The D'amelio Show confuses me
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My A/C stopped working the other day so this video is fun because you can watch me slowly get sweatier.

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  • bawaw.

    drew, youre in the middle of the screen, get out of the way

    • Sierra Love
      Sierra Love


    • Cecilio

      Exactly! What were you thinking, Drew? Get outta the way! Smh...

    • Angel Ghuge
      Angel Ghuge


    • Nighthawk 48
      Nighthawk 48


    • aspol12

      i’m trying to watch something

  • patrice langlois
    patrice langlois

    such a good take on the situation! well thought

  • Miamore

    yk i don't hate this video..I love the D'amelio's and the show was interesting in so many ways..but he made some pretty great points i don't think he was trying to be hateful about it

  • Shockwave

    I feel pretty bad for them. It’s not like they were even trying to get this big in the first place, or at all. Child actors that we’ve had in the past worked to get to where they are. Since they’re kids they most likely didn’t know the ups and downs that comes with fame. They wanted to get to stardom, and were probably taught that hate would come along the way, but at least they got a heads up of what was to come. These girls were just messing around on an app. And for some reason a bunch of kids decided Charlie was the one to follow, and now she’s as big as she is. She didn’t ask for fame, and because of that she was so susceptible to hate. For some reason kids love her. Why? Because she does lip syncing and little dances on an app. It doesn’t make sense but that’s just the world we live in. So now people are starting to follow her just to see the following number go up, and she’s getting even bigger, and her fans want to see more of her. But when she goes on talk shows and events, what else can she do and talk about but the very thing that made her famous. So she ends up looking dumb and completely talentless because at the end of the day what got her famous was something that took absolutely no talent whatsoever. And since tiktok is widely seen as cringey, people call her cringey since she’s more or less the face of tiktok. And jealous people have nothing but hate for her since all they see is someone who hasn’t done anything worth something to get where she is, and that it isn’t fair. And to be fair they’d be right. But she had no control over it. So she’s hated over something that isn’t even her fault.

  • Smilez

    with how miserable child celebrities are there should honestly be a rule of what age we should grant fame to someone and find a good reason to give them fame. not bc they did a dance on their phone

  • Rose

    All I know is I need that spotlight homie

  • salem is anti-government
    salem is anti-government

    hotdog needs those shoes from the cover of “i lifted my hood and found gravy on the dipstick” from kurtis’s video on lies

  • LegionIsONE

    How did they even get to this level? Stealing dances what else?

  • Lily Huff
    Lily Huff

    reminds me of one direction and it’s so sad

  • Melt

    This video was great

  • Makai Baker
    Makai Baker

    I'm really glad you talked about this, I always hated how much hate famous children (especially girls) get online

  • Michael Scott paper company
    Michael Scott paper company

    I don’t care for them or like them but I feel sad when I see them crying like the bullying they get is sad and I understand this is what celebrities sign up for but they’re young and it seems like they don’t have much say in deciding if they want this or not.

  • Paige Johnson
    Paige Johnson

    Well they can always stop everything and live like normal people. Deal with the problems the rest of us have no choice but to deal with.

    • Deto Qcney
      Deto Qcney

      young to be independent but u just gotta give them all of the control and they’ll learn on their own . More authenticity that way and less more corporate.

  • Truth Reigns Forever
    Truth Reigns Forever

    Wannabe Kardashian show ☝️

  • Rob On The Cob
    Rob On The Cob

    This is a really refreshing take on this whole thing. It’s easy to hate rich and famous people, but these are literal kids who asked for none of it.

  • tinyalissa x
    tinyalissa x

    that was so thoughtful, thank you for sharing your insights. of course the snap judgment is rich = bad, but i don't exactly think that CEO of amazon for example is comparable to accidental teen star on a fickle and new platform whose pretty much solely responsible for their family's quality of life

  • MachoMafia

    Such a good video love being in greh


    "people weren't nice because they thought i was going to die" ok so thats just really depressing

  • pepe roni
    pepe roni

    This video seems like a subtle way to warn the D’Amelio family in a kind way about Hollywood executives, while also making fun of their bad show while not being mean to them. Good ol Drew being a nice boy

  • Richard Rawlins
    Richard Rawlins

    They absolutely asked for it so please quit saying they didn't ask for the fame

  • Meliy Con-Roma
    Meliy Con-Roma

    this is perfect

  • SmiffyLel

    do the Addison Rae movie

  • Jack Mansmith
    Jack Mansmith

    I hope both D’amelio sisters see this. This is some pretty constructive criticism and definitely positive as a whole. I think this video could help them keep perspective.

  • Erin Brennan
    Erin Brennan

    a piece of the times, thank you king

  • Shpresim Muja
    Shpresim Muja

    Really fucking love your stance, you could have just made a video on how they're cringy and entitled, but no, you made a video humanising them. Well done.

  • Robyn T-M
    Robyn T-M

    i really really appreciate you making this video. i feel like all i see regarding charlie and dixie is just pure negativity directed at them CONSTANTLY no matter what they do. and these same people doing this are those who preach kindness and mental health awareness and its honestly sickening. i agree with everything you said and it’s sooo refreshing to see someone treating them like ACTUAL HUMANS WITH FEELINGS. also people forget they are children and have little to no control over anything right now. also being a teen girl is already fucking hard enough like i can’t IMAGINE what its like for them and i honestly dont want to.

  • Melanie

    2:34 you have an objectively higher opinion of the damelio's than you do of the kardashians???!?! now come on. this isn’t 2011. there's a wealth of resources out there to show which family you should OBJECTIVELY have a higher opinion of.

  • Turbo Last Name
    Turbo Last Name

    Yes. Yes. Maybe. No. Yes. Sometimes.

  • Drip.Inf*

    This isn’t really all the managers fault. They are just old and not up with the current generation and probably can’t even try and relate or feel for them because they are so old and didn’t deal with anything they are dealing with . They just see this as her job and profession but don’t see it on a deeper level which is what she wants to do . They think she’s too young to be independent but u just gotta give them all of the control and they’ll learn on their own . More authenticity that way and less more corporate.

  • Lucien59

    Love thus

  • loot

    ya im whit the people booing fuck hello freash

  • cherrysoda97


  • Rachel Deschaine
    Rachel Deschaine

    That’s what so sad about famous kids is they are literally being robbed of the basic right to decide what you want to do with your life and take action to improve at it.

  • Rachel Deschaine
    Rachel Deschaine

    That’s what so sad about famous kids is they are literally being robbed of the basic right to decide what you want to do with your life and take action to improve at it.

  • emma louise
    emma louise

    this was actually really insightful drew. gave me a different way to look at it and i have a lot more sympathy for the d'amelio sisters now.

  • sisi

    I like the show. I didn’t finish it yet idk if I will. I really like that charli and Dixie are just regular teenage girls and I like that the reality show is actually REAL

  • Toby Tennant
    Toby Tennant

    Is it weird that this video inspired me to pick my persuasive essay topic for school??

  • whore for aesthetics
    whore for aesthetics

    you make so many great points this was super interesting to watch

  • BisonUltime

    Perfect placement of an I think you should leave clip

  • Dex Dubya
    Dex Dubya

    You had the good point of saying that the sisters feel pressured by their managers and agents to keep their fame going as it brings in both parties money. My question to that is: Aren’t management and the agents employed by the family? Can’t the family simply choose to not do the work? I mean, the D’Amelios are the product, therefore the moneymakers, there really isn’t management can force them to do.

  • Nova

    This is like a great video

  • TheGreatChrisB

    I've felt bad for Dixie for a while now. After I heard about Charli when she was blowing up and people just said "oh yeah she has a sister I think named Dixie", I felt that. I even heard people say she was the ugly sister, meanwhile Charli is or was literally an underage teenager, and even Dixie I think is still technically a teenager. Like imagine being known as the older wannabe famous sister, I couldn't handle that and I'm 28. I hope they both come out ok or pull back a bit. It's not healthy to give up your childhood for money.

  • Josh W
    Josh W

    They have the energy levels of a coma patient.

  • Ryan Melling
    Ryan Melling

    I really hope the girls see this video! You make some great points.

    • Brookdale_BK

      this is one of the best videos on them he is not slandering them like other people is he giving really valid crtisicm.

  • Colleen Longua
    Colleen Longua

    "Young people shouldn't be allowed to be famous." Some of the truest words of the decade.

  • Patented Organism
    Patented Organism

    It’s almost like the bar for success on TikTok is incredibly low. Curious…

  • Janette Young
    Janette Young

    Incredible video, as per usual

  • Stick-It Productions.
    Stick-It Productions.

    I hate those managers. None of the stuff he listed for "her 2021" even seemed like something she was passionate about. A clothing line?! HE didn't even sound excited when he said it, and she didn't seem excited.

  • Chia Ugenii
    Chia Ugenii

    I love the way he talked about this so eloquently and articulated defining every point.

  • Grant S
    Grant S

    This kid is making excuses for this shit generation because he's a part of it

  • M H
    M H

    I think the mom who used to be a model, is pushing them so hard so she can live vicariously through them her glory days again

  • Kal Richter
    Kal Richter

    I love Drew riffing on people I've never even heard of

  • ScatterBrained

    boo hoo not everything is perfect for me i am facing adversity in my life ;;((((

  • Missy Pea
    Missy Pea

    Yes, bring more attention to child exploitation on FIbill too!

  • Yacceni Castelan-Flores
    Yacceni Castelan-Flores

    i truly believe the d'amelio parents are living vicariously through their children because they are also getting famous just off charlie's success. It's so depressing

  • Gergina Georgieva
    Gergina Georgieva

    I think her parents were pretty rich before they became famous.

  • Heather

    Drew should be a manager and help people grow and get rid of the parasitic managers in the world

  • Arsène Lebrun
    Arsène Lebrun

    realized i put this video 3 times as background noise to sleep oops i should watch it for real


    damn dixies still considered a child? is 20 really a child though, i was working and living away from my parents going out partying paying taxes and voting at 20 i didn't feel like a child

  • J. Halvorsen
    J. Halvorsen

    TikTok Kardashians

  • Nomzilla

    You truly have a brilliant mind. You make concise, insightful, and incredibly accurate points, all while being genuine and likable. I think this is the first video I've seen of yours, and I'm super impressed. I also appreciate that you speak about them from a respectful perspective. Kudos. I actually wish the D'amelio girls would see this video. Your assessment would especially benefit them in opening their eyes to all the potential exploitation they're going through.

  • PlayRightParent

    What channel is this show on?

  • alexis wiese
    alexis wiese

    why is he john green’s son

  • AV

    Idk I kind of like that they’re a bit awkward and unsure of themselves because it’s different. You don’t really see people like that become famous but maybe that in itself it why?

  • Sagar B
    Sagar B

    Haha i caught that i think you should leave reference.

  • S


  • koiun dwrru
    koiun dwrru

    enjoy life despite the constant stress to be perfect.

  • momopeachies

    Drew is so dang wholesome. I find that I want to keep liking the video but I already liked it once :(

  • Olivier Boitel
    Olivier Boitel

    Surprisingly nuanced and thoughtful video my dude. Love it

  • Carva Lone
    Carva Lone

    You really broke it down well and I'm afraid she's already scathed. These people are just being led around by the nose by the industry that jumps at the chance with popular people. Unfortunately, parents have been sacrificing their kids since the beginning of TV for the name and money. Speaking of which, mark my words....I can totally see her suing her parents or ending up in therapy for a long time in the future

  • Bukowski Fan gurl
    Bukowski Fan gurl

    I like when he discussed about the reverse engineering part, sometimes I noticed people who have real talent is rarely seen or recognized while people who are mediocare or don't have the talent gets all the spotlight. 😐

  • hakuna matata
    hakuna matata

    Truly if they didn’t build their careers off of taking credit from black creators content, I would have nothing to say about them. But you never know who was encouraging them to continue to discredit the Black people they were stealing from. That being said, I still feel bad for the kids.

  • shin knee
    shin knee

    i wish they watch this

  • Jess Warner
    Jess Warner

    Oh yea this is a banger

  • ~carol~

    this has made me cuestion my perspective on them, thanks

  • olbas2

    i dont think i have ever cared so little about the plight of these pointless millionaires who gives a fuck

  • Nix W
    Nix W

    im so glad someone is finally making this point- ive been saying this shit for years

  • Deity


  • tuvi

    I can't believe charli's parents let this managers take control of her life SHES A KID, yeah she's famous but at least let her grow without being surrounded with all this marketing until she decides what to do with her life

  • Angelic Asysnila
    Angelic Asysnila

    I do not support the idea of sending hate to tik tokers who are famous, as you said, they didn't ask for it. But I totally understand why so many people aren't happy because of the way they rose to fame. This is real world and its quite absurd to think that some weird moves and being pretty will make you a millionare. Nobody's to blame though. Cuz those who watch tik tok are kids and they aren't doing anything wrong if they like to watch tik toks.

  • libertines Fink
    libertines Fink

    im glad you didnt make fun of them. I think adults forget these D'amelio sisters are teenagers, and even if they arent talented they shouldnt be torn apart. I think a lot of youtubers wouldve just made fun of them relentlessly and I'm happy to see you took the high road

  • Pouy Pouy
    Pouy Pouy

    i really like you drew.

  • Varunia Khan
    Varunia Khan

    the I Think You Should Leave gif

  • Henna Rose
    Henna Rose

    Good video man

  • Crow T. Robot
    Crow T. Robot

    Sadly this is a tale as old as time. Parents basically pimping out their kids for 15 minutes of fame and a lifetime of mental health issues. Especially in today's age where everyone has access to your life 24/7, kids are the ones suffering the most. ALWAYS look to the parents, because supporting your child's passion is a lot different than straight up exploiting them like this. Why aren't they protecting them? Jeanette's comment is right, kids shouldn't be allowed to become famous. There's a reason that we're always surprised when a child star grows up to be "normal". Great video bro.

  • Artquemistica Catalystica
    Artquemistica Catalystica

    I wanna see that sun ghost hunting video. GIVE IT TO ME 👻

  • The Stickman
    The Stickman

    What's better...Hello fresh or Blue Apron?

  • Cerion 212
    Cerion 212

    These kids are not given the time to hone in on what they’re extremely passionate about and master these things 😔

  • Darold Bivens
    Darold Bivens

    Me: Oh Drew's back! Can't wait for some sarcastic jokey jokes on the reality tubes! Drew: *Thought-provoking and well-spoken comments on influencer culture from the perspective of children and young people Me:...Go on....

  • Heather Mirman
    Heather Mirman

    I could literally watch Drew explain shit all day

  • 1-800REVENGE

    I have come to realize, I also cannot say Similarly

  • Sophiaaca

    I actually really love the format you used for your script in this video!

  • Raven Peter
    Raven Peter

    Parody of keeping up with the Kardashians

  • Elisha Zissman
    Elisha Zissman

    great video Drew love your commentary

  • sneed

    "everyone calls him a golden retriever. he's literally a golden retriever" they started that sentence as if "Oh the dog isn't actually a golden retriever but people think he is" but no, you could have just said "He's a golden retriever"

  • Voyages Starliner
    Voyages Starliner

    "Kim theres people dying" Me: *considering watching that show now-*

  • BanDavid

    How was this literally the most wholesome video I’ve ever seen

  • Alive

    I wish they see this.

  • Danielle Rich F. Quilas
    Danielle Rich F. Quilas

    it was not a good idea to drink iced coffee whilst watching this... now I have coffe on my glasses :>

  • Nutella and Crumpets
    Nutella and Crumpets

    I’ve never been interested in internet celebs or celebs in general. Honestly seeing bull shit news articles about celebrities make me cringe, but I never knew how bad the criticism was for them especially for kids. Like really you’re going to be mean to a child because some idiot predicted their death and I didn’t happen, that’s how you bully a child into suicide. People love to hate to much.