Watching the End of the World
What would we see if we could journey through time, from Earth’s birth up to its death? Join us today on a voyage through time, from planetary creation to the blossoming of life, from the first civilizations to the planet’s ultimate demise.

An educational video written & presented by Prof David Kipping

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► Disclaimer: Of course this is not exhaustive, many details/events are omitted in the interest of time. Predictions are based on current best estimates from the scientific literature and thus may be subject to change as our projections improve.

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::Other clips used::

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    Cool Worlds

    So which day was your favourite? Thank-you so much for watching everyone, this was a big one to put together so I hope you enjoyed! We're trying a new thing out where those of you who want lots of repeat value (but without the ads) can now just grab the audio track online in the Soundwise store (link below). Let us know how you get on with the platform/any problems. If popular, we'll do this more often and re-master the audio from previous popular episodes and put them up there too. Link:

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      You must be fun at parties.

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      My favorite day wasMay 20th. Not only because it’s my birthday, but because it was around the day when humanity fell. It’s a shame that the other species on this planet had to fall soon after. I hope that they had time to enjoy a human less planet and the freedom that gave them. Humanity has enslaved every other species on this planet under its heel even worse than the not insane power hungry dictator. I hope they spent their time wisely after they were all finally free.

  • Western Values
    Western Values

    Humans can save all life if we embrace science, lift our planet to a higher orbit, colonise other worlds, and send a bunch of humans to travel with the star Gliese 710 when it passes within 24 light-days of Earth in just 1.3 million years. Exciting times ahead, time to get sciencing! Cheerio!😆

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    Reeze Vlog

    time will end…………………just like a clock or a watch (be it an automatic or a quartz movement) time will stops no matter what….

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    Nemesis Enforcer

    We are the parasite to this planet.

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    You may all go to Hell & I will go to Pluto -The Ghost of Davy Crockett

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    ms. must love cats

    @cool worlds The information in this video was totally wrong ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 😞 The world was certainly NOT created as mentioned in this video and it certainly will NOT end the same fashion, either. The Bible *clearly * explained how the world was created and how it will end.

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    The Velvet Kitten

    The watches in the beginning… it reminds me of the Time Traveling Twins.

  • sKeLeToR

    what a sad end we will eventually face, what everything will eventually face... until the gasses expelled upon the universe from our sun, merges with another, only to start the cycle over again, by creating a new star, and potentially new solar system, a new galaxy, and on, and on the cycle goes, in an almost everlasting repeat... until the real end days appear. the ones where either the universe has expanded too far to repeat the cycle, or until black holes have swallowed up and merged into true everlasting blackness. but i like to believe that isnt the case, i like to believe we will expand until we break through whatever binds our multiverse and merge with another, only to keep repeating, or that we will eventually detract back to our singularity, and restart the big bang all over again. Life always seems to find a way, and that universe is just as alive as you or I. It may not breathe, or even think, but its omnipotent in power and scope, its pure energy and lifeforce, personified.

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    wayne mainord

    Bull crap looks like mars

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    MR. DMG

    “The Universe offers infinite potential to those who dare”

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    Reinhold Bobo

    That presentation was truely philosophical... So sad to see what we do to our mother Earth during our days, Like little children who understand nothing....

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    6,000 years is more accurate.

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    Thank you for creating this video and for explaining the evolution of our planet in such beautiful and easy-to-follow words! It would be fantastic if this video could be translated in other languages... would help raising awareness when it comes to people attitudes, behaviors and believes. Couldn't agree more with the other comments: a masterpiece!

  • E. McGuire
    E. McGuire

    Thank you so much. Your videos on FIbill now set the standard for nearly everyone else. No one could have predicted that astronomy, cosmology, and the history of our planet could be so elegantly combined and elaborated, enabling science--at least here--to become the highest form of entertainment.

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    I believe the bible and your video is only cool because of your imagination but there's no truth.

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    The earth will always be here Our God which created said so oops stop trying to scare people

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    how did u know the first day is January 1

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    Alfredo Isaac

    Most of these information has been known for decades but only in science books, saddly very few people read it, with this video plus the added knowledege up to present time, it´s marvelous to watch it, I really hope millions of people around the globe see the best ever video in You Tube, make them aware of the only truth and comply by to get maybe 1 more "second" of time.

  • Chocolate Thai
    Chocolate Thai

    it is truly beyond the caucazoid to tell the truth of their origins. its seems we can never get the honest truth of human evolution. Why is there always the elements of white supremacy indoctrinated in these origin stories? and I came to honestly be entertained. its clear that so called whites have only been on planet for at lease 10k years and the evolution theory by Charles Darwin was only made to ex the African out of the human family tree. we are sick of you people perpetuating these lies. we been here in human form longer than you are willing to admit honestly.

  • Kazeon

    I can't wrap my mind around these questions: who or what told/taught/drove those simple cells to just form something as sophisticated and complex as the brain in the first place? I think humans are pretty smart but even us, we can't think of something that we don't know of existing. So how did they, those mindless cells, just decide that they will just lump together and form the brain in the first place? How did they "design" the structure, the system, the means of communications, etc? It's pretty hard to believe that it's all just random coincidences, the result of countless random mutations, even if it was happening for hundreds of millions or even billions of years. And to think that most of creatures in this planet today basically have similar features (brain with similar functions, similar respiration system, similar digestion system, similar reproduction mechanism, etc.) even if everything comes in various forms, proportions, and sizes, but their features are quite disturbingly similar, at least from the way I see it. I can't help but think that there could be some kind of "blueprint of life" and evolution was just sort of following the design. As someone without any science background, I find these thoughts baffling.


    Nos pode muda o rumo desta estoria de pente de Nos... Fazer um nova estoria..

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    Fun fact: This earth isn't old Billions Its only 2,021 Year old 😂❤

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      Cool Worlds

      Not really! Remember the Sun is warming, so adding CO2 might enable photosynthesis but it would bake the planet. There’s just no way out at this point.

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    See another documentary By a scientist named David Talbott titled Remembering the end of the world, a familiar sounding title, the particulars are there, Twiliight of the Gods, also thunderbolts of the Gods, We are being taken for a ride have been for over 100 years.

  • Greg Jay
    Greg Jay

    Indeed, our ability to forceast the future speaking of that here is a sobering thought MS cosmology has not one correct prediction, earth's atmosphere has not yet equilibrized, it (the atmosphere) cannot be more than 2 - 3 millon years old, see a guy named Robert Bass, so not even 1 billion years old mainstream phony Einsteinian horse n buggy cosmology was disproved by astronomer Halton C. Arp, in 1966!The Royal society will never let any plebes in on the fact they are hiding the electromagnetic force from the masses over Oil addiction. Since when have we ever been told the truth about anything? Just saying.

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    Dr. James Olack

    I return here on occasion for a reality check. One of the most moving vids on FIbill.

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    Phil Novo

    I am from the future and can confirm that this is completely accurate

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    Holt Burdette

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    Laagtravel vlog

    The SUN will kill earth, we are getting closer and closer each year to the Sun which burn entire earth.

    • Gwen

      it's still hundreds of billions of years away

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    • Lauren Martins
      Lauren Martins

      Stop the socialist nonsense.

  • Aaron Wolfenbarger
    Aaron Wolfenbarger

    The earth is NOT "beeelions" of years old dumbass! it was made in SIX literal days starting with the darkness then going to light evening and morning being a reckoning of a day. YOU have been lied to and every single bit of evidence contrary to the so highly improbable as to be considered absurd by scientific standard theory of evolution is avoided because your SO unscientific that you have to take the things discovered by theistic scientists and claim them for your own absurdity; and I dont even have to prove it because they are well known facts among those of us who qualify our sources of information instead of taking it for granted because enough liars say it loudly and often. How about how the solar system was made for example because to ME its the most hillarious. You believe in the model of the nebular hypothesis well it was FIRST put forth in the 18th century by a man who believed he got it via telepathic communication with aliens of Jupiter ( look it up dumbass if you dont believe me I am BIG on qualifying what I AM saying but YOUR not) then EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE ITERATION in the modeling of a nebular hypothesis that has been tried had failed and there are at this point about a MEELION. You dont even really have to go that far but they are so stubborn in trying to find something that kinda fits but you cant squeeze a sun having over 98% of the mass of the solar system into the model and have it work out so ther eis just one little glaring in your face crack in what is otherwise your sincerest efforts to grant yourself godhood.

    • Gwen



    This may sadden some, but all need to remember that Earth is not the only chapter in the story of life. Millions of other planets exist that have a history as rich and beautiful as Earth's. Life will forever endure...whether it's on Earth or another planet.

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    mark kibui

    35 minutes of pure bliss watching this.. Curiosity put into words

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    For me, this was so incredibly moving to watch. I'm not a super religious person but think my myself as a spiritual person and my one wish for when I leave this world whenever that would be is to witness in some way the very beginning of our world to its very last day and I imagine it would look something like this. Job well done!! At the end I was sobbing for a good 10min. Great video with a great message. I wish I had watched this last night and not early this morning cause now I'm gonna be bummed out all day.

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    • Tshepiso Mahlaba
      Tshepiso Mahlaba

      Now neither will I.

    • Tshepiso Mahlaba
      Tshepiso Mahlaba

      Now neither will I.

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      Sean Charles

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    Tom Mackie

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    • Gwen

      it's not true though. even in the bible, it was metaphorical, not literal.

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    Joey van Leeuwen

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    Johnathan Waters

    Well, if you weren't depressed when this video started, you're almost guaranteed to be by the end!! No longer do we look toward the future with wonderment and positivity, it's ALL doom and gloom now! Have a great day! (while you still can)

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