Will my boyfriend punch me in the face for a billion dollars?

  • Junior Cruz
    Junior Cruz

    The real question here is: ¿How many houses we're gonna buy with that money?

  • Melinda Tyler
    Melinda Tyler

    Hell no

  • JT Guenter
    JT Guenter

    For 1B i dont give a fuck about cosent

  • Takkar and Urkan
    Takkar and Urkan

    I will do it for free

  • Flavinho gameplay
    Flavinho gameplay

    I punched the air less goo im rich

  • The Terrible Artist
    The Terrible Artist

    I’d do it for free

  • Skellow

    I would do it man lol

  • Jeremy Hansen
    Jeremy Hansen

    Sheeeeeettt, i'd do it if she simply talked back.

  • blajlogic

    They both need it and I'll take 50p

  • Agent_S-13

    Man, i can live without a girlfriend, i just want a rolls royce.

  • Squiddy the spy
    Squiddy the spy

    Of course

  • Noodles with ketchup • 100,000 years ago
    Noodles with ketchup • 100,000 years ago

    All I have to do is punch air

  • We Want Gaming
    We Want Gaming

    Actually I don't have any girlfriend 😰😭😭😭 I loss 1billion dollar 😭😭

  • Nathalie Hernandez
    Nathalie Hernandez


  • I'm bored
    I'm bored


  • Jakob D.
    Jakob D.


  • Keane Oakes
    Keane Oakes

    Chris brown: 😈

  • Nithya Chandradas
    Nithya Chandradas

    The guy: will you punch a girl in the face for 1 billio- Me: *already punched my lil sis into another dimension*

  • XeoX

    Yes i would

  • tal88

    Lol let me know when this is a real offer and I’ll make a decision.

  • niko

    *Chris Brown is typing…*

  • Daniel Dziepak
    Daniel Dziepak

    Without hesitation you're going to sleep

  • My girlfriend would let me but I'd give her 600 mil for it

  • Dominika Wieczorek
    Dominika Wieczorek


  • xDaemon


  • Aditya pratap Singh
    Aditya pratap Singh

    Hell yeah

  • Djordje Grbic
    Djordje Grbic

    Girl? How do you expect me to find a girl

  • danary washngton
    danary washngton


  • nie che mi się
    nie che mi się

    I would for 1 milion or half a milion

  • mayank kumar rohinival
    mayank kumar rohinival

    what if she die .

  • Anthony Palumbo
    Anthony Palumbo

    Damn, I’d straight up Mercury the chick I’d hit and then go to prison where the money would mean nothing. Although, consent is helpful. Maybe I could get a plea deal. Hmmm….

  • melsan Official
    melsan Official

    Bruh of course NOT! ARE YOU CRAZY!?

  • WølfGirl

    imma punch my sis but in a little way cuz yknow, i love my sis so much and shes the only cute lil sis to me.

  • Senpai Ríki
    Senpai Ríki

    I’ve already done it for 100$ might as well go all out

  • trisha briggs
    trisha briggs

    Girl: Ok punch me, lets split the cash


    Like another stupid idea right?

  • Jishnu Raj
    Jishnu Raj

    No she might die

  • legends gaming
    legends gaming

    Every single aman out there :]

  • Daniel O'Donnell
    Daniel O'Donnell

    you could just spend months getting weaker

  • S P
    S P


  • Ropi

    I should make it for free but if i touh i girl she to her mom and yea

  • Kat W
    Kat W


  • Cristian De Leon
    Cristian De Leon

    Imma order you the best ambulance 😘 lmao we're going to have $ for it

  • Ian Duarte
    Ian Duarte

    Dude, one billion, I can buy another face for my gf... or I can buy a new gf....

  • Railey Galvez
    Railey Galvez

    Plus 1bil A girl Good punching strength HELL YEAH

  • Trongol Man
    Trongol Man

    Cant punch what’s not real

  • Ajagunna Adewumi
    Ajagunna Adewumi


  • This Guy2386
    This Guy2386

    I don’t even care if she is okay with it

  • Shivam Singh
    Shivam Singh

    Nah men i would never do that even it's 10 billion dollars.

  • Xavier Gordon
    Xavier Gordon

    Yes to $100

  • bongo TM
    bongo TM

    I love my girlfriend and all but like i could buy a new one with one billion

  • Jhonny zinhogameplays
    Jhonny zinhogameplays


  • Froghanos *
    Froghanos *

    Easy to do just agree with the girl to give her some money and she accepts it I'm weak anyways so it won't hurt much

  • david Ejiofor
    david Ejiofor

    Nope Really me:come here babe Bur really i wouldnt

  • Luca Bennito
    Luca Bennito

    Lmao I would temporarily break up with my gf and date a stuffed animal or something, lol. I could technically get that $$$ whilst not hurting a fly.

  • Wanita Kirirua
    Wanita Kirirua

    I did

  • VilkasPilkas

    ''I will kill''

  • WrestleRecap

    What a rediculous question lol why not say like $300

  • Dutch Van Der Linde
    Dutch Van Der Linde


  • Jordan Musleh
    Jordan Musleh

    I will kill for the stupidest questions..!!

  • HallowJack0 7
    HallowJack0 7

    N O

  • Hailey Leach
    Hailey Leach

    Plot twist you can just boop her on the nose and say that is as hard as I’m going

  • Brian yi
    Brian yi

    Any girl that would get upset to their boyfriend saying yes, must be watching too many Disney movies

    • alex

      Depends on the punching force I think

  • Lucas McArdle
    Lucas McArdle

    I know my girl would be down but I don't think I could do it to her money is meaningless

  • Emil A
    Emil A

    + 1 girl + $1000000000

  • Rugved Vaity
    Rugved Vaity

    Just Tell The Location to Give the Body 🤣🤣🤣

  • gayatri enterprises
    gayatri enterprises

    Okay. But who's giving the money after that

  • Ilias ERRAMI
    Ilias ERRAMI

    I wonder how he didn't get friendzoned yet ?

  • Scarlett Hart
    Scarlett Hart


  • heist boy
    heist boy

    I punch a non existent being and get a billion for it? Count me in


    Bruh even it's 100 dollar you have to Punch your gf yes I will do it

  • Rudra Newt
    Rudra Newt

    Bcz you r my 1 mil dollar... My gf

  • Bola Bankole
    Bola Bankole

    Nah I would do it for free

  • Lucifer morningstar
    Lucifer morningstar

    I'd do it for 100 dollars cause like why not

  • MarkBrickStudios

    I was expecting him to mid convo punch her in the face 😆😅

  • RakeshJyoti Sarma
    RakeshJyoti Sarma

    First give me 1biilon

  • Stratos Chiotellis
    Stratos Chiotellis

    Even for 1000$ its good money

  • DepressedConcreteThe3rd


  • love roblox
    love roblox

    Losing a tooth? Bruh she finna lose her lower jaw

  • Siri

    Wass this question supposed to be hard? Ofc I would do it.

  • Newbie 1
    Newbie 1

    I will kill my my girl

  • Anas Murshid
    Anas Murshid

    I remember someone saying to his girl “if I see the money you be sleeping already” 🤣

  • Duck321

    Russians be like : easy I do that everyday

  • Bungalow Tundra
    Bungalow Tundra

    Of course just need to get a girlfriend first

  • Tim Talks
    Tim Talks

    Nope….I can break concrete with my hands 😅

  • Da General
    Da General

    Jokes on you im lonelx

  • Candler

    If you don't punch me for a million dollars then you are an idiot

  • Old Grape
    Old Grape

    “Would you punch a girl in the face for 1billion dollars?” Looks at the popular girl in our school *GLADLY*

    • bangtanbaby

      damn whatd they do mate

  • ༆HP✯R̆̈ȃ̈v̆̈ȇ̈n̆̈༆

    Me who has no Girl *Crys in the Corner*

  • Novah

    If only I had a girl...

  • isänmaan puolesta
    isänmaan puolesta

    Of course i would, stupid question

  • Xeonox

    One word. YES