What If You Were Stranded In the Sahara Alone?
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  • Arturo Stojanoff
    Arturo Stojanoff

    Bats: *historical symbol of blood sucking vampires* This dude: *UNO reverse card*

  • SEVA26

    Legend has it Bear Grylls has a poster of this man above his bed.

  • Don Omar
    Don Omar

    13:01 that actually might have saved him, if they werent swollen he might have drank soo much soo fast and that mightve killed him.

  • Atsuming

    I'm so touched that in what he thought would be his final moments, he still thought of his wife.

  • Aaa

    It's not that easy to kill a vampire.

  • David witte
    David witte

    One bad ass dude

  • That one Gamer
    That one Gamer

    The bravest thing was literally deciding to end his own life....fuck...idk...im extremely brave and have done things people just wouldnt even dream of doing but taking my own life in a situation like that takes another type of courage all together.

  • René

    What an animal!

  • vladimir curkoski
    vladimir curkoski

    And than there is a guy in Germany who must drink at least 20l of water per day just to stay alive. He must drink water every 2h day or night every single day

  • M Piper
    M Piper

    Oh. My. Gawd.

  • Koventhan A.P
    Koventhan A.P

    I thought that one man was Bear Grylls🤣😂

  • Digital Life
    Digital Life

    Engrossing inspirational story!

  • Mup Razor
    Mup Razor

    this is how covid started he drank the blood of bats

  • Toni High
    Toni High

    Antarctica is worse

  • Siswa Akhtar Qaiser Djohan
    Siswa Akhtar Qaiser Djohan

    dude why wude you kill abat and drink his bolld desgastine

  • ميعاد m
    ميعاد m

    Camping in the Sahra in spring and winter season is the best thing 👍🏻

  • Harry Pottah
    Harry Pottah

    Always go north.

  • Tej Wael
    Tej Wael

    As a person who live near the sahara it really sucks

  • Tim Collum
    Tim Collum

    "he woke alive". Opposed to what? walking up dead? On a realistic note, the pilots did see him, but they knew that his last name meant "prosperous". They said: "Lets test that theory.".

  • 12 Fingers
    12 Fingers

    that dude was one day short of becoming that dude from Hellboy that had nothing but sand in his body

  • Buster Hikney
    Buster Hikney

    if he'd been a french dude in algeria, it wudda been a worse ending

  • Kurosakidude

    I experienced 45C in japan in 2019 and was like yea yea watever 47 is fine especially if ur an ultra marathon runner like these guys, but this guys story is insane lmao holy fucking shit

  • Buster Hikney
    Buster Hikney

    The organizers of this event should be taken into the woods and left there.

  • Solo Skipper
    Solo Skipper

    Don't wander into the Sahara without Black Capsules.

  • Lotry Camill
    Lotry Camill

    Sahara meaning is Witch

  • Lotry Camill
    Lotry Camill

    Sahara desert is bigger then America you might survive if you have two camels 🐪 one with water and food and the other to ride

  • izzy hassan
    izzy hassan

    Can you catch covid here?? 😁

  • Carl Gharis
    Carl Gharis

    One of the few places you can cross the border and not even know it. Obviously they don't have a sign saying ( welcome to Algeria) because nobody is going to be out their unless you're in a situation of extenuating circumstances like he was

  • J H
    J H

    Holy shit

  • Nye Davis
    Nye Davis

    The Sahara is a fantastically beautiful place and Morocco is a wonderful, culture rich country. Don't let this video put you off, being alone in the desert is one of the most amazing feelings (although probably not being lost and dehydrated as in this case)

  • Brian Heller
    Brian Heller

    Shame the narrator feels the need to over emphasise every third word.

  • Seve

    Why didn't he just use his compass and go north...🤷🏻‍♂️

  • A Shah
    A Shah

    This reminds me when SpongeBob tried to deliver the KrustyKrab pizza.

  • Ramiz Inam
    Ramiz Inam

    What if your stranded in NYC?

  • Morgan

    Yet people think Humans can change the WORLD temperature when we occupy under 1% of the planet

  • Iustitia Universalis
    Iustitia Universalis

    You can clearly see the help of God here

  • Thierry Parte
    Thierry Parte

    How they know his story if he dead?

  • Gia Huy
    Gia Huy

    The abandoned hut, the bats, the girl with the goat, the goat's dung, and the oasis, all are blessings.

  • KayJay

    So when does it come out?

  • Stephen Van Dulken
    Stephen Van Dulken

    Epic endurance, but I'm puzzled why he went so far off course. He had been running northeast, so the sun was on his right. When he ran off course, he went southwest, so the sun was on his left. Didn't he notice ? Also, a compass would have been helpful. Nowadays they would have GPS with them I hope...

  • Burhan Chughtai
    Burhan Chughtai

    This man asked for it and was tested beyond his life

  • IsraeliSoul

    The X was above lake chad lmao

  • The Derflinger
    The Derflinger

    TLDR: You dead - Mr.Popo

  • Alex Hurtado
    Alex Hurtado

    I thought it gets cold in the desert at the night

  • mrcatfish2100

    My goodness, this is an incredible story. One that tests human limitations.

  • crimidine

    Bats: transform into vampires and drink human blood Prosperi: reverse uno card

  • InvictvsNox

    Well that was traumatic to watch. Can't imagine how it had to be to live.

  • Trevor N
    Trevor N

    The crew of the B24 Liberator Lady Be Good crashed in the Sahara after getting lost in a sandstorm in 1943 and missing their base. One of those guys managed to walk 200 miles back toward the Libyan coast. He was still 99 miles from the base when he died in the desert. The wreckage of the bomber was found by a BP oil exploration team in 1958.

  • stink151

    Me who lives in Florida heat don't effect me the average is 9999 degrees Celsius

  • Ray Tempus
    Ray Tempus

    I don’t believe you

  • To Easy924
    To Easy924

    There's a game currently based on this. Watching this seeing the Muslim shrine then the pond and you be runner in the game totally fits it.

  • OnshoreBog

    Never✏️go✏️ to✏️the✏️Sahara✏️ got it thanks

  • Batteryman C
    Batteryman C

    What if I were stranded in the sahara alone? Easy. Perish.

  • Lil Chopstixz 21
    Lil Chopstixz 21

    Fun fact learn French cause most Africans will know French and a bit of English. Learning Swahili is good but only good in Africa while French helps in Africa and the rest of the world

  • CosmoZ AbhilasH
    CosmoZ AbhilasH

    In India u can get 43°C in summer which is very common

  • Коста Ангелков
    Коста Ангелков

    You saying sahara could get 47°c Macedonia be like: That aint hot


    9:50 vamvampire

  • Francis Guison
    Francis Guison

    This could be a great Movie,!

  • Francis Guison
    Francis Guison


  • PowerRanger Willow
    PowerRanger Willow


  • PowerRanger Willow
    PowerRanger Willow

    Is it possible to survive that 🌵

  • kelvin Simon
    kelvin Simon

    "what if you were stranded in the sahara alone" Me who lives miles away:Yes I want to know!

  • AJGeeTV

    This is an incredible story and I was on edge watching this video. I love endurance/survival stories and this is one of the best. Thanks for the video...

  • Rafael Beatsubi
    Rafael Beatsubi

    Lost in a barefoot desert

  • Jopo

    “One of the worst places to get stranded in” Antarctica: Am I a joke to you?

    • Gui Noce
      Gui Noce

      At least you have plenty of water

  • German Zavala
    German Zavala

    Why do you use only the metric system and not the standard one seeing as yours American?

  • Aurora Wolfe
    Aurora Wolfe

    This guy: badass surviving 10 days alone in the Sahara me: can't even stand being outside in 100° weather for 5 minutes

  • aizat27

    Amazed that the organizer did not provide more flares for runners in the first place. And I'm sure GPS tracker was already exist back then.

  • sovit bajracharya
    sovit bajracharya

    Why would you even think you wouldn't get lost in a sandstorm.

  • achraf nidal
    achraf nidal

    actually the temperature you gave is not so accurate because i live there and in the summer time it gets up to 54° very easily and even more than if you get lost in it you'll die within a day or two

  • Kenneth De Guzman
    Kenneth De Guzman

    this is how important telescope is during this kind of scenario. even at grand canion or in this place a simple telescope might save you.

  • raeraesocraycray

    Lol my country is one of the countries along the Sahara and we have to plant trees all the time to prevent the desert from expanding into our country

  • jfk999

    "Massive sandstorms the size of countries..." Russia or Monaco?

    • FordMustnagIsbestcar ath
      FordMustnagIsbestcar ath

      probably serbia

  • Ajibola Obe
    Ajibola Obe

    I will call it the suicide marathon race. Only the most foolhardy will attempt it.

  • ash

    Him “47 degrees under exceptional circumstances” Me: A Queenslander whos experienced that with added humidity

  • irockz281982

    I don't why, but watching the first minute and I got thirsty.

  • Will Mellquist
    Will Mellquist

    Fascinating story!

  • Wim Hof Jutsu
    Wim Hof Jutsu

    Great inspiring and emotional video up until the ending - the segue into an ad... You shouldn't end videos like that imo, it takes away the magic of what you just informed us on

  • Mick Butler
    Mick Butler

    He should of went due North with his compass. He would eventually have hit the Mediterranean Sea, even if he couldn't find people.

  • Bruhistan TV
    Bruhistan TV

    DO NOT put land between the 30th parallel and the equator, worst mistake of my life

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk

    For a canadian comparison (which I did before the american comparison) 290 kilometers is like walking from Brampton to Kingston (3 HOUR DRIVE)

  • D

    I know how he feels, I walked to maccies today and it was CLOSED!! I just didnt know WHAT to do!

  • Jaaj Loul
    Jaaj Loul

    Pov: Ur african

  • Not so Hotshy
    Not so Hotshy

    Does that guy at 2:57 have prosthetic legs?

  • akbarbinhassanbinali wasti
    akbarbinhassanbinali wasti

    Why is it that White people are so much interested in Sahara ...It is pure and unadulterated hell ...

  • Joe Valencia
    Joe Valencia

    This sounds like a regular day in 29 palms

  • RunniN IT
    RunniN IT

    Wow this is crazy

  • Bright Up
    Bright Up

    Guys which will u prefer? Being lost in the Sahara or Siberia

  • drew

    I would call for help

  • Jabulani J. Mabika
    Jabulani J. Mabika

    The real destination fucked

  • raymond Hee
    raymond Hee

    stop exaggerating! It's NOT true!

  • paul destanko
    paul destanko

    Stranded🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣Americans never get stranded😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣biden will get you🤔🤔😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Axtro_nv

    australia in the summer is about 40 degrees celcius'

  • Indi_of_the_waffle_gang

    Dude. 53 miles in 24 hours? Isn't that like, faster than a 4 minute mile consistently for 24 hours?! Whose bright idea was to do that in the desert?!?!

  • Softan J
    Softan J

    "So he took out his compass but all he could see was sand in every direction" Yes that's why following the compass would have been so useful. They were invented for situations exactly like that, so you can navigate when there's no visible landmarks to help guide you. Why did he go south when he had a compass? He must have known where in Africa the race was, then he should know that no matter what direction he ran off to it would be preferable to walk north or northwest but instead he walked south. The only thing I can come up with is that he confused the needles and thought the red needle pointed south. Good thing he got so lucky.

    • Don Omar
      Don Omar

      Maybe he was thirsty and decided to head to the jungles in the middle of Africa for food and water. Jk lol xD.

    • Arie Wisnu Pranowo
      Arie Wisnu Pranowo

      @Steven Kurniawan Because if you were in Morocco and you go to the direction of south or east you will definitely go deeper to the heart of Sahara. The best direction to avoid Sahara is by going to the north or west.

    • Steven Kurniawan
      Steven Kurniawan

      why must north or northwest?

    • Dami lola
      Dami lola

      You just taught me how to use a compass 😭

  • Andres psycodelic
    Andres psycodelic

    Lost in a barefoot desert!!!

  • Steven Justice
    Steven Justice

    Ahhhh ...dont call the state department that is for sure....right Afghanistan strandees?

  • Cartel Brickz
    Cartel Brickz

    9:19 he was clearly delusional because if they didn’t find four body in your desert… how would they find it in a random shack? lol I didn’t understand the logic behind that because they still wouldn’t know he was dead. It’s crazy he ended up in another country tho