Someone Dead Ruined My Life… Again.
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    CGP Grey

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      2014 Is The Best Year


    • ymmij X
      ymmij X

      i fully intend to support you soon. hopefully within the next couple of months. currently i'm working in a temp position that, if all stays the course, will become a permanent position of employment. here's looking forward to being a bonnie bee soon.

    • Tobethuslyboned

      Shout out to Tiffany, Stephanie They used to always come check for me

    • saber2x

      Always love the research, I'm still hoping to see a collaboration with you and The Game Makers Tool kit.

    • Sabrina Tiahrt
      Sabrina Tiahrt

      I just wanna say that even though you say you feel alone and that these efforts were "fruitless" because they did not produce the fruit you intended - I for one still learned quite a bit. I really want that Robin hood tangent investigated I think maybe that has something to say about the archetype and evolution of the antihero in literature. I love seeing all these weird side paths it brings reality into the picture when short videos can leave out so much of the real picture. And just like in a photograph of a painting vs an original painting they both have very different and wonderful things to offer. So thanks 😊

  • Lava Ibrahim
    Lava Ibrahim

    The fact that this video now has more views than the Tiffany video is just both funny and ironic

  • Eric Pigeon
    Eric Pigeon

    Honestly, that was very interesting. To cheer you up, you should have breakfast ... at Tiffany.

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    Kenny Sora


  • Salem

    I would like to know how you find yourself in these rabbit holes, grey. I want to get myself into one, it seems fun

  • Talik

    I love you Grey. Don't change.

  • Brunosky Inc.
    Brunosky Inc.

    Oh! Something just came to mind. Did you by any chance consider donating those rare old books you bought during your research to your library (or maybe already donated them)? They could help someone like you someday

  • Liam Mellon
    Liam Mellon

    I think the joke is just that someone noticed that the details of Cognisby's life all happened to rhyme and they found that amusing. They probably just wrote it down so that they wouldn't forget.

  • LydiaAwesome

    The research... love it!!

  • Jason Whipkey
    Jason Whipkey

    Honestly, this may be one of my favorites videos from you. I’m not sure what that says about you or I, but thank you.

  • Nomm

    14:27 yes grey we’re still here

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    Victor Torvercillas

    i love you grey wish i had dollars to support you! one day im sure :) hope its soon

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    Matthew Yglesias

    You know if you called me about a treasure hunt I probably would have moved to England. Or at least call you to check on progress :)

  • A.E.M.


  • Corman

    I saw Alexander Pope stuff on my tests for English and remembered this video :D

  • Norman Clatcher
    Norman Clatcher

    "Shenanigans beget shenanigans" -A wiser man than me

  • Ashley Strout
    Ashley Strout

    From Grey's podcast: "I think this will bomb" and "you have to have seen the original video". Meanwhile, this has more views than the original :D

  • God Supports Abortion. Numbers 5:11-31
    God Supports Abortion. Numbers 5:11-31

    Grey: There is NO ONE interested in hearing me talk about this drama between two old dead writers 2.7 million people: You sure buddy?

  • Icaras

    Ugh…goddamit Hearne…

  • robaart

    My wife had this playing in the car on her phone and I was SO BORED by it that I opened FIbill on my own phone after we parked just to come to this video and give it a thumbs down.

  • CS Ghost Animation
    CS Ghost Animation

    Meanwhile in the year 2402: "This mysterious CGP GREY IS RUINING MY LIFE!!! He's reading all of these books and is deciding what's fact and what's fiction!!! Is it a creative artistic liberty that he's taking?? Or is he just being an entertainer. What does CGP mean?? Is FIbill just a bunch of nonsense?? He didn't publish any books on his findings."

    • Ethan Weegee
      Ethan Weegee

      "And I found this comment mocking the very idea of it! Is this 'CGP Grey' an inside joke for which the context is lost?"

  • lusteraliaszero

    there must be something more to the hearne-pope relationship

  • Terias

    Grey, please know that there are (just going by view counts here) literally MILLIONS of us that appreciate and enjoy the videos you produce. The hurdles that you clear are nothing short of monumental and I sincerely hope you continue to pursue knowledge in this way, (and deliver it to us in bitesize pieces) no matter how obscure it may seem. From myself, my wife & my children... Thank you. PS: Hexagons are the bestagons has become a mantra in our household.

  • Raymond Conroy
    Raymond Conroy

    This was a great video and I haven't even seen the original video yet. I loved that journey to the source.

  • William Clancy
    William Clancy

    Grey, I am being perfectly honest when I say this: this is one of the greatest videos I have ever watched. Your channel, even your blunders into the forest of knowledge, bring me nothing but immense joy. I had a phenomenal time watching this video. Thank you.

  • jammerbammer1

    Yes, there are a lot of people who care about these videos. :)

  • epicsamurai5

    We appreciate you Grey!

  • 2014 Is The Best Year
    2014 Is The Best Year


  • Dinomutts

    Great use of 21 minutes

  • Rose Lavender
    Rose Lavender

    But more seriously, I think you actually found the joke. It seems like you just stumbled on an inside joke and was -really- hoping it was scientifically accurate.

  • DasterTheStalker

    An author that is terrible at sorting his notes out tripped a person up with his messy translations hundreds of years later

  • blue the red panda
    blue the red panda

    Just wanted to say you rock. Not only are your videos informative, entertaining, and downright near impossible not to finish when you've pressed play, you seem like a genuinely nice dude. Huzzah to you, @CGP Grey!

  • Boobrie

    I enjoyed this immensely!

  • That guy with the headache Alas
    That guy with the headache Alas

    I have to say, I am incredibly amused that this video about a research dead-end for the Tiffany video has gotten even more views than said Tiffany video.

  • Jed-Henry Witkowski
    Jed-Henry Witkowski

    The largest library in the world?! Well, I certainly suppose that is one major perk to having once ruled in every continent except Antarctica.

  • Mike Fox of TNP
    Mike Fox of TNP

    Watching this video feels like a real life fetch quest for an answer.

  • Nate W.
    Nate W.

    This was great. I'm glad you got to take a hike.

  • Kaden Blank
    Kaden Blank

    I feel like we should thank cgp grey for all the work he puts in his videos. He puts so much effort into things we don’t even see so he can make sure that we get the best video possible. If I could make a suggestion for a smaller video I would like one about all the places we see in your animation like the forest of all knowledge and the hall of videos and a little more detail on those places as I love the way they look and maybe even a “tour” in the cgp grey world and all the important places there are there

  • Luke Plausin
    Luke Plausin

    Bamboozled again!

  • Zachary Booth
    Zachary Booth

    So cool

  • The 3st for no-ledge
    The 3st for no-ledge

    14:45 - I am here and will be for a few more minutes. Thank you for sharing and taking your time to travel down the rabbit hole :)

  • yakatuus

    It's funny because they all rhyme. I got it immediately. You're maybe a little too close.

  • Heath

    I fuckin' love videos like this where your sanity gets lost along the way in pursuit of knowledge

  • Christoph Grimmer
    Christoph Grimmer

    Other people get a PhD for something like this.

  • fazdoll

    12:56 I just now noticed that Grey is mocking Mormon missionaries. Meee-Oow!

  • fazdoll

    I love how this little offshoot from the Tiffany video has more views than the original Tiffany video.

  • Jason Sampson
    Jason Sampson

    One could say this gave you a Hearnia.

  • ColdStar XV86
    ColdStar XV86

    This guy is like a dragon, ever hungering for more and more knowledge.

  • 25martie

    We're here Grey ^^

  • Kyle Allen
    Kyle Allen

    "Either Alice was falling very slowly, or the rabbit hole was very deep."

  • Dustin Cameron
    Dustin Cameron

    I'm here, Grey. I'm here.

  • Clarity Expounded
    Clarity Expounded

    Bless you and your obsessive research. I wish I'd had popcorn to eat while watching it.

  • Chris Maggs
    Chris Maggs

    Studying the fine details of History is crazy fool's errand, a nobel fool, a useful fool but that way leads madness Grey, especially if you attempt it in isolation. Thanks for taking us with you on this journey, there's some rather meaningful insight in there.

  • RogerWilco

    I watched this video until 21:27

  • bloergk

    Hey at least you learned about the Scrotochromatron, that's pretty neat in itself

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    Matan Alayof

    You are the best

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    Ok but have we stopped slapping genders on things for no reason? Cause otherwise note much point to this channel

  • Chad Peterson
    Chad Peterson

    Honestly, I envy your ability to go to such lengths for curiosity alone. I'm hitting a point in my family's genealogy where I may also have to begin chasing after Tiffany's... Also, I want to know where your library is because it looks so cool

  • sbfcapnj

    I've been lost in academic research hell before, too. It's awful. It is a lonely, lonely place. I feel for you.

  • BlackSeranna

    Man, the fact that you hunted this down through all the old books - I'm glad I'm subscribed.

  • Leras

    Everything gets better:)

  • Fleiryn

    This is amazing in such a weird sort of way Still sane, exile?

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    This is more interesting and entertaining than any Hollywood blockbuster

  • Ac3ClawX

    7:38 wouldnt MDC be 1600s not 1400s 1400s should be MCD

  • Nick Allen
    Nick Allen

    I think this video could be what people in 2354 show their kids when the kids are learning about the internet in history.

  • Hashir Muhammad
    Hashir Muhammad

    Dead people ruining my life. Sounds about right.

  • David Walker
    David Walker

    Ah I miss the London Library and it’s eccentric cataloguing system (although I never needed to find a specific book)

  • emily

    all i remember from this video is hearne and pope enemies to lovers

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    alex voss

    What trail is that, and where is it?

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    Esteban Villatoro

    Thanks for going through the effort to make such entertaining educational videos for us.

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    Amber Shanks

    Hang in there.

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    i'm still here. That was a nice trip :D

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    That was genuinely interesting.

  • Ian Perez
    Ian Perez

    I know how creepy this can come across, but these videos make me feel so much less alone in the world. Thank you Grey for everything that you do. Between your videos and podcasts, you have helped me in ways that I cannot express. (Neuroatypicallity has its benefits, but it is a deeply lonely lived experience).

  • Garr1ck

    Don't worry, Grey!!! I care. I also care....but not enough to help with research. Teehee.

  • AlphaPT

    This will be burried under the almost 15k comments, but I dont mind. What a journey. Thanks for sharing it. Loved every second of it.

  • Alexandru Coman
    Alexandru Coman

    When you casually go into the Wanderer's Library to find the origin of Tiffany's

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    Luca Salvo

    This video explaining the "side-trails" ended up being just as interesting as the original project. Awesome video. Your hard work is appreciated

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    Ploop Ploopploopboop

    I'm glad you said no students. Wish more people would have said that before I acquired a subscription I now have lost the password to and cannot cancel

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    Major Johnson

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  • Jemmy Joe A-Go-Go
    Jemmy Joe A-Go-Go

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    TheOutrageousOrangeApe 101

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    I stopped Caring

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    Álvar Tapia Ruiz

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    Nico Brunmaer

    Grey says that it painful doing all this proper source oriented research, but honestly it seems great and even somewhat…fun? I mean from the outside, stuck inside the Forrest it’s probably super frustrating but also seems rewarding once you get out I should look into becoming a historian in the Future