The David Rubenstein Show: Masayoshi Son

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    its me resha

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    Tks a lot

  • Cameron Shokri
    Cameron Shokri

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    • Cameron Shokri
      Cameron Shokri

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      Cameron Shokri

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  • seo xxx
    seo xxx

    he reminds me of Doncorleone at some points especially his Sicilian accents

  • Lovejoy Pou
    Lovejoy Pou

    This guy is a genius...

  • Come As You Are Living in Singapore
    Come As You Are Living in Singapore

    8:09 5 minutes a day and he touched his nose. Liar!

  • s f2
    s f2

    he is very keen to sell 1-2% but who will pay a fair price? who, who?

  • Nattaphon J
    Nattaphon J

    I can see a jealousy in David eyes

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    J Mend

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  • wei shiue
    wei shiue

    Mr Son knew that Ma was backed up by CCP. That is main reason not Ma’s eyes he made the investment.

  • Joshua Garba
    Joshua Garba

    Funny how he didn't know he was yet to make the biggest investment yet, WeWork 😂.... But I love how he handled it

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    edward ramize

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  • This Old Japanese House
    This Old Japanese House

    凄いですね。これを聞いて、孫さんの事をとても尊敬しています。 I really respect Mr Son.

  • Sayz Said
    Sayz Said

    Business minded,i like this mind

  • Godspower chimezie
    Godspower chimezie

    He lost billions in Wework too.

  • Noel's Fusion
    Noel's Fusion

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  • rainbowslk

    It is not true. Japanese government did not force the Koreans to change their names.

    • kim benk
      kim benk

      Not sure but having a Korean name is difficult for the Japanese to pronounce and therefore discriminate.

  • Be Ll
    Be Ll

    I'm not sure is envy, but David Rubenstein is an asshole in this interview.

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  • ys ts
    ys ts

    Masayoshi Son:agent of CCP.

  • 水澤秀成

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  • Field River
    Field River

    he is a servant of china, he does everything for xi ginping, trump was fooled by him and your country began to be eaten by china, Don't cofuse korean and japanese, korean always does what china says.

  • Kats Sue Cain
    Kats Sue Cain

    Masayoshi Son Liar

  • Ngô Duy
    Ngô Duy

    Huyền thoại

  • Eric Seine Mudda
    Eric Seine Mudda

    Yes, you know me. Was a misunderstanding. After 9 years I still don't get all the in-between-lines codes correct. Google can sing a song about it.

  • だんだん


  • 水澤秀成

    3  .  1  1  火  事  場  ド  ロ  ボ  ー  の  孫  正  義  か  よ  。

    • お腹ペコ


  • habibbi alikafe
    habibbi alikafe

    i would never give this guy my money. he got lucky with alibaba once and now he has fooled everyone into letting him lose their money

  • habibbi alikafe
    habibbi alikafe

    that song in the beginning for your open is so terrible lol

  • Linda Kristin Johansen
    Linda Kristin Johansen

    I really feel that I could need some help right now.

  • cakkidi007

    Notice at 21:30 when he talks about his successor he says “when I find HIM.” Why can’t it be a HER?

  • Priyangshu Dhara
    Priyangshu Dhara

    Speechless. Just wow!!!

  • 山口龍男


  • check one
    check one

    Top on the money game? (laughter)

  • Akira Ishii
    Akira Ishii


    • พัชรี นาทันคิด
      พัชรี นาทันคิด


  • Bach CompSci
    Bach CompSci

    the interviewer is so blunt and dry. thank god the interviewee was a straight up legend.

    • /

      Hes not a journalist, hes also an investment billionaire.

  • Tanaka Reiko
    Tanaka Reiko

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  • Paul Syng
    Paul Syng


  • Simon Tan-TJX
    Simon Tan-TJX

    Hes having fun while earning. Thats the future (or even now)

  • Simon Tan-TJX
    Simon Tan-TJX

    His 50year life plan is one of the main thing that got him here. I cant believe that he even thought about making such a long plan at 19years old. This is insane. Something to learn from for sure.

  • abrakadabra

    16:30 USD 34 Billion investment in ARM turned to USD 40 Billion in 4 six years . SoftBank sold its shares to Nvidia. Extremely smart business man !

  • 박승화

    사회자 양반, 대본 버려요

  • Mayank Agarwal
    Mayank Agarwal


  • Sean S
    Sean S

    One of the most exciting and fun to watch and listen to Son. I wish it were a more extended interview.

  • Steven Zin
    Steven Zin

    So humble and wise. What a gem!

  • Sigvard Björkman
    Sigvard Björkman

    Huge respect for this man

  • Fuad Hasan
    Fuad Hasan

    They are not monetizing well enough but If i own it we can monetize much better

  • Shima my
    Shima my

    Im Japanese studying English for formal situation. Is Masayoshi Son using correct English which sounds intelligent with appropriate choice of words?

    • Shima my
      Shima my

      @Lan Den thank you

  • iwannababillionaire

    His humility for his wealth is admirable.

  • Classic Detailing
    Classic Detailing

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  • Classic Detailing
    Classic Detailing

    손정의는 한국 양아치들, 이헌재, 홍석현, 윤석열 등등, 같은 시대에 살아 왔는데, 안목과 사람을 대하는 자세, 안목 vision!! 여러 면에서, 차이가 난다.!! 그가 갖고 있는 천성이 투명하다.!!

  • Addison Fuller
    Addison Fuller

    Worst allocator of capital in history. How's the wework return coming bro?

  • ⸻

    Masayoshi Son might be of Korean decent but he speaks like a Japanese man. Voice comes from diaphragm!

  • Daniel Souza
    Daniel Souza

    Great interview!

  • Rest At Me
    Rest At Me

    Love this interview !! So humble and sincere - very unlike others.

  • Ayush Jha
    Ayush Jha

    Videos like these should have at least 10M in views; sad that not many people consume these!

  • Naveen Kar
    Naveen Kar

    He’s a genius

  • Angeles Los
    Angeles Los

    Although he was discriminated by Japanese because He was korean, now he is one of Richest guy in Japan.

  • ABC74

    Somebody make a film on this man, it would be good if its telugu film.

  • DonDaniel

    There are many good trait this man had in this interview,but the way he comforts and promise to his mother, that's the most respectful thing a child could make to their parents.

  • aman gadpale
    aman gadpale

    Rubenstein or Larry King??

  • Ajay Kukreja
    Ajay Kukreja

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  • Ali Qazilbash
    Ali Qazilbash

    fuck off

  • jeremy johnson
    jeremy johnson

    15:56 I find it kinda cute how he waves his arms and says “big fight” lol

  • Rod Bahmanyari
    Rod Bahmanyari

    This whole time I felt like I was talking to a grandmaster, at any given time I felt like being called young grasshopper

  • 6rban100

    How can I be so rich like him! I want to eat only in Michelin stars restaurants, this is my dream, and travel the world

  • kurlylove eysn
    kurlylove eysn

    5 minutes can achieve a lot.

  • manoj nani
    manoj nani

    Masa: you want trillion dollars Crown prince: yes Masa: give me billion dollars Crown prince: take . . . Now what should we talk..?!

  • Harvey Ho
    Harvey Ho

    I like the story of McDonald

  • David Zhang Gaming quickscope king
    David Zhang Gaming quickscope king

    We work is a joke

  • piter Louis
    piter Louis


  • Joey Lad
    Joey Lad

    Been watching these videos they are really great

  • Ali Qazilbash
    Ali Qazilbash

    i couldn't fully figure out an A.I. what makes you think you could? 😐 beat it

  • IVAK 10
    IVAK 10

    I wished I could do something

  • Manoj Iyer
    Manoj Iyer

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  • sk-kh

    5 minutes invention come!!! Amazing

  • motohisa osaki
    motohisa osaki


  • motohisa osaki
    motohisa osaki


  • 김환준

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  • Chulki Zu
    Chulki Zu

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  • Sanjay Verma
    Sanjay Verma

    I have seen approximately 10times

  • Ali Qazilbash
    Ali Qazilbash

    because the SEC doesnt regulate hedgefunds...

  • San Jeong
    San Jeong

    well said. he's very simple/genuine.

  • Mickle Gill
    Mickle Gill

    I am trying to find the book he read. If anyone finds the name and where to buy please post.

  • DONT TRY خفرع
    DONT TRY خفرع . That wasn’t true at time . 😕😠😡

  • Roberto Martignone
    Roberto Martignone

    Amazing Masayoshi Son ! Genio

  • Jennifer Ford
    Jennifer Ford

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  • nn

    Why japan Government forces foreingers to change their family name?

    • 正道歩

      Actually they didn't force to change name. I will explain little bit. In Korean culture they didn't have a idea of family name. It was related to blood line. So Japanese government let Korean to make family name and share with wife. If you want to know further I recommend to search yourself.

  • Sanjiv Sidhu
    Sanjiv Sidhu

    Respect for this guy, he lost 99% of his fortune and came back

  • Robin Betor N. Marak
    Robin Betor N. Marak

    This is my 4th time watching it. I am really inspired by Masayoshi Son and David Rubenstein!

  • Arabind Chandrasekhar
    Arabind Chandrasekhar

    English is just a old language and Ideas are the new language

  • J Y
    J Y

    2020: The year Softbank became Hardbank

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    Raphz A Rabiu

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