That Time Gabriel Iglesias Got High With Snoop Dogg | Netflix Is A Joke
And, of course, Gabe's son was standing right there.


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  • Jeremy Winters
    Jeremy Winters

    6:06 Snoop said I love it when he go moo

  • ForTheGAMERZ

    ''Snoop has me by at least 5 inches" - Gabriel Iglesias

  • Rico BS
    Rico BS


  • Rico BS
    Rico BS


  • Rico BS
    Rico BS


  • Rico BS
    Rico BS


  • AndromedaN NN
    AndromedaN NN

    HE IS GOD!!!!!

  • Jahboiras

    Damn never watched this dude, what an awesome story teller. Stay puffy stay fluffy

  • Firegames

    Whats the name of this banda song ? Sounds pretty cool for banda music


    There a sayin.. When you doin drugs!!! Do it with snoooppppp

  • Hybrid Prince.
    Hybrid Prince.

    I like the sound making he makes XD lol

  • Space ship Enterprise
    Space ship Enterprise

    First time seeing him.👍

  • Simple Logic 90
    Simple Logic 90

    Let's be fair snoop no longer does music he just gets high and goes onto interviews lol

  • abby jankovic
    abby jankovic

    Willie Nelson has been the same age since my grandma discovered him

  • Jeff Hamilton
    Jeff Hamilton

    I didn't think I could be a bigger fan of Fluffy, and then he added Willy Nelson! Loved it! You are awesome Fluffy!

  • gary glend
    gary glend

    The frightened frightening full fumbling functional bell pathogenetically beam because balloon thoracically knot with a repulsive sponge. wide-eyed, hurt park

  • Jamal McDonald
    Jamal McDonald

    Snoop has me by 5 inches ''thats where he knew he fucked up''

  • Jake Newburry
    Jake Newburry

    When your out of money 7:56 When you find 20 bucks on the ground 8:01

  • RoboticMarmot15

    Sadly they didn't mention that fluffy let frankie take a hit with snoop. not being sarcastic, father of the year

  • War Child
    War Child

    3:14 ahh GGN News what a great show!

  • Shevy Da King Music
    Shevy Da King Music

    Is he looking for me?, or is he loooooking for me?

  • Amanda Caldwell
    Amanda Caldwell

    If snoop hand me a joint I am smoking that shit

  • Knowledge Is Power Media Productions
    Knowledge Is Power Media Productions

    Gabriel is such a comedic genius with his storytelling. Real life makes for some of the best comedy you'll ever find. I hope you all are having a good day!!!

  • Knowledge Is Power Media Productions
    Knowledge Is Power Media Productions

    Snoop has me by at least 5 inches... Epic. Quick poll, do you think he MEANT to say that or not?

  • funloveish

    To be honest though he's right. No one could possibly be mad at you for smoking weed with Snoop Dogg. It's just kind of par for the course it's what's expected.

  • Todd Ricketts
    Todd Ricketts

    Fluffy went Puffy love it 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kushagra Tiwari
    Kushagra Tiwari

    This man has great impression skills

  • ba na
    ba na

    Snoop is like a walking weed pass... When he offers you a blunt its an honor

  • Tricky205

    That is one of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard!!! Damn, and the way he acts it out with sound effects and talking just like snoop is pure genius!

  • Stericl

    can someone send a link to the mexican gangster song

  • Charlie Martinez
    Charlie Martinez

    Love i.t. when a woman has a dirty mind 😁 Y so serious 😈🃏🥃

  • Howard Haraway
    Howard Haraway

    Is Snoop Dogg has got to be one of the dumbest human beings on this planet and we're putting him on a pedestal really ? How about black men like Allen West,, Is Ben Carson Thomas Sewell Larry elders David Clarke Candice Owens, Brandon Tatum ? The only reason why Snoop Dogg is in the position he is and it because there's a lot of dumb-ass people out there who buy his there who buy his garbage.

  • Playboii.yt415


  • D is chilling
    D is chilling

    Thank god I have a Netflix account

  • Muhammad Irsyad Manaf
    Muhammad Irsyad Manaf

    I'd go with wiz too

  • DA MotoNeko
    DA MotoNeko

    This comedian makees me laugh so hard i start coughing.

  • Larrytoons

    Been my favorite comedian since his 2016 netflix special. Now I'm getting into all of his other stuff too and it's exactly what I like.

  • TriplePep

    Unpopular opinion: Gabriel is not funny at all

  • Taija Silva
    Taija Silva

    His voices ALWAYS makes it funnier

  • Psythr

    Which special is this from?

  • John De La O
    John De La O


  • Eons Infinity
    Eons Infinity

    I 100% don't smoke, but if the man himself offered me weed, you'd be damned sure ill be smoking then.

  • ruskey

    these's sound effects he makes are amazing

  • O HP
    O HP

    The old-fashioned geese ultrascructurally carve because harmonica spindly squeak unto a painstaking action. measly, uppity aftershave

  • guardian


  • fantastic art
    fantastic art


  • Caleb Memmelaar
    Caleb Memmelaar

    That song💀💀💀

  • DarkDragonMagic

    I don’t understand how people think he’s funny

  • Pug

    I think Fluffy exaggerated the interview because most of the things he said Snoop didn't say, like "Fluffy goin' Puffy today." or something like that.

    • Pug

      @pop9095 exactl;y

    • pop9095

      Right, because editing doesn't exist.

  • Stevie Winder
    Stevie Winder

    This guy ain't funny, annoying.

  • L.A.E Diving Solutions
    L.A.E Diving Solutions

    You don’t gotta justify sh!t if you don’t smoke with snoop that’s when there’s some explaining to do!

  • Gordon Deitz
    Gordon Deitz

    Thank you for the snoop bit. I haven't laughed like that in years. Forsizzle

  • Pug

    Fluffy sounds more like Snoop than Snoop does himself.

  • M.N

    Didn't laugh once

  • alan wiggins
    alan wiggins

    As soon as he said "shut up" at the end he was thinking "damn, I should have wrote this joke"

  • Kurt CoBANGER
    Kurt CoBANGER

    Basically stole Kat Williams joke…. What’s with all the stealing black peoples funny? Why is it always latinos rippin their jokes? Come on man, it’s getting ridiculous….

  • Chelo29

    Cute a latino making gringos laugh, I suppose that filling up on hamburgers and other junk food is essential to mimic himself and improve the number

  • MaiRomân CaNiciodată
    MaiRomân CaNiciodată

    This is real entertainment, healthy life Gabe so we can enjoy your comedy for many years.

  • Rob Dyrdek
    Rob Dyrdek

    Seen Gabe at the no more lullabies concert I didn't know he was a fan

  • Jorge Martinez
    Jorge Martinez

    Don't suck ass bro Felipe Esparza does it right!!

  • HungryCatGaming

    I dont listen to a whole lot of rap but ive always wanted to go on a pot bender with snoopdog. He's so chill!

  • papapetad

    Yo that 5 inches blunder, if intentional, is very well played indeed. Also, that list of people worth puffin in front of a 📸 for could've been extended a bit 😉

  • Jammy Creamer
    Jammy Creamer

    far by the stupidest stand up dumb suck up ever

  • KM C
    KM C

    💘 this !!! On point. The sound effects alone and details of the interview...pure 😂

  • mariohnyc

    Agree totally. If you're gonna go on camera smoking weed, those 3 (Snoop, C&C, Willie) are the ones to be on camera with since it's almost a given you have to smoke. That's where Elon made his mistake, Rogan ain't on that level.

  • MetamophisisBeats

    He’s funny 😆 also the voice impression is spot on

  • No Label
    No Label

    Really hope in my time in the universe, I get to see these Legends perform.

  • Mike

    American comics are so crap... rhymes with rap

  • Mason Short
    Mason Short

    I don’t get the appeal to this guy. He just described an event with a bunch of childish voices and sound effects.

  • Emilio Ramirez
    Emilio Ramirez

    Please say something funny

  • Emilio Ramirez
    Emilio Ramirez

    I’m just waiting when he’s gonna say something funny…monotony! Sameness

  • Laurant

    Guy gets my nerves

  • HobbyBoxHooligan

    what kind of videos?


    My ex wife Mireya mora served you at Applebee’s. Your super funny, we never met but one day I’ll get to meet you I hope 🤞 👍👍🙏🙏😎


    I love you bro! And god bless your fam 💯❤️

  • Creed Bratton
    Creed Bratton

    I was at the airport during a layover while on vacation with my family, and I went into the restroom to take a leak, and was right next to Gabriel. I gave a smile and a nod then did my thing and walked out. Everyone else wouldn't even let the guy go pee without harassing him. Some people have no respect

  • NothingTo DoCrew
    NothingTo DoCrew

    I was a big fan of fluffy until i saw his show in vegas..he couldn't remember any of his jokes, bombed the entire time, and cut his show early (pretty sure he was wasted). Joe Rogan did the same thing at a show in Nashville (he was too high to remember anything). It'd be one thing if it was at a smaller comedy club and they were messing around or trying out new material, but it was at a show where tickets were like 150$. Luckily i saw Daniel Tosh afterwards and finally broke my bad comedy curse, dude even had a really rough crowd and he still powered through/delivered.

    • NothingTo DoCrew
      NothingTo DoCrew

      Also worth mentioning, i drove through a blizzard to see Howie Mandel and because of the storm, there was only like 100 people in the giant arena. Though for some dumb reason they wouldn't let us move closer to the stage which basically made the arena look even emptier. Anyways, his set was so bad that we actually got up and left (he was not high or drunk...just plain not funny)

  • GenerallyTyler

    I love that Willie Nelson is so associated with weed that even I, someone who doesn't touch it or follow anything about it, knew he was going to say his name. lol

  • Aaron Unboxed
    Aaron Unboxed

    i love this man

  • Wavy2kYt

    Does anyone know what that song is called?

  • Noobmasterr69

    This guy is such a good mood

  • Mats Veritas
    Mats Veritas

    Plot twist: the girl in the crowd laughing is his wife :-P

  • Raymond Stevens
    Raymond Stevens

    The high-pitched cauliflower rheologically decorate because beggar approximately snore unlike a mighty ellipse. smart, moaning cup

  • Vakes Paea
    Vakes Paea

    I feel like I got high just watching this😂

  • ireallylike memes
    ireallylike memes


  • Salva gonzalez
    Salva gonzalez

    He looks like the adult version of Manny delgado

  • SleepyGirl


  • Rikus Stoop
    Rikus Stoop

    All of the people Fluffy mentioned plus fluffy!!

  • Robert Cameron
    Robert Cameron

    Very funny brother the lord loves you will never forsake you nor will he turn his back on you he is loyal for those who are loyal to him be loyal brother to your father the Lord God

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith

    Dude this guy is the worst kind of lowest common denominator comedy! Just wacky faces, zany voices and some Winslow sound effects thrown in there… no creativity, thought or complexity to anything! Just fart and fat jokes for the WWF and NASCAR fans of the world…🤦‍♂️ the fact that he is popular shows exactly how stupid most people are nowadays!

  • Jesse Groomes
    Jesse Groomes

    Gangsta recognize gangsta

  • DirtbikerPlay11

    This is what it looks like when celebrities meet other celebrities there mega fans 🤣

  • will

    He's not funny

  • Richard Cheese
    Richard Cheese

    What a crap story

  • Daniel McGraw
    Daniel McGraw

    And Bob Marley is......? LMAO

  • Djdon Velez
    Djdon Velez

    Funny the crowd say yeah when Gabriel mention about the wee lol

  • Nostalgia Trip
    Nostalgia Trip

    god i wish that were me !!

  • Razeilis

    I wish a could speak English like that, I'm a Spanish native speaker and Fluffy speaks both just perfectly, it's awesome.

  • MightyNathaniel

    He stole this joke