The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown | Official Trailer | The Grand Tour
Did you wonder what this trio were up to during the pandemic? Well, they took some classic American cars and went on a grand tour adventure through the Scottish coastal roads. There are overheated engines, shouting, plenty of tea, and a whole load of classic car chaos. The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown coming to Prime Video on the 30th July.

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Join Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as they travel across the globe on their Grand Tour. A show about adventure, excitement and friendship… as long as you accept that the people you call friends are also the ones you find extremely annoying. Sometimes it’s even a show about cars, reviewing Italian classics, hot hatchbacks, muscle cars, pick-up trucks, luxury vehicles and more. There’s something for everyone (If you like middle-aged men doing things with cars, then this is the show for you!)

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  • The Grand Tour
    The Grand Tour

    Who's excited to see these guys back in action at last?

    • Renal Tarigan
      Renal Tarigan

      It was fun, well done!

    • Northumberland

      I've watched it 5 times

    • Ibrahim Mouasher
      Ibrahim Mouasher

      Only halfway through and already this is the best money I have spent on anything, in the past two years.

    • Dilshan Perera
      Dilshan Perera

      Always waiting for see their new actions....

    • Boris The Turtle
      Boris The Turtle

      Ive been waiting forever for this very moment!

  • I don't know Sample Text
    I don't know Sample Text

    So apparently they’re going to do road trips with cars of each choice. Every year. HYPE!

  • Sonda Shaull
    Sonda Shaull

    I'm cracking up laughing season 4 episode 1. They finally make it out to sea.. this is hilarious!

  • mc5353t

    Why the BBC let these guys go, i will never understand lol

  • TamppoSilakka

    Too expensive shit to watch

  • Jack Alope
    Jack Alope

    Idiotic song choice. A bunch of rich guys faffing around in Scotland with expensive cars has exactly nothing to do with an American anti-Vietnam protest song. The most you could stretch this is to find an anti-Elitism angle and that also doesn’t work out given the fact that this is about the totally detached experiences of rich people. I mean who am I kidding? The song choice was as empty as finding some energetic sounding thing thats only purpose was to drive nostalgia or something.

  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee

    3 rich unfunny old guys that can't drive essential viewing

  • Marlo Lorenzo
    Marlo Lorenzo

    As soon as I saw the date 🙃

  • Jason Adams
    Jason Adams

    1:54 The bellow of a wild animal is BACK, baby!!!

  • Ali H
    Ali H

    When is it comming out

  • catt

    "CLARKSON!!" is something that triggers a flashback to The "TopGear" days for me.

  • Mr Swollentip
    Mr Swollentip

    Dead on a lavatory ?

  • Zofia Siwińska-Mrozek
    Zofia Siwińska-Mrozek

    C'mon - unbrekable FSO Polonez was NOT produced in USSR :/ According to it's name - it's polish car and Poland was NOT a part of USSR... It's quite insulting, don't you think...?

  • Aki Nevanoja
    Aki Nevanoja

    I Want Kimi special...

  • Reynaldo Luna Jr.
    Reynaldo Luna Jr.

    I can't wait to see that Riviera with the wing and blower!

  • Roach Sanderson
    Roach Sanderson

    the song is The Fortunate clarkSon

  • Roach Sanderson
    Roach Sanderson


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    McBride Amy

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    • StickHits

      Lmao what an absurd bot thread

    • Bennett Ossy
      Bennett Ossy

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    • Nathan Isaac
      Nathan Isaac

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    • Fred Patton
      Fred Patton

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    • Ferguson Martin
      Ferguson Martin


  • Vladimir Berta
    Vladimir Berta

    Zastava is not a Soviet car :) its even worse :)

  • ItsMim

    God if your out there please god just hear me out, just let these guys live for another 100 years.

  • Moa Thorén
    Moa Thorén

    "Lochdown" 🤣😂

  • Crisp y Olive
    Crisp y Olive

    What is the bagpipe song you can hear in the first 10 seconds of the trailer

  • Mitko Barandowski
    Mitko Barandowski

    Legends never die, they reload

  • S'thembiso Miya
    S'thembiso Miya

    Probably one of thee best episodes by far. Authentic and genius

  • Retro Brothers
    Retro Brothers

    Where the f*ck is McScotland?

  • Krzysztof Jeske
    Krzysztof Jeske

    Perfect episide as always, fantastic job 😁 It's nice, that Abbie appeared again 😁

  • young future
    young future

    When is this out

  • Manu Harter
    Manu Harter


  • simon walker
    simon walker

    This way literally its course is an understatement......i would like the time back i wasted on this please

  • Danyel Wayne
    Danyel Wayne

    I hope it isn't last episode


    Jesus Richard go easy on the hair dye, you look ridiculous 😂😂😂

  • 762 arma
    762 arma

    этот трэщ кто то смотрит ? ах да , у нас же есть большой пласт любителей кушать экскрименты чужих мозгов

  • Bartek Niewiadomski
    Bartek Niewiadomski

    Ok, I have to confess. I don't like Amazon so much. In my opinion it's another great-world-brand, that wants to interfere with every aspect of life, just like Google, Microsoft or Facebook/Whatsapp (they seems to want to know EVERYTHING about us). BUT, to be honest, Grand Tour was one of the best things they did, so huge plus for them.

  • Just Another Patriot
    Just Another Patriot

    Loved this, laughed my ass off! Missed these guys. And seems like they get what's going on right now.

  • Артемий Павлов
    Артемий Павлов


  • Tenktory

    I just watched this episode and have to ask a question. Have you really announced that Poland (Polonez) and Yugoslavia (Zastava) were parts of the Soviet Union?

  • Sheila Ashcroft
    Sheila Ashcroft

    Love these guys! Is that Berwick upon Tweed at 0.35? (I live just over the border!)

  • Beshev Games
    Beshev Games

    Just in the first few minutes of the episode, they consumed more fuel with their cars than my hometown consumes in a week.

  • Tina aus Görlitz
    Tina aus Görlitz

    ich freu mich schon, wenn es auf Deutsch raus ist

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    special (bridge) = Lochdown > great special

  • bill b
    bill b

    Superb film, shows what bullshit convid is, and at the end "questioning reality" Brilliant

  • Nihar Joshi
    Nihar Joshi

    What song is used in the background? It's damn catchy

    • Hugo Meijer
      Hugo Meijer

      @Nihar Joshi No problem man, enjoy the song :)

    • Nihar Joshi
      Nihar Joshi

      @Hugo Meijer Thanks man

    • Hugo Meijer
      Hugo Meijer

      @Nihar Joshi Creedance Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son

    • Nihar Joshi
      Nihar Joshi

      @Rock girl that's the name of the song? or do u want me to actually name a better trio? 😂

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      Name a more Iconic Trio I'll Wait

  • jimbob2bob

    Not like America forced down our necks. This is Scotland, not the USA

  • Sixpak

    Hopefully we'll see Billy Connolly make a guest appearance in it.

  • Roadman Killer
    Roadman Killer

    If there’s a more odious, tragically tedious human being than Richard Hammond then I’m yet to see them. Utter prat.

  • Dannny Mooren
    Dannny Mooren

    It sucks terrible sound and more

  • Vi1ŧє

    Whats the music

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt

    The episode was great can’t wait till the next one hopefully around Christmas

  • Christian Bale
    Christian Bale

    Very good

  • Septimus T
    Septimus T

    Not gonna lie they made it like a trailer for a comedy movie set in the 70s

    • vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt

      Good stuff but very forgettable… perhaps i had high expectations…

  • Hervé

    James Burgundy is on his way

  • miad 3356
    miad 3356

    Nice 👌

  • IC 680
    IC 680

    Worst of the 3 by far

  • Moderate- Look it up
    Moderate- Look it up

    Misnamed. Should have been called Locksuck. The formula has become trite and there is nothing entertaining about it. They should hang it up and retire if this is the calibre of performance they are going to turn in.

  • Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide

    favorite one is the Bolivian expedition.

  • Soheil 113405
    Soheil 113405

    shit racists

  • Doge

    Name a more Iconic Trio *I'll Wait*

    • Charming nowhere to hide
      Charming nowhere to hide

      I watched Andy Witman interview before the release of the new episode. He stated that the new episode re: Banter etc was so natural. So they let it roll. So i watched the episo

  • Tkay Mdala
    Tkay Mdala

    When is it going live?

    • StolenGalaxy

      its on amazon prime video

  • coolintuitivename

    Ive been looking at all these cars recently lol

  • bka lmarhum
    bka lmarhum

    I heard mutley laughing a couple of times but didn't see him

  • Mdhneo007

    Nothing brings a smile to my face faster than these blokes. So happy to see them still around as a trifecta.

  • Exploring Habit
    Exploring Habit

    Richard Hammond looks like one of the chuckle brothers in this.

  • Zain Ul Abideen
    Zain Ul Abideen

    The worst grand tour ever Boring

    • Amirul Afiq Kamal Kurshid
      Amirul Afiq Kamal Kurshid

      @Fkez05 you must be new then... Try to wat TG S1-S23 and compare it with GT... And come again to this comment section

    • Fkez05

      @Amirul Afiq Kamal Kurshid I did, I watched it before I made that comment idiot It was great, definitely the best episode of Season 4 so far, it felt like one of their classic episodes again

    • Amirul Afiq Kamal Kurshid
      Amirul Afiq Kamal Kurshid

      agree their joke crige AF

    • Zain Ul Abideen
      Zain Ul Abideen

      @Fkez05 watch it then see

    • Fkez05

      Lmao, you have no taste

  • Sho and Jacob Mad Eatz
    Sho and Jacob Mad Eatz

    One of the funniest GT specials

  • Mark Donalds
    Mark Donalds

    Good stuff but very forgettable… perhaps i had high expectations…

  • Purple Speckled Apple Eater
    Purple Speckled Apple Eater

    Hard to believe they'll top the Mongolia trip, but they're going to. Woot! The Grand Tour's back!

    • louis c
      louis c

      They didn't still decent though

  • Mattias Andersson
    Mattias Andersson

    1:55 ”CLARKSON” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 19 71
    19 71

    As Jeremy has made a stab at Sage scientists, the government is trying I'm doing control and fear to the public, we are becoming a no freedom Chinese state, and at the end when they were in the pub in Scotland when everything was Chinese I thought it was absolutely brilliant, people are Sleepwalking into a disaster, a government where they are tracking every single movement what you spend where you go what you do, NHS app has been now updated to covid-19 vaccine ID certificate, what you will need to go in anywhere like we do in Poland and other fascist countries whose government is dictating and controlling they're own people,

    • Oli Lewis
      Oli Lewis

      Yes it was absolutely brilliant 👍 loved this episode especially for these reasons. Finally found someone else who gets it 😁

  • Filip Rangus
    Filip Rangus

    This looks so sick haha

    • Filip Rangus
      Filip Rangus

      @The Grand Tour watched it and loved it! Seems like they were all in a very good mood

    • The Grand Tour
      The Grand Tour

      You can check it out now on Prime Video!

  • Ankur Singhal
    Ankur Singhal

    Just watched this Lochdown episode and it is boring !! It is very underwhelming !! Clarkson's Farm is much much better than this. They have taken old ideas like America/Russia bashing, caravanning & others and just tried to mush them together into something. Very disappointed.

  • Chazz McCloud
    Chazz McCloud

    One of my first cars was a 1978 Pontiac Bonneville, very much like the cars the trio drove. Mine came complete with vinyl bench seats, front and back, which made for some interesting cornering if you weren't wearing a seatbelt. The suspension was such that, when you went over a speed bump, you felt like you were piloting a ship at sea for a block and a half. I could get the front tires off the ground, with help from a friend, by rhythmically pushing down on the front bumper. Fun car for a 16 year old for sure. I really don't know what we were thinking with 70's American cars.

  • betterireland1

    I watched Andy Witman interview before the release of the new episode. He stated that the new episode re: Banter etc was so natural. So they let it roll. So i watched the episode. Andy was lying . It is fully scripted, Every part of it, Looked and sounded forced. Please, If anyone can, Point out or time stamp the parts they believe were unscripted. The episode was like a promotional video for James May upcoming food show on Amazon.

  • FM

    Just watched it... honestly a waste of time, even though it looked promising. I am sorry to say this, but they're not fun anymore. Everything is so badly staged and on top of it, we've seen it all now. They just keep doing the same old stuff, nothing new... And on that regard, I agree with comments below, the old top gear were way much better, as they felt more real. Following Clarkson's ideas alone doesn't work, at least the BBC got that right at a time. Some young youtubers are even better than them, with not even a tenth of their budget. I mean don't do a next one, I'd rather watch Clarkson's farm or May cooking, at least this brings up something new and fresh. But this... come on...

    • louis c
      louis c

      Don't do a next one???? I mean it was slightly underwhelming but come on

  • Dima L
    Dima L

    Bad,bad, very bad ....

  • Chris Jordan
    Chris Jordan

    Who else has their A's, N's and L's worn down on their keyboards?

  • Predrag Ostojin
    Predrag Ostojin

    Since when was Yugoslavia part of the Soviet Union?! Zastava cars were made in Yugoslavia, Kragujevac.

  • Sergio _crs
    Sergio _crs

    I love the trio and absolutely loved top Gear and SOME episodes of the grand tour. This however is in my opinion the worst one yet. EVERYTHING looked too forced and too staged and not even trying to hide it. The whole point of the trip "why USA cars did not catch up in Europe" was painly stupid, and not a a one real challenge was there. Running out of ideas....

  • No Body
    No Body

    Edge of your seat scripting. They seriously need to retire this crap

  • A C
    A C

    Really disappointed. Was expecting a bit more. Cheaply done, no challenges . Gutted. Worst of all tours sadly. 😕

  • Eddie Jack
    Eddie Jack

    The last 2 in season 4 have been entertaining. Just watched this one. Bloody awful. Disjointed, boring and painfully unfunny. Feel like I’ve seen every set piece/scenario once or twice before. Surely they’ve got more original ideas?

  • fun times with Tom
    fun times with Tom

    The ending was brilliant and such a great commentary of the situation currently in America.

  • Joe Joe
    Joe Joe

    The 3 Amigos are back. $$$ Talks ! Am I right?

  • Con Con
    Con Con

    This is a return to the old formula, Outstanding Laugh out loud trio is back.

  • Con Con
    Con Con

    Am I the only one who noticed the "Wuhan" pendant, in the chinese sports bar? and then saw it photoshopped away?

  • Sally Campbell
    Sally Campbell

    I have watched and love you guys for years and the best part was when Hammond sunk the boat..omg I laughed so hard and let me tell you it’s been a while! One of these days this old lady would love to meet you 3

  • Lucifer Elijah
    Lucifer Elijah

    Gonna buy amazon just for this

  • Zach

    I watched this on Prime. Never seen the series before. It was Hillarious!

  • CGS Designs
    CGS Designs


  • Northumberland

    You have to watch this episode, it's classic Jeremy, James & Richard at their best

  • Seanstarchannel

    Just finished watching this special and I absolutely loved it 😂

    • Panzer VIII
      Panzer VIII

      @Seanstarchannel understood, thank you

    • Seanstarchannel

      @Panzer VIII no you can only find some clips on the yt channel

    • Panzer VIII
      Panzer VIII

      @Seanstarchannel you mean the youtube channel ?

    • Seanstarchannel

      @Panzer VIII Amazon prime 👍

    • Panzer VIII
      Panzer VIII

      Where can I find it?

  • Cole

    I found this one a bit underwhelming. Not bad by any means, but the ending in particular left a bit to be desired

    • HKsuperfan

      You can definitely tell they had to scramble to get this one together. I'm amazed they even managed to do it in the lockdown

  • Dennis Gründel
    Dennis Gründel

    I just watched the whole new special in Scotland and sadly I have to admit, i am disappointed. Lochdown just feels staged and unreal. For the last specials this problem has become much more present. Sometimes they managed to hide it very well but in this episode it just doesn't feel real. Of course the pandemic made a production incredibly difficult but in my opinion lochdown just combines some "funny elements" and thinks that makes a good story. I am a big fan of the trio but this time the episode was disappointing :( As a true fan I honestly think not everything they start becomes a great show. Clarkson's Farm, may in Japan and Oh Cock are incredibly funny, Hammond's big was very good too. But the Treasure Hunt, Hammond's "survival" show and now Lochdown don't feel like they come from such a great trio at least that's my opinion. I hope it's just because of the pandemic and next time will be a great show again ;)

  • christian holmes
    christian holmes

    Of course it's set up its a TV programme. It costs millions to set up. If it's not set up or has drama scripted, it'll be a reality show. Let the producers and the people that write the script to write it. Only complaint Hammond rubbish at acting just like the crap shows he's done on amizon 👍

  • Dzidek Mustang
    Dzidek Mustang

    Hello. after watching the new episode, I say: if you are to do something by force, please do not do it .this episode was very weak, although the cars were beautiful and only one nice moment when Hammond fell into the water. And a very important thing: FSO POLONEZ has never been produced in Russia! please explain and apologize to viewers from Poland. Regards Tom

    • Dzidek Mustang
      Dzidek Mustang

      @louis c and what made you so funny? do you have any problem with that?

    • louis c
      louis c

      Apologise to all polish fans😂😂 Slight overaction lmao

  • Devin Fahada
    Devin Fahada

    Those three Always bullying American muscle or american old car.. Let see what american car fans especially in asia thought about this?

  • Steven Downey
    Steven Downey

    It was ok, I really don't get though why they were driving American cars and talking about America most of the time. Wasn't this supposed to be a Scottish special? Then why nothing about Scotland and why not drive Scottish cars? Missed opportunity. It's like they went to Scotland said "We don't care about Scotland let's talk about America" 🤷‍♂️

  • none one
    none one

    At one point in Clarkson's Farm TV show on Amazon Prime, he opens a shop. What surprises and puzzles me is how many people show up to buy things. Is Britain really that fucked up, that you are all so desperate to get some fresh food? You can't just go to Tescos or whatever it is and get what you want? I mean....sure, it may be nice food, but the shots showed something like 200 cars trying to get into a shop the size of a one car garage, and all get stuck in the mud parking lot. Are people really THAT desperate in Britain? No, it is not credible that 200 cars appeared at the shop just to get on TV. Unless......are people in Britain seriously that bored, that starved for stimulation? Is it that dull, really? Could someone from Britain please explain this to me? Another scene, Clarkson goes to buy ingredients for ONE MEAL, "a ploughman's" from a shop, and it cost him over 80 pounds....I think that is about 120 that normal? Seems insane. The stereotype is all British food is it BOTH horrible AND expensive? Why would you stay in such a shit hole, if this is true? Don't respond with "Oh it is also bad in other places", EXPLAIN IN DETAIL. If number one, things a really are that awful and really are that expensive, then, number two: Why Do You Stay In Britain? A friend went to Ireland when we were both twenty years old. He came back and I asked him what it was like. He said: "they do literally skateboarding, no darts, no pool, no video games, no card playing, no joke telling, no dancing, no parties, no movies, nothing. No matter what age, all they do EVERY SINGLE NIGHT is sit in a pub, never stand or do anything, never sing or dance, just sit and get drunk with a glum sullen silence. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. This was around 1989 in a major irish city. Around 1985 a cousin went to Britain, came back. What was it like I asked. She said only one thing: "Everything there costs five to ten times more than it costs here. Don't ever go." Which British Prince said, England would be fine if we could just get rid of all the dirty wogs.

  • Fkez05

    Just watched it and absolutely loved it, it felt like a proper classic again which ngl the last 2 episodes haven't

  • Dallan

    I just finished watching it, and I loved every minute! (Now how about Grand Tour Canada?)

  • Zero One
    Zero One

    They have lost it :(