The Enduring Mystery of Jack the Ripper
[Credits, References, and More]


00:00:00 Intro
00:01:18 Chapter 1: "Almost Beyond Belief"
00:05:33 Chapter 2: "Not an Atom of Evidence"
00:09:54 Chapter 3: "No Meaningless Cuts"
00:17:30 Chapter 4: "The Double Event"
00:29:19 Chapter 5: "Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper"
00:33:28 Chapter 6: "The Work of a Devil"
00:40:46 Chapter 7: "Lost Almost In Theories"
00:45:53 Suspect #1: Charles Cross
00:49:39 Suspect #2: Joseph Barnett
00:53:40 Suspect #3: Aaron Kosminski
00:59:54 Suspect #4: Francis Tumblety
01:05:53 Outro


    [Credits, References, and More]

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    I have two pretty interesting theories (well not exactly mine) :- 1] Jack the Ripper was no one else but the American Doctor, Francis Tumblety. Also, provided that he was an ayurvedic doctor, who treated patients, one of his patients could have been Charles Cross. Take it like this, Francis was killing the victim and was disturbed by another passer-by. So he simply acted out to be just a passer-by & one of his patients, a fake name, fake identity and a fake address; stumbling upon the body. Well this one is more likeable than the next one provided that Charles Cross was never investigated again and the same victim was not as badly cut down. And eventually, he fled back to America. 2] There are some evidences that show that a member of the Royal descent, Michael Maybrick was the actual Jack the Ripper (Michael accepted this in his book). From the video we can obviously address that Jack the Ripper was most probably Catholic and had a thing or two for Jews(saying this cuz he wrote on the wall about cleaning Jews and addressed the passer-by as 'Lipski'). In Catholic Culture, prostitution had been disapproved, so according to Jack the Ripper, all these things were gifts of the Jews. The whole point is that the actual Jack the Ripper was eventually caught and came out to be a Royal member. So, to preserve the name of the hierarchy, and end the chaos, the officials framed Dr. Francis Tumblety and made up the whole story of jars of wombs. But idk where Michael could have received his anatomical knowledge. 3] Aaron Kasminski, the barber, the guy who was admitted in asylum. There are pretty much all types of doctors in an asylum, and there could have been a surgeon/forensic expert(definitely would have been there) who taught Aaron in the asylum. Provided that the murders were all on holidays and weekends, when asylum is less guarded, Aaron could have slipped out and tested his skills in the middle of the night. I exactly do not know even if I am right or wrong, but we do have brains, why not just use it?? What do you guys have to say about these theories?

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    28:40 I really want to believe that the killer is all "Murdering? Yea that's me, but get the anti-sematic intentions out of it I don't do that shit wtf."

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    The "Kosminski" that Anderson and the others refer to might have actually been an unidentified Polish Jew in his mid-20s brought to a police station in December 1888 after being found on the streets raving in Yiddish. He was booked in under the name "David Cohen", cos they didn't know who he really was and he wasn't in the mood to identify himself. They tried to put him in a workhouse, but he became violet and was sent to Colney Hatch Asylum instead. Unlike Aaron Kosminski, "Cohen" *was* dangerous, violent, and had to be constantly restrained by asylum staff. He lasted only a few months in the asylum before dying of "exhaustion of mania". That fits Anderson and MacNaughten's descriptions, and the profile of the Ripper, a lot better than Aaron Kosminski, who was generally harmless.

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    This is absurd. You left out how the Ripper was actually raised by two siblings and then sent to India for a short time, and then vowed revenge on them and their organization for abandoning him. You also left out the parts where Jack would constantly parkour across rooftops and killed what would likely be nearly the entirety of the West End's police force. Also his favorite weapon: fear spikes.

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