Seth Rogen Full Interview - CONAN on TBS
Seth Rogen joins Conan for the final week of his TBS talk show to talk about getting starstruck by the Masturbating Bear and his surreal experience working with Snoop Dogg. Plus: Conan takes a hit of Seth Rogen’s joint.

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  • Dave Grows
    Dave Grows

  • Brandon McGee
    Brandon McGee

    you can tell andys ass be smoking lol

  • Nayld

    yo at the end conan wipes a booger off on seth

  • Edward3636 L
    Edward3636 L

    Im sure conan got no effect from that he inhaled no smoke andy on the other hand lol

  • Edward3636 L
    Edward3636 L

    Conon is new to this but Andy thats a whole nother story he knows what he’s doing

  • Urban Hyena
    Urban Hyena

    i dont think i could hang out with seth rogan

    • Urban Hyena
      Urban Hyena

      he keeps laughing for no reason which makes me angry

  • Indrajit Rajtilak
    Indrajit Rajtilak

    Leave it to Seth to get a smoke circle going!

  • Andrew Donham
    Andrew Donham

    Conan while high makes me sympathetically happy

  • Wyatt Hamill
    Wyatt Hamill

    You gotta give props to Conan, literally no other talk show host would do that on camera

  • Jody Campbell
    Jody Campbell

    This was a fantastic interview! ❤️❤️

  • Tech Genie
    Tech Genie

    Love u Conan...Good herb too

  • ana

    "i'm so happy with what just happened" me too seth, me too

  • Richard Forrest
    Richard Forrest

    conan didn't inhale

  • L

    He elon musked it

  • Marina Riquelme
    Marina Riquelme


  • Monique Rodriguez
    Monique Rodriguez

    that is NOT andys first joint

  • phukit

    Taking advise from Rogan is like being a lispy weed smoking hypocrite with a first name of Seth.

  • Spoiler Alert
    Spoiler Alert

    Lines are being crossed.

    • L


  • Kieffer Gonzalez
    Kieffer Gonzalez

    Seth Rogen the voice of B.O.B. in Monsters Vs. Aliens

  • Rainy Days
    Rainy Days

    America gladly takes Canada's best people 🇨🇦 Seth is a stone cold democrat ❤

  • Keith Hall
    Keith Hall

    Andy looks so eager to start smoking. "Hurry up Conan!!"

  • Juan Saenz
    Juan Saenz

    "I got 5 bitches and a hot air balloon wanna roll" - Dave Chappelle probably talking about Snoop

  • me jeff
    me jeff

    nice inhale Conan lmao, wtf was that

  • Jacqueline Bordelon
    Jacqueline Bordelon

    Play the video in slow motion. ITS A WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE!!!! Seths laugh….. OMGGGGGG

  • Lamnagheymo Chwyrlio Gwimsckenu
    Lamnagheymo Chwyrlio Gwimsckenu


  • _Blackheartemoji_

    Andy took a puff and was too high to talk for the rest of the show

  • Brian Morris
    Brian Morris

    now how do you feel mouthy mouth?

  • Taijifufu

    "What would you want me smoking?" "This."

  • Chris Perello
    Chris Perello

    Seth! Let me be your roller!!

  • Chris Perello
    Chris Perello

    Conan did not even inhale....What a poser! Love you Seth! You the man!!!

  • DeathScarred

    i love this

  • Hector Hernandez
    Hector Hernandez

    Ahh yeaaaaa, he didn't inhale... :(

  • Jon R
    Jon R

    “Now people are going to be looking for anything I do…” Ahh, yes. The paranoia. It has already begun.

  • K Housman
    K Housman

    Hey team Coco, just a heads up that the majority of us watching enjoyed this so much more because you all smoked pot on air, and just had a good time talking…5 ⭐️’s !!

  • Zenix Saxzon
    Zenix Saxzon

    Conan's greatest achievement will be bringing life to Triumph the Insult Dog.

  • Whogo G/of/D
    Whogo G/of/D

    Protect Seth Rogen at all times

  • Denam Howell
    Denam Howell

    Lmao talking about covid at first then split a spliff. I am so happy those days are back!! Stay safe y'all your loved

  • Glenn Heard
    Glenn Heard

    The nebulous crocus phongsaly remind because pelican emotionally succeed around a cautious imprisonment. long, crooked hawk

  • J2thaAMES

    Oh no, he actually is as stupid as he sounds on twitter.

  • Joe Pa
    Joe Pa

    3 heros

  • Sarah Riggs
    Sarah Riggs

    I’m a republican and I love Seth !!!

  • Sawyer Paul
    Sawyer Paul

    10:41 I would’ve DIED laughing if Conan just stopped mid sentence, went “It Hit” and fell over

  • Sorsha Mooncake
    Sorsha Mooncake

    The "smart" people are in masks now? So that means the dumb people would be anti-maskers, and you're saying they've put theirs on? Because they never did and still aren't wearing masks. So the "smart" and the dumb people are out of masks. The only people STILL wearing them are either people who believe in covid but haven't been vaccinated yet, or people who believe in covid, have been vaccinated, and are being EXTRA paranoid. Sorry to dissect you're joke, but UR JOKE DON MAEK SENS.

  • Teddy Nguyen
    Teddy Nguyen

    this is what I've been searching for....

  • dopet4h2c0

    Andy a real one he smokes like a champ

  • djkevlarr

    A Canadian legend🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • XNC Vlogs
    XNC Vlogs

    Always thought of Conan as a cocaine guy. So doesn't surprise me he doesn't smoke.

  • Brandon Braun
    Brandon Braun

    Anybody else press pause and buy the book?

  • FinkelsteinShitKid

    Paid critics are raving, and then writing about Seth’s new little book! *Friends say- “he did it.” *Other friends said, “well, if you don’t include the ghost writing, then yeah, ‘he did it’ .” *The Coz is even rumored to have said, “It’s nuts!’s a big pile of pudding that Seth, and his book is too. A big pile, that isn’t Jello pudding, but it’s still filled with nuts.” *the Tiddy Bowl Man said, “Seth is a nut!” Butt then he retracted it after Rogaine’s people threatened to flush, which at first didn’t work, and then Seth himself threatened to eat yogurt, and not flush. TBM’s final words were, “more toilet humor?! No, really, it’s just more toilet bowl humor.”

  • FinkelsteinShitKid

    This video proves that Seth truly is just a humbled, selfless, down to earth, real guy. And it also shows just how HA-larious he really is. Don’t forgot to purchase your copy of, “My Life as a Barnacle”, the new autobiography from Seth Rogaine - He’s out now!

  • FinkelsteinShitKid

    Seth has become his own biggest fan. That’s Young, to now really old, Hollywood for you!

  • FinkelsteinShitKid

    Seth’s narcissism is a real love story. He can actually bring himself to orgasm just by thinking about himself, thinking about himself.

  • notmiketate

    Andy is a legend for that hit

  • FinkelsteinShitKid

    Seth believes artists should stick to things they know, which is why he talks about little d icks. The fact that he still has fits of laughter every time he does means Seth still is not fully comfortable in his own skin.

  • FinkelsteinShitKid

    Seth’s relevance is reseeding faster than his hairline.

  • FinkelsteinShitKid

    **Don’t forget to check out Seth’s little, short new book, which tells of a tail that recedes through Time..., but far too late for you do anything about, as purchases of “Barnacle” are non-refundable, but they are tax deductible. Also, look out for Rogaine’s follow up little, tiny, itty, bitty, teeny weenie, and the book that talks about it, laughs about, and has a heart warmingly medicated feeling that’s sure to make you throw up at first, but then come asking for more. Begging for more. Pleading for more. Until finally, you shamelessly offer what ever you can; you’ll do anything you can, just for another small, little, minuscule, bit. His. And also Seth’s book.

  • FinkelsteinShitKid

    Funny thing, Seth use to drive a bus, and now he just throws his friends under them.

  • FinkelsteinShitKid

    Many people don’t know this, but Seth actually leases his public persona from Jeff Garlin.

  • FinkelsteinShitKid

    details about Seth’s upcoming book, “Cruising”, his follow up to “Barnacle” - Rogaine writes, “...’Cruising’ is a love story to my childhood imagery friend, and my lover, who also happens to be a personification of my own alter ego, as well as being my super hero, Baby Huey.” “Cruising” is sure to have readers clutching at their seats, and running to the hills, so that they can use it behind a tall bush where hopefully no is one around to see them. *** all of Seth’s books, including, and especially, “Barnacle”, and “Crushing” are gentle, safe, and comfortable to the touch as they’re printed on thick, cushiony, quilted two-ply paper so that even though you’re throughly disgusted with yourself, you’ll still feel fresh, and clean after using them.” *Seth has dedicated both books to his friends, since he too, feels fresh, and clean after using them.

  • Anon

    This man made Preacher. What a legend.

  • Apox Apex
    Apox Apex

    This was such a good interview, easily the best I've seen in years

  • Christian Mohr
    Christian Mohr

    Seth Rogen is the Harold Ramis of our generation. Rip Ramis we miss u !

  • Sara Brown
    Sara Brown

    He is told to help sell his book lol. And can you imagine the huge feminist being Seth and snoop dog calling women dancers hoes. Ya I can cause they are the worst . So fake

  • Pretz _
    Pretz _

    This guy Conan’s a Scientologist

  • Jon Boy
    Jon Boy

    I hit my own when Conan hit. I've never felt a connection like this before...

  • John P
    John P

    And that's the how and why Tom Cruise cameo'ed in Tropic Thunder

  • Barry Lyndon
    Barry Lyndon

    It's amazing because it's seth Rogan being actually high on tv letting out his strange moose laughter but then it's conan smoking pot on tv when we all know Andy Richter kush fiend extraordinare

  • LaMb sAuCE
    LaMb sAuCE

    yes, do this again.

  • LaMb sAuCE
    LaMb sAuCE

    less go quin, repping the slc!!


    He had that zaza in there.

  • chilling

    Bojack Horseman?


    Watching this made me feel old

  • dreaminginnoother

    Anyone else see Conan pull that booger from his nose and rub it on Seth's shoulder at the very end?

  • dreaminginnoother

    Snoop Dogg's rap muse hoes is one of the most amazing things I've ever heard of.

  • Twitch412

    He definitely didn’t inhale anything

  • Peter Sysak
    Peter Sysak

    Conan... you need to inhale dude

  • Mike Perry
    Mike Perry

    what a shock the hack seth Rogan did something with weed

  • Giovanni DaVinci
    Giovanni DaVinci

    Andy really wanted to finish that joint. Lol


    Conan didn’t inhale.

  • dex räikkönen
    dex räikkönen

    The best thing was seeing Andy take a big puff like a man, Conan didn't even inhaled; he pulled an "Elon" there.


      Definitely done an Elon

  • Wasted. mp3
    Wasted. mp3

    Seth for President.

  • Ashleigh

    In no way do I believe that was Conan's first toke :-)

  • MrTingles

    he did the Elon face

  • HippoButtSecks

    getting handed a joint from Seth Rogan...this is what dreams are made off...

  • kash s
    kash s

    Seth meant so much to my childhood. Seeing him look old and mature is a crazy buy dope feeling

  • Soggy Jungle
    Soggy Jungle

    LOL Andy applying for a job a Target

  • Bryce Shields
    Bryce Shields

    This is legendary

  • R B
    R B


  • thesman32

    I see covid 19 restrictions don't apply to these guys, we can't visit our family's and are told we must wear masks but these guys can just casually share a joint, what a load of pandering crap.

  • MusicthatsStrange

    Conan didn't even inhale it lol but Andy did either way this was awesome

  • USN Patriot
    USN Patriot

    Has "Anyone" ever Introduced Seth to a tooth Brush .... since he was 6?

  • USN Patriot
    USN Patriot

    Seth Rogan once "MOTOR BOATED" My Buttcheeks years ago ... it's was "ok" Until he kept trying to work his Tongue in!

  • USN Patriot
    USN Patriot

    Seth has a Dog in this fIGHT! He Temporarily Dated a New Black Actress in the 90's, I think her name was Shaniquwa Jones or something like that. He Story goes that they Met in Vegas after a Show and Went up to His room ... Everything was going fine until they got Undressed and She saw his "Ginger Yoda-Chode" and She simply could Not control Her Laughter! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha She Sold Her Story to the National Enquirer for reportedly $100 Bucks per Inch. So She walked away with a Cool $50 Bucks and all is Happy! Although, His "Freind(s)" Still refer to Him as simply "Yoda-CHODE"!HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  • a rose by the other name
    a rose by the other name

    Seth Rogen laughing sounds like a lawnmower loaded with the wrong gas blend.

  • Quinoa

    This is going to make television history.

  • Heather Andrews
    Heather Andrews

    The delightful seat posteriorly spot because rice rahilly float beneath a wholesale authorization. undesirable, soft crib

  • D T
    D T

    The whole “what, am I not good enough to be recruited into your cult?” bit is straight from a Seinfeld episode 😂 love it

  • D T
    D T

    I made the same Training Day reference the other day at work. I too had to explain it 😔

  • Richard Mcdonel
    Richard Mcdonel

    Yeah he totally inhaled,,unlike Conan,,,

  • Conor Watters
    Conor Watters

    Conan smoking weed: @10:00 look human. I inhaled. 😂