Polo G, Lil Wayne - GANG GANG (Official Video)
Official video for “GANG GANG” by Polo G \u0026 Lil Wayne

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  • Evan Captain  Zoe
    Evan Captain Zoe


  • Evan Captain  Zoe
    Evan Captain Zoe

    I are self motivated rainy rite nw

  • Dee Qnz
    Dee Qnz

    Polo a true lyricist

  • King of goat
    King of goat

    This song sucks balls

  • therl vulrure
    therl vulrure

    album of the year. wayne killed it!!!!!!

  • Federico Morrone
    Federico Morrone

    Polo G to lil Wayne while playing minecraft: Ayo this background music be lit, let's use it for our new song

  • AngelofRebellion

    This shit is fire. I love listening to this, Every Chance I Get, and NBA by Krispel.

  • DirtMoneyZay

    bro why wayne sound like uzi

  • John-william Frans
    John-william Frans

    This is a banger

  • Anna Myers
    Anna Myers

    1:09 Imagina he missed that dunk😂

  • Kr4ftyM4c

    my boy weezy on some 2006 shit lets go!

  • AustinTTG

    This is my favorite song polo g is a god man your music makes me so happy bro

  • IX Whoz
    IX Whoz

    Rapstar to gangstar that means your so underrated

  • NakedCamel420

    You kan see the generation gap in just the jeans 💀

  • MalRulesAll


  • Shez

    This song is so amazing

  • Ramazan Mamazov
    Ramazan Mamazov

    Weezy used auto tune so fucking good !!! like this, me an my drank , jay Sean down feature, turn my swag on remix , sean Kingston iam AT WAR REMIX , cant believe it with t pain , iam go getta , every girl and so many many more !! Weezy the Goat😎😎

  • Dean Capelotti jr
    Dean Capelotti jr

    Heyyy he said my last name

  • Andy xP
    Andy xP

    Yo how much for a feature for the voice? Lol im out here message me!

  • Gaming Star AJ
    Gaming Star AJ

    Polo g is 1 of the best rappers in our generation

  • StreetLifeEnt

    "I Get On Anybody Track And Hit That Bitch With That Wayne Train" 🤧

  • Tyrone Terry
    Tyrone Terry

    This a straight banger

  • Imani A
    Imani A

    I like this song but why lil wayne look like that uncle who still tryna make it rapping 😂😂 ..

  • Evgeniya Dordzhieva
    Evgeniya Dordzhieva

    Polo did great but Wayne crushed it🔥😈💯🔥

  • Big Rudd
    Big Rudd

    Wayne shouted himself in this "hot like I'm Wayne." Yessss y'all homicide this.

  • Ñchim

    Let's see how many are watching this masterpiece in July 2021.

  • Brandon Fadder
    Brandon Fadder

    Lil Wayne best reaper alive bc he died five then come back nobody will come back from the dead lol

  • Mr T Capalot
    Mr T Capalot

    Chillllllllll weezy old ass lil tuna tuenci mans going off 😂😂🔥🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  • M M
    M M

    Pac... Wayne... Dababy... All the others should work at five guys 🙋‍♂️😁


    All you New Poppin Rappers Say The Same Shit As Eachother just in A Different Way. Yes I'm talking to you Polo G


    Yeah N Lil Baby thinks he is the Lil Wayne of his Generation Uhhhhh NOT

  • 88Doug

    When Lil Wayne repeats the chorus thet Polo wrote, He could have said "Cause I'm Wayne" instead of "Like I'm Wayne" Just a thought!

  • mari 2 spazzy
    mari 2 spazzy


  • mari 2 spazzy
    mari 2 spazzy


  • mari 2 spazzy
    mari 2 spazzy


  • toronto canada
    toronto canada

    Shout out on your gang

  • lilant 1518
    lilant 1518

    Even polo knew it woulda been disrespectful to the goat to put FT Lilwayne

  • Andy Botwin
    Andy Botwin

    Lil wayne murder this song! The goat fr

  • ThunderBat

    No one gonna mention Roscoe directing this from across the Atlantic, like damn the video is sick!

  • FunkMov

    call me capalotty ✌🏻

  • Justin Collum
    Justin Collum

    Millenials chose BBC over puppy love Wayne fake not God

  • Gato 008
    Gato 008

    It's mixed real nice tho, 👌✨✨✨✨❣️💯🎶🎶🎶🦻💪🦻🦻🦻🦻

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha

    The people who disliked this need a COVID test, because they’ve got no taste

  • Ric Master
    Ric Master

    follow allways rocking AMIRI love it man

  • Seyi DamI
    Seyi DamI

    The beat sound familiar

  • Sam McEwen
    Sam McEwen

    On the playlist right after strange clouds👌

  • MONKEking

    Lil Wayne's "call me capaloti" is better than Coi Leray's whole life😂😂

  • Sand Dunes
    Sand Dunes

    Yo that dude with Wayne was good too... :)

  • Sam Salazar
    Sam Salazar

    Y’all should also check out Wayne’s verse on Clevers song - call me nobody. That shit is hard 🔥🔥

  • Elijah Morrow
    Elijah Morrow

    wayne was just right for this track honestly

  • Viro Vizion
    Viro Vizion

    Wayne smiling cause he knows this one is out of the park they both ate

    • Andrell Smith
      Andrell Smith


  • Viro Vizion
    Viro Vizion

    This should still be on trending no lie

  • skate god816
    skate god816

    Did you know Lil Wayne is one of Polo G favorite rapper even when he was a kid

  • Gato 008
    Gato 008


  • Kevin Flocks
    Kevin Flocks


  • Young boy crazy
    Young boy crazy

    the gang gang is very cool 🔥🔥🔥

  • KG Bandana
    KG Bandana


  • Marco Barber
    Marco Barber

    That was hard

  • Preezy Patel
    Preezy Patel

    Half the time I skip to Wayne verse

  • Lil Flames
    Lil Flames

    When u gotta invite the lil brother to the party

  • Gabriel Araujo
    Gabriel Araujo

    Lil Wayne 🖤

  • Lydia Torrence
    Lydia Torrence

    My hand kids love this song. They swear polo g is the GOAT and loll up there being a G O A T! Go ire! Mr officer! Enough love! Soldier!

  • shadonna vickers
    shadonna vickers

    Crown the King No cap

  • Jaydo4L

    Cole haaaaad to have shot this? No?!?

  • gabe Pim
    gabe Pim

    Yo send me some loud speakers and amp.please

  • gabe Pim
    gabe Pim

    The louder the better🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑💰💰💰💰💰💰 just like my bikes

  • Thisnewcreatedaccount

    Tunchi is the GOAT father of all these new cats

  • ohh look
    ohh look

    Wayne is the beast.

  • Flyant360

    Day 31 of listening to to gang gang polo g and lil wayne for a year

  • zim_finest_lipz

    Ichi chakaipa 🔥

  • Candice Henry
    Candice Henry

    Polo g got more ice than the freezer

  • Jvcklive

    You know it's a banger when Wayne get on it

  • ᆞ

    대놓고 갱출신 범죄자 빠는 미국+흑인끼리만 서로 인종차별 발언하는 이상한 문화+그래도 랩은 잘함+갱이면 분명 강도나 살인보다 장기적으로 사회를 좀먹는 마약 파는 범죄자 놈들일텐데 흑인 인종차별 당하는 것만 민감함=ㅈㄴ괴상한 조합

  • blistted

    Polo fasho wrote this whole song.

    • Know- Ledge
      Know- Ledge

      Polo wish he could write Wayne’s part lol

  • Julian Jossob
    Julian Jossob

    lil wayne fire

  • Jamil Sandoval
    Jamil Sandoval

    Polo g was my ex shit but this is a banger🤧

  • Ike Terrible
    Ike Terrible

    Lil Wayne pardoned by my dude, Donald Trump! 45 was a real one 🇺🇸


    I might not understand the hype behind Polo G but Wayne went back to his prime there.

  • Princess Smith
    Princess Smith


  • Marcus Sykes
    Marcus Sykes

    This my shit listening to it every chance I get

  • Alphonso Thomas
    Alphonso Thomas

    Wayne too damn muxh! GOAT WAYNE another one!

  • Yxno KC
    Yxno KC

    shit fire

  • Mr Mackey710
    Mr Mackey710

    Which weezy verse is better, this track or him on asap rocky’s song M’s ?

  • Ryan Philip
    Ryan Philip

    This song hypes me up


    Here after ksi song gang gang

  • Kejoshua Gardner
    Kejoshua Gardner

    This Platinum

  • Elizabeth Honsberger
    Elizabeth Honsberger

    This a dope ass collab they really sound good together 🔥

  • Fabien Rukundo
    Fabien Rukundo

    I love this song 🎶 ✅Period 0:00



  • Nasarif Kongsin
    Nasarif Kongsin

    The pretty cabbage complimentarily measure because pine preoperatively sin alongside a necessary denim. wary, hospitable index


    WE CHASE FAME MUSIC lov the vib

  • Shallow & Pedantic
    Shallow & Pedantic

    Wayne bodied this

  • Lunga Dlamini
    Lunga Dlamini

    Drop the world motivated

  • imberx

    He killed it

  • imberx

    I can't stop listening to this duck ng song man I obsessed

  • Maurice Werness ND.
    Maurice Werness ND.

    I know this doesn’t matter at all but I just had the best sandwich of my life!!

  • Tyler Martelle
    Tyler Martelle

    "Gucci slides, Versace robes, palm trees, exotic hoes" Polo G "Gucci slides and Versace robes I'll slide a nigga I'll slide a hoe" Wayne HIs whole verse DEEEEEP you gotta listen 20+ times I swear

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