The Biggest Myth In Education
You are not a visual learner - learning styles are a stubborn myth. Part of this video is sponsored by Google Search.

Special thanks to Prof. Daniel Willingham for the interview and being part of this video.
Special thanks to Dr Helen Georigou for reviewing the script and helping with the scientific literature.
Special thanks to Jennifer Borgioli Binis for consulting on the script.
MinutePhysics video on a better way to picture atoms --


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  • Bas van der Graaff
    Bas van der Graaff

    The brain is trainable, so everyone can retrain if they just put in the effort. People who 'have' dyslexia just never trained enough and now can't be bothered.

  • Anne Llewellyn
    Anne Llewellyn

    It’s not how easily they take in the information, it’s how comfortable they are with the stimuli and environment

  • Oren

    So, it's essentially a placebo effect when you think you learn better one way.

  • Skycoca

    Learning and memorizing are fundamentally different. Learning implies understanding and assimilation, while memorizing doesn't.

  • Cory Anderson
    Cory Anderson

    I appreciate that Google sponsored this to say "hey, our search engine just shows you what you want to see, not necessarily the truth or the full picture". Good of them to own up to that, lol

  • SavageDuck26

    I learned your point from watching this, thank you

  • tiefling tomboy
    tiefling tomboy

    ive seen it argued thaat the learning styles myth was made because they would rather say that than say that some people just have learning disabilities

  • Cesar Medrano
    Cesar Medrano

    Thank you for confirming this, Now I know I am a pressure learner ^_^

  • Fahim Abrar
    Fahim Abrar

    Thank u.I will not present any excuse further to do my homeworks. lol

  • Lance Calderon
    Lance Calderon

    All New Zealanders when mentioned our country: *HE SAID NEW ZEALAND!*

  • Chillin

    I can learn from any of these I just need it drilled into my head to actually learn it.

  • John Paul Legaspi
    John Paul Legaspi

    I think it wasn't the learning styles that made us learn fast but our cognitive skill. For an instance, I can determine all the country with an unlabeled world map yet cannot do it without and also can remember things I've heard in a podcast while I was in an NREM and light sleep.

  • Giulia Mingotti
    Giulia Mingotti

    In my personal experience the best way to learn is when I have multiple imputs like maybe I am listening to a lecture, I am writing notes, I'm looking at pictures and diagrams

    • Giulia Mingotti
      Giulia Mingotti

      Taking notes also helps a lot with my concentration on the subject

  • Nate No
    Nate No

    I've been saying this for a long time. Learning has to do with personal interest. It's a skill to sit down in a class and gain knowledge of something that is not interesting to you. Most people I know call me a smart person but I know for a fact there are people much smarter than me. Things that I know very well are just things that interest me a lot more than others. I learn from experts on ideas and subjects that I am interested in.

  • Gozerthegozarian1984

    I'll try again: " A Google search [ IS NOT ] meant to surface the most relevant information. Google searches are meant to sell Google ads and/or increase Google's market and political power. Long ago Google searches did "surface" amazingly useful information. Then Google evolved away from "Don't be evil" Google search is now more of a manipulating filter than research tool.

  • Gozerthegozarian1984

    Love this channel. But I cringed when he said: "A Google Search is meant to surface surface

  • Fat Jack
    Fat Jack

    British teachers were told that they had to plan for learning styles and not.doing so would mean they failed as a teacher. It's another con forced on teachers by someone on authority promoting the idea. I always knew it was utter crap, especially when no one could supply any research confirming this junk.

  • Doug Lipman
    Doug Lipman

    Interesting video! It leaves me with a question, though: what do we mean by "learning"? In particular, much learning in school is based on memorization of simple facts, formulas, or procedures (heuristics). But learning in the "real world" may favor deeper understanding, or the ability to transform information from one modality to another-and much more. By not clarifying the aspect of "learning" that you're talking about, in my opinion you muddy even further the already muddy waters! You didn't invent the "objective" bent in education: schools have long favored "objective" learning, at the expense of the ability to adapt to new situations, the ability to describe things in new ways, and so much more. But by implicitly accepting the existing ideas about "learning," you miss a chance to put the whole debate on firmer ground. Great scientists (and great writers of fiction or visual artists) don't specialize in memorizing facts or formulas. Instead, they create new ways to conceptualize, to transform, to apply things in new circumstances-and more. I'm an agnostic about "learning styles" as a strict determinant of different kinds of learning. But no results will be definitive until our ideas of "learning" expand beyond the gradable, the objective, and the already known. Instead, let's rework the idea of "learning" to include things worth learning because they advance understanding-not because they are simple or predictable enough to test "objectively." Only then will we be able to have meaningful discussions-and meaningful experiments-on what goes into applying human intelligence to the wider world.

  • Bill noname
    Bill noname

    The part you don't realize about visual learners is that we learn from facial expressions so if you were reading to them they were following from facial expressions also. And what I have found through time (Getting older) is we learn from all these ways but are better in some ways.. So basically I'm a visual learner and kinestetic and remember if I write it down. But my reading is terrible ,even though I still read a lot. so for reading certain factors make a difference of how well I learn or understand, Am I trying to solve a problem, do I care about the problem, what science is it, is it fictional, is it funny. I don't usually remember fictional since I'm not trying to solve a problem, I love science, but if it's "Flat earth science" even though it's fictional I remember it because it's funny. So emotions play a huge part in what we learn. So disproving these theories or proving them is hard since we all learn from these ways but our level is at different percentages for each learning style, so the test group method won't work. Also emotions are huge. I person who is confident may do better than someone will who has low self esteem, but those emotions can go e muck such as egotistical person or over confident will not learn, where someone who has low self esteem and angry about it and wants to change it they will learn more than the egomaniac. Then you got environment, if you asked me those questions on the streets as apposed to relaxing at home, which of course is emotions but it's still a different factor. Yet being out doors may make one more alert. I could talk about this for a long time, it's a science/psychology that has always interested me, mostly about improving my own learning. The regular scientific method does not always work well with psychology and that's the problem.

  • Bani Grisson
    Bani Grisson

    The computerized test at 7 minutes seems a little off. A picture complements an explanation, doesn't replace it. If you replace one for the other that's not a real-world-scenario, it just never happens.

  • Fred M R
    Fred M R

    Oh boy, there are maany myths in education. Learning styles, multiple intelligences, neuromyths, using classical music to improve learning...

  • Kevin Papageorge
    Kevin Papageorge

    Very interesting point about what we type into google. This search engine actually tailors results to you based on past activity. Google will provide sources that agree with your existing beliefs and ideas.

  • Jonny Messele
    Jonny Messele

    10:49 - 10:58 This is one of the quotes I live by. It's part of why I'm slowly drifting away from religion. When I think about it, I BELIEVED everything about religion. I didn't KNOW anything about it. And just because I believed, I tried to fit every scientific, JUSTIFIABLE piece of knowledge, into the illogical reasoning of religion

  • Buttery Ralgurt
    Buttery Ralgurt

    Dang how do you get sponsored by Google search

  • Ty

    I think almost all people would be more likely to remember more of the objects the second time around, since they already have some in their memory, making the test easier.

  • Arro

    wr le sls p

  • Marcello 42
    Marcello 42

    did not hear evidence biased but this might fit especially in the end here

  • Klassisk

    Learning something is putting you in an environment that is uncomfortable yet still fun to unknowingly learn material by essentially straining yourself whilst still doing something you enjoy, do you love reading? Great how about you try reading something in a different language with reminders of words the more you read a book with same words the more repetitive it is, the more it goes into the brain and you will certainly become bored to an excruciating amount but think about tying your shoes you at least once thought you had It down until you forgot and then shown again its the repetition that makes learning and memorizing the more you read a book with repetitive words like The, It, Is. The more you'll be able to read each day and if there's a word that is not understood look it up and make a reminder so every time you come across it you can always look at the reminder and soon enough it will be saved in your memory to keep reading and understand the language. It's complicated but repetition is the true key to learning instead of one thing for a week and then moving on it should be for as long as they can remember the material just like tying your shoes.

  • Carl Lindqvist
    Carl Lindqvist

    Excellent video. Never heard of learning styles in school, it's not a thing in Sweden thankfully.

  • Bryan Garcia
    Bryan Garcia

    The ambitious attack empirically fax because touch analogically fear plus a white planet. enormous, alike guatemalan

  • Gesiel A Martins
    Gesiel A Martins

    I'm not a visual student because I memorize images! I am a visual student because information in visual format flows, I repeat, flows much faster towards the processing and memorization areas of the brain. I believe this is the information that was missing from the conclusion of your video. Perhaps reworking the brain's working model is needed to explain the brain's individual perceptions of each style. Excellent video! (sorry my english)

  • sujammaz

    very interesting, but the title is misleading. just revisiting here because of the clickbait video, to see what i did here and it's as i remembered: i clicked and i watched, but i was disappointed about the title, promising something more impactful, epic, paradigm shifting. so i didn't give the video a like. which i would otherwise definitely have done, because it is a good video about an interesting topic. interesting. not epic. i'd suggest something like "the weirdest myth in education" or simply "learning styles debunked". i have not considered subscribing yet and this has definitey not helped.

  • iluomopeloso

    I do wonder whether you got any lectures during your interview, after you asked those leading questions. I can imagine a grumpy old literature teacher responding, "What kind of learning style do I have‽ Not this claptrap again! Listen here, young man..."

  • Neepton

    I really liked this video. I do (though) think that showing the same picture/word at every “round” of the experiment might be why it got easier to say all of the words. If I had to say a combination of words it would be hard the first time I tried.. though it would be easier the second time I tried. Unless the words are different the second time.. making the REAL conclusion of the experiment.. “practice is the best learning method”. Kinda like remembering flashcards.

  • Wormwood78

    You know what... some people just don't get any benefit from the process of taking notes. I've heard people say that the act of scribbling symbols on paper helps them remember the things that those symbols represent. That's not true for me. Some people do well with memorize/regurgitate. That's not true for me. For me, I understand many things intuitively that other people have to learn, but in order to remember that thing, I need to understand its function. For instance, spelling, for me, is functional. If you can read and understand a word, it doesn't matter to me how its spelled, because I understand how the letters work together to make sounds. In the same way, in math, I need to know how and why the formula works in order to remember it. Some people know things, and other people memorize things. Learning styles are just a nice way to talk about why some rich kids are stupid, and to make sure that teachers focus enough time and energy on making sure that rich stupid kids don't get any disadvantages in school just for being rich and stupid. Its a way to make sure that smart poor kids don't start to feel entitled. Everything is about maintaining the status quo.

  • Elise Welge
    Elise Welge

    Obviously every person needs all modes of learning, but couldn’t it be that each person leans a little more on certain modes?

  • Sound Fishing
    Sound Fishing

    Thanks again.

  • Santosh Kesiraju
    Santosh Kesiraju

    Learning is not memorizing, and education is not just learning.

  • Mike Harland
    Mike Harland

    As a teacher I would say my ability to motivate pupils was very important, which came from a successful teacher / pupil relationship. Also I have only average intelligence and knew little of my subject when I started teaching. So I had to make great efforts to put across knowledge and I believe I was a much better teacher when my subject knowledge was not great.

  • Alter Junker
    Alter Junker

    A school inspector created this idea---but of course! Once again, cutting edge educational theory is devised by someone who never taught a student in their entire useless life!

  • Vince D
    Vince D

    I wonder if there's even more to learning than what is presented here. For example, people like me might want to learn in multiple ways simultaneously. If i hear something AND see it, I tend to remember it better than if I did if I tried either method on its own, and I bet that there are many people out there like me. Just showing me pictures, or only telling me, is not the way I want to learn, and from trial and error, it's not the best for me. And this falls into what many are saying about interest and psychology. If you force me to learn in some particular way, I may lose the interest and the desire to learn that particular subject or topic at that time. If someone is talking to me about something that I would like to learn, then it is better for me to either physically practice a procedure, take notes, or draw diagrams. Otherwise I will forget quickly. My physically doing it, note-taking or drawing it combined with hearing it will seal the deal.

  • Aux Mobile
    Aux Mobile

    My style is thinking...

  • JohnDoeNews

    Part of the video was sponsored by google? Only a part of it? How does that work?

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    Physical experience eg through tactile sense of touch, practicing, learning through hands on, are the best mode of learning.

  • Kewtie

    Your experiment was testing working memory, not learning style. Personally I think learning styles are far more complex than what sense you use to learn (unless you have dyslexia or something like it) but more about how your brain works and how you engage with it. I have ADHD, I learn best by doing because I can focus on it more since it's interactive, but I can learn well from listening if I am doodling or doing something to engage my wandering attention so I can focus. On top of that, if what I am reading isn't boring I can learn a lot from reading as well (if it's boring there is no point in trying, it will take too long, I have better things to do). I also love researching on FIbill, which is visual (or audio if I'm doing something at the same time). It doesn't matter what media you take in the information in, it matters how your brain works and processes info and making any media fit that processing.

  • MikiKimi52

    i have lost all hope in youtube because i lost hope in sponsorships,why? Everyone knows what google is,they OWN youtube, amd sponsorhips are meant to advertise something. But because everyone knows what google is, they sponsored veritasium just to annoy people, what kind of evil lurks at google?

  • David Johannesen
    David Johannesen

    we learn from our intrest. you learn what you want, school forces you to learn, nobody did learn you to walk, you did because you wanted. we learn from youtube because it is Entertainment.

  • The Seventh Generation
    The Seventh Generation

    I learn by understanding new information, then applying it in experimentation. If it is useful, I retain it. If not, it gets recorded over. Sensory-specific learning theories are a sham. It was a great ploy for funding and it worked. Complete bs though. That's not how we learn.

  • Jericho Lindsey
    Jericho Lindsey

    "when we already believe the world to be a certain way then we interpret new experiences to fit with those beliefs, whether they actually do, or not" this right here explains so much that is wrong with the US

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis

    Most every time I hear the words “I’m a visual learner,” it always seems to be spoken by someone trying to justify why they don’t think they’re good at something.

  • Mogumbo Gono
    Mogumbo Gono

    Who elected Google Search to tell us which results are more 'truthful'? Critical thinking requires _all_ information to be made available, but when Google tells the searcher that some hits aren't accurate, or honest, or trustworthy, etc., that biases the searcher's conclusions. "Fact checked" conclusions are inherently biased. They're great for Google's agenda, but not for ours.

  • David Byrne
    David Byrne

    I feel giddy when someone on the Internet distinguishes between anecdotes and data. Thank you!!!

  • Umid Magerramov
    Umid Magerramov

    I love in it) ty guys for the interesting content.

  • Dale Val
    Dale Val

    Gender studies, what style is that? Lol , in hindsight we taught kids 1 way back in past and that was wrong I can see after seeing this, Im a video or live action learner , so they left me behind in highschool , with boring book reads, but after 2 jobs, I figured it out, so by age 30, I quickly learned dont get sucked into making money for the rich, Do it for you, by 35 I was earning 10 x more than all the prom kings and queens, from our area, I had a good run, I retired younger than most could to enjoy life, and just try to live in peace , so inside I feel they didn't brainwash me to all the wrong stuff , I worry for my gradkids, so you young folks, my advice do what you love, college is often just a costly mistake for many young minds, and please teach youre kids well, stick to the important things in life , I feel we live in a matrix today, all group think, try to learn truth, spend time to learn from those that succeeded and are respected , dont bow down to the yes men, that all fell into molds, like good little sheep, dream bigger and treat those that work for you really well, in the end reputation is all that matters, whem I see our so called leaders, they didnt follow good advice, and you teachers, dont support BS, kids only remember who the kind and logical ones where in the end.

  • Dina

    Hi. What you did on the street was a short term memory test. You did't teach anything to these people. Bye

  • Anderson Costa
    Anderson Costa

    Very interesting points and questions! but I think that the learning style that embraces all the possible options available is the best from the teacher/professor efficiency point of view... because can achieve a better result in a diversified environment full of students, with different preferable ways of learning... people can have senses and inteligence skills in different levels of development, some people might learn better with visual stimulus, some with kinesthetic, some by listening, etc. and some with a combination of their preferred ones, that's the way I imagine...

  • Mark Lawson
    Mark Lawson

    Your thoughts on Richard Mitchell and his book "The Graves of Acadamie" The master plan to take over the world or How a $50 Billion dollar US Dept. of Education has no students.

  • J Sparker
    J Sparker

    I learned absolutely nothing from this since I’m not a visual learner;)

  • Yuppi

    I gotta see some visual depiction of the topic to be able to properly focus on what someone is telling me, and then I have to do it myself to really understand how it behaves. Visuals make me think I know what's going on without any idea about what it really is, just listening makes me not focused enough and ignore things in the middle or not able to picture the full depth of what's explained. And even if those two both happen, without tinkering with it myself I can only quote what's been told without providing any additional insight that comes from truly understanding how something works, and it sometimes leaves me speechless when I encounter a case where it still applies but I'm unfamiliar with it and haven't tinkered with it to understand how it applies to the new situation and need time trying to put the pieces together. I've noticed some anecdotal cases for myself where I listen to a podcast or an educational video about a topic I'm interested in, while watching a video of something else. Just guess how many times I missed bits on the podcast and had to rewind. When I watched the podcast with video, I was focused on what I was hearing the whole time. Also seeing the people talk, their mouths move, with the audio is much better than just hearing it. Not surprisingly people tend to face towards the person talking. Captivate the focus, pass the information, make it knowledge by understand the information. Show a visual demonstration and explain what's happening in words. Perfect. I suppose this is part of why you are supposed to use captions for pictures to explain what's happening there in good scientific papers. Finland introduced smart devices to learning in elementary school and more autonomy to kids. The results are horrible. In the country that's been at the top of education and scores for a long while, kids are now completely lost and get terrible grades even if they wanted to learn passionately. What does that say? To me it sounds like it proves that people who have philosophical ideas shouldn't decide on education methods, but they have to be well researched scientifically AND proven to work in real life. Emotions shouldn't govern what's good when it's about the future of a generation of real people and their success in life.

  • TheFourthWinchester

    I'm not a visual learner. I see with my eyes and understand nothing until I read the written version of it.

  • Maharani Arifah
    Maharani Arifah

    Interesting, I really live how they put references in description box. Nice

  • Dennis Wolff
    Dennis Wolff

    As a sports coach, I think the more often a learning experience's all four methods similar to simple repetition, understanding becomes the ultimate result!

  • Johnny NiteTrain
    Johnny NiteTrain

    My learning style: -reading tons of non-fiction. -listening to NPR, BBC, Podcasts, Startalk -watching Veritasium, Vox, Brian Greene, Astrum, John Michael Godier, V101, Vice, Cool Worlds, Paul M Sutter, Fraser Cain, Brian Keating


    Lol, I didn't even know there was a thing called VARK. I feel that watching a video is the best way of learning anything for anyone. Physical models are the next best things. So I am a multimedia learner I guess.

  • Sebas B. Lezcano
    Sebas B. Lezcano

    well ... memory is only part of learning ... it is important to differentiate both

  • J. Javier Gálvez
    J. Javier Gálvez

    As Bruce Lee said “no style is the ‘true’ style"

  • Jerome Wolbert
    Jerome Wolbert

    When I was teaching I found it helpful to know how to present information and ideas in several different ways so that someone already comfortable with (or preferring) say pictures could use their comfort with a pictorial description to better learn how to use words ... in other words, to translate between different modes of presentation. This required everyone to actively think about the concepts, which one point of this video.

  • Treebeard The Ent
    Treebeard The Ent

    Is short term memory (monkey see, monkey do) actually really learning? I don't think so.

  • EVA

    besst way to learn to the combination of VARK and literally every school has it

  • Strong by Lee
    Strong by Lee

    I thought I had a specific type of "learning style", until I learned my inability, or shall I say, "unwillingness", to learn actually stems from a neglectful childhood where no one really gave a crap about me unless I got good grades. As I got older and discovered things I like, I seemed to "magically" retain the material better, no matter how it was presented.

  • Gollum du 8z
    Gollum du 8z

    It's the same with the right brain / left brain, with one side more in maths and the other in art (I'm over simplifying, I don't remember the details). I don't know if it's actually true.

  • Random

    Well I don't believe you are going to learn how to swim just by watching.

  • Kacper Małochleb
    Kacper Małochleb

    I actually figured this out a while back, not exactly to pin point accuracy like you, but well in school I had my favourite teacher who taught me science and I loved it and had the best scores in my class. Now moving on I got put to another teacher and for that year I would get average grades for that class even though the explanation was 'better' as some said but what was different was that my favourite teacher gave the presentation, narrated, showed models/visual representation only then we did some writing/questions on that and yet again a demonstration. I think that helped me really enjoy science and be good at it, yet when I was with another teacher she showed the presentation, explained and moved on, giving general questions at the end, nothing in-between to make it stick in your head I guess.

  • magnvss

    Now debunk the gender pay gap by making a extensive analysis of the whole statistical components (etc). Nah, no one wants to attract that crazy crowd with their torches.

  • Late Motha
    Late Motha

    You're a bad teacher! Do you work at a private school?

  • Damasek 219
    Damasek 219

    I don't think this test was set up well. There's a difference between memorizing few items and learning.

  • John McLaine
    John McLaine

    The biggest myth in education is that public school teachers are teachers. They're not. They're Marxist Indoctrinators. "If we don't indoctrinate children with hatred, they might grow up thinking that America and White people aren't inherently evil. We can't have that." - NEA President Becky "Hitler Youth" Pringle

  • Brian Moore
    Brian Moore

    It would seem to me that the two most important things to learning are: creating engagement and teaching learning skills. If people are interested and know how to best digest information, how it's presented should be far less important. I'd love to see schools just have classes about how best to "learn" but not really focus on any subject.

  • Mohammad Rakibul Hasan
    Mohammad Rakibul Hasan

    You're getting old 😭

  • mountaintrouthome

    Learning styles is a myth, and I am so glad he presents evidence. Additionally, he gives you good info about how to research and info gathering online. Learning essentially is multi-sensory, with everyone needing to see, hear, repeat and act out what they are trying to understand.

  • Dolbec Entertainment
    Dolbec Entertainment

    imagine thinking you can do a kickflip after reading a book how to do a kick flip hahaha

  • Ian Graeme
    Ian Graeme

    I have ADHD and if the dopamine does not flow then this one does not learn.

  • waffleman gaming
    waffleman gaming

    1:51 hehe, im good with my hands

  • Michael Donna Williams
    Michael Donna Williams

    They learn better if their NOT TRUMATIZED!!!

  • YourOrangeCrush

    Verbal communication is better for rote memorization than graphical representation. It is also better for encapsulating meaning for long-term understanding but requires having been paired with a visual component at some point in time (even if that visual component is totally invented by the brain - as might happen with a blind person where their visual processing of the world is something filled in by the brain through a combination of all the other senses to the best degree it can manage). Graphical representation with a verbal component is better for understanding new relationships or reinforcing our previous understanding of relationships. However, graphical communication ABSENT of a verbal component is practically useless. We NEED words to stand in as symbols that represent the things we see because that is the only way we can manipulate many of them in our brains. Trying to visualize complex relationships depicted in an illustration without having words to describe what we see is so cognitively expensive as to be practically impossible (for most people). Most logical analysis in the brain is auditory. Language is an incredibly powerful tool that allows us to expand our understanding of the world. However, raw language can be terribly inadequate at introducing brand new concepts, especially where there are complex functional relationships. It performs better for describing new hierarchies, but graphical representation still helps cement those relationships better than words alone. "Hands-on" learning is just another way, a 3D and tactile way, for us to digest graphical information. You can manipulate objects in your hands and see and feel the way things work together. It's very rare to encounter a hands-on learning situation where you don't have words to symbolize your experience. You may think of "slimy thing" or "gears-like" if you don't have an actual name, but that is still adequate for internalizing the relationships. Once you learn the real words to use, it becomes even easier to understand. When it comes to other versions of "hands-on" what this typically refers to is "practice makes perfect". Repeating the experience you learned about graphically and verbally through physical action/interaction provides you with a form of learning by repetition, but it also gives you additional meaning by way of the experience itself, which fills in much more detail than any image or verbal description can. Even here, we will generally verbalize what we are experiencing as a means to symbolize and memorize the learning.

  • Neeraj M
    Neeraj M

    I agree 100% with this. 99% of pop psychology is just bogus hot air. MBTI is another example. No empirical evidence, no rigorous RCTs. It is a theory because someone makes up credible sounding sh*t. Even nobel prize winning stuff like behavioural economics is half make believe. So called 'cognitive biases' make perfect sense once you include the extreme scenarios in the potential outcomes (how much would you pay to avoid bankruptcy? How much to avoid death?).

  • Leyrann

    For me, by far the best way of learning material is actually to explain it to someone else.

  • Mario Rossi
    Mario Rossi

    When the subject is women, I am a kinesthetic learner.

  • gee massam Art
    gee massam Art

    I’ve been involved in education for the last 20 years and I remember the VARK approach being introduced. It didn’t make any of us think that we should JUST use pictures for a 'visual learner' or JUST use spoken explanations for a 'auditory learner.' What it DID do was make us think of all the different ways we could discuss and teach a topic to a class of children to make it interesting. So VARK might seem too narrow an approach to you but there’s no denying it encouraged educators to look at lots of different ways to teach a topic and in that way, it was a good idea to introduce and discuss. Not all bad at all 👍😀

  • Santrupta Prasad Dash
    Santrupta Prasad Dash

    A completely waste of time channel. the type 2 click bait... I am unsubscribing.

  • John Connor
    John Connor

    Good point at the end. " If you think something is true, you should try your hardest to disprove it".

  • Rene J89
    Rene J89

    To be honest instead of learning styles time is better spend teaching children a Memory strategy that works for them. Multimedia or association Memory works pretty good if teached early on.

  • Scott Stephens
    Scott Stephens

    Some of these are poor examples. Visual learning to me means it’s easier to read text and see something rather than just hear the same. Visual learning is not all about pictures and diagrams, although they are certainly helpful. In one instance in this video, you talk about a test where one group is given text on a computer where when they highlight text and it gives them a text description and the other is given a diagram. That tells me whoever designed that test has no concept of the difference. The auditory group should have been read the text and been able to ask questions. The visual group should have been given text and been able to drill in and get a more detailed description or diagram. Furthermore, simply memorizing a set of items on the street is not “learning”. Learning is understanding concepts and ideas, not just simply memorization, especially short term memorization.

  • pixelmasque

    This is wrong. You have confused learning (understanding) with memory skills. There are well taught memory skills on visualizing one object interacting with the next (animated in the mind), which I have found you can remember 50 items in a row and then recite them backwards. I did such a program 20 years ago. If you are given say 3 seconds to replay the visualizaiton/interaction between each pair of objects before the next object in the sequence is presented to you, this is not "learning" something in the sense of understanding new concepts and their behaviour/properties and how to use them. 2 different things my friend. The same for remembering the name of say 20 people in a room (you see memory guru`s playing this trick all the time), they simply find something spontaneous about that person visually they can associate with them that triggers their name, usually something that rhymes with the name (they will have practiced many names hundreds of times before) the brain is like a muscle it actually performs a specific task better with repetition, so yea memory is memory, learning for the point of using something effectively as knowledge another road. You don`t learn a penguin by looking at it you learn it by studying penguins. That involves a lot of observation, seeing, note taking etc. People learn best when interacting with something, there`s an old saying; tell me I forget, show me I remember, let me do it and I understand.

  • Muscleman Awesomeness
    Muscleman Awesomeness

    I dont know who is right and who is wrong with this... but I can tell you that this video is f'ing boring. Perhaps this visual isn't working for me. BYE

  • aptginc

    A good teacher helps. Be leaning style is also is important.

  • Matias Bliznac
    Matias Bliznac

    3:00 Hahaha the most honest guy that was interviewed

  • Noah Tenshen
    Noah Tenshen

    My learning style is like a puzzle. I do better when I have all the pieces working together. It is also how I taught and I found that leaving nothing out made everything more understandable. If you only show a few photos of an event you get one idea. If you only tell a story you leave them with an idea. If they see a lot of photos or a movie with an explanation they have even more clarity. If you add sound it gets even clearer. If you ask someone to perform something you are talking about, it adds even more input. I agree that the more input you have, the better the retention.

  • Jayson Mcleod
    Jayson Mcleod

    Want to know the single greatest way we could improve learning in the classroom. Breakfast programs

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Do Chairs Exist?
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