Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg Prep JD to Smoke Weed for First Time
Stern Show guests Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg tell JD Harmeyer the best weed to smoke for his first time getting high.

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  • Lucius Oglesby
    Lucius Oglesby

    Ain’t no cactus in the hood cuh

  • Dieter Dietrich
    Dieter Dietrich

    aint no cactus in the hood killed me

  • Fake_Satan

    You can't tell if seth is laughing or crying.

  • Asaf Barber
    Asaf Barber

    aint no cactus in the hood cuz

  • Hearthstoned

    Sativas are actually pretty intense The haze strains i use are a lot stronger than the kush they sell over here. I dont think Snoop knows much about Sativas.

  • Lucas Dubé
    Lucas Dubé

    Talking about what to start the man off with and he already looks stoned 😂

  • dan frees
    dan frees

    Ain’t no cactus’s in the hood cuz 😂

  • Sneak 28
    Sneak 28

    Snoop is someone everyone wants to smoke with 😂

  • Tonybob

    I thought JD was high already

  • I’mtoxiclol

    Seths laugh is one of a kinds

  • Pete Lewis
    Pete Lewis

    I look forward to the coke episode.

  • TekknThaKidd

    JD looks like he already lit 😭

  • Wiktor-Tobiasz Ravn
    Wiktor-Tobiasz Ravn

    Link to full show episode ????

  • Rowan Melton
    Rowan Melton

    If Snoop didn't become a rapper he could've been a comedian

  • Epic Gems
    Epic Gems

    It's really fascinating to me how these 2 bonded and became homies thought the power of weed.

  • Ashley Brown
    Ashley Brown

    "You hit this one time your bitch ass will be done."

  • Carlos Morillo
    Carlos Morillo

    So I'm basically smoking dogshit hitting it 8-9 times to get a high

  • Roscoe Muttley
    Roscoe Muttley

    new smokers: Buy Sativa, since you are going to get sleepy anyway. Get good quality, since the cheap stuff tastes like crap and the effects tend to be a bit "muddy". Smoke enough. Have some water and hopefully have some place to go. Take a walk and lively up yourself.

  • Bad vbz forever ?
    Bad vbz forever ?

    Tha mfka laugh got me dyin

  • Chuck Chucky
    Chuck Chucky

    Who’s actually dumb enough to think jd hasn’t smoked before??? Pretty sure he’s even discussed it on the show

  • Por Tee
    Por Tee

    It's tradition to make milkshakes for someone when you get them high for the first time. Just surprise them with it while they are braindead on the couch.

  • ColdBottomFlow

    Travis punching the air

  • Msdj Jdndn
    Msdj Jdndn

    Lot of shit happening in 2 minutes 18 lol

  • f

    seth and snoop are like the batman and robbin of weed

  • f


  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones

    Snoop killing me here...

  • Christopher Alexander
    Christopher Alexander

    Was JD looked high already. Lol

  • OverDose Beats
    OverDose Beats

    The mf’s is Way too funny

  • Pawan M
    Pawan M


  • Boomer Withatumor
    Boomer Withatumor

    That dude went home and cried

  • sub-zero

    that guy looked stoned even before smoking..

  • David Guzman
    David Guzman

    Indica first, sativa might give the dude anxiety

  • Caleb Henderson
    Caleb Henderson

    why does that guy look maximum fried already

  • Jose z
    Jose z

    Imagine having Snoop as a uncle😂

  • Mason Turner
    Mason Turner

    Seth's laugh can cure depression

  • Google Account
    Google Account

    Snoop Dogg is hilarious! 😂😂😂

  • Ivan Morrison
    Ivan Morrison

    Seth's laugh tho 😬

  • Ice Kold Killa
    Ice Kold Killa

    No cactus in the hood but definitely palm trees in L.A. lol.

  • turbohc

    "Aint no cactus in the hood" :DD

  • SIR

    If you don’t like this you don’t like weed 😢

  • C1audius

    Robin’s laugh on this one killed me 🤣

  • Stoner Gee 420
    Stoner Gee 420

    Lmao shii Seth high as shit 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Johnny Punish
    Johnny Punish


  • L. Keogh
    L. Keogh

    I’m baked watching this

  • rishav Chakraborty
    rishav Chakraborty

    I wish I could smoke that purple marijuana one day .... I heard that's only found in California :( I m from India... It would be bizarre if I tell... Yo maa I wanna go to California to smoke weed 😂😂😂😂 she would whoop my ass🤣

  • Longboard Dude
    Longboard Dude

    “Ain’t no cactus in the hood cuz” - Snoop

  • Hamza Halfani
    Hamza Halfani

    I just hear mantis

  • Sky1797

    seths fucken laugh

  • KushTrees

    Anything Seth Rogen: eeehh eehehhheeh ehhe hee

  • aubreylolz

    they are too funny

  • aubreylolz

    i love them

  • Doug Ireland
    Doug Ireland

    Definitely not sativa first time. It's more likely to cause anxiety. Indica is much more relaxing and calming.

  • Kristian Salinas
    Kristian Salinas

    14% makes me really high lol ooooooops

  • Cavin McCord
    Cavin McCord

    "there aint no cactus in the hood cuhhh" - snoop 2019

  • k maart
    k maart

    There ain't no cactus in the hood cuz🤣

  • educostanzo

    Could Snoop be any cooler than that?

  • Enzo Giroldo
    Enzo Giroldo

    I love snoop

  • ExplosiveTurkeys

    1:20 is the hardest I've ever heard Seth Rogen laugh. My god

  • Sour D
    Sour D

    looks like seth does a lot more laughing than joking

  • StarVideoProductions


  • JUs Jus
    JUs Jus

    Ik a dude that eats 800mg of edible weed everyday...

  • zarha f
    zarha f


  • sadmarcia

    "ain't no cactus in the hood, cuz"

  • leaf ys
    leaf ys

    Where can I get the jacket

  • Ari Gold
    Ari Gold

    How can i watch this full episode?

  • Ethan Hahn
    Ethan Hahn

    Smoke sum pressure first 97% at least

  • oO Oo
    oO Oo


  • Musa Bhatti
    Musa Bhatti

    Seth is high and laughing his ass off 😂

  • MLPJBJ Formerly Reaper
    MLPJBJ Formerly Reaper

    I love Snoop he never changed imagine smoking with him and 2 Chainz omg and that JD needs more than weed poor guys a mess

  • Ash Bison
    Ash Bison

    I am one 72-77% thc bud only 14% thc is only like the cbd weed 😂ive never seen bud that low in THC 😂

  • Daniel Adeyemo
    Daniel Adeyemo

    weedologist LOOOOL

  • thestonerjesus420

    fire in the bowl

  • Junior

    Seth and his laugh kills me.

  • odalis gonzalez
    odalis gonzalez

    Seth & Snoop have PhDs in weed smoking. 👍

  • piper.spirit

    weedologist lol

  • CLIF88X

    snoop dog can make anything sound gangsta....."Ain't no Cactus in the hoood cuzzz" lmao 2:10

  • Cats & Dogs
    Cats & Dogs

    Snoop Seth, on vous aime

  • Freakly


  • Camsty 1
    Camsty 1

    All I can hear is the voice from sausage party 😂😂

    • Gus

      Camsty 1 Seth Rogan has so much iconic movies and you remember him from sausage party? Lmao

  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke

    cactus is peyote man dont dis

  • dindin

    yo bitch ass gonna be done😭 on god

  • R.Lola.

    its all about the terps, forget sativa vs indica

  • Arnold Schwarzenigga
    Arnold Schwarzenigga

    *Seth laughs like Black Beard Zehahahaha*

  • Darien

    Snoop sitting there looking like somebody granny

  • Robert Hammock
    Robert Hammock

    Bunch of liberal slaves

  • Miles Barrera
    Miles Barrera

    Nooo mellow indica not too high of % the first time. I swears it's like everyone's goal to get 1st timers traumatically high, it kills me...

  • Austin York
    Austin York

    When Snoop said “when you start smoking this, your whole life gonna change. You’re appearance, style of women, your hair gonna get longer” Hahaha all happened to me and for the best. God is love!

  • Ness

    where do I watch this full video?

  • Landon -
    Landon -

    I was hoping they’d actually smoke with him for his first time...all they do is talk :/

  • Ya mama
    Ya mama

    Ain’t no cactus in the hood cuz

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C

    Weedologist 😂😂

  • Ano Nymous
    Ano Nymous

    snoop dog smokes weed? that´s new information for me.

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith

    I wonder how many job offers JD's lost just from having failed-drug-test-face 😂

  • Mister Gift
    Mister Gift

    Sativa and Indica is only marketing thing, doesn't mean something for couple reason, nobody have original sativa or indica plant cause many hybridation since (cannabis take 50 years, the watermelon take few century, before was make something eatable) so you can't compare original cannabis "data" base to see the real % of indica or sativa. They is no world regulation for cannabis (alcool yes, you can't sell sparkle win and say is champagne, and 1% of alcohol is the same every where.) In Holland they use "Bedrocan, Bedica, Bedrolite..." to distinguish.

  • Hungry Bird
    Hungry Bird

    It’s always a fun time with snoopy and Seth around .

  • RactupusRex

    Howard Stern called the police on Greenwich Village drug dealer Michael Cesar aka the “Pope of Pot” back in the 90s

  • S P I C E B O I
    S P I C E B O I

    “Ain’ no cactus in the hood cuh”

  • LukeCurtis

    Haha I love snoop. 😂

  • Gary Mcgrorty
    Gary Mcgrorty

    Weeds for losers

  • ar00ya

    Two Jews, a white guy, and a black guy and girl. Weed cures racism