Why You Should Want Driverless Cars On Roads Now
How close are we to having fully autonomous vehicles on the roads? Are they safe? In Chandler, Arizona a fleet of Waymo vehicles are already in operation. Waymo sponsored this video and provided access to their technology and personnel. Check out their safety report here: waymo.com/safety/


Waymo Safety Reports - waymo.com/safety/

Driving Statistics - ve42.co/DrivingStats

The Real Moral Dilemma of Self-Driving Cars ve42.co/SelfDriving

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  • Rahim

    ايماجيني هاد اللوطو تسوق فلوطوروت بليدة لدزاير هههههههه

  • Honrobo Kadoma
    Honrobo Kadoma

    A Karen crashed into a pedestrian and claimed it was racist.

  • Ean Erickson
    Ean Erickson

    Isn't a regular car fully autonomous?

  • Archie Armeninfo TV
    Archie Armeninfo TV

    God for beat....never never let that happen! That’s part of NWO! Evil channel

  • Archie Armeninfo TV
    Archie Armeninfo TV

    This guy is a New World Order stooge!! Dirty, financed propagandor!


    i remember like 6ish + years ago I was on a flight and the pilot came on after we landed and said the landing was completely autopilot

  • Mehedi Hasan Apurbo
    Mehedi Hasan Apurbo

    Wait till that universal radiation flips a 0 bit to 1

  • Vakishna Thayalan
    Vakishna Thayalan

    Next Goal: Self Driving Trucks, Buses etc

  • Gourav Bhosekar
    Gourav Bhosekar

    This would be the origins of the Disney Pixar's CARS...

  • Zones

    I want cars out of cities now thanks.

  • Lazlo Vīmes
    Lazlo Vīmes

    No, no I don’t. All the news has been bs hype up to this point, almost as if people and companies are selling the promise of and nothing real, asking us to fund this is rediculous. We were supposed to have millions of tesla taxis by ‘20, millions of personal self driving vwhicles by ‘20, we arent even close. Most the ‘no-driver’ vehicles are only ran in special areas. Areas where everything has been mapped out, all lines are as perfect as possible, all signs are exactly places as the computer needs, they have a team of people behind single rides and they still have problems with weather and unpredicted situations. This feels more like a commercial. So, again; no, no I dont want to put a half ready tech onto the road just so some CEOs can make more money. I would bet anything you wish that this wont be common tech for another 25 yrs minimum.

  • Dennis Bautembach
    Dennis Bautembach

    You know this will be the end of personal driving, right? Also, I challenge you to take your driverless car to India ;)

  • Adam Garrity
    Adam Garrity

    Will driverless cars make traffic better in the future when most people are using them? If so I can see that as a huge benefit and selling point for them. If not then that should definitely be a priority after making them as safe as possible. I imagine all the driverless car in the future can work together in high traffic areas with properly worked out algorithms to keep traffic flowing smoothly and least better then humans can do as we can’t know what’s going on with other cars not in immediately next to us.

  • Grumpy

    yes, ofc make everythign so safe that everyone will die just because of being old, make cures to every disease, make pills to extend life... i dont want that life.. life without risking is not life, even nowadays its enough, we dont need to go further, life was always not safe, i dont know why it should be safe now, make cars selfdriving when some people love to drive, restrict gasoline cars when some people love gasoline cars.. I dont say i need gasoline cars to live, but i mean i already cant do so many things i want to, that im already depressed, I like guns but i wont buy one because there is so big responsibility... I want so many things which i will never have, just because of how people perceive them... Many people live their lifes not fun way just cuz everybody say its dangerous and bla bla ofc its dangerous but dangerous things are always the most fun, nowaday you can still choose if you want live long and boring live or fun and short life but future seems like you have no choise and u can only live long and boring live... people are not ready for big problems, they beter call small problem a big one because big problems almost dont exist so the level of these things moves and we are still more and more vulnerable.. after like 50 years if you drive on bike without helmet everybody will call you crazy

  • harry sheehan
    harry sheehan

    OK DEREK.. Now considering your most recent video, are you not concerned about bit flips of death on MASS??!!

  • Oded Shoshani
    Oded Shoshani

    Well that's really cool

  • Rick Willson
    Rick Willson

    That’s right, just keep on excusing personal responsibility and keep feeding instant gratification with the outcome of the inability to sit still and maintain focus for any relevant amount of time complete with a computer that does all the thinking for you. Sounds perfect for the Democrat party platform!

  • Rajnish

    Man: I trust you with my life auto drive Single event upset: Your doomed

  • Rajnish

    Well the question is if you trust your life with a computer then go ahead..

  • Richard McGovern
    Richard McGovern

    Whenever I'm asked, how long will it take for "technology" to reach the point at which we can do X, I think there's more to it than the science and engineering. Tech is a complex social phenomenon that evolves out of a fickle landscape of market, legal, political, and cultural forces. Seeing a small fleet driving on the road under tight restrictions in 2021 is not surprising. Seeing the parking lots torn up and replaced with greenspace, our working hours increasing by 10 per week, and expensive manual driving permits will be.

  • Richard McGovern
    Richard McGovern

    Regardless of how much autonomous driving makes sense, it won't take off without substantial redesign of infrastructure and transit/traffic safety laws. Like what happened after the elevator operator's strike in New York. There will be an interesting, perhaps prolonged period of mixing between driverless and traditional vehicles on the road. Adoption will vary between countries, and between different cities and the rural urban divide in the US.

  • Cosmo Days
    Cosmo Days

    The only problem is that not everyone has a self driving car so they aren’t really that safer

  • NieJaKuba

    you are kinda wrong.

  • audie allen
    audie allen

    we need autonomous cars because people can't drive

  • --

    Derek, 75% of people being "above average" in driving or anything else is hardly surprising, it just means it's a skewed distribution. For all we know, those people could be completely accurate in their beliefs! There is also the problem of how the question is interpreted differently by different people.

  • R T
    R T

    Humans are the worst.

  • R T
    R T

    There is an elevator operator at a plant I work out, Union Gig, they work in hour long shifts and look miserable.

  • Athul John
    Athul John

    Autonomous cars might become so safe that it might be illegal to manual drive a car😂

  • Jon McCain
    Jon McCain

    I'm still waiting for my lidar stocks to take off lol

  • Ultor M42
    Ultor M42

    As an developer in high tech myself, we discussed these accidents like in the plane often. But there is a consensus of most engineers. It can be true, that completely automatised systems are more reliable and safe. (Mostly). But it take a huge effort to build them. And small changes can create huge maintenance efforts. Doing something manually is oftem cheaper. Or partly automatized... The problem lies somewhere else: you can only build or programm what you throughout understand. When you havent used or played with technical goods, no university can teach you how to build technology. You have nowadays 'for safety reasons' so many restrictions for using of simple technology and of realy using it at all, especcially cars or gun, that the basic tech level and 'the feeling' in the population is completely inexistent anymore. This is a huge problem! I give you the anecdote, 20 years ago before all the wars, before the safety hysteria and a lot of online cringe, tuning a car or motorbike and also using it speedy om backroads, was a common, non-violent hobby for young men. Like myself. Companies found their technical talents for jobs and apprenticeships. The technical universities also found their students... After all this police state and safety cringe, when fun and risk had been forbidden and criminaliced, there are nowadays no young people found for technical apprenticeships anymore and the technical universities had to shut down classes. And the general willingness to cooperate with police and state is at low point i had never experience in my life... The safety argument is the end of technology. You have to build stuff yourself (simple) or use tech to limit to understand it. Of course there are the hyperabstract MIT doctorate, that will not share my viewpoint. But they are a very small minority in the tech circles. Modern Objects contain mechanics, user case, software, electronic, electric.... Because there are no objects allowed (for legal reasons like safety and environment) the entry level into technology had become incredible high. I think the limits come from this point. For myself, it is interesting to automatice something like a car. But I do not want it, because I like driving (with some some speed), automtication in highly regulated fields like medicine, planes or cars means that you spend so much time im a grinder of legislature and paperwar so far from the real object that it is questionable if you want to do that or technology does increase your lifed quality. Why should I automatice Objects, when this means they are legally and technically away from me? This is actually the reason why I quitted engineering. There is no purpose in making life boring and expensive. Safety hysteria is not worth that.

  • Tyrone Morris
    Tyrone Morris

    I'm curious to know if the deployment of this technology will be centred around ownership of a vehicle or simply another form of an e-hailing service? And in the case of ownership - with all the tech add ons that are required, what would the purchase price for one of these vehicles be? I'm guessing far too much for the average consumer to even consider.

  • Deman

    As usual, the clowns are pushing expensive toys for the rich which will obviously end a lot of people's jobs. And let's not pretend that these vehicles won't be expensive, like electric cars, only the rich will be able to afford them. But that's the point, isn't it?

  • Ultor M42
    Ultor M42

    The point with the risk analysis is actually a real problem. This because all the law and order fanatics in government. The least possible case with the highest damage is considered the relevant one. Everything is considered as causal relation. This is not useful. Often a statistical approach makes sense. If you give freedom to people, then some stupid things will happen, but overall, freedom works and brings overall better results. But what I think is a perversion, is that comparing a war (purposeful causing damage) with people and accidents. And it is also not true statistically, that speeding and speed is a major cause for accidents. It depends on thr traffic situation. Empty streets, few accidents. Full streets many accidents. Speed is (in European Countries) with 2% the lowest cause for accidents. There were several statistical frauds from the green Party for new legislature. I personally do not like and support this 'safety hysteria'. Outsourcing all your everyday life to external organisations for the 'safety' argument, bears a lot of risk. See survaillance states like China... Holiday or spare time means nobody tells you what to do and complete voluntary interaction with people and organisations. An analog car is just a bunch of parts, such digital connected car is something different. I also do not like the progressive/socialist approach: yes parking needs space. And yes, a lot of property is not used all the time. But its availability makes it useful. And only the time when used wears a machine off, the capability of many everyday machines to be turned off, makes them cost and energy efficient. The parking argument is the typical anti private property argument from progressives, socialists and cooperate socialists. The use for a self driving car in traffic jam is clear. But not every usage scenario is like that. I would really like to have completely simple mechanical/electrical cars available again. (Not allowed to sell because of government regulations). Why? Diy and technology that you can not understand, fix and are not there to have fun with are boring and a waste of time.... And in the age of Teams and co. You do not need a self driving car to safe time or to sleep in anymore...

  • Benjamin Eg
    Benjamin Eg

    Tesla: This isn't an autonomous vehicle. WAYMO: shhhh

  • philip gao
    philip gao

    7:16 "It's just standing there...menacingly"

  • Johan Andhira
    Johan Andhira

    Well, driverless cars are better than careless drivers

  • jeanete pelagio
    jeanete pelagio

    My main fear about self driving cars communicating to each other is that they might be hacked. Even if they cant, a smart enough car engineer can hack it for a criminal or something.

  • 2chuck

    Wow, great presentation. I've been on one of those flights that landed in fog so thick I couldn't see the runway looking down from my window. I also like your comparison to the Elevator needing a driver (before my time). I know that in real circumstances driver-less cars are almost never at fault (except for maybe one brand that truly isn't supposed to be driver-less). Judging from some of the careless drivers I've experienced on Freeways, I'm fairly sure I'd rather be a passenger in an automated car.

  • BobTheBox

    I always thought the "moral dilemmas" were pretty stupid. As if humans think about morality in those situations. Both humans and AI would just try to avoid the accident altogether. If you have enough control to make a moral choice, you probably also still have enough control to prevent the accident altogether.

  • Jacob Wright
    Jacob Wright

    Joke’s on you, I don’t. Id much rather have a vehicle I am in control of.

  • Samarth Bellur - The Audiocrat
    Samarth Bellur - The Audiocrat

    Having autonomous cars is the ideal solution when you have everyone around you in an autonomous vehicle. But when the driving of everyone around you is unpredictable, when no one is following rules, when the roads are so bad they don't have lanes, it's hard to think that autonomy would be ideal? I come from India so when I'm talking about bad driving conditions, I'm talking real bad.

    • Samarth Bellur - The Audiocrat
      Samarth Bellur - The Audiocrat

      @Andrew Montz yeah. We have rules, but no one really follows them 😅 we will get there but it'll take a long long long time.

    • Andrew Montz
      Andrew Montz

      India will never have autonomous vehicles within their present traffic laws. It'll have to be changed all at once there, I would think.

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  • Abhishek Srivastava
    Abhishek Srivastava

    Well, the autonomous cars would always lack consciousness💀💀

  • Northern Brother
    Northern Brother

    We can imagine a future without drivers...can we imagine one without cars?

  • Miracle Ch.
    Miracle Ch.

    Honestly im all for this, but id rather be in the driver seat, so I can tell if something goes wrong and correct it. Much like how airline pilots do it :/.

  • ⚆ _ ⚆
    ⚆ _ ⚆

    Love your content, but could you please maybe get a better camera stabilizator? Getting dizzy by watching the handheld motion so frequently lol.

  • Alan Taylor
    Alan Taylor

    A few months ago I was coming home from a graveyard shift and I was extremely tired. I was so close to home like I’m talking two minutes and in the blink of an eye I’m launching off a really steep ditch bank cause I had fallen asleep. I was just so thankful I went off the right side of the road instead of crossing traffic and injuring other people. Autonomous cars can’t fall asleep. I can’t wait for autonomous vehicles.

  • Zack Meaders
    Zack Meaders

    A lot of the benefits of self-driven cars are predicated on the assumption that people will be willing to forgo having their own cars and instead use a fleet of autonomous self-driving cars. As long as these cars can give people the freedom and convenience that owning a car does that might not be an issue. There's also the fact that driving a car just feels good and is a cultural experience that many may not want to give up. Will autonomous cars then be mandated in the name of public safety? Also, what about the lost jobs?

  • glenn alexon
    glenn alexon

    We can already "add green spaces to our cities"; don't suggest (disingenuously) that AI cars somehow create more parks. If we didn't need parking lots, we'd have more houses and businesses, since those are the land uses humans choose.

  • glenn alexon
    glenn alexon

    This would be the perfect solution if you want to spend the rest of your life sitting patiently in traffic. Driving at the speed limit, waiting patiently for a large gap in cross-traffic, and leaving a two-car space between vehicles all sound like good ideas, but could literally double your commute time.

  • glenn alexon
    glenn alexon

    94% of crashes are due to human error because all drivers are humans. When all drivers are AI, then AI will be responsible for 94% of all crashes.

  • glenn alexon
    glenn alexon

    To be fair to early elevator passenger, the doors were the scary part, not the potential fall. Early elevators had those double scissor doors that looked like they would grab your sleeve and drag you to your death.

  • Commie Killah Jay
    Commie Killah Jay

    All the drivers who are about to loose thier livelyhoods to automation should all learn to Code Now.

  • Robbie Rotten
    Robbie Rotten

    The difference between a plane and a car is that a plane is landing in a glowing stationary and completely empty space specifically for it to land, and a car has to deal with extremely sudden and unpredictable situations over a large variety of unknowable realities

  • MelodyMathildeT

    I wish I could have a car with autopilot. Imagine how quickly we could go places with small electric cars going everywhere we need. No more accident.

  • Ayan Vaidya
    Ayan Vaidya

    It's like when electric fans came and servents using hand fans lost their jobs

  • Laura Eilers
    Laura Eilers

    I DO!

  • mac23806

    I'm glad you pointed out the obvious issue is that humans cause the deaths of people and not the cars so many cyclists die because of negligent drivers. So many that could've been avoided because of you ridiculous drivers this is why I prefer not to drive and stay away from cars of any kind bakas

  • Wayne Starr
    Wayne Starr

    I like how you describe the computer driving the car as "confident", lol, yeah.. mathematical certainty doesn't lead to much second guessing😂

  • Wayne Starr
    Wayne Starr

    OR... maybe skynet is just switching to more subtle tactics🤔🤨

  • Nick Garcia
    Nick Garcia

    I think an important note here is that not all autonomous cars are created equal. The Tesla data we have demonstrates that their autonomous driving still has technical limitations where they are likely to fail.

  • juggerfox

    I am certain that car insurance companies are pushing for this to not happen anytime soon. They prefer their multi-billion dollar revenue over improved safety and less deaths on the roads. Sad.

  • Absurdly Epic
    Absurdly Epic


  • Senseimatty81

    When 100%of traffic will be autonomous it will be safer and we won't even have traffic lights anymore. It will take less time to go anywhere but I wonder about the ride price and the pleasure of driving.

  • San Ansa
    San Ansa

    I am ok with this, so long as there is not 100% forced compliance of autonomous driving at all times. I sometimes go for rides just to destress, and don't have any specific location. I woudn't want to have to program the vehicle as there is NO specific destination. I make judgement calls at each intersection sometimes (it's how I learned so many new places to visit, restaurants, shops, etc. just by cruising around for a few years). I wouldn't want this option to be completely eliminated. I have been driving for over 30 years and never had an accident. I couldn't imagine living in a world where I had that option taken away from me. And you know damn well in an autonomous vehicle every movement will be tracked and your data WILL be sold to companies looking to market to you.

  • Parag Tech Videos
    Parag Tech Videos

    It can be hacked right?

  • Metroidvania

    The thing about self driving cards, is they don't need to be perfect. They just need to be better than humans, which is a lot easier.

  • Egg Sample
    Egg Sample

    non human driver that is made of electronic not smart and safe enough yet, maybe will be far in the future, like several centuries later.


    If this car succeeds on Indian road then I will believe it

  • not seok
    not seok

    this video is just showing how flawed humans are lol

  • Morizapa Woot
    Morizapa Woot

    People already dont trust other peoples driving. You surely doubt people you first meet when you ride their car until they pass whatever mental tests you have. Theres the human flaws like forgetting a turn then making bad decisions to try and rectify your mistake or people getting emotional from people cutting them off and wanting to tail gate. Or simply driving fast because they're bad at time management. The fact that theres road rage and DUIs is proof AI should be given a shot.

  • Kinesis Sado
    Kinesis Sado

    Or you could just create a more robust public transportation system and drastically reduce car deaths for less money

  • MagesIncorporated

    The big reason that we’re likely still 10 years away is legislation. Insurance, fault decisions, etc. get messy enough that it’d be problematic. While the tech is likely better performing than people are, the legal issues will be what causes issues for the next few years

  • John Sharpe
    John Sharpe

    You should always fight to preserve your autonomy. You are either in charge or somebody else is. This is the classic give us your self determination because it's safer for you. Giving my life to soulless bureaucrats is anything but safe. A life where I no longer make my own decisions is not life, it is captivity. The potential for abuse by those is give your freedom to is endless. After the endless shenanigans by the makers of "smart" phones and the assorted operating services, are you ready to hand them the rest of your life? Good luck.

    • Matt Cooke
      Matt Cooke

      That's why I don't wear shoes, those bureaucrats can't take away my freedom to step my toes into broken glass on the sidewalk. Get a grip.

  • woone

    I really like this to become a thing soon. I hate commuting. Hate it so much, Im working from home now and order deliveries. hmm...

  • Mokkularock

    Well Google is Google so I'm wondering how much and what kind of data Google collects on the passenger and the environment or what it could collect if it become main stream

  • Matthew Liedke
    Matthew Liedke

    I see many comments regarding road conditions like snow etc. Don't we have already systems in cars that prevent us from skidding, under or oversteering? There are situations where all wheels are giving different torque or breaking independently. It works and many people don't even realise how and when or that it happens at all. And all that with unpredictable input from the driver. So I think that once they get trained on given surface car reaction time and judgement will be 1000's times quicker and more accurate than any human possibly could do. Just drive a car without any electronic systems in snow and compare it with the modern one that has all the gizmos. It becomes much safer when computer takes over. Now replace that slow thinking lump of squashy blob from the equation... I think weather wont be a problem very soon. For it to work 100% though all cars will have to be autonomous. And sadly I love to drive.

  • Jeff Lowe
    Jeff Lowe

    I can not wait to NOT own a car that sits in my driveway , depreciating every hour, and needs repairs and fuel and oil. As a professional racing driver I see every single error on the road. This cant get here soon enough. Strangely the only industry that is going to suffer from this coming future is the organ donor industry. 1.3 million a year. How will that get replaced ?

  • its me
    its me

    The program may sacrifice the driver in order to save 3 pedestrians. Think about it.



  • bigyabbie

    I'm looking forward to the day when autonomous driving capacity allows us to really rethink transport. When my personal office is a pod attached to my house, that can move and attach itself to a company office for the day, or head out to the highway and click together pods as it takes me to another city, for a meeting while I simply keep working at my desk as per any normal day. I'm looking forward to when a pizza delivery vehicle is 10cm tall with offroad wheels and ducks around and under other vehicles, zipping to my house and up the steps to deliver my pizza then just zips off again. I'm looking forward to when I can order anything if any size from any shop and the appropriate shaped and sized vehicle will be redirected to go there and pick it up and deliver it to me within minutes instead of days or weeks as online shopping so often is now. None of that seems to much to expect in the near future right

  • Dungeon Dogs
    Dungeon Dogs

    I disliked the video due to the use of "extremely unlikely hypothetical scenario". You're sending a wrong message.

  • Patrick Weir
    Patrick Weir

    This is cool but nah, I like driving

  • pedro Nonofyourbusiness
    pedro Nonofyourbusiness

    Oh .. you miss soo someone many points You are driving on empty roads , not 'real life' try freeway rush hours . You see I can anticipate what people will do long before they do just because of how they act and largely because I watch the drivers (oh and the elevator comparison is the most absurd thing you have ever said in your clips , airplane only half a step above .... planes still do not 'auto land' and your 'crash example --- let us talk about how many crashes occurred due to computer failures) . Auto mode is OK on 'empty roads' .... and will be fine once 'all' cars are .... till then ... it is a disaster and I put my bottom dollar on the reality frequently prevented from disaster by driver operated vehicles that pay attention and due second guessing like myself . SO ABSOLUTELY NOT , a long way before we get there safely

  • Jamie Bonnett
    Jamie Bonnett

    It may be fuctional, though I would say it is still about 10 years away. There is a lot of technology that is functional but not widely adopted or scarse due to resources.

  • Laurence Grey
    Laurence Grey

    The future is driverless cars? The future is also 'You have been temporarily banned from your google car for watching a video online that doesn't align with our political views'.

  • John Strawb
    John Strawb

    Nonsense. You see, I _like_ driving. I've also never had a serious accident. So bugger off.

  • GH1618

    Baloney. I don’t understand why these are allowed. The people who want them are either selling them or hoping to stop paying for drivers. Automatic braking to avoid hitting something or someone is a good idea. Automatic driving is not. When there is an accident, who is responsible?

  • Nick W
    Nick W

    I must admit that I am skeptical about it because I cannot imagine not having fun driving a car and it is the only thing that absorbs me in the car, I do not even listen to the radio. But I see pluses and I would like to put some drivers in such vehicles. The question of how this type of cars would cope on Polish roads (generally outside the US), on outlets to allotment gardens (dirt roads) and other interesting (strange places without any marking) places?

  • Kurt E. Clothier
    Kurt E. Clothier

    As an embedded systems engineer and roboticist, I love the idea of driver-less cars. Humans are horrible at driving; no doubt. But here's some of my issues with all of it. These aren't reasons we _shouldn't_ do this, just things we need to be prepared to handle. Since we are forcing this tech into the existing system, it will be far inferior to what is possible. I understand we have to take baby steps, but we also have a tendency to say "eh, good enough" and not improve things because they won't be immediately profitable, and any attempts to "improve" things are often pointless novelty quick cash grabs by companies - think radio, TV, the internal combustion engine for the past 100 years, etc. That worries me. Just as one example of what's really possible, consider that a totally driverless system has no need for stop lights or signs. The cost of maintaining that stuff could go into better pedestrian infrastructure, such as bridge crosswalks (because there are no traffic lights). Just think of the massive shift in landscape from that alone. As a software developer, I am 100% aware of how easy it is to introduce bugs into a system. Even if the car can _potentially_ drive without error, there's still a chance that human error will cause accidents. And if a bug is pushed into *all* cars, that would be catastrophic. As a hardware developer, I am 100% aware of how easy it is for hardware to fail. I can only assume there are multiple points of redundancy in these vehicles, but they aren't fool proof. But I imagine the probability of multiple sensor failures is far less than a normal human driving error which causes a fatal crash. In this video, you touched on the "but sometimes" issue that engineers face (like the ethics of who to hit). And yes, those events are highly unlikely, but they have to be defined. You cannot have an undefined state in a mission critical system. Just think about a microwave. Who was the first person to realize it shouldn't run if the door is open? Why would someone try to run it with the door open, you might ask. Who knows? But someone will, and that possible state has to be accounted for. We're talking *trillions* of miles annually driven in the US alone. That unlikely event *will happen* at least once. And when it does, the car has to know what to do. Also touched as a followup to the previous is the social repercussions. Will people learn how the cars react in such a way as to "game" them? If I am confident I know how a driverless car will react when faced with a specific situation, I might test that situation for fun, or for my own gain. I am 100% certain this will happen. As a simple example, if someone is confident that the car will not rear end them, they will have no qualms about cutting it off in heavy traffic. I also think people will try to abuse that car's auto pilot for fun just to see what will happen in certain situations. Similarly, our legal system is not equipped to handle the fallout of all of this. They still haven't figured out how to adequately process online crime vs in person crime. It's a mess. This isn't a reason to not use new technologies, it's just a realization that it's going to be messy. Lastly, this is the future. I think we all know that. as soon as it is normalized, quickly profitable, and easy enough to implement, companies will pop out of every corner releasing automated cars. This will also be extremely dangerous as many of them will not be good or thoroughly tested. This happens in most all industries because of the free market. Double lastly, in the US, there was a reported 3.2 trillion miles driven in 2019, and about 6 million accidents (of any kind). That's about 1 accident per 533,000 miles driven. I am unsure if an accident with other vehicles is counted once or once per vehicle involved. In 2019 Waymo reported 6.1 million miles with 18 accidents. That's 1 accident per 339,000 miles driven. Even if those were 100% the fault of others, that is still more accidents per year than the average manually driven car. These stats can be misleading.

  • Ak Shooter 7
    Ak Shooter 7

    Bottom line is. Automated or not, be as attentive as possible. Automated driving could be useful in some cases but deadly in other cases, it will never be perfect no matter what. A sudden move by a different driver is less likely to be countered with a sudden stop when the machine is driving according to the rules of road safety, you always have to improvise quickly.

    • Marko Konecny
      Marko Konecny

      The point is they are gone eradicate drivers. Completely.

  • Ben Bernanke
    Ben Bernanke


  • Seas The Day Adventures
    Seas The Day Adventures

    The real question is how do you refuel them?

  • Erik Voitus
    Erik Voitus

    What if there would be a lane on the highway just for autonomous vehicles. Because they could all communicate with eachother it would be able for the cars to go super fast super save. Imagine a line of cars going 200+ km/h without any car crashes. And because most autonomous cars are electric you could perhaps make the cars charge on that part of the road( but I don't know much about the physics of this).

  • 1sMiku

    Better than Tesla

  • L3AF

    This is really really cool. but i want to drive personally. even if that is a risk one day that i might make a human error.

  • Isai R
    Isai R

    terms of promotion: Tesla doesn’t exist

  • Rupayan Deb Barman
    Rupayan Deb Barman

    Put it on our Indian road and I will leave the rest to your imagination.

  • Ilyas el Badr
    Ilyas el Badr

    Ok where can i order that car? I want one, now.

  • Gpa Bui
    Gpa Bui

    What if cosmic rays hit the cars? (I learned about cosmic rays in one of your video ❤️❤️👍👍)