The Most Powerful Black Holes in the Universe 4k
The study of extreme physics brought us the bomb. It has taken us inside the violent death of a star. Now, it has brought us face to face with the most destructive force in Nature: a supermassive black hole. How large, how powerful, can these monsters get? What can they tell us about the extremes of time and space?

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    About the year 1054 supernova (SN 1054), the video says the concerned sighting was recorded in "China, Korea and the Middle East" (8:50〜). There may be a tiny error here. As far as I learned in school years back and also just googled it round, the event was mentioned in; - Xu Zizhi Tongjian Changbian (續資治通鑑長編, or Chronicle of the Northern Song Dynasty) finished by Li Tao (李燾) in 1183 in "China". - Song Shi (宋史, or History of Song) completed by Toqto’a (託克託) in 1345 in "China". - Song Huiyao (宋會要, or Song Dynasty Manuscript Compendium) compiled by Xu Song (徐松) around 1809 in "China". - Meigetsu-ki (明月記, lit. "Bright Moon Journal") written by Fujiwara Teika (藤原定家) between 1180 to 1235 in "Japan" later introduced in an American magazine "Popular Astronomy" in the 1930s. - The year 445AH eyewitness account by Ibn Butlan (ابن بطلان) found in Uyun ul-Anba’ fi Tabaqat al-Atibba (عيون الأنباء في طبقات الأطباء, or Lives of the Physicians) written by Ibn Abi Usaybi'a (ابن أبي أصيبعة‎‎;) in 1242 in "Syria". Apparently, there are 3 records in China, 1 record in Japan and another 1 in the Middle East. At least so far, there has been no written and/or recognised record of the SN1054 sighting found in Korea. I wonder why such a piece of misinformation got in so casually. It is only a small point in this wonderfully informative and scientifically sound fun video, but rather because of that, I got interested in checking up the above things. Hope to get it mended sometime if my point seems right.

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    It would be so cool if it didn't destroy but was a gateway

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    Some of the them look like a green lantern ring

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    And butterfly's and birds formed .you are laughable ,don't you know what is God obviously your astronomy is your futile God .

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    The bomb did nothing but kill thousands.

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    By the time you learn a little ,the world will end according to prophecy.


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    The donut shaped image of the black hole captured is astronomically amazing. 28.33

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    Black holes have always been my biggest fascination. I love astronomy but when you show me, or talk about a black hole I am just amazed.

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    Question. Are black holes actually holes or are they collapse suns?

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    On this video, at 26:28... i see a black hole/planet?

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    If the big bang came from a singularity and every black hole is also a singularly, is it possible that with the birth of a black hole in our universe, a big bang of a new universe is created on the other side? Could the energy and matter absorbed by the black hole over time come out the other side in the form of dark energy and dark matter in its child universe? If every Black Hole is a universe, could universes themselves be subject to evolution and primed for life by default? Is our universe simply part of a family tree of an unlimited number of possible universes? As Hawking radiation is not the stuff that falls into the black hole but new stuff stealing mass from it at a prolonged rate, can it explain all the contents that fall into it? Are these ideas too simple to be right or too simple to be wrong? Does a theory with this combination of ideas already exist? Are idiot dreamers like me even allowed to ask such big questions?

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    At last a simple lab experiment to prove God is real, alive and aware of our every thought. This is not a joke or clickbait it is a 4 minute video explaining the simple adaptation of a well known electron diffraction experiment that can only be true if there is a conscious force adjusting the parameters of the focus in the experiment. Akira Tonomura at Hitachi already proved that his range of focus showed surprising results, this adaptation will verify how and why. If anyone reading this has access to a lab try it, if you know someone in a lab get them to run it.

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    I love M87. Maybe black holes produce black energy and black matter?

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    I’ve read some about something y’all don’t really ever talk about , when two black holes , one much larger than the other encounter and begin to orbit each other faster and faster until one sling shots the other at ludicrous speeds thru the universe and tear planets and stars and solar systems out of place flinging them into random space , any life on those worlds never see it coming but only know that something had just destroyed everything in an instant , called rogue black holes . How come y’all don’t talk about rogue black holes ?

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    We don't even know our planet 100% yet we know what's out there.wake up people we have no clue how big things r there or what's out there.we only assume nothing fact we r clueless about space

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    Black holes are SO beautiful!

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    A SOOP-ER MASS-IV BLACK HOLE!!!! I wish the style of narration wasn't so portentous. It's like he's introducing some Hollywood blockbuster. "These monsters will kill us all!" AAAAAARGH!!!


    So, when everything has gone "to the other side" of the "black hole" . . . do we start over again (cosmic dust, single cell organisms, dinosaurs, mammals, man kind) ?

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    By watching our universe, have you noticed the incoming planets above Alaska, pictured by FAA weathercams? Watch YT August 14 THE Final Days..

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    What happened to the Alien Planets and Eyeball Earths video?? Was it taken down?

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    It certainly puts paid to the theory of wormholes. If there were wormholes then there should be a way to get back to the universe (the one we know). Since that's not possible with a black hole then the singularity theory is correct. With a wormhole there surely can't be any mass and without mass there can be no gravity.

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    Modern God ́s Light A

    1, The universe is governed by 1% Main Light Gravity, 2, If all the objects scattered in the universe were put together in one place, then 1% Main Light Gravity would come, 3, Because no heat power of Main Light Gravity can reach inside that place, therefore birth and death cannot be found inside that place, therefore the name of that place should be No heat, No cold, No God, No Giant, No error, No punishment. Is the earth one or two? Yes, so if the earth is one, how many living plants are there? All these creatures are the products of the earth. A group of elephants, a group of pigeons, a group of crow and heron, a group of goats, a group of horses, foxes and lions, like a Milky Way, a galaxy and a black hole, the main base of all these creatures is the earth, therefore all those creatures are the products of the earth. Yes, there are billions of Milky Ways, Black Holes and galaxies in the universe, all products of Main Light Gravity, and the main basis of all of them is Main Light Gravity, because the Main Light Gravity is the 1% element in the universe, all the creatures in the universe are found to operate from the same 1% element, and from the same 1% element various types of Milky Ways, Black Holes and Galaxies have been created in the universe, that is why I have named that element Main Light Gravity because it is the main base of all of them, and if we put all the objects scattered in the universe in one place, it becomes 1% Main Light Gravity again, thus the universe is governed by 1% of Main Light Gravity, and the outer universe of Main Light Gravity is the office of real peace, and within that space real death, real equality, real truth and real end is achieved, because the heat power of Main Light Gravity can´t reach in that place, so there is no birth and death inside that place, so the name of that place is No heat, No cold, No God, No Giant, No error, No punishment, and I want to go take all the miserable creatures of the universe inside that place, so I also made a song, which was the word of the song, I don't want to see other people in hell, i have been were in heaven, because I want equality for all. Finally I have mentioned about Duplicate Death and Original Death in the previous pages, you can find those articles on my Facebook page, my job is to guide the human race of the world, it is the job of scientists to discover, refute and review it, that will take some time for the scientists, that´s why time is the great in the Universe, It is complicated to do, but not impossible, it will take some time, but nothing can be created and will not end without time, thanks for the time, wait for the time, but don't judge my articles by their views on facebook, because I love the end, and I like the end, so I don't have many friends on my facebook, if you see visual elements anywhere in the universe, there are shapes of inequality. Yes, yes, the same inequality will be the symbol of unrest, the end is the universe, the universe is the end, and the end will be the basis and symbol of real peace and real equality, because the end is an invisible element, and the same invisible element is the main basis of equality, which is called real peace, real death, real equality, and real end and the universe. Modern God´s Light "O"M´science

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    Black holes are time travelling. You pop in one black hole an come out another in the other side of the galaxy light years away ( time travel ) we just need to know how to use them. Safe. Or. Get spat out of one an get thrown over light years. ( time travel ).

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      @lee twinny Could say the same thing to you. Btw a black hole is not an actual hole. You wrote you comment as if it where facts. Wich is not. Maybe you should learn more about the subject before making such statements.

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    What if blackholes ARE tears in space and in the process of repairing itself

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    Energy has/involves GRAVITY, AND ENERGY has/involves inertia/INERTIAL RESISTANCE. TIME is NECESSARILY possible/potential AND actual IN BALANCE, AS E=MC2 is F=ma; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. TIME DILATION ULTIMATELY proves ON BALANCE that ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity, AS E=MC2 IS F=ma. Gravity IS ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy. ("Mass"/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY.) GRAVITATIONAL force/ENERGY IS proportional to (or BALANCED with/as) inertia/INERTIAL RESISTANCE, AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity; AS E=MC2 IS F=ma. Gravity/acceleration involves BALANCED inertia/INERTIAL RESISTANCE, AS E=MC2 IS F=ma; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. (Gravity IS ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy. E=MC2 IS F=ma.) "Mass"/ENERGY involves BALANCED inertia/INERTIAL RESISTANCE consistent with/AS what is BALANCED electromagnetic/gravitational force/ENERGY, AS E=MC2 IS F=ma; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. Gravity IS ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy. It ALL CLEARLY makes perfect sense, AS BALANCE AND completeness go hand in hand !!! (Very importantly, outer "space" involves full inertia; AND it is fully invisible AND black.) E=MC2 is CLEARLY F=ma. The stars AND PLANETS are POINTS in the night sky. A PHOTON may be placed at the center of what is THE SUN (as A POINT, of course), AS the reduction of SPACE is offset by (or BALANCED with) the speed of light (c); AS E=MC2 IS F=ma; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. E=MC2 IS F=ma. This NECESSARILY represents, INVOLVES, AND DESCRIBES what is possible/potential AND actual IN BALANCE. Gravity IS ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy. The Earth is ALSO CLEARLY then E=MC2 AS F=ma ON BALANCE !!! GREAT !!! By Frank DiMeglio

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    "The most powerful black holes in the Universe"? Hilarious nonsense ! Considering Black Holes, Dark Matter & Dark Energy were never more than just "THEORIES", and were "invented" to try and explain the problem with the mainstream "Gravity led Model". Whereby there is insufficient gravity in a Galaxy to explain its behaviour. Putting a "Black hole" in the middle was itself quickly found to still not provide enough "gravity". So "Dark Matter" was added, but this still didn't provide enough gravity, so finally they dreamt up "Dark Energy" !!! However in 2013 early research into another aspect of the Universe by the Company SAFIRE, (That's a company not the scientific community!) Stumbled on a fundamental flaw in a very basic scientific test, that all of us probably did in the school science class !!!! The basic test being the bar magnet test, to reveal how iron fillings create a pattern around such a magnet. This school boy classroom test, has for around a hundred years formed a fundamental basis to explain "Electro-magnetism" across the Universe. But in some cases things such as Galaxies, didn't seem to quite match up, implying there had to be another force at work, and hence Black Holes etc., were "Theorised" to explain the problem. SAFIRE the company went back to basics for its own research into the "Electric Sun" model, in their attempt to find a cheap method to produce electricity in quantity from the way the Sun works. To solve the planets chronic need for cheap clean and reliable electricity. At this early stage in research they stumbled on a simple mistake everyone has made when conducting the simple bar magnet test, which is normally done in a two dimensional plane such as on a table. The iron fillings it was suspected were not in fact revealing the whole picture ! Indeed they weren't, and after more testing it was discovered that to reveal the "whole truth", two separate bowl shaped magnets are in fact needed. (One South pole orientated, and the other North Pole orientated.) To demonstrate this, the two bowl shaped magnets with their bottom or smaller ends facing each other, require a THREE dimensional space to reveal the results. So the bowls were affixed to a vertical metal stand. The iron fillings in this test now reveal the whole picture, as the fillings now form two bowl shaped cones. This tiny little mistake, has mind boggling implications when dealing with the Universe. SAFIRE quickly discovered that using "cones" to reveal the electro-magnetism of the Universe, immediately solved the problem of the missing "Gravity", and the cone shaped electro-magnetic behaviour reveals no "Gravity" is in fact missing. This immediately nullified any need for "THEORECTICAL" Black Holes, Dark Matter or Dark Energy. Indeed the dual cone shape revealed, now explains the bahaviour of all matter from the sub atomic up to the Galactic ! So this programme dated 4 DEC 2020, is in fact Historical nonsense. Which reveals many scientists don't read their "Scientific Newspapers", and as a result are wasting time & money on now dead theories. SAFIRE went on to PROVE the "Electric Sun" model. The mainstream gravity led model of our Sun (& Stars), thinks our Sun burns Hydrogen, then Helium and when there is nothing left to burn, it explodes and goes "Super Nova". This has also been found to be nonsense. In reality the Sun is fed by the Birkland electrical Currents that span the Universe. (Discovered by Professor Birkland in 1903). The electrical supply reacts with the Plasma in the Suns atmosphere and causes this to glow. Electricity & Plasma react together in many ways, dependent upon the amount of electricity available and the size of the Sun or Star. So our sun burns NOTHING at all, it is a brilliant Plasma glow we see in the sky. It is therefore the Suns atmosphere that is important not the "Sun" itself. In reality the Suns core is to cool to do much. SAFIRE having discovered the true workings of the Sun, then built a special multi-million dollar chamber to recreate a piece of the Suns atmosphere here on Earth. A 33,000 volt supply was needed, which obviously resulted in a lot of heat. From this they spent the last 7 years learning how to control the Plasma inside the chamber to find out the optimum requirements needed to produce as much heat as possible, which in a Power Station is needed to boil water, to make high pressure steam, to turn the Turbines which in turn rotate the generators to give us cheap, clean & plentiful electricity. NOTE: If SAFIRE's Scientific discoveries were in any way incorrect, the resultant technology (PLASMA REACTOR) would not be possible. So this alone proves our Sun & all the stars DO NOT WORK, in the way mainstream science claims !! SAFIRE the company revealed all their findings at Bath University (UK) in July 2019. Indeed they discovered a whole load of other major misunderstandings in Science. First their CEO Monty Childs PhD, explained. Quote "We SAFIRE, have been obliged to do the Science, the Scientific community SHOULD HAVE DONE 75 YEARS AGO" Unquote !!! We were then shown on screen much of the experimentation. First to be destroyed was Sir Isaac Newtons "LAW" of Gravity, when Plasma was seen on screen defying this "LAW". Just as Professor Velikovsky had warned us in his 1950 book "Worlds in Collision" that we would find !!! Next up, SAFIRE showed us on screen the impossible behaviour of Plasma, if as mainstream science insists Plasma is just a hot gas. No it isn't. Plasma is in reality neither a gas, liquid or solid, it is in fact the true "FIRST STATE OF MATTER". This was demonstrated then on screen, actually showing PLASMA "CREATING" various elements. Indeed during the seven years of experimentation PLASMA created 34 different elements including FOUR new heavy metals never seen before. In other words, Plasma which makes up 99.9% of the whole Universe is the CREATOR of the Universe. Think about that !!! SAFIRE having now discovered how to control Plasma, also means they can force Plasma to create any element they want. From an Industrial point of view "Rare Metals" are of big interest to Industry, and using this new technology we can "Create" these metals at a fraction of the cost of finding and mining them !!! The CEO of SAFIRE finally revealed, Quote "It seems that we have opened Pandora's Box" Unquote. But promised there are a number of other discoveries that need a bit more research before any further information will be released. (As stated at Bath University, UK in July 2019). The UNIVERSE is ELECTRIC there are NO islands in Space.

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  • Galactic Mastery
    Galactic Mastery

    All it is it’s scraping by turning and it’s releasing the dark particle that forms in the center that’s all it is people gravity is formed in the center of the black hole by scrubbing emitting light the dangerous parts are outside not inside just like a hurricane their hurricane winds are outside not inside and when it all settles down they go back and attract to each other right now they’re not attractive because they’re turning super fast they have released the dark particle that goes into the center of the black hole creates the black hole but light does admit behind it accelerating the light they have super position themselves two separate The light from the dark particle a relay particle attracted light particle you can easily tell that’s a dipole it’s time to grow up scientist it’s time to realize a lot of your scientific analogy is wrong

    • Galactic Mastery
      Galactic Mastery

      Here a experiment go take a magnet hold it in your opposite dominant hand A good size one Close your eyes and focus your intention with your eyes closed onto that magnet that’s in your hand take a table top fan and stand next to the fan by holding the magnet and the opposite hand dominant hand Close your eyes breathe into your stomach flex your stomach in and out you will be feeling this light energy with dark matter

    • Galactic Mastery
      Galactic Mastery

      The black hole does not have power the outside like a hurricane has power white has power light is explosive like the atomic bomb light all the energy outside has a Energy it’s been powered by separating its dark particle off the light 💡 particle every dark particle has a light particle has electron electrons attach onto the proton dark matter proton i’m sorry there’s a dark matter proton it’s a dipole there a light and there’s a dark particle it’s separating off of the original nucleus The light is going one way and the dark is going another way it’s going into the center it’s emitting the gravity into the center but it’s Creating this crushing volume of energy Energy creates waves of light they’re pushing in the energy so the dark particles fall into to the center that’s reality that’s what’s happening

  • Galactic Mastery
    Galactic Mastery

    If you watch it closer and slower it’s rubbing against The light particles the lights particles are scrubbing so much that they push off push comes to shove they push off the dark matter particle and they form in the middle of each Fourtex as walls as the other besides the two big sides the Yang in the yang all the growing is electrons smacking into each other and when they smack in each other they release the proton dark matter particle and that forms into the center all this energy is being stored within the center the dark particle separates from the light particles there’s a white dark and there’s a dark dark there’s a proton the proton dark particle separates from the light particle from the being amped up being crushed they’re all crushing and electrons are nothing but nuclear bombs 💣 they’re crushing White all that light you see is from a crushing there is no vacuum in space it’s time to understand physics more easier instead of all this mathematical garbage all this trying to keep you blinded from the truth because really it’s not that difficult to figure out the nature of space they want to make it so complicated for you The reason why is a system of government a system of corruption a system of all the systems they think it’s impossible it’s not impossible light can be accelerated and that’s acceleration of light well you’re watching acceleration later crushing it with a crush boom when they explode that’s acceleration of light and you see all that glowing and then they separate and the other ones are not attractive at that point they’re attracted one day slow down and then they go back together

  • Galactic Mastery
    Galactic Mastery

    There’s no beginning there’s no ending if I can send energy directly through the screen and you can physically feel it there’s no end there’s no beginning so you don’t know the truth there is no vacuum in space there’s no vacuum space there’s white particles that it’s separate from the dark particles every light particle has a dark particle it’s a dipole The sun is not that hot the outside of the sun is very hot that’s why it’s scrubbing against the magnetic field it’s making it more hotter we’re all scrubbing through the solar system with each magnetic field of each planet there is no vacuum in space it’s physically scrubbing against each other Black holes are created by white particles separating from the black particles of because they’re trapped in their own incursion so they’re turning and when they scrub push comes to shove they create this glowing light that we can see from a telescope it’s scrubbing in this material its glowing because it’s creeping it’s creating force together it’s forcing itself to create this vortex and when it does that all the dark particles are left in the center like a tornado all the real damaging explosive energy is outside inside there’s only gravity that is not explosive The explosive part is outside like a tornado like a hurricane that’s the parts that’s going to destroy your house is the outside wire the outside layer destroys your house not the inside layer there’s no inside layer there’s no there’s that’s why that’s called the eye of the hurricane the eye of the hurricane has no energy in there planes fly into there and they don’t get damaged but when they go out on the outer Side of the hurricane they start experiencing wind turbulence same as a black hole Light and Energy is formed outward in word is just gravity it’s separating the dark particle from the light electron that’s basic physics it’s time to wake up it’s time to realize that a lot of scientist are fake and they just in it for the paycheck and ego they’re wrong all that light right there in that video is a explosive electron it’s creating this concussion to separate the dark matter particle to create this and Amateur of energy just like a tornado just like a hurricane it’s the same concept there’s violent storms in space Space is all this particles all this energy within all these gravity waves every mass has these gravitational waves like smacks into each one light is electrons but they carry a dark particle with them We live on a tail end of a hurricane tail that’s what we live on people there’s is no vacuum in space

  • Galactic Mastery
    Galactic Mastery

    Its a dipoles if you look behind now with visible white light of the black hole you can easily figure out that this is a 100% dipole light is the electron and the proton is dark matter it’s scrubbing off of the light particle that means it was attached to it the dark matter particle was attach the light particle it’s scrubbing by turning you flush the toilet what happens it’s creating this magnetic field by scrubbing and it’s separating off of the light particle and it’s going into this graphic Tron tape Energy it’s a separating from the light particle it’s attached to every light particle we got a look at physics differently it’s time to grow up it’s time look at it in a new pair of eyes it’s separating from the light particle it’s scrubbing like there’s no vacuuming space that’s BS it’s physically scrubbing against the other light particles in the separating the dark particle and they’re forming in the center that’s all its accelerating light You can accelerate like you can go faster than the speed of light there’s experiments I made here on earth of how to accelerate like how to go faster than the speed of light You can complain all you want Majority and Scientist are wrong it’s not that difficult you don’t need a PhD to figure this out that’s the problem scientific community is so wrapped their head and the academic world of pretend

  • Galactic Mastery
    Galactic Mastery

    Black hole is nothing but the white matter separating from the black matter and white matter with all that energy that is turning because electrons are turning and they’re spinning and they’re cussing so they’re creating White more glow because they’re contracting and they are separating themselves from the black matter what’s attached to the electron electrons attach onto dark matter but when they crush they separate that’s why you see this all the light around the ⭕️ that’s what’s happening all those clothes is because of it separating itself from the physical dark matter creating this dark energy within the center of the black hole the black hole is nothing but these particles separating off the light particle

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    Black holes don't pull just objects but drags the space around the object.

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    Space-time is very fluid and behaves like water without any density,it's the lease dense thing in the universe,it's the fabric that everything we know resides in,a black hole is basically a sinkhole in spacetime but this sinkhole spinning and dragging space itself down with it 🤔

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    its crazy that just a year ago we where sure the center of our galaxy was a massive black hole.. and now we believe it may actually be dark matter.. boy i can't wait what we learn in the next decade or century

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    black holes sound like gates to abyss where nothing escapes.. o.o not even LIGHT

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    Yunus Jhon

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    Yunus Jhon

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    Yunus Jhon

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    Frank DiMeglio

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    The Random Guys {LarY}

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