. So funny

    • Fly Dreww
      Fly Dreww

      Next up From Baton Rouge? 🔂

  • Bondek

    As a deeply closeted Norm fan, I'll miss him always.

    • Fly Dreww
      Fly Dreww

      Next up From Baton Rouge? 🔂

  • EyeHamm

    this was 2009? wow. Feels like yesterday, I remember seeing this live.

    • Fly Dreww
      Fly Dreww

      Next up From Baton Rouge? 🔂

  • Sam x
    Sam x

    This story is so unreal I literally started crying from laghter and my chest was hurting before Norm even got to the punchline. And knowing the story behind this joke makes it even funnier.

    • Fly Dreww
      Fly Dreww

      Next up From Baton Rouge? 🔂

  • 19 88
    19 88

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    • Fly Dreww
      Fly Dreww

      Next up From Baton Rouge? 🔂

  • B.E. Lewis
    B.E. Lewis

    I love how Conan tries to restore a sense of sanity afterwards, "So Norm..." But Norm just says "What?" with a blank stare, knowing there's no way to put it back on the rails.

    • Fly Dreww
      Fly Dreww

      Next up From Baton Rouge? 🔂

  • Peseti Tukutau
    Peseti Tukutau

    RIP Old McDonald!

    • Fly Dreww
      Fly Dreww

      Next up From Baton Rouge? 🔂

  • Nuttymeemps

    I love how the joke cracks Conan up more and more after it’s over as Conan continues to think about it. Priceless.

    • Fly Dreww
      Fly Dreww

      Next up From Baton Rouge? 🔂

  • Jacob Ninedorf
    Jacob Ninedorf

    Rip buddy. One of the GOAT!!

    • Fly Dreww
      Fly Dreww

      Next up From Baton Rouge? 🔂

  • Russ Williams
    Russ Williams

    Genius. Will be missed terribly. RIP Norm.

  • Subpar

    this is a moment... whatever sprit was in him came out there..

    • Fly Dreww
      Fly Dreww

      Next up From Baton Rouge? 🔂

  • Shannon Schaerer
    Shannon Schaerer

    #1 on Trending - That Says It ALL - A Gr8 Man Has Passed. I'm taking the Day to Celebrate Norm. It's Ridiculously SAD - But I'm Sure He'd Want More Laughs than TOO Many Tears from us Fans - But I just laughed till I cried - So.....

    • Fly Dreww
      Fly Dreww

      Next up From Baton Rouge? 🔂

  • Temp Sitch
    Temp Sitch

    Did this get shortened ?

    • Fly Dreww
      Fly Dreww

      Next up From Baton Rouge? 🔂


    You will be missed you big chunk of coal, I hope Santa doesn’t put you in my stocking this Christmas!

    • PASSWORD323

      @Fly Dreww is that some kind of sexual act? With a baton?

    • Fly Dreww
      Fly Dreww

      Next up From Baton Rouge? 🔂

  • Bea Writing
    Bea Writing

    I just laughed so hard I cried. That says it all. He will be missed.

    • Fly Dreww
      Fly Dreww

      Next up From Baton Rouge? 🔂

  • Landon Miles
    Landon Miles

    Conan: “So… so Norm.” Norm: “What?” I don’t know why but that got me.

    • Fly Dreww
      Fly Dreww

      Next up From Baton Rouge? 🔂

  • IronWolf

    RIP Norm, he was great in "Dirty Work" and "Screwed"!

    • Fly Dreww
      Fly Dreww

      Next up From Baton Rouge? 🔂

  • Steve Becker, LCSW
    Steve Becker, LCSW

    Incomparable. Funniest guy ever. Gonna miss him.

  • Richard Kaylor
    Richard Kaylor

    I love when he's around other comedians and you see when even they get their heads spun by Norm. RIP man

  • Joe Consorti
    Joe Consorti

    Conan's Tonight Show #1 on trending in 2021, the power of Norm

  • Jamie Cook
    Jamie Cook

    I would have been in tears listening to this if I was there.

  • Lox

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  • Margo O' Mahony
    Margo O' Mahony

    What an original. RIP

  • Al's Shenanigans
    Al's Shenanigans

    Only norm could take 10 second joke and make up 5min of talking to make it longer and somehow way better. Rip norm. The greatest weekend update host of all time.

  • Allison Turner
    Allison Turner

    I was meaning to watch this because someone commented on John Green's video from a week or two ago that the joke he told was one Norm had told on Conan's show. But I didn't find it then and I didn't try very hard and now it's here and he's gone.

  • ecko5127


  • cgbj24

    This is number 1 on Trending. Wow!

  • Brian Monahan
    Brian Monahan

    more norm

  • ric Killebrew
    ric Killebrew

    Was his driver Christopher Walken???

  • Wabb1e

    as odd as it feels to say Norm’s death effected me more than my grandparents passing

  • Joey Hyland
    Joey Hyland

    #1 Trending on FIbill. Every dog has its day… oh wait!

  • Jekoza

    Love you Norm, Rest In Peace

  • Jab

    Whyyyy D:

  • Michael Cremin
    Michael Cremin

    The moth joke had me continuously holding my stomach from laughing so hard. So good.

  • Kwesi Bruno
    Kwesi Bruno

    Nooo. I just heard the bad news. He was one of my favorite people. He was a great American (North American).

  • Tom Dulle
    Tom Dulle

    This is one of those times you wish Conan was still on TNT. The tribute he would have done would have been tremendous. I wonder how many people caught the Johnny Carson reference near the beginning?

  • Sol Dìwö Sun 🌞
    Sol Dìwö Sun 🌞

    I didn't know he died OMG

  • BeezWaxTV

    Canadian genius!

  • Kara Roberts-Shetty
    Kara Roberts-Shetty

    We lost a GREAT man and comedian... Still so saddened by the news :( RIP Norm

  • goutham edara
    goutham edara

    Conan had Norm before and Billy red balls later on. He knows quality comedy.

  • BlackWat3r GTR
    BlackWat3r GTR

    Norm's comedic style is unmatched. A true legend has been lost.

  • Ryan N
    Ryan N

    Rest in paradise Norm

  • georg walt
    georg walt

    the best that there ever was

  • anton jimenez
    anton jimenez

    THE BEST EVER TO DO IT. period.

  • Mike Song
    Mike Song

    This is genius. Really, different from any other comedian. The joke isn't the joke is it. Its the ride he takes you on....that's talent. RIP NM.

  • Jamie Reid
    Jamie Reid

  • danielvutran


  • One Way
    One Way

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  • Nick M
    Nick M

    So uniquely brilliant. It's doubtful that this planet can replace him.

  • Tommy Weglarz
    Tommy Weglarz

    Is it me, or do a lot of girls in thongs like Norm MacDonald? They're all commenting on this video... what a ladies man

  • HolyEternal

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    • HolyEternal

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  • Cpl Crawfish
    Cpl Crawfish

    He has been on of my favorite comedians of all time. His style of comedy was just too good ❤️

  • vikingnor h
    vikingnor h

    Reupload? Time to cash in i guess

  • Val

    Still the greatest joke ever told. The interplay between Norm and Conan puts it over the top. Classic Norm. Rest In Peace, brilliant man. 💔


    This is depressing man. I knew once I saw Norm trending something was up. Real loss of a great Comic RIP. I hope he comes back as a wisecracking Pidgeon.

  • Erica F.
    Erica F.

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  • Skwisgar Skwigelf
    Skwisgar Skwigelf

    RIP Norm. Thanks for all the laughs 😢

  • Jonathan Quatro
    Jonathan Quatro

    He was just an old chunk of coal, But he's a diamond today 💎

  • The Groundskeeper
    The Groundskeeper

    I tried telling a few jokes like these. They are hard to pull off. Hard.