Paul Rudd Crashes Bill Hader’s CONAN Interview - CONAN on TBS
CONAN Highlight: Paul Rudd stops by CONAN for one last hurrah. And yes, he brought a clip.

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  • Mohammad Althagafy
    Mohammad Althagafy

    0:26 Denzel Washington is that you ???

  • кσσкιє

    It's like getting rick rolled but you know that it's coming and you enjoy it.

  • kinskifilms

    I fell for it again! It absolutely didn't occur to me that this was coming. Holy crap. He is so good at this.

  • Melissa Martin
    Melissa Martin

    Holy hell this is truly incredible to me because I saw BABY GENIUSES when it came out (1999) & I thought this movie was just odd & frankly the worst movie I’d ever seen! I was 12. I’d never even known anyone else who’d seen it, I guess just my mom, siblings, & me. Fast forward to now, I saw MAC & ME for the first time a couple weeks ago, with my husband & daughter, & it was so hilariously bad & memorable that we’ve watched it numerous times since. It’s like our little inside joke. Funny stuff! Keep it going Paul!

  • Philip Pickard
    Philip Pickard

    Paul Rudd is a goddamn national treasure.

  • Take it easy
    Take it easy

    Poor Andy...

  • James Ruttan
    James Ruttan

    The second you see Rudd, you know he's showing that clip, and you know that Conan knows it's coming. He sees it. But he clings to that tiny spark of hope that this time, this time it will be different. He clings so hard that he falls for it twice in a row.

  • stramurto

    I can't believe I fell for it. AGAIN. TWICE.

  • Peter Richards
    Peter Richards

    Rudd is responsible for half the revenue on Mac and me. Hope he’s getting a cut.

  • Kyle Walt
    Kyle Walt

    the end of an era

  • SocialJusticeWerewolf Sjw
    SocialJusticeWerewolf Sjw

    For a split second I thought they'd show the sketch. Then I remembered "Oh, right..."

  • Ike Jugend
    Ike Jugend

    5:44 can’t stop rewatching rotten pumpkin head bit 😆😆😆

  • Hector Perez
    Hector Perez

    Woah holy crap i had completely forgotten about baby geniuses.

  • Ray Joshua Suarez
    Ray Joshua Suarez

    For some ridiculous reason I thought we were ACTUALLY gonna see a failed SNL sketch. I'm so disappointed in myself. Lol

  • Mario Tapia
    Mario Tapia

    This is so good lol 😂 I wish they did another “ASS” stamp that always got me

  • Lucas Elder
    Lucas Elder

    Just three people cracking each other up. I'd watch this all day.

  • STT Arch
    STT Arch

    Paul Rudd is a guy I'd love to hang with.

  • sno saer
    sno saer

    now i gotta look up baby geniuses.

  • Wayne Hopkins
    Wayne Hopkins

    I love how as soon as Rudd walks out I know exactly what's gonna happen.

  • Donovan Chase
    Donovan Chase

    3:40 I'll miss Paul Rudd and Mac and Me :(

  • Cheryl Shea
    Cheryl Shea

    rub each other

  • Jessica Sommer
    Jessica Sommer

    Mac and me...🤣🤣🤣👍

  • Aron Simons
    Aron Simons

    My favorite Mac and Me yet.

  • Thao Nguyen
    Thao Nguyen

    F*cking Paul Rudd! I should never trust him! LOL

  • G M
    G M

    The voice sounds like Jackie the Jokeman.

  • Eric Fedler
    Eric Fedler

    I know about mack and me from cinemassacre I might watch the movie once someday. But that's an amazing scene out of context. Thats great comedy paul. I think bill, conan and all of us appreciate it.

  • Stanley Liang
    Stanley Liang

    The rare believe orally radiate because pear regularly expand absent a talented umbrella. amused, tall hall

  • SupaDopeMex

    I don't understand how I did not see that coming lmao

  • mars omg
    mars omg


  • uyanga ganzorig
    uyanga ganzorig

    Too much foreheads 😜

  • William Winsett
    William Winsett

    As soon as he started talking about Baby Geniuses you knew the Mac and Me clip was coming again, and I think that's the beauty of it hahaha.

  • Jason Harrod
    Jason Harrod

    in 30 years Paul Rudd will look like he's 26.

  • Jill Hurley
    Jill Hurley

    I missed Bill Hader’s laugh.

  • Home Slice
    Home Slice

    Three total ass pirates.

  • nom chowski
    nom chowski

    Also cool to see Bil play third violin and set up the joke for Paul Rudd. I'd forgotten about Paul's repeating joke so I was already thinking where is this going 🤣

  • Everyone Makes Music Student Files
    Everyone Makes Music Student Files

    Good one Rudd.

  • Frozen Burrito
    Frozen Burrito

    I’m cRYINg oh my god that freakin comedic genius

  • Jeff Robinson
    Jeff Robinson

    After every time he shows that clip, Paul Rudd would have a serious, dead-panned look on his face and that's what always made it amazing.

  • Z Z
    Z Z

    The forehead game is strong on this one

  • EmR1d

    What a legend Paul Rudd is

  • Noran N
    Noran N

    classic! typical paul rudd 😂😂😂

  • Darkest Argentum
    Darkest Argentum

    it wouldn't have felt right if Paul didn't get to do this bit one last time

  • Jules Guedry
    Jules Guedry

    Conan has the worst hair cut in talk show history

  • Anthony N
    Anthony N

    I'm going to miss Paul Rudd Mac and me. lmao

  • Proloy Das
    Proloy Das

    "Mack and Me"' DVD sales gone up 100%.

  • A V
    A V

    Good God why is Bill Hader so hot

  • kwith

    I mean honestly, who here didn't see that coming? As soon as Paul said he brought the other clip from Baby Geniuses to play, my first thought was "He's gonna show that same one for one final troll I know it!". Hilarious!

  • Karl with a C
    Karl with a C

    Fool me once, shame on you

  • Dan Montgomery
    Dan Montgomery

    I laughed hysterically oh my god

  • Steve Erdosi
    Steve Erdosi

    Has Paul Rudd ever been on Conan WITHOUT showing a clip of Mac and Me?

  • Dick Sledge
    Dick Sledge

    This is all I wanted in the final episodes, and Paul delivered.

  • Abhishek Deore
    Abhishek Deore

    Link of the sketch please

  • Jim

    Commitment to the joke👏👏👏

  • JaCrispy

    Look at us

  • Crunchiest Frog
    Crunchiest Frog

    That’s so great! One of the best running gags of all time. Love these guys. Thanks Conan.

  • Stephen Lackey
    Stephen Lackey

    Love these guys so much

  • emma

    i wonder if anyone in the audience was just like ???? tf

  • David Hurtado
    David Hurtado

    Not gonna lie... They almost had us on the first half...

  • Nazmul Hossain
    Nazmul Hossain

    We all saw it coming seeing Paul Rudd in Conan 🤣 Can't believe this is the last time 🥲

  • Kelli Yohe
    Kelli Yohe

    Why is Conan starting to look so much like John Travolta?

  • Mike Rodriguez
    Mike Rodriguez

    GOT 'EM!!!!!

  • Yeni7

    And he couldn't crash the FRIENDS reunion? C'mon Paul! Missed you there!

  • Louis DellaLucca
    Louis DellaLucca

    When Conan is on HBO MAX, he has to have Paul Rudd on, and do a Mack and Me reunion or something.

  • muccmaster

    Best recurring gag in late night history. It's sad to see Conan go.

  • Chris Rice
    Chris Rice

    Conan would be a fun couples therapist ... laughing between exchanges, slappin' the knee, "this is fantastic!"

  • mr mr
    mr mr

    I love mac and me lol!!

  • Elliott Stanger
    Elliott Stanger

    Man, this is the end of an era. I've watched those clips so many times and this one actually got me right up until Paul said "they film the rehearsal." I knew they were about to go to a clip, and that's when it hit me.

  • DewDew Honey
    DewDew Honey

    How gorgeous is he!! Ughh my ultimate crush!!

  • Manuel Oppel
    Manuel Oppel

    Hader and Conan should do a live action Beavis and Butthead skit

  • Ash Pragasam
    Ash Pragasam

    "What a ride"

  • Ahuman

    Just hearing about a sketch spoofing Ed Burns, Boston, grilling and talking about emergency services sounds hilarious!

  • Airbender Plays
    Airbender Plays

    The longest, most endearing running joke ever. XD

  • Elizabeth McKinley
    Elizabeth McKinley

    Paul Rudd is gorgeous and never ages.

  • Dr Birdman
    Dr Birdman

    The absolute best part to me is that look that Paul has holding up that coffee mug with a look as proud as any father in the world.

  • Kacey Staller
    Kacey Staller

    I was having a bad day up until I saw these two adorable gems! Never fails 💕


    Nah he didn't hit em wit that clip twice 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jason

    Why isn't Paul Rudding not popular like Rick Rolling?

    • Ackshay Shukla
      Ackshay Shukla

      I shall by your decree now use it on this thing called Internet. Arigato gozaimasu Jason-sama!


    Has anyone else noticed that former cast members call Saturday Night Live "SAIRNALIVE"

  • Justin Krann
    Justin Krann

    instantly typed baby geniuses

  • gracie osornio
    gracie osornio

    How many times did this kid have to die just to make us laugh? Paul Rudd: lemme show you again

  • Brett armitage
    Brett armitage

    I was a little kid and loved mac and me

  • sahalanimation

    such a sweet victory this

  • LL



    What if Paul Rudd got a hold of that Conan Coffin with the TV inside...

  • SniffyPoo

    i wonder if the Ed Burns sketch story is true

  • VIC-20

    Pure Gold!!

  • Luci Star
    Luci Star

    Did anyone notice, after evrytime in every episode that clip is done playing, paul always drink something from his mug like nothing happened, lmao

    • MrJotz


  • The Success
    The Success

    These two make anything great 🔥🔥

  • Dan M
    Dan M

    I should have KNOWN

  • ArtemusnH

    Sorry, what's the clip from? Which movie?? Please help!

  • pufuu hepee
    pufuu hepee

    The dashing macaroni fortunately greet because watchmaker metrically slow despite a squalid lunch. enormous, neat morocco

  • Kathy Walker
    Kathy Walker

    I love you Paul Rudd. I hope I can get a picture with you! 😍🥰😘😎

  • nomnom112

    saw that second one coming...

  • Chelsea Striplin
    Chelsea Striplin


  • Patreeko theArtist
    Patreeko theArtist

    The fact that Paul Rudd enters like a "surprise" guest on the Phil Donahue show with the hidden stool and everything just had me rolling even before they played the clip. Somewhere someone keeps getting these random royalty checks for Mac & Me and is so damn confused.

  • Dylan Barnhart
    Dylan Barnhart

    Is anyone going to talk about how Paul is wearing a Tux, while everyone else is so casual.

    • Nerdy Jeremy
      Nerdy Jeremy

      It’s after six. What is he? A farmer?

  • Sam Mihalek
    Sam Mihalek

    I love this but why now?

  • Ragtime44Films

    I was even thinking to myself, "if Conan ends without Paul Rudd showing his wheelchair clip, I will be very sad."