Testing Fuel-Air Explosives / Thermobaric Bomb | Finnish MOAB 5 000 000
How Fuel-Air explosives or thermobaric weapons work? We are going to find out with our experiments and also test their effects on miniature city. All explosions are filmed with Chronos high speed cameras at 1000 - 10 000 frames per second.

Link to Pommijätkät video for more thermobaric action fibill.info/nick/videot/vpeZoKW8mnxonZ0

Don't try this at home! Vaporized fuel is toxic to breath and bad for the nature! And high explosives are also really dangerous if not used properly.

  • Beyond the press
    Beyond the press

    Link to Pommijätkät video for more thermobaric action fibill.info/nick/videot/vpeZoKW8mnxonZ0 And yes there is SUBTITLES in english!

    • ZeroGravity Drone-Photography
      ZeroGravity Drone-Photography

      You should start doing scale explosions and video their effects on structures and maybe some ballistics gell for flesh, to see what the damages are to people and animals!!

    • ZeroGravity Drone-Photography
      ZeroGravity Drone-Photography

      Yo you got some freaking amazing bomb ass footage!! That footage near the end made it all worth it!! I was literally blown away, no pun intended!! The way the dust came up off the roofs was jaw dropping, it was clear you placed the dust on the roofs, meaning you knew it would make for amazing footage & shots, kudos bro, thats a pro move!! Hell I thought I was watching a movie at one point, the footage is just that good!! I look forward to more videos like this!!!

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      so steve


    • Joel Feliciano Velez
      Joel Feliciano Velez

      This are good for fight any forestal fire.

    • doubleOT

      Al-Nusra getting 2016 flashbacks

  • ben

    8:50 gives me nuclear bomb vibes 🥶

  • Koalt9Playz

    "SMALL" houses HMMM

  • the5711

    "you are not going to be able to replicate the results" hm, i hate being underestimated

  • Jonathan

    These guys just out here making military grade explosives....

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith

    After your tests there was probably a little town on the other side of the hill that looked just like that. Bleves are a blast!

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    Sam Sham


  • Ian Strom
    Ian Strom

    Fill 50 gallon tub with that fuel and put 5 kilo dynamite

  • landrec2

    8:30 looks just like the atom bomb test video, nice touch.

  • Saifullah Channa
    Saifullah Channa

    Can you perform a test explosion similar to one happened in Lebanon using the similar chemical that cased the explosion in Lebanon, try to explain what possibly happened there

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    George Smith


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    Robert Shafer


  • General R. E. Lee
    General R. E. Lee

    Links to the background music??

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    When we first heard of thermobarics in the army we went out and made clouds of anything we could pulverize. Lol. Our most impressive results were with the dry Graphit weapon lube. It made a great grey cloud that seem to almost glow when you lit it off and the flame rate was slow enough it was an awesomely sinister glowing cloud for a second or two. Lol.

  • Ben McAndrew
    Ben McAndrew

    So worth it. That was incredible

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    Love it, thank you!

  • Sweater Wearing Squirrel
    Sweater Wearing Squirrel

    This was breathtaking

  • Sweater Wearing Squirrel
    Sweater Wearing Squirrel

    If you had to build that plywood city now it would cost you a solid $1,000,000,000.00 US dollars

  • Monsterdolally

    You're bloody nuts but I love your channel

  • jomo350350

    luckily you warned me, I was going to try this in my fifth floor apartment

  • We live in a Society
    We live in a Society

    With the current cost of lumber here in Florida those are million dollar homes you’re blowing up

  • Christophe Salome
    Christophe Salome


  • waynio67

    That looks so close to those old declassified nuclear test videos from the 40/50’s 😳😳

  • ArchaicWisdom

    Aspiring terrorists should refrain from watching this 🧐


    Cuz if u watch the documentary on fuel air explosion, they use very small charge to ignite the mist but the mist amplify it 2-3x.


    I have a question. Seeing the slowmo, don't u think all that blast is mostly coming out of the explosive u r using to ignite, of which the fuel mist only adding like 1.5x the explosion??? Shouldn't u just ignite instead of exploding?

  • enrico fumi
    enrico fumi

    wonder if this method could be used to extinguish wildfires. just curiosity.

  • YouCanHasAccount

    I'm reasonably sure I could engineer an efficient dispersion mechanism that does not need HE. Maybe it's better to just say "don't try this at home" than to challenge engineers by saying "you can't do this at home".

  • kooskroos

    There was smoke in the buildings before the explosion?

  • Dan Man
    Dan Man

    There's the answer to "American nuke videos from the 40s" No nukes have ever exploded by a fission and fusion, just 1000s of tons tnt.

  • Robert Jensen
    Robert Jensen

    Just a comment for the algorithm

  • cfnorg

    i wonder if this would work with other hydrocarbons like powdered sugar, coal powder, wood powder, butter, corn starch.

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  • TimTheGamer

    I LOVE YOU GUYS, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Cursed Images Everyday

    Bigger, BIGGER boom!!!

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    Amazing! Do you need a full time helper? 🤣

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    Pesticide 5

    Holy hell!

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    Michael Bay approves this message.

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    Is there a documentation about this bomb?

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    The moment I saw the "city", my mind went "OOOOOUT OF MY WAY, I'M DRUNK AS HEEEEEEEEEELL!"

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    Don’t mind the fwell

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    The bored Itamar


  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose

    Their neighbors must be stewing in their silent Finnish rage.

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    niddg viiut

    I love this video, it’s so cute ❤️

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    yuoop noke

    As we say here in the Southern USA, "That done blowed up real good."

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose

      Beautiful 😍

  • Vladimir Markov
    Vladimir Markov

    So Finns already can make a termobaric bombs out of bottles, instead of just Molotov cocktails!

  • Bender Anglesmith
    Bender Anglesmith

    Almost look like what happened in beirut.

    • yuoop noke
      yuoop noke

      A lightning strike . Can do same. A moab Would have more distritive power

  • Matthew .clarke
    Matthew .clarke

    This deserves more views, so much effort in 1 video. Love the content

  • seiom jvony
    seiom jvony

    I think for any survivors, the most concerning thing would be the 100 foot tall man walking around.

    • Knife-Wielding Spider God
      Knife-Wielding Spider God

      Survivors: We're doomed.

  • Peter hall
    Peter hall

    Sooo... How would it look like with an oildrum as a fuelcanister?

  • appcrap 2099
    appcrap 2099

    testing nukes, when?

  • Jacob Hargreave
    Jacob Hargreave

    WOW, this amazed me. I really love the slow mo shots of the dust movement on the roofes, going back and forth until the secon push. "Timeless" beauty.

  • Matt

    So I watched this on a speaker set up with a 15 in subwoofer. It shook my house when fist demo went right. Was not ready for that, not only is footage amazing but you captured what I can only imagine it felt like being there when it went off. Super cool!!

  • David Ferrer
    David Ferrer


  • Michael

    This explains the plywood shortage

  • JoeyJoJoJr0

    Now I know how they filmed the nuclear blast scene in Terminator 2. This was awesome!

  • vato4133

    You should put some ballistic gelatin in the houses

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa

    Here in Sweden, we have had a hell of a thunderstorm today. I thought. But now I suspect that it was only our neighbors and brother people who played with "matches" again.

  • javier reyes
    javier reyes

    Beautiful 😍

  • Overdose

    Vortex on the roof of those houses was really cool! And that top down shot at 10:27 was amazing! Really shows how destructive that blast was.

    • hoiy vinosa
      hoiy vinosa

      In most of the US, many types of explosives are complete legal. No liscence required for most. Especially Binary explosives.

  • Jeroen Kerstens
    Jeroen Kerstens

    A lightning strike . Can do same. A moab Would have more distritive power

  • Richard Chip Dougherty
    Richard Chip Dougherty

    I have seen a lot of your videos and this one is BY FAR the most impressive one that I have seen to date! Congratulations on your success and all your hard work! Dialing this in took a lot of time and effort and it payed off! Thank you!

  • Warhawk76

    Amazing slow motion video!!!

  • David Sosnak
    David Sosnak

    When you come back to old good nuclear atmospheric tests?:)

  • Christopher Lee
    Christopher Lee

    Does anyone know what the music is that was used for the slow mo footage?

  • RDMrusher

    It looked like one of those 1960's nuclear bomb tests

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    191 idiots disliked this amazing video as of this comment!

  • S D
    S D

    Your slow motion face shot was hilarious.

  • Cascadian Rangers
    Cascadian Rangers

    Wasn't quite a nuclear explosion...no vacuum effect, of air rushing backwards to fill in the air pushed out by first shock front...check out the video of the trees they nuked, they shake back and forth. Also, in videos of nuke tests you can see thermal radiation burning things before the blastwave hits

  • Cascadian Rangers
    Cascadian Rangers

    What is this, a moab for ants?

  • Cascadian Rangers
    Cascadian Rangers

    I got to shoot themoberic rockets in the US Marine Corps! I love fuel air explosives!

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    Roy BM

    Rip Pommi City

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    Gator Mike

    Another great detailed video! Man I'm so glad i stumbled across your channel! GREAT JOB! 👍👍💖

  • Optical Beast
    Optical Beast

    In most of the US, many types of explosives are complete legal. No liscence required for most. Especially Binary explosives.

  • ReviewTube

    You can also use a water sodium combination with c4


    This was so well done. Not just the experimentation but the filming and sound design were top notch. The black and white slo-mo shots reminded me of old nuclear test footage. It was very tastefully put together, and not just when compared to other videos on explosives. I was a fan of Mythbusters back in the day. This really reminded me of that.

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    Lauri should have been hiding inside a refrigerator!

  • Nick

    Bad-fucking-ass. You guys are just working your way up to the A-bomb, aren't you...

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    Editors note: “foil” = fuel

  • Vin

    This channel is better than Demolition Ranch and Off the Ranch channel combined. 🤣

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    oxy acetenyl bomb

  • Pierre Etienne schneider
    Pierre Etienne schneider

    Next step. Nukatron 5 000 000 :p Please tell us before you detonate it so we can take stable iodine tablets before.

  • Jasper Wammes
    Jasper Wammes

    Wow beautiful imagery!

  • Otto Vuori
    Otto Vuori

    Eikös termobaarisia pommeja käytetä bunkkereiden tuhoamiseen? Ns. bunk bustereita. Ainakin näin meille opetettiin armeijan eod kurssilla

  • John Alexander
    John Alexander

    WOW! that was some great footage!

  • zits56able

    Now do it with jet fuel

  • Linas Martusevičius
    Linas Martusevičius

    The mini houses/barns seem to explode from the inside- is that because of the pressure difference created by moving air outside of the structure? Or is there some way the pressure wave moves inside and deflects outwards through the roof?

  • rendziero

    Fooehl xD

  • alida flus
    alida flus

    "dont try and build thermobaric bombs at home..." Thats one of the few safety warnings that actually made me laugh.

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    Brian Huntington


  • LM

    Looks like the old school nuclear films......I loved it!!! Good job guys

    • alida flus
      alida flus

      Carbide if you can get it will lower your flash point . Let it mix before igniting ...

  • Joel Clifton
    Joel Clifton

    How much liquid fuel was used in the FAB?

  • msumungo

    A weapon of mass destruction where the design is limited only to bio-friendly fuels. Think that for a moment... Russians.

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    omg i love your videos but learn to pronounce FUEL! :P

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    Cosmo Kramer

    Hyvää päivää !! :-D

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    Corea Hellwig

    Was für ein Schwachsinn! Zeigt den verwirrten noch wie Eine gefährliche Bombe gebaut wird/fehlen nur noch die Nägel, ihr Schwachköpfe

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu

    "dont try and build thermobaric bombs at home..." Thats one of the few safety warnings that actually made me laugh.

  • Me Here
    Me Here

    what is music att 10:00 ¿¿¿¿

  • Me Here
    Me Here

    Golly-Mèadé, Gook-Seá, Oook-Seá 💥🔥🔥😲