Zach Galifianakis Reveals Why He Quit Drinking | CONAN on TBS
(Original airdate: (05/15/13) After a phlegmy run-in with some Jaguar-driving jerks, Zach decided to make some hard life choices.

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Zach Galifianakis Reveals Why He Quit Drinking | CONAN on TBS

  • Todd The Humble
    Todd The Humble

    2:18 😏🤣

  • Douglas Nolan
    Douglas Nolan

    Hands digging deep into the chair.. behavioral psychologists, eat your heart out

  • Jonny DIY
    Jonny DIY

    💕 kudos on the sobriety, and to everyone else on their journey, good luck, 1 day at a time

  • stephen k
    stephen k

    If I ever see Zach in public I will inconspicuously walk up to him, casually look around to make sure no one knows what I'm up to and I'll say, in a VERY low tone of voice, very, again, on the down low, "I know who you are."

  • T D
    T D

    The guy is just funny. He needs a friend to.

  • Blink Owl
    Blink Owl

    The best story teller.

  • Jane Hunter
    Jane Hunter

    The laughable train expectedly improve because objective individually suspend under a cloudy tin. elfin, satisfying algeria

  • djpamelamc

    That's excellent to hear Zach. Love all your movies.

  • SendU2Jesus

    Zach looks like the one businessman in the mall at a Cinnabon during lunch, but just after a divorce.

  • John Studd
    John Studd

    Good guys aways finish last good guys always take it in the ass.

  • Andrew

    Good for Zach! People never realize (even when they drink a small amount) how much it would change their lives for the better.

  • Zak Kraetsch
    Zak Kraetsch

    He drunk

  • Shauna Carpenter
    Shauna Carpenter

    That sounds delicious lol

  • Zerolatency Studios
    Zerolatency Studios

    I call BS. That story was weak and concocted on the spot but kudos for laying off the sauce. Tough business.

  • Breaking Balls with Tony
    Breaking Balls with Tony

    Man, Zach is probably every late night host dream guest. He's very funny and quick with the punchlines. Im sure some of it is rehearsed in his head on what he might talk about or even with Conan, but still one of the best.

  • Mitch Barredo
    Mitch Barredo

    Ive had so many drunken public embarrassments in my younger years but i still drink just not as much (because I fall asleep) and I don't go completely nuts anymore. But I can still fall down and scrape the heck out of myself.

  • david Wooderson
    david Wooderson

    I saw zach once and he knew that I knew and he just kept staring at me through out the store. From outside to inside and back again outside he honestly wouldn’t stop starting at me and then at the end we kinda got in our cars at the same time and he just gave me the most classic zach face and I was dying in laughter and he waved and I waved and it was absolutely perfect.

    • Evan Wiley
      Evan Wiley

      So you were the guy wearing a Who Farted? t-shirt then, huh?

    • Luka Skywalker
      Luka Skywalker

      That sounds like you didn’t make it up, I really hope you didn’t cause that sounds hilariously awsome.

  • Scarlett Andie
    Scarlett Andie

    Hilarious video, but all serious aside, ALCOHOLISM KILLS, and if you are struggling, YOU NEED TO DEAL WITH THE UNDERLYING PROBLEMS PLEASE.

  • jbquigley2010

    Does he have the mannerisms of an American Daniel Radcliffe or am I imagining that?

  • James Woo Taugh
    James Woo Taugh

    Ditto, quitting alch saved my life (5 years). .. So many other remedies anyways lol

  • Axel Shark
    Axel Shark

    And I never started it. I've lost many friends refusing a drink, but I can see now they were just losers. I don't regret anything.

  • taha soomro
    taha soomro

    his beard lines up with the sea in the background

  • S T
    S T

    Chevy Lumina!

  • MiketheYung God
    MiketheYung God

    Great hair.

  • EliMusic

    I needed a true laugh 😂 ty Zach or if you know Zach or know someone that knows Zach or run into Zach tell him him from ty for me.

  • Meserbee Chek
    Meserbee Chek

    The same exact thing happen to me but the car was like 15 feet away and decided to accelerate instead of yield. I was not drunk (9 years sober) and I did swipe at the side of the car with my cane. He did not come back and I raised my hands to provoke him to come. This may be the same story in reverse.

  • Chu Manh Tuan
    Chu Manh Tuan

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  • D Shaikh
    D Shaikh

    10 Best Ways To Stop Drinking Alcohol 1. Make a Plan Make a plan to stop drinking alcohol by setting a date. Post the date in a place where you can see it often. If you are a heavy drinker, you must first slowdown in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms which can be potentially deadly (in this case, involve your doctor in your plan in order to come up with a more appropriate date plan). 2. Identify the Triggers The urge to drink alcohol is set off either by internal or external triggers. The key to quit drinking and maintaining sobriety is by identifying and avoiding the triggers. External triggers, such as places, people and things that are associated with alcohol drinking behaviors and opportunities can quickly lead to a relapse. High risk situations are more obvious, more predictable and are more avoidable compared to internal triggers. Internal triggers are set off by thoughts, negative emotions such as frustrations, positive emotions like excitement, physical sensations like headache, anxiety and tension. Once you have identified the triggers, work on how to prevent them from leading you to drinking. 3. Avoid High Risk Situations The best strategy to quit drinking is avoiding high risk situations. Avoid social settings where alcohol is served. Do not buy or keep alcohol at home as this will easily tempt you. Friends and family members can also assist by refraining from drinking alcohol in the presence of those in recovery. Read Full Article:

  • Coenraad Deputter
    Coenraad Deputter

    Down 2 earth guy love 👍🏻

  • adham tha don
    adham tha don

    this guy is funny

  • Raoras110

    This dude is real funny and original

  • Sumaiya Aslam
    Sumaiya Aslam

    Wat a down to earth guy

  • G Engell
    G Engell

    Oh man, Zach never gets old. One of the funniest guys in the world.

  • Tti Rori
    Tti Rori

    my college roommate introduced me weed and ive stopped drinking since

  • Lucifer Jones
    Lucifer Jones

    It's time to snuggle.

  • Fauzan Aulia Hardy
    Fauzan Aulia Hardy

    Feels weird. I didn't see any ferns

  • LifesABeach

    I love Zach so much. Hilarioussss

  • Disclosure. Group.
    Disclosure. Group.

    Come join us!!!

  • Justin

    What's a jagwaa ?

  • iscream22

    Comin up on 3 months now and its the best thing ive done for myself. Ive been locked up numerous times, got a DUI, have barfed slipped in my own barf and covered my back in it and rubbed it off on a tree while families watched in horror, was a douchebag of a boyfriend, lost my partner whom i loved and was haunted by shame. What helped me the most was ratting on myself to my friends and family how deadly serious my problem was. If youre struggling don't be afraid to reach out for help people, it could save your life. It was only a matter of time before I plowed my car and killed someone. Its only been 3 months but i feel more at peace. I highly reccommend reading This Naked Mind by Annie Grace and attending recovery meetings. It doesn't have to be 12 step but its what works for me. Theres also SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery and other groups that might be a better fit for you.

  • Deadwood

    I don’t even know who this is...

  • Sneaker Cop
    Sneaker Cop

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  • my tube
    my tube

    That’s a lame story that would have happened while sober. Stupid reason to stop drinking

  • Plenti Nough
    Plenti Nough

    I care when BMWs and Mercedes drivers do the same.

  • Paul

    Is vodka and sausage a real drink? I never sausage a thing.

  • Belinda Burke
    Belinda Burke

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  • Heuristic Nepenthean
    Heuristic Nepenthean

    The worldwide fascists and communists will have to go for a total blackout. They have been exposed like never before. The people are not going to stop worldwide. Go for a blackout, WEF style!!!!

  • Mary G
    Mary G

    I love Zack Attack!!!

    • Richard Zuckerberg
      Richard Zuckerberg

      Hello 👋🏻

  • Daniel Koczak
    Daniel Koczak

    I quit drinking 5 days ago been drinking every day for 5-6 years. Finally decided to quit hopefully ill notice a difference.


    Trying too hard to be funny.

  • Vince

    This guy has never been funny to me but I'm glad he's kicking his demons.

  • Don Romeo
    Don Romeo

    Jag-u-ar. They're English cars. I wouldn't bring it up, but Conan did specifically 'correct' him wrongly. Anyway, Zach Galliafanakis is Genuinely funny!! Wow!

  • Carlos Oscar Comedy
    Carlos Oscar Comedy

    I can relate although I have never drank any alcohol or drugs in my life my Father and Uncles were massive drunks and I saw that growing up as kid and that was that. It’s terrible to be addicted to substance abuse.

  • superfisher 43
    superfisher 43

    The irony of a rich actor slapping a rich guys car because he was annoyed at him.

    • tseegi5

      Rich actor = rich guy in a car are not always true

    • Ed

      It's the kind of the stupid thing that alcohol makes a person do.

  • Vintage Movie Channel
    Vintage Movie Channel

    i call BS.

  • Julian A
    Julian A

    He worries me, he gives me deep robin williams vibes

    • Julian A
      Julian A

      @dakota fuji dont remember asking

    • dakota fuji
      dakota fuji

      No offense but he doesn't even in the slightest way remind me of Robin Williams. Williams was obviously compulsive and probably Bipolar. They both seem like decent, very funny guys, but that's it to me.

    • Explore Unexplore
      Explore Unexplore

      Once you mentioned it I realized he’s facial expression and eye movement is just like him.

  • Tiddly Middly
    Tiddly Middly

    I wonder what he has for breakfast after he quit vodka sausage

  • GM C
    GM C

    He reminds me of Robin Williams in that he always seems to be joking, so it's difficult to see whats true, and whats comedy.

  • Alex Yara
    Alex Yara

    The story is questionable, but good for him stopping drinking. Good for him.

  • Sam White
    Sam White

    Jag - u - ar … like it’s spelt

  • Tommy Guns
    Tommy Guns

    Dude is a riot

  • M B
    M B

    One of the most funniest interviews ever love it he is hilarious

    • Ed

      Wasn't that funny, surely?

  • Just AlexC
    Just AlexC

    Those 6'6 ×12 guys are dicks. Lmao

  • Fish_N_365

    First, we were in a BMW, second, me being the tallest at 6'3" and my buddy at 6'1", did not recognize him. And, he throws like a girl...

  • dbzispimpin

    Y'know what I just realized, Zack has the same mannerisms of Gene Wilder during talk show interviews in that when he tells a joke, he'll smile and peer off to the side almost as if to see if people are laughing along with him at his joke. lol Go look up a Gene Wilder interview, he does it too. I wonder if it's natural to Zack or if it's intentional.

  • Anon Mouse
    Anon Mouse

    sick story not funny gross those aholes should have worse done to them

  • Nomadic Voice
    Nomadic Voice


  • kelly smyth
    kelly smyth

    Conans a goof

  • Kristers Kalasnikovs
    Kristers Kalasnikovs

    Omg boyyyyyyzzzzz Are yo too just trying to get sober on brownies, because you need to sober up. But all u get is comedy shows that make you still much higer because they need audition? So they can get money from you! So they can steal your time and Keep more higher!!!!!?!???!??

  • SurviveandStrive

    I wonder if the jag was really his sister in-laws ass and the two dudes who spit in his face were her and his wife, because if so, we quit drinking for the same exact reason. How funny zack!🤙 Not a true story. Your characters bring it out of me.

  • Brad MacArthur
    Brad MacArthur

    Just remember this folks. A lot of people want to meet their favourite celebrity but remember, nobody wants to meet you! Just leave them alone or just say hello.

  • Anya Saeed
    Anya Saeed

    Over the course of my life, I should've spit in MANY people's faces. They deserved it!

  • BUSTER 98
    BUSTER 98

    He's like Tom Segura and Theo Von put together

    • richard harrow
      richard harrow

      No, he’s actually funny

  • voteZDLR

    He's one of those people who was simply just born to do comedy. It's so effortless seeming to him that I think it's just his actual, natural personality. I got a pretty funny little story actually. I wasn't there but my neighbors were all hanging out, I live in a very touristy area and a lot of movies are filmed around here but it's not California/Hollywood, and at the time he was filming "The Campaign" with Will Ferrell. Anyway, my neighbor is very open to the tourists and passers-by and her front door is basically always unlocked if not outright open and there's almost always a party going down when she's in town. Anyway, one night none other than Zach Galifianakis shows up, walks in and just wants to kind of see what is going on at this open house gathering. He's talking to my neighbor for like maybe 20-30 minutes or so, and finally he asks "Where is the best bar around here?" because in this same area there is basically nothing but bars and clubs and restaurants. She recommends one to him, he says thanks and goes on his merry way. As he's leaving, my neighbor's daughter is like "Don't you even know who that was?" and she said "No, who is he?" and then her daughter tells her "Dude, that's Zach Galifianakis! He's a pretty famous comedian!" and my neighbor immediately shuffles outside and is like "ZACH! Zach, come back here for a second!" and he does. She says "Are you famous?" and he says "Well, I thought I was"

    • Untested Waters
      Untested Waters


  • Andy Tennant
    Andy Tennant

    He sounds half sloshed telling the story. Stay healthy and stay weird Zach

  • Kohn Kyriakou
    Kohn Kyriakou

    Even when he's trying not to be funny, he's hilarious. Comic genius.

    • Alphonse Noel
      Alphonse Noel

      Right! He is *untouchable*🤟👍

  • Mike D
    Mike D

    Christ. This man is a treasure. 💰💰

  • Branko Belfranin
    Branko Belfranin

    He is funny

  • Steve Ernest
    Steve Ernest

    He’s not as funny sober.

  • Pete S
    Pete S

    The more you become awake, the more these interviews are a fookin joke and boring af.

  • The adventures of Taco
    The adventures of Taco

    Quitting is for losers

  • Night Moose
    Night Moose

    oh snap this aired in 2013 but they uploaded it in's an even gnarlier story if you think it happened in 2020 lol.....especially the spitting

  • Kelly McClarnon
    Kelly McClarnon

    Zach could have picked a better story

  • Soroush Torkian
    Soroush Torkian

    Is it just me or does Zach have sad microexpressions? I hope he's ok. (Someone else in the comments noticed that Zach was getting anxious... hmmm....)

  • Nomad Nomad
    Nomad Nomad

    Zak please be my friend!!! 😂

  • Valkyrie

    You're a hell of a guy, Zack. Thank you for the story. We all have one or two, not many of us are as brave as you.

  • Shax Shaw
    Shax Shaw

    Love him

  • TheSecretBat

    This guy is really funny

  • mrkilwag

    sausage in a glass of vodka? Zach, you have to be Polish mate...

  • Another McBastard
    Another McBastard

    He is funny

  • Terry Quesenberry
    Terry Quesenberry

    Zach is My Spirit Animal.🦝

  • sam jum
    sam jum

    The square governor controversly stain because slice reciprocally object plus a bizarre cylinder. swanky, proud night

  • Christ Julius
    Christ Julius

    So now I am healthier as well as my whole family. Only thanks to Weedborn CBD.

  • Stylez Major
    Stylez Major

    this is deep... I released a music video called LOST IN A HIGH, and I open up about my own struggles with addiction and mental health. ..people are telling me it made them cry and touched them ... it has done over 100k views so far.

  • J S
    J S

    Drinking alcohol will prevent the body from being able to burn fat.

  • John Tyner
    John Tyner

    He had a run-in with the twelve-and-twelve.

  • Wendy Thompson
    Wendy Thompson

    Applause for Zach, and bravo for sharing honestly!

    • Richard Zuckerberg
      Richard Zuckerberg

      Hello 👋🏻

  • Jay Murie
    Jay Murie

    He looks like he is still drinking.did he really quit

  • James Kim
    James Kim

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  • twobaud

    The guiltless wave optimally plan because kayak pragmatically cause midst a marvelous card. ill, jumpy ptarmigan

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