Seth Rogen Testifies Before Congress
Actor Seth Rogen goes before Congress to discuss his mother-in-law's Alzheimer's disease and his work setting up his foundation, Hilarity for Charity:
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As current and former Trump administration officials testify before congress (like James Comey), it's good to see someone bring some levity to the hearing room while also addressing a very serious issue.

  • TDC

    Make your voice heard and VOTE!!!

    • arnesto rodgers
      arnesto rodgers

      elections are rigged

    • Don Simons
      Don Simons

      @justsomeguyhere i didn't even watch this. Just fun to make fun of it in the comments section. I wish I could go save the seals because some girl would think it's sexy

    • justsomeguyhere

      Imagine anyone caring what this degenerate dope has to say about anything... oh, wait...

    • M PW
      M PW

      Wow, that did not age well. We now have an illegally installed puppet who has wrecked the e tire earth. Bidet is the clogged toilet that just keeps filling up with big turds.

    • Don Simons
      Don Simons

      What does voting have to do with this? And why does Rogen get to go before Congress to discuss his charity? Celebrity Congress BS. I have a charity for people who are robbed by Congress. It’s call SHUT it, libs, we’re tired of paying your weird new progressive sect

  • Adam McWilliams
    Adam McWilliams

    While it was great to see that some of the members of Congress aren't actually dead. It is not the governments job to look after our health, and if we are to rely on them to do that then we are going to be screwed royally. This is exactly what NFP's are for, and Seth Rogan did exactly what should be done by those with money and influence. Influence others to donate, and help fund private doctors to further research on important issues. If you rely on a doctor, who is funded by the government, to cure a disease. They will only provide a "cure" for their backing politicians wallet.

  • JarOfRoss

    his laugh is the best ngl

  • dwntime

    Glad FIbill actually recommended something worthwhile for me to watch... My mother was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's, and as a college student I don't see her as often as I'd want... When I saw her last, she recognized my face, but didn't know my name or my brother's names.. Alzheimer's isn't something that only happens to the elderly, it can happen to your parents too and I rarely meet people who understand/know that.

  • TheKodak111

    My dad was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s around the age 42, he only lasted 7 more years after. It’s crippling for a son to hear his dad has no idea who you are

  • Has Cad
    Has Cad


  • Logix

    Well that's just a lie coming from these luciferians. Alzheimer's is curable and preventable. Cure is Chelation. Preventative is stop ingesting heavy metals or getting amalgam fillings.

  • Jason Nance
    Jason Nance

    Worst laugh of all time….hands down!!!

  • kosys

    Testifying before congress? Is congress only made up of two people? Congress really seems to care about this issue.

  • Manilka Sheran
    Manilka Sheran

    I like how the woman behind him didn't know what "knocked up" was either! lol!

  • Chuck U Farley
    Chuck U Farley

    The funniest guy in the room... just ask him. What a clown.

  • Thistasteslike ass
    Thistasteslike ass

    What was the result?

  • whatever it takes
    whatever it takes

    lady at 2:13 is a hypocrite

  • Alejandro Carrera
    Alejandro Carrera

    Although the comments on the way he laughs are great and totally agreeable, its pretty sad to see that this comment section only seems to focus on that rather than what he is saying. Hell, this comment section pretty much proves him right. As far as what he's saying goes, its important and he's 100% correct. Alzheimer's disease needs more recognition and understanding world wide, as well as way more funding in order to research and ultimately (hopefully) rid ourselves as human beings of this horrible curse of a disease.


    🗑 talking to 🗑.

  • martin11844

    nice effort and work, but he was to infantile, i was feeling emotinal, and he kept screewing it up

  • Scott Parnapy
    Scott Parnapy

    Look at all the Representatives who showed up.... 2.... wtf...

  • Raistlin

    That’s not Joe

  • Onkel Marvin
    Onkel Marvin

    Alzheimers...............and i kid you worse than death !!!!!!!

  • paul layfield
    paul layfield

    This is the wost SNL skit I've ever seen.

  • Marcus Mariota
    Marcus Mariota

    Would trade like most of congress for Rogen 8 days a week

  • Steve Denman
    Steve Denman

    This clown is the problem with America, and these so called Celebrities can cram it🖕

    • Dalai Pollock
      Dalai Pollock

      Whats wrong with him??

  • STEVE- Cockney Rebel
    STEVE- Cockney Rebel


  • 👑Z.@.C✨ Syed
    👑Z.@.C✨ Syed

    Legislation of dope and make the generation dopey

    • Dalai Pollock
      Dalai Pollock

      I agree

  • Jason Gray
    Jason Gray

    This is so wholesome, I’m signingup right away

  • KingTairun

    afsnghfjsd dsakjvdvfd gfhsd dssdf

    • Dalai Pollock
      Dalai Pollock

      @KingTairun hahahahah 😐

    • KingTairun

      get it? cuz shaking

  • Dire Wolf
    Dire Wolf

    Thank you Seth and his organization for their work.

  • MyessYallyah Americus
    MyessYallyah Americus

    I like the afganni people better than americans

    • Dalai Pollock
      Dalai Pollock

      Same i hate America

  • WuhSuhDood

    Seth Rogan makes cool things. Seth Rogan also has incorrect and dangerous world views.

    • Dalai Pollock
      Dalai Pollock

      Yes please elaborate?

    • Jason Kuziej
      Jason Kuziej


  • Total Heyoka
    Total Heyoka

    I name him an expert in telepathic arts.



  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan


  • Jorge Diaz
    Jorge Diaz

    You guys recon he was a lil bit high?

  • Joao Lopes
    Joao Lopes

    I would like to know the names of all the karens that disliked this

    • paul layfield
      paul layfield

      Their names are Karen

  • Inmate80

    Is this a skit

  • Lace Stocks-Millz
    Lace Stocks-Millz

    Oh there's a smile finally LOL she worked in pain almost through this whole thing LOL

  • Michael Kelsey
    Michael Kelsey

    Why the hell did I not know this existed

  • Austin Roberts
    Austin Roberts

    as someone who has a grandmother with dementia... this really hit home. well put Seth. you are doing the most.

  • Sibyl Saint
    Sibyl Saint

    4:06 I knew he'd laugh during this. I knew it!!!

  • Daniel Stringhm
    Daniel Stringhm

    Can’t stop looking at that lady’s fart face in the purple jacket…

    • Dalai Pollock
      Dalai Pollock

      Why she making them expressions doe

  • Slice Man
    Slice Man

    Seth rogen should be president he sure can't do any worse than anybody else we've been putting in there including Trump

  • Hunter And Olive
    Hunter And Olive

    Whats worse is that this room is entirely white people. Not a POC in sight.

    • Hunter And Olive
      Hunter And Olive

      @Dalai Pollock well you have a cartoon emoji up so your opinion means literally nothing on the internet. It' the equivalent of a light breeze. When you can say the same thing with your photo and real name, we can talk. Until then, off you go with the millions of other internet trolls.

    • Dalai Pollock
      Dalai Pollock

      They obviously weren’t invited

    • Dalai Pollock
      Dalai Pollock

      I dont see a problem with that

    • Dalai Pollock
      Dalai Pollock


  • Gazza 'rafale mozzy'
    Gazza 'rafale mozzy'

    the fact the government needs celebrities to make statements says all you need to know about the government


    This speech is THE BEST i have ever heard! History speeches involved! The mood shifting, catching the attention and than dramatically change topic to uber important and sad...from super funny and light . Just to make people to pay close attention and hear. WOW WOW. And also tricks with adding inside jokes to address different audience groups (PS4 and Xbox: audience young, Netflix and House of Cards: Parent of the young). So audience was very wide... WOW just aaaamaaaziiiingggg!

  • Shawn A
    Shawn A

    Reishi and lions main can help with alzheimer Disease.

  • Jeff Spanton
    Jeff Spanton

    USA is scam Rogan is an idiot

  • grapestew

    Actually Good blood flow, exercise, and good diets most definitely help reduce the speed of its affects. UTI's and low magnesium can trigger worse systems even dementia. This ailment is directly affected to all these factors.

  • sohrab roshan
    sohrab roshan


  • Hesolex

    Most annoying laugh ever. Most undeserving male.

  • Team Wagy
    Team Wagy

    That lady on the left is cringing like the whole time

  • Sophie Shamailov
    Sophie Shamailov

    Seth Rogen... you're the man. Hat off.

  • Luke O
    Luke O

    My dad has this. Anyone takes this lightly is a fool. He is absolutely right. It’s scary. Imagine your whole life..what you’ve done, been through…and then forget it. All of it. Remember in disjointed lives. Husbands, wives, kids. Moms, dads, best friends growing up..your whole life…fragments. It’s scary

  • kvisty

    Best laugh ever

  • Shoeless Joe
    Shoeless Joe

    "People look to their government for hope" ..And a little leadership once in a few hundred years would be nice. Instead we let private money grabbing corporations rule.

    • Big Shoots11
      Big Shoots11

      That's the problem, the government doesn't help and the reason why corporations have so much power is because they pay off the government to implement certain rules and regulations so that they can gatekeep the free market and not have it be a truly free market

  • Spencer Smith
    Spencer Smith

    Alzheimers has been increasing lately and hitting people younger and younger. You know why? Vaccines and chem trails. It’s the aluminium. Dr Russel Blaylock is a neurosurgeon that talks about this. He has proven a huge correlation with Alzheimers and aluminium in the brain. He has shown with brain scans.

  • Viknesh Jayasekaran
    Viknesh Jayasekaran

    Crispr Conscious artificial selection via conscious reproduction Gene drive

  • Neil Wolstenholme
    Neil Wolstenholme

    The woman in the purple dress on the left from the FIbill video looks like she is ready to eat some sausage.


    His laughter gets me evertime 😂🤣

  • Jordan McGuire
    Jordan McGuire

    My dad spent his whole life trying to get a master's degree and about the time he finally got it, the screws started loosening and we all started to ask "wtf is he talking about" then we realized... and you have to understand this is a guy who made sense every time he spoke and started to sound like a different guy..... damn he spent all that time getting educated and now it's fading. Then we started looking back. Every male in our family lost it around 50. He was 50 and I was only 23. Now about 6 years later he has lost it all. Crazy how the clock was programmed short for some people. He truly was a smart man before all of this. My mom did not understand and she divorced him thinking that he was selfish, I guess she forgot her wedding vows about "sickness and health." Now he lives alone and has no clue why. Thankfully my sister and my brother-in-law have helped him because they live close. As his kids, we both try to make sure he is ok.

  • Tim Kelly
    Tim Kelly

    My grandma is suffering from Alzheimers and it really is the cruelest disease. God bless you Seth Rogen for speaking about this disease to Congress

  • Cole Turner
    Cole Turner

    Regardless of his view points his heart's in the right place.

  • Thomas Crosby
    Thomas Crosby

    Yea they supposed it so much they gave a man suffering from altimeter the presidency lol Lord help us

  • Elon Dusk
    Elon Dusk

    Thank you for being the voice that is making this disease a very important point in congress and be educated about it. My mother was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 50 by a doctor. It eventually evolved into dementia. She passed away at the age of 57 and I’d never wish this upon anyone. Not even my enemies. Thank you Seth.

  • Dylan Marshall
    Dylan Marshall

    What an amazing and honest testimony he made. For it to be met with a response like ‘oh I thought you meant Hillary for charity’ and ‘oh you unmasked me I’m Kevin spacey’ must have been hard for him to hear.

  • Jay

    Seth could be in court for murder, he'd still make everyone laugh some how 😂

  • Punish the wicked
    Punish the wicked

    Seth is most lovable

  • illuminarti1

    nice job seth

  • XPNDBLhero

    I support everything Seth Rogan does.... He's just a good human and I'd like to sit down and talk to him, probably smoke a few joints. LoL

  • ZxINoluv

    What a good cause

  • islandon22

    Seth, a proud and noble fellow Canadian. We have the sensitivity we wish America would have as a World Leader. Allow us to shine your path that could be filled with compassion, fairness and equality. Arrogance has never looked good on you. We know. We share a 5525 mile border with America.

  • Mars Filmmakers
    Mars Filmmakers

    Thank you Seth

  • Christoffer Pawirodinomo
    Christoffer Pawirodinomo


  • Blahh Blahh
    Blahh Blahh

    I thought you were going to say ex squeeze me

  • Palmer Stubbs
    Palmer Stubbs

    ive never over 90 be so active before.

  • playboy ace
    playboy ace

    Thankyou Seth! Your an amazing man for addressing such an issue and starting a charity. One💙ace

  • James Franks
    James Franks

    The hospitable india ultrastructually realise because sunday fifthly head on a bent floor. depressed, nasty copy

  • Aamar Khan
    Aamar Khan

    Good guy

  • Roberto Alvarez
    Roberto Alvarez


  • Marcus Lefleur
    Marcus Lefleur

    Seth Rogen is a really charming man.

  • Raul Lugo
    Raul Lugo

    Wow he can be normal, well to a certain extent. My man seth... .. .

  • rick bold
    rick bold

    A Canadian speaking before Congress! Cool!

  • Stormin13

    Good on you Mr. Rogen

  • D B
    D B

    The Kevin spacey joke doesn't work so well now

  • New Beginning
    New Beginning


  • Juan Sánchez
    Juan Sánchez

    Wtf is he testifying about ??

  • Mark G
    Mark G

    My Grandfather died from Alzeihmers disease....It truly broke my heart to see the man I had known and loved all my life , Not know who I was...!! He kept referring me to his Son Tony...My uncle. This was hard to hear and deal with but I never stopped loving the man that he was and I pray to God that when it's my time to leave this world...It will be my Grandad the one who I always knew , Will be there to greet me...God Bless all those who are suffering with this horrible disease and I pray that a cure is found to eliminate it....In Jesus name I pray...Amen + Mark G Dublin Ireland !!

  • Ghost Rider
    Ghost Rider

    That weed laugh is great

  • Christopher Diaz
    Christopher Diaz

    That Kevin Spacey didn't age well. Lol.

  • valentin aslan
    valentin aslan

    Now I'm afraid thx

  • JJ Fame
    JJ Fame

    Thank you Mr Rogan, we will have to consult with the health insurance industry and pharmaceutical industry and get back to you.


    When it happened to your family you pay attention

  • VanillaDin0saur

    In complete honesty, I would kill myself if I ever found out I have Alzheimer's. It really is an embarrassing to disease have and people pretending it isn't is disgustingly ignorant.

  • Stacy Gray
    Stacy Gray

    As an epileptic, Ive often suffered anterior grade amnesia, starting at 21. Its completely different than alzheimer's disease, but the insignificance of my memory loss is hard. I really can't imagine what a family would go through. I had a great uncle who suggested my mom marry my dad, they'd be a great match, after years of marriage. He kept calling his son the name of his other son who had passed away a few years before. I hope as much effort is possible to find a cure or even something effective to slow the process to help those to be lucid more often than the times they are not. I pray for this cause.

  • Patryk Wierzbinski
    Patryk Wierzbinski

    2:15...why does she make face like that 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Thiaa

    Aww I love you Seth thank you for creating this! My grandpa had it and my grandma is on her last years.

  • VEV

    Honestly it’s great to see that Congress isn’t just a bunch of old people doing nothing and they actually have a sense of humor

  • Heidi M
    Heidi M

    Shocking how out of touch our congress is they dont know pop culture how well do they the people that make it popular

  • Lee A
    Lee A

    4K dislikes?

  • Tarifé Attär
    Tarifé Attär

    Seth is a special boy

  • markfothebeast

    It makes me wonder what affects the brain. Perhaps a lack of nutrients being absorbed in the digestive system to keep the brain healthy?

  • QuadCrew Justio
    QuadCrew Justio

    The thundering greek comparably trot because hand univariately gaze regarding a piquant doll. defeated, hospitable sunflower